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0048 Blog Fantasy – Stu

0048 Blog Fantasy – Stu

Stu was being smothered… smothered with love. He was caught between the two most wonderful cocks in the whole world. The largest was gently siding back-and-forth in his hungry bottom hole. The oversize head was massaging his prostate so nicely; preparing him to explode his own sweet essence. His stretched grommet was delighted to be so open. Stu felt like his special hole was a flower ready to accept the cock’s love pollen deep inside him. Stu was so ready! The other wonderful love cock in his life was inside Stu’s mouth. He could feel the steady throbbing of the head as his lover’s heart beat with love for Stu. Stu nursed softly as the cock head explored his mouth. He sc****d his teeth on the cock in his mouth and listened to his lover moan and groan. The cock stiffened even further and Stu knew that it would not be long before it fountained into his mouth… his throat… his belly. As the two cocks erupted inside him, he silently screamed his pleasure. His mind floated free… and it flashed back to the very beginning of his trip to such happiness…

Walt was approached by one of his senior students and asked to have a meeting with him and his dad. Walt arranged a time and Stu and his dad arrived promptly.

Walt: Have seats and we’ll get started. What can I do for you?
Stewart Sr.: As you know I am a professional writer and I want Stu to have some special writing training to better prepare him to enter my field. I was wondering if there was a special way that you could help him.

Walt: I would need to see what type of talent that Stu has. However, I feel sure that I can help your son improve his writing. There will be a charge, of course.
Stewart Sr.: No problem. How do we get Stu started?
Walt: Let me think about it and I will get back to you and your son.

After two days, I called Stewart Sr. and let him know that I wanted his son to start a blog and write something every day that I could read and evaluate. The father seemed pleased and told me to work out the details with his son.

I set up a site on the Internet that only Stu and I could access and told the young man to begin posting something the next day.

Stu: What should I write about?
Walt: Write to me about personal things. What are you thinking? What are you feeling? What are you experiencing? Basically a daily rundown of what is happening in three areas: mind… heart… body. Don’t worry about the content, focus on getting your point across… clearly and with power.

Blog #1
My mind is filled with the images of my teacher. He is tall and strong and his face is very handsome. I think of him during the day and I dream of him at night. I find myself sitting in class day-dreaming of being in his arms. My heart yearns to belong to him. When I think of him, my heart warms and that warmth spreads throughout my whole body. When I think of him, my peter swells and reaches out for him. After a while, I have to check inside my briefs. If my peter has shrunk, I usually find wetness. I must have discharged some of my love for him.

Next day: When Stu entered my class, I told him that his first effort was fine but he needed to expand his thoughts and be more specific. Stu smiled as he realized that I did not object to his subject matter.

Blog #2
My mind sees an image of my teacher… naked and powerful. His muscles are firm and taut. He has a wonderful cock that is erect and red tipped. Sweet cream is oozing from the end. His balls are big and throbbing. They are moving and jerking while making his sweet milk… for me… only for me. My heart fills with love for my wonderful teacher. My heart wants to hear his words of love and adoration for me. My hungry peter swells and throbs. My little balls ache to be in his hands and in his mouth. I have to rush to find a private place to touch myself. I slide the skin on my peter up-and-down until a small geyser spouts. At night, I fall asl**p so quickly after I come for him.

Next day: When I saw Stu during the following class, I congratulated him on the improvements. Good luck on tonight’s blog! I handed him an envelope and told him that the material inside might help him.

Blog #3
Today, my mind is filled with the image of the photo I received. My teacher is even more magnificent naked than I thought. He has shapely thighs and calves. His pecs are very manly… like a weight-lifter. His stomach is flat with ripples of muscles. His cock is even larger than I realized. The head is beautiful and much larger than the shaft. My teacher’s hand looks so strong wrapped around the shaft. My mind imagines his warm hand stroking it… making it grow… and grow… making it redder… and redder. My heart feel like it is leaving my body and floating. My heart wants to join with his and become one. My heart feels like it no longer flows with bl**d, only with sweet love. My peter is now a cock… throbbing and swelling with tender but strong feelings. My little boy-balls are now young man balls… swollen and firm. The little hole below my balls tingles and wants to open for him… for his fingers… for his tongue… for his man-cock.
Note to teacher: I will need a replacement photo; this one has been ruined with my milk. I will return it to you tomorrow to show that I do not lie. I will include some photos of me too.

The next day, teacher and student exchanged envelopes… and smiles.

Blog #4
I am imagining my teacher looking at the photos I gave him. Me, in a soft nighty with my nipples and penis hard and thrusting. Me, bent over with my little hole exposed and ready. Me, with my milk splashed all over my belly. In my mind, my teacher is getting ready to enter me. His glans is swollen and covered in oil so he can enter me gently. Him, deep in me making me grunt and scream with pleasure. Him, holding me in his strong arms afterward as we sl**p. I keep looking at the photos of him. His cock in a wonderful close-up showing all the curves and veins. A close-up of his huge balls and hungry hole with a slender dildo inside. I wonder if the dildo is supposed to be my penis… or my tongue. Every time I see my teacher, I fall more in love with him. I would love to present my heart and soul to him if I could. I think of him when I oil my finger and make love to my hot little hole. My penis jumps with pleasure as I imagine my teacher’s man-cock deep inside me. I fall asl**p still hard… still panting… and I dream of us.

Next day: Walt brushed against Stu as he walked past his student’s desk. Once in the front of the room, he turned and looked at Stu. The teacher could see Stu shiver. When he glanced under the desktop, he could see Stu’s mound. Once seated behind the teacher desk, he asked Stu to come to him. As Stu stood beside him being shown something in the book, Walt gently pinched Stu’s cute ass. Stu asked to be excused and rushed to the restroom. Most of his milk went into the toilet but some dribbled on his jeans. Stu had to carefully clean up before returning to class.

Blog #5
I cannot get a particular image from my mind tonight. I have a fantasy that I walk to the front of the class while naked. My hard penis bounces as I walk. The other k**s do not notice anything strange. I reach the teacher’s desk and sit down on the teacher’s lap. The teacher is naked too and his hard man-cock slides up into my tender love hole. It seems to be miles and miles long and I take it all. While the teacher sits quietly, his cock head moves up-and-down inside me as if it was a machine. The teacher comes inside me. He seems to shoot juice in me as if his cock is a large fire hose. There is so much milk inside me that some sprays out my open mouth and out my nostrils. Milk oozes from my ears and squirts from both nipples. I look like a desert covered in whipped cream. I stand up and turn; drop to one knee and ask my teacher to marry me. He raises me up and says “yes” by taking my dick into his mouth and sucking my cream into his belly. I am so happy. After the incident early this morning in class, I spent the rest of the day hard and stiff. I have wet dreams every night now. I am so in love!

Next day: Walt handed Stu another envelope the next morning with a caution… don’t open until tonight. When he finally opened the large brown envelope, Stu found a rubber with a knot tied in the end. The tip was half-filled with a white liquid. Stu nearly fainted.

Blog #6
My mind shut down when I beheld the condom containing my teacher’s love milk. The nearly clear material revealed the white cream that I craved. I put the tip of the rubber in my mouth to warm my teacher’s essence. Afterward, I untied the knot and slid the tip of my tongue inside and tasted him. My teacher’s love juice is so sweet. The fragrance flooded my nose all the way to my brain. I climaxed without touching myself… completely covering the inside of my underwear. I folded them and tucked them into a plastic bag to give to my special teacher. I realize that I want to be his love slave and do anything he wishes me to do. I have the most intense feelings for my wonderful teacher-god.

Next day: Stu gave the envelope with his underwear to his teacher. When Walt opened it at home later, Walt found that Stu’s underwear was a tiny pair of pink panties. They were still moist and smelled so heavenly.

Blog #7
I hope my fantastic teacher liked my little panties. I have been wearing girl’s clothing for about a year now and they make me feel so feminine. I would love to go out in public with my teacher. I would like to be his sweet little girl and hold his hand while strangers remark on how wonderful we look together. I would say… “Yes, daddy” and “no, daddy” as if he were really my daddy. Oh, JOY!

Walt contacted Stewart, Sr. and informed him that he would like to work with Stu at his house on the weekends as he seemed to lose focus with several days off. Stu’s dad agreed to drop him off Saturday morning. Walt suggested that they might take a break in his pool so Stu should bring a swim suit with him and maybe a change of clothes… just in case.

Stu was all smiles as he arrived at Walt’s house carrying a bag with his special outfits. After agreeing on a time for his dad to pick him back up, Walt e****ted Stu to the guest room. He was told to get changed and come to the pool. Stu was panting with the thought of being semi-naked with his teacher. Once he was ready, Stu walked through the glass sliding door onto the patio. There was a high privacy fence so they were unobserved by the neighbors. He found Walt naked and erect, sitting in a pool chair waiting for him. Walt was toned and fit. He had a six-pack of taut muscles on his belly and was slender but powerfully built. He rose to greet his student.

Stu had on a bright red suit that was mainly narrow strips of cloth that resembled a harness. Walt motioned with his hand for Stu to turn slowly to model the outfit. It had triangles that framed his little pecs and tiny nipples. The harness circled his waist and supported a tiny pouch that held his penis. Stu’s bottom was completely exposed… and beautiful. His butt cheeks were muscular but tiny. His special little hole was hidden away and would take some effort to reveal. He had lovely deep butt dimples just above each cheek. As Stu turned for his teacher, his penis erected and pushed the little pouch forward exposing the base of his shaft and his small ball sack. Stu had on a tiny amount of makeup that emphasized his eyes and lips. Stu looked like a walking wet dream… a sweet little femboy. As he walked closer to his teacher, his stiffie bounced with happiness.

Walt reached and took Stu’s hand in his. Stu shivered. His eyes grew large and liquid with happy tears. The teacher presented his cheek and waited. Stu shyly kissed his teacher’s cheek and followed up with sweet kisses trailing to Walt’s mouth. Stu licked his teacher’s lips until they opened. A manly tongue entered a girly mouth. It went so deep Stu gagged briefly. His little mouth and throat were being penetrated… like a cock would soon penetrate his hungry boy-hole. Stu’s rear tingled with the thought of opening wide and being filled. His little peter tingled. Goosebumps traveled up Stu’s belly to his nipples.

Walt had Stu sit in the pool chair. Walt leaned over and held Stu’s head gently as he kissed this forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. Walt traced the delicate whorls of Stu’s ears with his fingertips. Walt then held Stu by the chin and rubbed his cock gently over his student’s face. Stu breathed deeply until he thought he would pass out from the man-fragrance of his teacher. When Stu started panting, Walt gently wiped his cockhead over Stu’s sweet lips. He persisted until Stu’s mouth opened and received his teacher’s glans. Stu licked and nursed on Walt’s love spear until cream pumped into his lovely mouth and was swallowed down into his belly. The warmth from the teacher-milk spread all through Stu’s body.

Walt helped Stu rise and led him into the house… into his bedroom… into his bed.

Walt had Stu lay across his lap. He gently guided Stu with his hands so that Stu’s legs were open and ready. Walt used one of his fingertips to gently massage Stu’s special hole. The hole pulsed with happiness. It almost seemed like it was trying to nibble at Walt’s finger. Walt’s finger went around and around while Stu squirmed and moaned. The fingertip flicked back and forth, exciting Stu even more. It opened, not from pressure of Walt’s finger, but from some desire by Stu’s little hole to be filled. Walt now understood that Stu was even more special than he had ever dreamed. What control he has, thought Walt. Walt decided to let Stu hunger for a bit longer. He removed his fingertip. Stu pleaded for it to return but Walt was in a teasing mood. Soon, light love spanks started to be applied to Stu’s beautiful butt cheeks. His tail warmed and became a light pink. Walt would stop every so often and gently rub Stu’s beautiful little tail. Stu was begging Walt for more but even Stu was not sure exactly what he truly wanted. The boy only knew that he wanted to be opened and filled.

Soon, Stu was spread-eagled over a pillow with his little bottom being plowed by Walt. Each inward stroke brought forth a special word from the schoolboy.

Daddy… daddy… daddy… daddy…

Walt realized that, while Stu was a virgin in reality, he was a daddy-lover in his dreams and fantasies.

Walt’s cock was giving Stu such pleasure. Each time his cock throbbed, shock waves spread across Stu’s mind and body. Walt speeded up and Stu lost his mind to the pleasure. Thrust… Daddy! Thrust… Daddy! Thrust… Daddy! Over and over and over and over. Happy tears were dripping down Stu’s face. Stu’s entered a mental state where he seemed to be nothing but a love hole. Not a student… not a son… not even a person… but only a pleasure hole, wide open and filled. Walt’s milk erupted into Stu. Stu’s penis erupted at the same time. They were in sync.

When they cuddled afterward, Walt questioned Stu about his dad.

Stu: My daddy knows all about us. I shared the log-on information so daddy could read the blog. In addition, daddy has known for a long time about my crossdressing. He usually buys my girlie clothes. Each night, daddy helps me get dressed for bed… usually nighties and other girl stuff. He always gives me the sweetest goodnight kisses. He told me that whenever you took my virginity, he would start making love to me too. Daddy is waiting by the phone.

Walt grabbed the phone and called Stu’s dad.

Walt: Come to my house and help me make a Stu sandwich!

Over the weekend, Walt and daddy made three Stu sandwiches. Each time the cock in his ass made Stu try to scream with pleasure, the cock in his mouth muffled the sound. Stu went to sl**p snuggled between his two favorite men. He was a happy little writer!

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