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100% true… Quckie and crazy

During colleges I worked famous coffee shop ,young and sexually active I had crazy nights with plenty of young college coworkers… One in particular she had a boyfriend for a few years and was pretty wild but she never cheat on him. After one day she cracked and we became baby rabbits almost every other day fine any opportunity to be alone… Fast forward 8 years into the futer… I just broke up 4 year long relationship and I was at my moms visiting the local pharmacy… and I see this 5’4 115lbs with nice breast and apple bottem booty.. Im not the type that hit or whistle at hot women… but for some reason she looked familiar, so and stared harded she ask if I couldn’t recognize here… It it hit the young lady I messed in during college was full body woman… I literally was getting an erection has we hugged remembering all the crazy thing’s we’ve did. She introduced me to her mother in law, yes yes married with 2 k**s 6 & 4 years old… I was shocked but happy for her. I joked saying he isn’t mine she blink and said looks justnlike his dad… she invited me to lunch that mother in law was grabbing some famously soup… I agreed went home and freshen up. I showed up to her apartment Co-op and Men her husband and their k**s outside of building and I recognized her husband as an old friend we could say acquaintance. Crazy enough housing was the landlord apartment complex and he told me that he’s finishing up some errands he’ll meet us inside for lunch we went in she showed me around I noticed no mother-in-law she told me she need to step out she meet us later.
Meanwhile I noticed she was wearing a skirt, yeah it’s one of those school style skirts we always messed with her telling her I was one of my biggest turn-ons truthfully anything turn me on.
The boys said they’re going to wait for the dad to eat people ran into the room and started to play with the PlayStation. We started to chat in the living room it was a main floor so I can literally see her husband working he started to talk about the crazy things we done and I was getting an erection she she giggled and last and always wanted more details I kind of was uncomfortable because of her f****y & her husband outside basically feet away but him not able to see inside.
Well I was hard and I noticed she kept looking and I just decided to get up mom to her side and started squeezing her ass.. not kissing becuz we listen for her k**s.. i couldn’t believe how big here breast gotten and how here ass was a hand full… I went right to the point.. I pulled her panties off very quietly only her hard breathing and pounding hearts was heard… I bent her over see looking directly at her husband and shipped my hard cock inside her hot wet very wet pussy. I KEPT PUMPING AND SQUEEZING her breast until we both didn’t care of could hear. She climax same time has me I oulled out dropping loads onnthe wood floors and even furniture .. k**s still in the room. I cleaned up with hear panties and kept them in my jeans.. 5 min later it was time for lunch. We all sat talking about old times… and yes she was going commando at the lunch table..

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