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0051 Big Ones – Deidre

0051 Big Ones – Deidre

Willy was a work-at-home guy who had his own on-line business. The locals thought of Willy as their candy man. He was a supplier of lollypops and other candies to many young people from the nearby projects. When the school day ended, his regulars would appear and he would pass out the goodies. Most of the k**s would stay for a few minutes then head home but a few would hang around and eat their goodies on his couch because they would lose their candy to their older b*****rs or s****rs if they took them home.

One such couch potato was pretty Deidre (or Dee as she was called). However, she stayed late because her single mom got home late from work and Dee would rather talk with Willy than be in an empty house. She was too old to have a sitter so visiting with Willy was her only option.

Dee was a tallish blonde with long hair and a slender firm body. Her breasts were smaller than her schoolmates but wonderfully firm and perky. The impressions of her hard nipples could be easily seen in her shirts and dresses. She had a very adult attitude and interests.

However, she had one vice that remained from her youth… Dee just loved lollypops. Willy found himself fascinated watching her small pink lips sliding over a cherry flavored ball. Cherry was Dee’s favorite flavor and she could suck one down to nothing in a very short period of time. Dee was a natural sucker.

Willy: Do you mind if I enjoy a lolly with you?
Dee: No, go ahead.

Willy reached into a nearby drawer and got a long popsicle shaped lolly. It was multicolored and tapered with a small pointed tip and a larger base. Willy had recently purchased a candy making set from a food preparation website as well as a special set of candy molds from an adult site. He could now make any type of lollypop he desired.

Dee: Wow; that is a big one!
Willy: With these big ones, there is a special way to enjoy them.
Dee: Teach me!
Willy: Well, first you have to learn to lick them correctly. Start at the tip and use just the end of your tongue. Use tiny little licks but don’t miss a single spot. Slowly work your way down to the base… like this. Now work your way slowly back to the top. The top is the sweetest so spend some time there with your little tongue.

Willy demonstrated the proper way to enjoy a big one with his own tongue.

Willy: Next, you slide the lolly in and out of your lips like this.

Willy started an in-and-out motion with the lolly going very slowly… but steadily deeper and deeper inside his mouth.

Dee watched in fascination and began to move her sexy bottom in eagerness. She soon asked for a big lollypop like Willy’s. Willy handed her one and she was soon licking away. Sweet juices were soon running down her chin. Willy stopped her and started licking her chin and lips. She giggled but soon stopped and just enjoyed the sensation of Willy’s tongue and lips. Dee soon offered up her own lollypop coated tongue for Willy’s attention.

Willy let Dee finish her lolly and then the remainder of his. He had her promise that she would not mention the special big lollypops to the others as he only had a small supply. If they asked for the big ones, he would not have any to share with her. Dee agreed immediately to make the big ones a secret.

The next day, Dee worked slowly on her regular cherry lollypop as the crowd slowly thinned until only she was left alone with Willy. When the door closed with the last to depart, she immediately asked Willy for a big one.

Willy: I have a special big one for you today. (It was shaped the same as the last but it was completely cherry flavored. When the juices were dripping off her chin, she offered up her pretty face for Willy to clean. Willy worked on her face until both of them were breathless. He grinned at her as she finished off the rest of the big one.

The next day found Willy presenting another special lolly to Dee. It was cherry, of course, but it had a strange shape. It had two small balls at the base and was more of a cylinder this time. First the lick-lick, then the slide-slide, finally the face cleaning.

Dee left with a broad smile.

It was the start of the weekend so Dee did not get another big one until she returned on Monday afternoon. Her little mouth started to drool even before getting to Willy’s door. Time passed slowly until the others had left. This time, Willy presented a very special lolly to Dee. It was a replica of his cock, only smaller.

Dee: What is this shape?
Willy: It is the shape of something wonderful but don’t worry about that now. Just enjoy it, sweetheart.

Dee smiled… only her mom had ever called her sweetheart before. She was proud to be Willy’s sweetheart too. She worked hard on this big one until Willy sat her on his lap to clean her face and sweet tongue. He kissed her sweet lips while he put his arms around her and held her tightly. She snuggled against him as she returned his kisses. After a while she couldn’t get comfortable on his lap; there was a lump there that she hadn’t noticed before. When Willy gave her a final goodbye kiss at the door, Dee found herself gazing at the lump in his trousers for the longest time. What was that? She wondered.

Willy noticed her gaze and thought that the time was ripe to introduce her to the real big one.

On the next day, Willy let Dee begin on her big one while he led her into his bedroom. He sat her on the bed and he sat in the chair directly in front of her. He opened his pants and removed his cock… stroking it to make it swell and stiffen. Dee slowly stopped working on her lolly and sat mesmerized watching Willy’s cock straighten. Willy stroked his cock faster and faster until warm white cream erupted into the air. He rose and approached Dee and smeared some of his cream on her lolly. He guided it into her mouth and she re-started her licking and sucking motion. While he stood in front of her, she reached out one hand and gently touched his penis. Willy showed her the proper way to touch and hold him. Dee was sliding a big cock-shaped lolly in her mouth and holding Willy’s penis as it softened and returned to its normal state. However, it did not continue to soften for very long. Under the tender touch of Dee, it slowly began to erect again.

Willy took the lolly from Dee’s mouth and held it next to his now hard cock. A light bulb went on in Dee’s mind. Her eyes widened as she made the connection of the special shape of her lollypop and the thing between Willy’s legs.

Willy reached to the night stand and got a small container of cherry flavoring. He dripped some on his cock and placed it near Dee’s mouth. She smiled and opened her mouth wide.

Willy: Use your little tongue first, sweetheart. Go slowly and we will both enjoy this.

Dee did not answer… just began to lick his cherry flavored cock gently. Her sweet tongue worked up and down and all around. Willy reached over and got some more flavoring and smeared some directly on his penis hole. She watched as he worked a small amount inside the little hole at the tip. Willy told her to use the very tip of her tongue and get the juice from inside. She was soon sounding his cock with her tongue tip. She couldn’t get very deep but the sensation of her little twisty tongue tip attempting to enter his hole was terrific. After a few minutes, he pulled her mouth off; bent down and thanked her and gave her mouth a little kiss.

Willy: You are doing so good, sweetheart!

Dee beamed a broad smile toward her favorite man. Her candy man!

Willy: Now take it into your mouth and work it in-and-out like the other big ones.

As she started, he guided her hands to caress his shaft and cradle his warm balls. He even had her slide a finger up inside his bottom hole.

He stopped her several times to apply cherry flavoring to his cock head which Dee worked diligently to get into her belly. With one hand on his shaft and the other fingering his ass, Willy soon returned to an erect state. As he approached another climax, he made a final application of flavoring and then let his man-milk fly into her mouth. Since he had already climaxed a little earlier, this series of eruptions were small enough now not to overwhelm her.

Willy: Swallow, it baby… get it all in your belly, sweetheart… you are my special young lady!

After she had finished her meal…
Dee: Thank you! That was the best big one you have every given me! My mouth is tired right now but can I have another tomorrow?
Willy: You can have this particular big one every day for the rest of your life!

On the way home, Dee’s mind was flooded with new and exciting thoughts. She wondered what it would be like to have Willy as a daddy. If she let mommy have Willy’s big one every now and then, Dee would be able to have Willy’s big one a lot more often; not just after school. An image of her and her mother sharing the big one at the same time swiftly took over her mind. Two tongues licking up and down; taking turns sucking on the end; sliding their mouths up and down.

Dee shivered with the thought.

She would need to start dropping hints to mom and her candy man. By the time she arrived home, she was the happiest girl alive.

She started her campaign of love that very night. She started talking to her mother about her good friend. She described Willy as handsome, wealthy, and kind. Her mother seemed interested and expressed a desire to meet Willy.

The next afternoon, Dee had a wonderful session with Willy’s special big one resulting in a belly full of cherry flavored man-milk. As she lay in his arms, she began telling him how beautiful and sweet her mother was. Within a few days, she had arranged a dinner invitation from her mother to Willy. The dinner went perfectly as both adults seemed to really hit it off.

Sometimes when her mouth was filled with Willy’s big one, he would wonder how her mother’s mouth would feel sucking his big one. He even imagined both mouths working on his special lolly. He was cumming harder and harder in Dee’s sweet mouth while fantasizing during each of her visits.

Dee wanted to see if her mother would be receptive to some naughty actions. This was all part of her plans. She started snuggling in her mother’s arms while watching TV and giving sweet daughter kisses on her mother’s neck. Dee said the sweetest things to her mother as well as saying sweet things about Willy. She began telling her mother about fantasies about Willy. Her kisses soon moved to her mother’s ears and then to her mother’s mouth. Between kisses, she would tell her mother about her latest dreams: Willy being her daddy, mommy and daddy holding her, the three of them snuggling in bed, kissing each other, and being naked together. Each time was a different dream, each dream a little naughtier than the last.

One night, Dee was in her mother’s lap while she ate a lolly. She would take it out of her mouth frequently and put it into her mother’s mouth. This became a nightly ritual. They would kiss and lick each other’s mouths afterward to share the sweet juices on their lips and chins. Soon they were rubbing their pussy areas when sharing a lolly. Dee started to bring big ones from Willy to share with her mother. When Dee produced a cock shaped big one, her mother wondered where she had gotten it. Dee told her honestly that Willy had given it to her. Her mother seemed to take greater delight sucking on this big one. Her mother shuddered and jerked for the first time that night with a big one in her mouth and her daughter’s finger inside her pussy.

Dee thought her mother might be ready.

When Willy came for dinner that weekend, Willy presented each of them with the largest and most realistic cock lolly that they had ever seen. After sitting and watching the two girls work on their big ones for about ten minutes, he unzipped and produced his big one. He stroked it in time with the mouths going up-and-down their lollies until they both became aware of his actions. The girls moved to his chair and got down on their knees in front of him. They licked and sucked until Willy’s warm lolly milk sprayed in their mouths and on their faces.

Dee’s mother turned off the dinner and they scampered to the bedroom. Dee got her first view of her mother’s pussy riding Willy’s big one. Dee was drooling while she watched. Willy produced some cherry flavoring and they put some in Dee’s pussy and tail hole. While her mother tasted her cherry flavored pussy, Willy tasted her cherry flavored ass.

Over the next few weeks, Dee learned to take a cherry flavored lolly in her pussy and then she experienced Willy’s big one deep in her front hole. Later, while Dee was sucking on Willy’s real big one, her mother introduced Dee to a lolly in her sexy bottom hole. Her mother would side it inside for a few minutes, then suck it to get the flavor of her daughter and the flavor of the lolly in her mouth at the same time.
It was not long afterward that her mother took Willy’s big lolly cock inside a mommy ass. Dee could hardly wait to try that herself!

One special thing was her mother showing Dee had to suck cherry flavoring from Willy’s ass hole. Mother took a bulb syringe and squirted cherry juice deep inside Willy. Mother’s tongue went licking inside. Frequently, mother would remove her tongue from Willy’s bottom and offer it to her daughter. It was a short trip to Dee getting the cherry juice directly from Willy’s special hole.

Willy would sometimes put cherry juice on mommy’s nipples and he and Dee would race to get it all off. Dee nearly always won.

Dee not only was the maid of honor at the wedding, she went on the honeymoon with her mom and new daddy. However, there was nothing cherry about her pussy and asshole when they arrived back home. There was even a night when her new daddy licked cherry juice from her pussy while mommy strapped on a special lolly and lolly fucked her little asshole. They were a happy f****y.

Both mother and Dee were pregnant within a year. Dee’s s****r was named Lolly and Dee’s baby was named Cherry.

Willy was the proudest papa!

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