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0050 Tiny Fantasy – Aiko

0050 Tiny Fantasy – Aiko

Aiko had just toweled off from her shower. She had only an hour until her final visitor that day and she would have to hurry to get prepared. First however, she took a look in the mirror to see her reality before the fantasy began.

Aiko would be twenty-five on her birthday tomorrow. A few fine lines had appeared near her eyes and near the corners of her mouth but she still had a beautiful and youthful face. She was gorgeous on the outside but even prettier inside. She was so sweet and kind that everyone loved her from the instant they met her. Her voice was like music. Her eyes… dark and lovely.

The most unusual thing about Aiko was her size. She was a little person which some referred to as a midget, not dwarf, but a perfectly proportioned human being… just extremely tiny. She stood only four feet two inches tall and weighed about sixty pounds making her the size of someone about a third of her age. There were a couple of things about her that indicated her actual age. Her breasts were small for a regular size woman but on her, they appeared oversize. These alone would keep her from being confused with a youngster. Her nipples were tiny but, when aroused, they were pointed and as hard as nails. When she was on top of one of her visitors, wiggling around, they felt like they were cutting grooves across their chest and belly. The experience had been described to her as being “painful and heavenly”. Her hips were wider than a young person also but only from the front or back. From the side she appeared quite slim.

Her fingers and toes were minuscule as were her hands and feet in general. Her ears were delicate and elegant. Her mouth was small and naturally pouty. When her tongue appeared, it was like seeing pink heaven. Her hair was dark, long and fine. She was shaven completely from her neck downward. Her skin was without blemish. She looked like a porcelain doll.

Her thighs completely hid her pussy until she spread her legs. Her two perfect love holes were not only beautiful; she had been told that they were so tight that they acted like finger cuffs. It was difficult to get even an average size penis inside her but once inserted, it was painful for the man when sliding backwards. Her sweet holes gripped with an almost superhuman f***e… a virgin-like f***e of which she was immensely proud. Men who fucked her were smiling and crying happy tears at the same time.

Aiko started with her makeup. The tiny age lines were quickly gone. Her face was given a natural little girl glow as if she had no need for makeup at all. Her hair was quickly braided into two long plaits and a tiny bow was added to top of her head.

She dabbed on a tiny amount of the same flowery perfume that she first used as a c***d.

A tiny virginal white bra and panties enclosed her special charms. She dressed in a modified schoolgirl outfit. The blouse was short enough that her pretty belly button was visible. The skirt was so short that her panties showed in the back without her bending over. Long knee socks covered her slender legs and shiny buckled shoes covered her feet. She added a school jacket that emphasized her tiny waist and put a book bag over one shoulder. She was ready.

Aiko looked into the mirror for the last time before going to meet her client. She was a perfect little schoolgirl fantasy. Aiko saw herself as she sometimes wished she really was. She honestly wished she were young enough to be a schoolgirl again. However, since she was not, the fantasy she was about to participate in would have to be her special way to return to her happy youth… as well as her client’s way to experience something he had never experienced for real.

The client, Mr. Smith, entered the room… which had been transformed into a schoolroom. Smith was a tall American who towered over Aiko. In real life, he had been a teacher for many years… until his passion for his students f***ed him to switch jobs before he succumbed to his desires. His hands and feet were large which probably meant that Aiko was in for some struggle to get his cock inside her but she smiled at the thought. She loved big cocks because they made her feel helpless and in the man’s control. Like the feeling she had when she was very tiny in her daddy’s strong arms.

Smith: Good morning, Aiko.
Aiko: Good morning, sir.
Smith: Please remove your book bag and place it in the corner.
Aiko: Yes, sir.

She slipped the book bag off her shoulder and took it to the corner of the room. As she set it on the floor, she bent over further exposing her tiny panties and sweet little ass to her pretend teacher. From this position, she truly looked like a sweet schoolgirl… a very young adolescent. There were flowers on her tiny panties. They were so snug that he could see the little valley of her pussy. The client breathed deeply trying to inhale her scent as she fumbled with the positioning of the bag. A mound had already appeared at the front of his trousers. His growing penis was eager to fuck this sweet little schoolgirl. He wanted to make her scream and laugh… and laugh and scream. He wanted to fill her tiny body with his warm milk. However, her punishment came first.

Smith: In class earlier today you did not sit properly, did you?
Aiko: (Hanging her head)… No, sir.
Smith: Then you will have to be spanked!
Aiko: Please… sir… I am just a little girl. Don’t spank me, sir. I will be good from now on.
Smith: Take off your panties and come to me.
Aiko: (After pausing shyly for a few seconds)… Don’t hurt me sir… I have never been spanked before.

Aiko walked to her teacher carrying her panties. When she reached the man, she handed the panties to him. He smelled them and put them in his pocket. He took her tiny hand and helped her lay across his lap. He raised the back of her skirt and laid it on her back. He gazed with delight at her tiny bottom. It was perfect… so tiny and muscular.

Aiko’s character fantasied that the big strong man was not just her teacher but her lover. Sweet shame flashed over her whole body as she waited for him to begin. Her flowery little girl perfume flooded his nose… his lungs… his soul.

The man kneaded her little butt and spread her perfect cheeks to examine her tiny bottom hole. She was so beautiful… so tiny… so sexy. She panted from being so intimately opened as if she were new to this. She felt like her tiny body was being penetrated by his eyes. Her little ass grommet seemed to be gasping for a breath. It quivered like it was begging to be kissed.

She grew warm and her little pussy started to moisten. He moved his fingers lower and opened her tiny pussy lips. Inside she reminded him of a fresh oyster… a glistening little pink oyster floating in warm sea water. Her flesh pulsed with her heartbeats. There was a tiny little pearl in her special oyster. Her clitty was erect and ready for his attention. He touched it gently. Akio spasmed and moaned. A few drops of warm pee leaked with her excitement.

The man had two daughters who were now adults, but while they were growing up, he had had fantasies that his girls were in the same position that Aiko now found herself. His daughter’s faces as young girls swirled through his thoughts. Sweet little bitches… he mused. They constantly teased him with their tight little bodies and sexy clothing. If he could have spanked them when they did so, but he was a gentle loving father and he could not bring himself to hurt them in any way, even when they deserved it!

He began a slow soft spanking. Aiko began pleading for the teacher to stop. He increased the f***e and speeded up the tempo. When her bottom was the color of a ripening strawberry, he stopped. He bent down and placed some kisses on her burning little bottom.

Smith: Are you going to sit properly in class from now on?
Aiko: Yes, sir. I’ll be a good little girl for you.
Smith: Your punishment is not completely over.
Aiko: Sir…?
Smith: Your pretty rear has been taken care of but not your front.
Aiko: My front?
Smith: Your little pussy needs to be punished also.
Aiko: I don’t have a “pussy” sir.

Smith reached under her and took her pussy in his hand.

Smith: What do you call this?
Aiko: It’s my muffin, sir.
Smith: Well, your muffin needs some correction too.
Aiko: My muffin is very sensitive and tender sir. Please don’t hurt my tiny little muffin.
Smith: I will have to look inside your muffin to see how tender you are. Do you mind?
Aiko: (Hanging her head)… no sir.
Smith: Come with me to my desk.

The desk in the room was large and the top was covered with a soft waterproof pad. The height had been adjusted to match the height of Smith’s cock from the floor.

Smith: Get completely undressed.
Aiko: I cannot do that sir. My daddy said I should never show anyone, especially big men, my little body.
Smith: Then bend over and I will spank your bottom some more.
Aiko: Please sir; my bottom burns.
Smith: Then get undressed…

Aiko slowly undressed revealing all her special charms to her teacher. She closed her eyes as if she were a youngster who cannot be seen if she cannot see. Smith thought that this action was adorable. He was already smitten with her and closing her eyes fit in so well with his fantasy.

He helped her onto the desk and positioned her along the edge so he could reach all of her from his standing position. He helped her open her legs nice and wide. He spent time just looking at her tiny ripe body. She is so small and so helpless, he thought. What a wonderful princess she is; she is making me so hard. Smith caressed her with his fingertips; running them over her firm breasts along her belly and down her slender legs to her dainty feet. He took her hands in his and raised them to his mouth. He took each perfect finger into his mouth and gently sucked on it. Aiko completely relaxed; she was his. Smith took his hand and started rubbing her special puss-puss. After rubbing her for several minutes, he raised his hand and sent a gentle love spank to her tiny pussy. He continued slowly raining love spanks between her legs. He was not harming her in any way as her pussy was not even turning pink but Aiko continued the fantasy with her words and actions.

Aiko: Please sir, my little muffin is so sorry. Please sir, you are making my tiny muffin ache. I’ll be a good little girl all the time. (Aiko rolled her body slightly from side to side as if trying to escape the punishment but at the same time she kept her legs spread wide as if inviting his attention.) Aiko sent warm salty tears down her cheeks to drip from her chin.

Smith stopped his spanking as if he was a loving and gentle teacher who was pleased with her response. He opened her pussy lips and peered inside. What a tiny hole, he mused. Her little clitty was erect and seemed to throb. He touched it and she jerked. She gasped.

Smith: What is this Aiko?
Aiko: My little happy button…
Smith: Why do you call it that?
Aiko: When it is touched, it makes me smile.
Smile: Have you been letting the boys in school touch your happy button?
Aiko: Oh, no sir. Only me. (Her face flushed and she turned her head away from her teacher in shame.)
Aiko: I’m a good girl, sir. (She said softly.)

Smith smiled and bent down and kissed her clitty. Her sweet body spasmed He explored her pussy hole with the tip of his tongue. She tasted delicious. Warm honey was dripping from her special hole. He gently inserted his little finger but it was difficult to get more than an inch inside. He opened a drawer and found the lubricant he had been told was there. It was the only hope he had of reaching her depths with his cock. He drenched his little finger and it went back inside her easily. He used each finger working all the way up to his thumb. After thumb-fucking her until she relaxed, he turned her on the desk and laid her legs down over the edge and stepped to her sweet love center.

Aiko: What are you doing sir?
Smith: I have to punish the inside of your belly now.
Aiko: How are you going to do that sir?
Smith: I have something special that will reach inside you.
Aiko: Will it hurt me?
Smith: It will be a little uncomfortable at first but then it will feel like the most wonderful thing in the world.
Aiko: Be gentle sir, I am so tiny and delicate.

Smith lubed his cock and placed the head between her pussy lips. He gently pushed until the head had disappeared inside her. He gripped his cock shaft snuggly to keep it from bending as he pushed further inside her. She tightened but he kept pushing… gently but with constant pressure. She opened a bit further and he pushed harder. His cock was slowly going inside her. It was a constant battle to keep going. She was tighter than any virgin he had ever had before. He slipped another inch into her. Her little body shook with pleasure.

She was so wonderful…

She started to moan and groan.

Aiko: Thank you sir. I love having you as my teacher. Uh. You’re so big and strong and I am so tiny. Ouch! Please be careful sir. This is the first time I’ve had my belly punished from the… Ouch! …inside. Oh, goodness… You are opening me so… Oh, goodness. Please sir! I’m just a little girl. Oh, dear. Ouch! Please… please… please. Help!

Sweat was dripping from Smith’s nose as he worked slowly and carefully inside the young girl. Her happy button rubbed against his cock shaft and excited her. Her cunt spasmed and nearly strangled his penis. He erupted and filled her… over and over.

Smith left happy… with a fantasy of little girls in his mind.

Two days later she was scheduled to be with a special client… he reserved her for the whole day which had never happened before. He had a very special request. Aiko was to look through her own old photos and pick a photo that represented a very happy moment in her c***dhood. She was supposed to mimic the dress and hairstyle… in fact, mimic everything about the photo. Aiko must be holding the photo when the client arrived and… she must be blindfolded.

Aiko stood in the middle of the room which was decorated like the princess bedroom of her c***dhood. She had her hair in pigtails with a unicorn clip in her hair. She was wearing soft pink cotton footie pajamas with a small stuffed rabbit in one hand. She held the photo in the other. It showed her dressed as she was now but being carried to her bed by her handsome daddy. She remembered that day so well since her dad left the following day never to be in her life again. She remembered being tucked into bed by him. He smelled so nice and his voice was sweet as he wished her goodnight. She had relived this moment so many times in her mind.

The door opened and closed. Aiko could sense someone in the room with her. The photo was gently removed from her hand. She stood still for a long time. She could hear the rustling of clothing and sounds of footsteps as she was circled several times. Her pajamas were touched as was her hair.

Finally, a soft voice spoke to her.

Voice: You look just like I remember you.
Aiko: What?
Voice: Remove the blindfold.

Aiko stared at the man in front of her. It was her father!

Aiko: Why did you leave, daddy?
Daddy: You were becoming too beautiful. I was unable to control myself around you. You were much too young for the emotions I had about you.

Aiko ran and jumped into her daddy’s arms.

A short time later Aiko was atop her daddy riding his wonderful penis as she screamed her happiness. What a wonderful reunion!

When Aiko was falling asl**p in daddy’s arms later that night, she finally realized what JOY was all about. She would never let daddy leave again.

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