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8 Accidental Orgasms, a Girls orgasmic Journey

I started experiencing them from a very young age. I never knew what these wonderful feeling were, and sometimes I would tell my mother, in all my innocence, and sometimes my father, who of course encouraged me to have more.

Female orgasms. There I have said it, the thing that makes girls want to interact and have fun, with men and women, but mostly, with yourself.

Over the years as I grew up, I have experienced them at the oddest of times, whenever my crotch came under some sort of physical stress, I would explode, ‘You have a hyper sensitive clitoris’, someone once told me, even when taped over with sellotape, for a while as a teenager, both my nipples and clitoris were taped, to de-sensitise them, for fear of having one in public, sellotape was a must have item in my makeup box.

But enough of the into and more into the times I remember, and roughly my age timeline. Funny when you think about this, I am telling you so you can have one too, please enjoy: My history of unintentional Orgasms.

1. Water Jet in the local Swimming Baths

I was sidling up the pools edge, holding onto the concrete overhang, keeping my eyes on the man sitting in the high chair, he was of course, the ‘Lifeguard’, and I remember he was beautiful, like an Adonis, and I think, even at seven, there was something sexual there.

He of course was a frightening figure, a person of authority, and from my point of view, in the water, I could see up his shorts. This visual attraction was suddenly coupled with a fear of the waters depth, but with him watching me, I felt safe, then, there was a sudden intense feeling as the pool water inlet jet was hitting my bathing costume at the right height.

I had what I later referred to as a ‘Hydraulic orgasm’, and to my horror he was watching me squirming with sheer pleasure, our eye contact was intense, and to this day I felt he knew what was happening to me, even though I did not, but it was the earliest I’m in love experience I can remember.

2. Riding my b*****r’s bicycle nude

One summers f****y sojourn to my grandfathers farm in France, saw us living in the countryside, close to a lake, where we swam. One day my b*****r and our older cousin and I went out for a bicycle ride, which took us past the lake, and when we arrived at it, we decided to have a swim.

I remember being excited before the suggestion, was made, as my older cousin, who was cycling with us, and we had a crush on each other, I was about nine then, and he was thirteen. The excitement came from the fact, that none of us had a bathing costume, and I would get to have a look at him, and he would see me.

We parked our bikes out of sight and I wandered into some reedy marshes, where I could see my b*****r and my cousin undressing. My eyes bulged at my cousins penis, he was erect and hairy, and when I looked down, I was bald, and my vagina looked like a smaller version of my backside.

I was self conscious of my nudity, and felt ashamed I had no pubic hair. I looked very much the young girl I was, and became too scared to let either boy see me. But before long my cousin decided I was taking too long, he wanted to see me, obviously, so when he came I ran away naked to where the bikes were and grabbed the one on top, which was my b*****rs.

I peddled furiously, with my cousin chasing behind me, and soon we were alone in the countryside caught up in the chase. I was pretty athletic and peddled furiously, managing to keep my horny cousin at bay, until I came into contacts with my b*****rs cross bar on his bike.

I was quite literally, ‘Pole-dancing’, as I peddled, and then it happened, I orgasmed, and fell off the bike, adopted the fetal position, as I came, then my cousin caught up and watched in amazement, before stretching me out and lying on top of me.

3. Ropes, Harnesses, and no panties.

I was now twelve and had my much desired ‘Pubic hair’, the sign of my womanhood. I had started having my periods last year, and after my cousin’s fondling I knew more about what bodies did and enjoyed.

Both my parents had decided in allowing me to accompany back to France, for fear of what might happen, as my sexuality was coming through rather strongly, so instead I went to church camp, when they left for France.

That summer I recorded another embarrassing bought of getting off in public.

As well as preaching morality they had a high ropes course, that required you to wear a harness, to get to the other side of the lake(water seems to feature in my orgasmic scenarios).

In my rebellious frame of mind, for being banned from France, I adopted a shock and awe approach, on this day, I went ‘Commando’, in loose baggy shorts, that allowed anyone looking up, an eyeful of teenage pubic hair.

I was harnessed-up, strapped down, rather tightly through my crotch, my camel-toe encompassing the leather binding, my clitoris crushed and stimulated, whenever I moved.

There’s nothing like experiencing the most intense pleasure you’ve ever felt while suspended forty feet in the air with your youth pastor belaying you and telling you, ‘Everything’s okay’ because he thinks you’re freaking out about falling.”

4. Getting off rubbing against my female cousin, freewheeling down a bumpy hill.

I was now f******n, very much the ‘l****a’, stage in life, ‘Jail Bait’, the men at the local garage labelled me, and a badge I wore with pride, even my older cousin Charmaine, choose to sl**p with me, and we talked all night about men and sex.

The next day we decided to ‘tart’, ourselves up and go four wheeling, with the aim in mind to run into the forecourt of the garage, and just do it with the first guys to grab us.

This was it, as I was still a Virgin, yes that is the truth, and I felt now was the time to loose it, and Charmaine would watch me and I her, as she was going to hump as many as there was.

We laughed and giggled all night long, so that by morning, I was wet with excitement. We went to the top of the hill for the run in, but I was scared I would fall off and make a fool of myself, so off the our left was a dirt track with an incline, ‘Lets get some practice up there’, said Charmaine, and I immediately agreed.

Charmaine had a body every s*******n year old girl dies for, and like me, she had dropped wearing a brassiere, sh she bounced around in her titty compartment, and her nipples, like my own were protruding.

I’m sitting behind her on the seat as we come off the top of this hill. She didn’t know it was going to be as big a drop as it was and we hit, bang, bang, bang.

By this time my hands were gripping her bosoms, and she felt great, especially her hard nipples, and I found myself pressing my own into her back as we bumped and ground against each other.

She managed to keep us from wrecking but when we came to a stop I had this kind of moaning death grip on her. So, my first orgasm with her was both scary in two ways. We never did go down to the garage that afternoon, instead going back up the hill and lying nude in each others arms in some thick thicket, licking each other to death.

5. Riding bareback on a stallion, nude of course.

What can I say, my bi-sexuality had become an accepted joy for me, I loved girls, but I still felt I had still to be with a man, if anything, just to make up my mind where my sexuality would lead me.

My body at sixteen, was becoming the envy of my girlfriends, my athleticism was showing itself, with long legs, (I was referred to as the long-legged filly), but my facial features and long blond main of hair, caused a stir also, I was ripe for plucking, and I wanted to be plucked, but I just seemed to be gratified with my canny knack of getting off at the most of unexpected of times, either by nature, women, and now as it seems, an a****l.

I was on the equestrian team in collage and one night a few of us girls had gathered at the stables, with a bottle of Vodka, which we all shared.

There was one girl that I wanted to get close to, and had decided that very night, if she was pissed enough, I would lay with her in the hay.

As luck had it, the other two girls paired off and went into a horse stall further down the stable, their moans made us both laugh in our tipsy state, when surprisingly she blurted out, ‘Lets go naked riding’.

The thought of seeing her and I naked together, really did start my wetting process, and soon we were leading the stallion out of the stable, in the nude, into the cool Autumnal air, our nipples were like two rock hard rocks, and for luck, we suckled each other.

I really wanted her there and then, but I relented, held back, and mounted the stallion, my wetness could be felt on his back, as I gripped onto him with my thighs and knees, and ever so slightly, with my pussy.

Even in a short canter, I began to cum, as I lay on his neck and ground my hips down on him. ‘Your giving him a hard on’, my friend breathlessly said, his huge penis had dropped from its sheath, as I ground into his back, and moaned into his mane.

She had come alongside us and was stoking my bared thigh, and in the dim twilight, I could see she was fondling the stallion, down there, using her own nudity as she held it between her legs.

I forgive all women who love horse riding, I know why you do, god I’m wet just thinking about a cantor.

6. Back in the pool with water yet again, this time on the slide.

What girl with a body can’t resist the absolute minimum costume to display her delights. The water slide was huge, no wonder it was popular, and to my surprise, most in the queue were females, babbling on about nothing, acting as if they needed to pee, a sure sign there was vaginal excitement, even I with all my experience, sensed my pussy was in for a water ‘jetting’ experience.

Well, my turn arrives and I felt sick in the depths of my stomach, I was having second thoughts, at the edge, looking all the way down, hearing the shrieks of the girls, currently on the slide, as they lay flat on the metal chute, and rocketed down.

I lay down with my legs slightly apart to maximise balance, and then there was a slight push on my shoulders, and I was off, gaining momentum, physically frozen as my body swayed, feeling all the water running up between my thighs, battering my crotch, and when I raised my head and looked down between my legs, I was naked, my bottoms had just disappeared, and there was jet of water doing the business, I screamed, in both shock and horror, in which 90% was orgasmic, I was cumming mid chute, and I could not even cover my pubis, as I needed my hands either side of my body.

Seeing men with camera’s all the way down filming me, sent a wave of exhibitionism through my body, I laughed hysterically, the water was my saving grace, as it blurred the lines of my naked pussy, but filming me cumming and not knowing they were, well, flipping my top up to expose my tits, just added to this extra string to my bow.

How did I look, I can tell you, great. After my accidental and embarrassing exit from the pool, one of my admirers gave me a copy and a promise not to go to u-tube, I still have it, and I am daring myself to put in my videos section, what do you guys think?

6. Joining the mile high club using the blanket and letting a voyeur have his fun

Sex and boredom, for me go hand in hand, such as on long haul flights. I was eighteen and excited about my sojourn to the Far East to spend a month with an old girlfriend from my school days.

Meal had been served and a few small bottles of wine consumed, I was both bored and excited, as I sat there in my greys (Track suit bottoms), feeling frisky.

I was in economy, and towards the back on the right side of the plane, where a lot of the seating was empty. During meal service, a middle-aged portly looking guy sat in the four centre aisle seats and stared at me, and on the occasions I looked across he touched himself down there, which sent my naughty mind into gear, this would be better than watching the boring movie.

However things did not quite work out that way, as my head was full of sex, and my body was preparing itself for a bit of fun, the cabin lights were dimmed, and I dozed off, and had sex with the fat guy across the aisle.

I can still see the imagery, and the sheer pleasure of my orgasm. I awoke with a pretty young stewardess, covering me with a blanket. I was still in my post orgasmic state as she whispered into my ear, about my having a wet dream.

She was smiling into my face, and raising her eyebrows in true s****rhood fashion, to indicate the guy opposite. When she moved away to bring me a coffee, I looked across at him, and he too had covered his nether regions with a blanket, the bump in the middle, bouncing up and down, he was jacking off as he stared at me.

My hands were under my blanket and as I felt down there, I had another blanket, rolled up between my legs, I had been humping it, as well as touching myself, hence the rescue by the stewardess, I know, because we met after the flight and she told me the sordid story, and yes we became lovers.

So I inadvertently became a member of the fabled ‘Mile high club’. I guess the fat guy opposite me did also.

7. Having an Orgasm during floor exercises.

Think back to the eighties and you see hair, and leotards, like my mother used dress. My mother thought nothing about showing a camel toe to the postman. Discarding her underwear or maximum effect and offering a coffee, with me being sent to my room, usually meant only one thing, it was the eighties and sexual liberation for bored housewives.

I took up floor exercises after my horse riding days, and the reason why, was to have the strongest pussy muscles, I wanted to hear men tell me I was tight, and a pleasure to fuck.

Step up the ‘Kegals’.

A sex toy you insert up into your pussy with a short cord hanging out, and your muscles holding in, but one thing I did not know, was it’s main attraction, at certain pressures, it vibrated and recorded your strength, rewarding you with a 90 second pulsing, that quite literary made you cum.

I had enough time to unpack it, wash it, and push it up inside me, as I rushed out to my class, that evening.

During the yoga session, it throbbed sufficiently enough to make my moan loud enough to be heard by all the women in he darkened room.

Once the laughter had abated, orders for the internal toy flowed in, and the owner of the sex shop, gave me carte blanche and a key to the back door.

8. An embarrassing night I slept in my b*****rs bed

I suppose a lot of girls will have something to say about their b*****rs, during our teen years. One minute you’re wrestling with him, then suddenly, he’s feeling your tits, and you his first erection.

When I think back, I was much more sexual with him, than he me. When I knew he was hovering around in the vicinity, I got naked, knowing he would look in on me, in that sense, I was an exhibitionist, I was looking for compliments on my breasts my pubic hair my body in general.

One Christmas I had to vacate my room for my grandparents visit, and sl**p in my b*****rs room, and to our horror, and excitement, the beds were swapped too, the bunk beds were for the grandparents, and my double, was for us.

We both wore cotton pyjamas, under which we were both nude. At f******n I was always on a sexual edge, and on that night in particular, I insisted my b*****r let me put his leg between mine.(I usually slept with a pillow down there)

His ankle was crushed against my pussy, with my thighs crossed, and his foot was in-between my ass cheeks. He complained while I moaned, and soon enough, we both fell asl**p.

During the sl**p I had what we loosely call a ‘wet dream’, where my b*****r did the f****y honers in deflowering me, and he was really good at it, because I came so much.

Around three in the morning I awoke feeling refreshed and alert.

My pyjamas bottoms were off, and I was holding my b*****rs erection in my hand, which was covered in his spunk, all the way up my arm.

I was really wet down there, as was my b*****rs thigh, where I had been lying on his leg and humping it.

I lay there still holding him, enjoying the power I held in my hand, as he slept with the faintest of smiles on his lips.

I just had to do it, I knew it and the urge was so powerful. I slipped under the coves and blew him off. I took it slow, pushing him deeper until I managed to feel his pubes on my lips.

Happy Christmas little b*****r, but the taste was awful.

Well guys, now you know girls are as bad as, and can be as bad as you. We love our sex and our orgasms, and will do anything to have one once the mood strikes us.

So the next time you have a beauty on the end of your cock, up against a wall, remember this, you are there because she wants you to be, otherwise, you might be shaking hands with your best friend instead.

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