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جلنار جردلي Jilnar Jardaly’s Blackmail Fuck

Hey guys!

The name’s Johnny. Looks like some lucky bastards scored big time with that gorgeous Arabian news anchor Jilnar Jardaly. I’ll bet my left nut nobody’s experience come anywhere near as awesome and as nasty the one I had with that exotic celebrity slut…

After I finished college, I decided to spend my gap year traveling the Middle East, just to see what it’s really like (and because I’ve always had a thing for hot Arabian chicks). I ended up getting an evening shift job at a gas station in Dubai. The money was pretty shit and the job was dull but that all changed one dirty night, after which it became my own personal sexual paradise!

The station wasn’t far from the building where Television Dubai is and I often had celebrities come in to get gas and other stuff but I’ll never forget the night that “she” walked it….

The door opened and in walked Jilnar Jardaly. Jesus fucking Christ! You have never seen a woman so hot! I just stared at her, my jaw practically dropping to the floor. I caught a whiff of her sweet perfume as she walked past and flashed me that awesome, famous, cock-hardening smile of hers. All I could think about was what I wouldn’t give to fuck the absolute shit out of her! I’d even settle for a fucking handjob for fuck’s sake! I never had much sex back home in the States. Whenever I asked girls out they usually just laughed in my face and ran and told their bitchy girlfriends so they could all point at me and laugh. Jilnar didn’t seem like the sort of girl that could be that mean…. but she was a sexy TV star so way out of my league. As if she’d even give me the time of day…

But then, it hit me! An idea! It was crazy and probably would never work but…. Fuck it! This could be my one and only chance to nail a hot famous chick.

I grabbed a Snickers and a Twix from my counter, walked around, pretending to be checking the shelves, and waited for the perfect opportunity. My patience eventually paid off. She opened the fridge door to get some milk and I noticed her purse was open. I slipped the candy bars into it, returned to the till and crossed my fingers.

Not long after, she came to the till to pay for her gas and milk. When she reached into her purse to get her credit card, I felt a panic start to rise within me. I’m fucked! I’m so fucked! What the hell was I thinking? She’ll find the candy bars and bust me for sure and…

But, unbelievably, she didn’t! She just paid for the milk and gas, thanked me, flashed that sexy, seductive smile, wished me a pleasant evening and made for the door.

Phase One completed!

She made for the door, started to leave and, as I planned, off went the security alarm.

Phase Two completed..

She looked surprised and confused. I asked her to stay while I checked her purse. She reluctantly handed it over and I apologized, telling her it would probably just be a mistake but we have had a lot of shop-lifters lately so we needed to be more vigilant. Then I pulled out the two candy bars…

“Do you have a receipt for these candy bars, ma’am?” I asked.

“No!” she said, sounding shocked and confused. “I have no idea how they got there!”

“No offense, ma’am, but I’m afraid we hear that excuse all the time.” I said, trying my hardest to sound official. “I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to wait at the counter while I call the police.”

“The police?” she said, sounding quite worried, “But they’re only candy bars and I swear I know nothing about it! I don’t even eat candy!”

“I’m sorry, ma’am,” I said, “But I’ve got to do my job. You understand.”

I picked up the phone and pretended to start pressing buttons.

“Wait!” she said. “Please! Don’t you know who I am? If anyone finds out about this, it’ll ruin my public credibility and my career! There must be some way we can sort this out without having to call anyone.”

“Hmmmmmm….” I said, stroking my beard. “I dunno….”

“Please, please, please!” she pleased, sounding ever more desperate. “There must be something I can do! Isn’t there anything I can do?”

“Anything?” I asked.

“Yes…. I guess,” she replied, innocently.

“Well, maybe we could… Nah, there’s no way you’d do that,” I said. “I’ll just call the cops. I’m sure everything’ll work out fine.”

“Wait!” she begged. “Please, tell me! Do you want money, a job? What?”

It was now or never…

“Well…” I said smiling, “What I really would like is to…. you know… what every guy wants….”

“Tell me?” she said, stepping forward and staring desperately into my eyes.

“To fuck you!” I said.

“What?!!” she gasped loudly, shocked by my audacity and bluntness. “No way, you little creep! Do you know who I am?”

“OK then,” I said, pretending to make a call again.

“No! Wait!” she said, angrily. She paced up and down the floor a few times racking her brain, trying to come up with a way out of this hopeless situation. She eventually came to the inevitable conclusion that there was only one way out….

“OK… Fine, you little shit!”

Phase Three completed. Game, set and match!

“Ask me,” I said, unable to stop smiling and feeling the excitement building up within me (especially in my pants).

“Huh?” she said.

“Ask me to fuck you.”

She started down, sighed and, under obvious duress, said, “Will you make love-”

“No!” I reprimanded her. “That’s not what I told you to say! And look at me when you say it! Make me believe it’s what you want!”

She glared at me for several seconds, swallowed down her anger and said, “Will you…. fuck me?”

“Better. Now also say please and like the whore you are!”

She again contemplated her options – of which there still weren’t any, and stared at me coldly.

“Please fuck me like the whore I am?” she said with her fists on her hips.

“Good girl!” I said. “Now go into the supply room over there and get ready for me.”

Without a word, she turned and slowly walked towards the room, trying to mentally prepare herself for what was about to happen to her. She paused and took a deep breath just before she turned the handle and entered, letting the door fall closed behind her. I locked the main door, turned the sign to the CLOSED side and walked awkwardly to the door, due to the fact I was so excited and packing a major hard-on that was anxious to be let out to meet her.

I entered the room and she was just standing there, hands on her hips, looking like she just wanted to wake up and for this nightmare to be over. It made me so horny, manipulating her and breaking her will like this. I sat in the chair in front of her.

“Now, show me what you’ve got.”

She glared at me for several seconds and then removed her jacket and slowly started to unbutton her blouse, muttering inaudible contemptuous remarks. I didn’t know what she was saying, nor did I give a fat shirt!

“Come on!” I said. “My shift ends in an hour and I still have a lot of things to do!”

She indignantly obliged by unbuttoning a little faster, tossing the blouse on top of her jacket on a box to her right. She then unzipped her matching skirt, it was so tight and form-fitting that she had to wiggle her sensational ass to get out of it. She tossed it onto her pile. She then reached behind herself to unfasten her bra. It was a sexy, black, lacy bra, just like the skimpy panties he had on. You’ve got to love a hot chick that wears sexy lingerie under her work clothes. She tossed the bra onto the pile, holding her arm across her ample boobs.

“I didn’t tell you to take it all off so I could look at your arm, you silly bitch!” I laughed.

Jilnar, who was certainly not laughing, rolled her eyes then stared at the ceiling while she slowly lowered her arm to reveal the most spectacular and succulent looking natural boobs I’ve ever seen! They were big, round and firm and didn’t droop one little bit when she released them. Her red nipples were perfectly round like a penny and made my mouth water. She had an equally spectacular body, all tight and curvy with that beautiful smooth, golden skin, all over. My mouth was salivating for her like crazy.

“Keep going,” I said, wiping drool from my beard, my voice quavering with lust and excitement. I was going to screw this sexy, hot bitch so hard it’d be a whole month before she’d be able to walk straight!

She slid her thumbs down her hips and under the straps of her tiny panties. Knowing there was no going back and all hope was lost, she wiggled out of them, letting them fall to her ankles. She was holding them in one hand while covering her pussy with the other. She went to throw the panties onto her clothes pile.

“No! You can keep everything else,” I said, pointing at her pile, “But that’s mine now. Give!”

She made a silent protest but, knowing how futile it was to resist, tossed the pretty panties to me. I held them to my face to make sure there was plenty of her sweet aroma to last me long after I took them home. Indeed there was! The best souvenir I have ever scored in all my travels!

I undressed and she looked clearly unimpressed and repulsed by my fat, sweaty, pale-skinned body. Her problem, not mine! Her eyes widened and blinked when she saw the size of my erect cock. My cock could smell the fear and grew even bigger! I walked over to her, she stared defiantly ahead, refusing to give me any eye contact, which only served made me want her even more. I placed a hand on her flat belly and started to walked behind her, letting my hand slide around her hip. She turned to face me.

“Keep facing forward!” I ordered.

When I got behind her, I felt like dropping to my knees in a prayer of thanks. Her ass! Her ass was perfect! It was like a firm golden peach. I placed a hand over each buttock and started to squeeze, increasing my grip, sinking my fingers into her warm flesh. I couldn’t stand it any longer. I had to sink my teeth into that sweet, perfect, ass.

“Ow!” she cried as I sunk my teeth into one of her buttocks and, “That hurts!” as I sunk them into the other, leaving a perfect representation of my bite in each.

I then slid my hands around her waist and pulled her ass against my erect cock, squeezing those big, juicy, ripe titties (as much of them as I could fit my hands around that is). I had to taste more of her smooth, golden skin. I released my tongue and let it travel right up the side of her neck. She turned her head away in disgust but I grabbed her by the jaw and pulled her head back so I could lick all the way up the side of her beautiful face. She even let out a few tears which tasted pure, sweet and salty.

“I’m gonna fuck you real good!” I growled in her ear.

“Hop up on those boxes!“ I said, smacking her perfect ass hard!

She silently did so and sat upright with her lovely long golden legs crossed. I walked over, slid my hands in between them, pulling them open. Then I saw it. Heaven on Earth! That sweet, warm, juicy place that every man dreamed of entering. The warm, tight, juicy cunt of Jilnar Jardaly!

I licked my way up the inside of her legs, being drawn by the sweet, perfumed, intoxicating aroma of her wonderful pussy. I grabbed her hips and yanked her to the edge of the box, pulling her honey pot close and making her fall flat onto her back. I licked her pretty labia which made her try and kick me out and close her legs again. No chance! You’re mine now, bitch!

I held her legs open and plunged my tongue into her juicy slit. I’d never tasted pussy before that (or since for that matter) but, if they’re all as delicious as hers, I can see why so many guys (and girls) love going down so much. I used my fingers to open her up so I could slide my whole tongue deep inside her. I noticed her legs stopped kicking and her thrashing about and became a lot less violent. I even heard her protests become replaced by deep, sensual moans. As I feasted, I looked up to see her flailing one arm around in ecstasy while the other hand was squeezing one of her firm tits. Her nipples were erect. And the horny slut was clearly smiling! She suddenly let out a loud squeal and a shot of hot juice went straight into my mouth. It was the sweetest and most delicious nectar I had ever tasted. Despite what she wanted me to believe, she obviously loved feeling my tongue against her clit and my beard on her smooth, hairless pussy.

I stood up, her sticky juice dripping from my beard and pulled her to the edge of box. She was starting to cooperate and be a bit more accommodating, now that I kindly given her an orgasm and swallowed her delicious, warm squirt. I positioned my aching hard-on to penetrate that wonderful, tight hole of hers. Jilnar thought she got a lucky break! One of the boxes her struggling arm had knocked over was a box of condoms. She grabbed one and quickly tore open the wrapper with her teeth and bent forward to slide it on my cock. I snatched it out of her hand and threw it across the room.

“But… but.. What if I get pregnant?” her eyes widened and full of fear.

“Simple!” I said. “Then you’ll have a fucking baby!”

She made one last pathetic attempt to escape, just before I plunged into her. I don’t mind when they struggle. In fact, I prefer it when they do. I easily overpowered her anyway. I leaned over, sliding my cock into her amazing smooth, hairless pussy. It felt so hot and so tight. I had to grab hold of her and thrust hard to get my throbbing erection all the way in. She bit her lower lip hard and tilted her head forward so she could watch my big, angry cock ram its way inside her. I thrust in hard and fast, right up until I could feel her against my balls, making her cry out loudly.

“And you’ll never be able to tell anyone who the fathers is!” I said through my gritted teeth, my face right up to hers.

I was getting turned on by the thought of switching on the news every evening and seeing her belly become more and more swollen, knowing I was the one who knocked her up.

My balls were aching so much to be emptied and inseminate her womb, I just held her down, leaned over her and fucked her hard and fast and with all the strength I could muster. In and out! Deeper! Harder! Faster! Pump, pump, pump!

“You dirty slut!” I said, my face against hers, “ You fucking filthy whore! You think you’re so special cos you’re a TV star, don’t you?” I felt my balls tighten. A massive load of hot cum was boiling inside them! It won’t be long now!

“Aaaaaaah! Fuck! Your pussy feels so fucking good, baby! I’m gonna cum inside you! I’m gonna fill you up with so much hot sperm! I’m gonna soil your womb, baby! I’m gonna impregnate you with all my seed! AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! FUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!”

I gritted my teeth as my aching balls exploded their evil brew of piping hot ball juice deep inside the exotic slut. Jilnar’s nails dug into my shoulders as her head leaned back and let out a long, loud, sexy moan. It felt so good shooting a huge load of hot cum deep inside her. And the slut was clearly loving it just as much – no – even more that I was!

I stood up and left her lying back and panting on the box, a few drops of sperm dribbling from her freshly-used snatch. No problem! I knew there were squillions of my guys still inside her womb right now, looking for an egg to penetrate and fertilize.

“Thanks, honey!” I said. “That was real sweet.”

She changed her demeanor back into that tiresome angry-bitch-victim-being-used-against-her-will act. Stupid slut! What was the point of that? She just showed me how much of a whore she really was by how much she enjoyed being plowed by my hard cock and taking my whole load deep inside her her sexy, warm body.

She put on her bra, her blouse and was looking for her suit skirt which I had already grabbed and was using to wipe myself down. I sweat a lot and all the time, and I was soaked with it after that hot, torrid fuck session! When I was finished with it, I tossed it on the ground beside her. She bent over to pick it up, allowing me another glance of the drops of sperm dribbling from her bright red ravaged and very sore looking cunt. She held the skirt with one finger, staring at it, and me, with disgust. Eventually, after making her silent point of protest, she wriggled her way back into the soaking wet skirt and started to leave the room.

“Hey!” I called. “And just where do you think you’re going, cupcake?”

“What do you want now, you disgusting pig?” she grumbled, “You got what you wanted!”

“I just thought you might want to see your debut performance as a porn star.”

Unknown to her, there was security camera in the room and a small desk monitor. I showed her some highlights of her sexy superstar performance. Her eyes were filled with shock, fear and dread.

“You think that shop-lifting thing was bad?” I said smugly. “Imagine how your career would go if they found out you fuck lowly gas station clerks for candy bars!”

“What do you want?” she said, accepting defeat.

“Same time tomorrow night?”

“OK…” she said.

“And next time, I’m gonna want you to eat my sperm. And it’s gonna be just as big a load as tonight’s, so you better leave plenty of room in that flat, pretty little tummy of yours.”

She just nodded, looking at the floor.

“I’m gonna want you to swallow every drop. OK?”

“OK, OK! she said and slowly turned and, again, headed for the door. She was walking a little gingerly, keeping her legs apart, her roughly plowed, aching pussy clearly giving her some discomfort.

“Oh, one more little thing, princess….” I said.

She just stood, turned back slowly and stared, anticipating the worst.

“I need a piss,” I said.

“So?” she said, clearly confused.

“Come over here and kneel in front of me.”

“Are you fucking k**ding me?!” she asked, incredulously. “No way! What sort of girl do you think I am?!”

“Do I look like I’m k**ding? And now I know what sort of girl you are, sweet thing?” I grinned, “Come on! You know what they say, waste not, want not.”

She slowly knelt down in front of me, facing down towards the cold, hard floor.

“Look at me!” I commanded, grabbing her by the hair and lifting her face towards my cock..

I positioned her head just in time to get hit right in the middle of her face with the beginning of my warm, yellow piss. I drank three liters of soda that day so it was squirting out really hard! She closed her pretty eyes.

“Keep your eyes open and look up at me!” I said. “And open that sensational mouth too!”

She obliged and I released her hair and she kept the position, offering me her complete, unconditional surrender. I pissed all over her fucking face, her hair, her clothes and in her mouth. I made sure plenty of it made it to the back of her throat, to make sure she swallowed plenty too. She choked on its bitter taste a lot but I could tell she was still swallowing plenty of it.

It was a massive piss but, like all good things, it came to and end. I excused her and followed her out of the supply room. She got to the main door, only to discover she was locked in. I took my time, letting her wait and stare outside at freedom. I casually whistled my way back to the counter, straightening a few shelves on the way. I finally pressed the button that unlocks the door. She yanked open the door and was just about to step through…

“Oh, Miss Jardaly?”

She turned to face me, her hair and face still dripping wet with piss and her skirt soaked with my stinky man-sweat.

“You still owe me for the candy.”

You should’ve seen the look on her face. Man, was she pissed! Priceless!

She did come back the following night too. And she swallowed all my cum, washed it all down with some more warm piss and did everything else she was told to do. Our on-going arrangement became a regular thing, right up until I left back for the States.

In time, I even got her to persuade some of those other sexy female newsreaders to come over and join us for threesomes. Once I had them all one tape, their asses were mine too! My favorite time was when I had her bring four of the sexy sluts with her. I made them all have a lesbian orgy while I sat and watched. When I couldn’t take any more, I ordered Jilnar to fuck me nice and hard while I watched the other four whores fuck each other. I shot my load in deep Jilnar’s hot, tight, sexy ass that time so I got all four of them to take turns licking and sucking my semen from her asshole. There was plenty of creamy, cummy goodness in there for all my hungry little cum-sluts. They even sperm-kissed Jilnar so even she got plenty her fresh, daily requirement of protein too.

I may not have got Jilnar pregnant (yet!) but, not long after I left, one of her sexy news anchor friends (the youngest one) found out she was knocked-up! She was a newly-wed and just told her new husband it was his baby so now the stupid, fertile, little trollop has committed herself to having and raising it! Hahaha! Classic! One day, I might go back there and give it a younger b*****r or s****r….

I made copies of all the tapes of Jilnar and her gorgeous, conquered colleagues, performing some of the most inhumanly perverse and obscene sexual acts imaginable! You would not believe some of the acts of depravity I had them perform! The tapes are my personal guarantee of a lifetime of hot, nasty celebrity sex. Jilnar knows it too, which is why she’s agreed to come over and stay with me a while next month. A whole month of fucking and totally violating the sexiest newsreader on the planet! Hell, yeah!

Life is good!


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