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جلنار جردل Jilnar Jardaly’s Addicted to Sex

The name’s Frankie. I’m a cab driver in Boston.

Louie, a buddy of mine got a job in Dubai. He was working in the Media Center building where they make a lot of their local TV programs. Every time he wrote to me he went on and on about this hot Lebanese news anchor called Jilnar Jardaly. She does sound hot but there’s no frigging way any woman could be anywhere near as gorgeous as he kept saying. He wrote pages and pages about her big, brown, baby-deer eyes, her full lips, her long silky hair, her long fingernails, her beautiful exotic skin tone, her cheekbones, her aquiline nose, the little dimple on her chin, her smile, her breasts, her ass, her legs, her accent, the way she smells, on and on and on…

Anyway, one day he invited me to come over for a vacation so I thought, why not? At least I’d have somewhere to stay for free. My wife hardly ever pays me any attention these days and my daughter moved out when she started college. I had plenty of leave at work so what was stopping me?

When I arrived, he met me at the airport and he had a few days off so he drove me around, showing me all the sites, introduced me to his pals, we talked about old times. It was great!

The night before he had to return to work, he told me to come and visit him and check out his sweet job. He also insisted that I check out this Jilnar Jardaly. He told me what time she always gets in the elevator and to be there to share the elevator with her. Whatever, right?

So, I goes in at the time that he says, full of skepticism. Then I witnessed the arrival of what I can only think to describe as a frigging goddess! It was like Aphrodite herself had come back down to walk among and intoxicate us mortal men! She was every bit as sensational as he described! Even more so! Perfection in every way! My eyes could not believe that a such a stunning creature could possibly even exist! I felt like my fucking head was going to explode!

She was about to step into the elevator so I regained my senses and ran to catch up before the doors closed. She saw me running so kindly kept the door open. She smiled sweetly as I stepped in and thanked her. Every time I looked at her I swear I could hear harps playing and angels singing…

My cell phone started vibrating so I pulled it out to see that I had a text message from Louie:









Just then, the elevator suddenly stopped. Jilnar tried pressing the button several times but nothing happened.

“Ermmmmm….. I’m sure it won’t take them long to fix it…” I offered, nervously, not knowing what else to say. Dang she was sexy!

She glanced towards me and just smiled. My fucking lord she was so gorgeous!

Well, it took a little longer than usual. I noticed Jilnar seemed to be becoming more and more agitated as each minute passed. After about ten minutes, she was panting, perspiring and starting to tremble.

“Ermmmmm… Are you OK, Miss? Is there something I can do?”

She looked at me and looked away a few times, shuffling from foot to foot. Eventually she turned and walked right up to face me.

“Can I please have your cum?” she asked, her eyes widened and her lower lip quivering, like a little girl asking for more candy.

“Uhhhh… My what?”

“Your cum! Please! I know it sounds crazy but you don’t understand! It’s been at least an hour since I’ve tasted a man’s seed. I can’t go that long without it it! I have an addiction! I was on my way back to my office to drain the balls of a few of the male interns but now this happened! PLEASE! I can’t take it any longer! I need it! I need it so much it hurts!”

I just stared in disbelief as she came closer and closer. She slid one hand around the back of my neck and pulled my mouth to hers while the other was kneading my crotch. I was totally under her spell so could not have resisted (even if I wanted to).

“Please, please, please, please, give me your sweet, salty, creamy cum, baby… Mmmmmm…..”

Her tongue slid into my mouth, while the middle finger of her other hand expertly undid my zipper. Without waiting for any permission, she got on her knees in front of me and freed my stiff cock from my underwear. She was clearly impressed with what she saw.

“My!” she purred, “You American boys sure have nice, big cocks don’t you?”

She licked her way all the way up the full length of my cock, root to tip.

“And you always have such delicious cum too!” she winked.

Before I could respond, or even comprehend the situation, she had sucked my whole manhood all the way into her hungry mouth. She didn’t gag, flinch or even bat an eyelid when my cock touched the back of her throat. Incredible! She just kept sucking on it with all the power of a frigging industrial vacuum!

She used her hand to gently to stroke and massage my swollen ball-sack. I felt one of her long painted fingernails stroke the back of my scrotum, gradually working its way to my ass.

I remember the sudden shock of feeling her finger sliding into my ass but the shock soon became intense pleasure as she instantly found my prostate and started massaging it with amazing skill and dexterity. As well as that, I was also simultaneously being pleasured by the extraordinary feeling of her tightly sealed lips sliding their wonderful way up and down my shaft and her warm, velvety tongue, swirling around my shaft. Her smiling, unblinking eyes kept gazing up at me the whole time, teasing me to give her all my cum. Well, she didn’t have to wait long.

It was all too much for my old cock. My balls just exploded! I’d never released such a big load! Probably because it’s been so long. Back home my wife won’t even let me touch her any more. We haven’t even had sex for eight years!

It must’ve been a solid seven seconds that my first spurt just kept squirting and squirting, then a second, then a third. She just kept staring up at me the whole time, massaging my prostrate with with that long, slender finger and hypnotizing me with those big, brown eyes begging me to give her more and more, swallowing every drop, sucking and sucking, like a crazed vampire!

When she was certain she sucked out every last drop, she finally released it. She gave it a little kiss, sucked her ass-probing finger clean, thanked me and stood so she could close in and kiss me on the mouth. I could smell her cum-breath so instantly pulled away.

“Oh, I’m so sorry!” she laughed.

She got a small bottle of Listerine from her purse, took a big swig and gargled quietly and very ladylike. Unfortunately, she couldn’t see anywhere to spit so she just closed her eyes, clenched her fists and swallowed hard. What a trouper! She turned to show me her face grimacing afterward. We both laughed.

“Now?” she asked, bringing her face to mine.

“Sure,” I said, as her beautifully manicured hands held my face and that amazing tongue once again slide between my lips.

We were happily kissing and caressing for several minutes until she pulled her face away slightly.

“You know,” she said, sheepishly, her forehead against mine, “There is one more little bitty thing you could do for me…”

“Sure,” I said. “What is it?”

She slid her tongue deep into my mouth, successfully teasing mine to follow hers back into her mouth, where she gently squeezed it between her teeth. She suddenly released me, and pulled away.

“Fuck me!” she said. “I need to feel your big, hard cock pumping into me, your hot cum squirting deep inside me.”

“Well, I’d love to but…. Maybe about thirty years ago, when I still in college…. but these days it’s a bit harder for me to… Well… You know….” then, “What are you-? OOOOHHHHHH!!!”

Not prepared to even consider no for an answer, her hand was already inside my pants where they were expertly and successfully massaging my limp, mature-aged cock into another erection. How was this even possible? It was like she had some supernatural cock-charming ability!

Within seconds, I was hard as a rock and ready for round two. She humped up, wrapping her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. She easily positioned herself to take my cock all the way inside her. She started riding up and down, fucking me like a randy snake.

“Oooooooh!!” she cooed, “This is just like riding a horsy!”

She started kissing me all over my face.

“Come on, darling! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Fuck me!”

I spun us around so her back was against the wall. I drilled and pumped into her hot, tight, wet pussy, pounding her back against the wall, harder and more aggressively with each thrust!

“That’s it, you bad, nasty boy! Fuck me like you’re a caveman, you big brute! Fuck me like you’d fuck a cheap, filthy whore! Fuck your horny Arab slut with your big, nasty American dick! Fuck me! Give me your American baby! Fuck me! FUUUUCK MEEEEE!!!!”

Then, finally, that intense magical moment where we both exploded, our primitive sexual juices, mixing together, creating a fusion of our wicked lust. I pumped just as much seed as I did the first time and could feel her squirting all over my cock and getting my balls soaking wet.

“Mmmmmmmmmm…..” she said, contentedly, “You are a good boy, aren’t you?”

We kissed again for a while until we both and finally got dressed.

“Here’s my number,” she said, handing me her business card. “My office door’s always open…. so are my lips…. and my legs,” she winked.

Then she licked her delicious red lips and said something that blew my mind completely

“Next time, if you’re a good boy, I’ll even let you take me up the ass!”

I’d never fucked a girl up the ass before. I’m pretty sure Father Edwards said something about sodomy being a sin. But I still couldn’t help wondering what it would feel like. I love watching anal scenes in pornos but I never dared to suggest it to my wife, who was even more of a devout Catholic than me. To hell with them! If I wasn’t meant to do it then why did Jilnar have the sweetest, tightest and most heavenly looking ass I’d ever seen! How could any mortal man possibly resist an offer like that? Oh, baby, I am there!

I felt my cell phone vibrate again. I took it out. It was Louie again.





Just after I sent that last text, the elevator started moving again. When it got to Jilnar’s floor, she nodded politely and walked out. I pressed the button for the basement to go see Louie so I could thank him.

Why thank him? Did I forget to mention that he’s the guy in charge of the elevator maintenance?



PS: In case you were wondering about whether I took up her offer to fuck that spectacular little ass. Did I do it? Fuck yeah! The very next day me and Louie tag-teamed and double-penetrated the sexy, horny bitch in the dirty basement stairwell. Man, was it sweet!

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