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A Chance Encounter With Friends Pt5

A Chance Encounter With Friends Pt5

Once James closed the door behind us, Jane and I immediately turned and looked at him. “Bryan, I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed that paddling, didn’t you, my dear?” He had the biggest Cheshire cat smile on his face as he looked at his beautiful stately wife who rolled her eyes at him.

Then without warning she turned to me and smiled and said, “I absolutely did, and I hate being paddled!” She stepped right up to me and wrapped her arms around me drawing her to those lovely lips of hers! We kissed and it was so hypnotic that I nearly forgot about the fact that her husband and my host was in the room with us until I felt his presence snuggling up to her from behind.

When she broke our kiss, and started to turn and give James kiss, he grabbed a hand hold of her hair and kept her facing me. “Since you are enjoying putting your lips on Bryan and I think I would enjoy fucking you from behind so that I can admire that red bottom of yours and maybe even add a few hand prints of my own!” He grinned at me as he pushed his wife’s face lower and lower down my torso!

At first it worked very nicely, Mom had her lips wrapped around my cock and she made me feel so good that I really was not certain I would last very long at all. I leaned back on the bed to make it easier for her to get to my cock and swallow more of my shaft.

But this move also allowed James to slam harder and drive himself even more aggressively into the red and bruised bottom of his wife. At one point James reached over her back and pulled both of her arms behind her so that she was face first being pounded by her husband’s cock pistoning in and out of her ass like a massive diesel engine slamming through gears moving things higher and higher!

The door creaked open at about that same time and I saw Liz slip in and close the door behind her. She sat on the same chair I had sat on earlier in the day, as it had been moved to the side of the double doors to the room by someone. She lifted the heel of her right foot up onto the seat of the chair and left the other one flat on the ground leaving her naked and very hot pussy spread wide open. She was completely uninhibited in watching us spit roast Jane and in fact, within a minute of sitting down she was leisurely rubbing her pussy and chewing on her bottom lip!

James pushed Jane further up my body and my cock slipped from her sexy mouth and instead it began sliding up and down between her breasts as she was being pounded on aggressively by James now. I was almost an afterthought. Looking over at Liz as she watched and circled her finger around her clit, I decided that with me leaving the island in just ten hours, I might as well finish things off with the one woman I had fantasized about the most: Miss Bee Stings herself, Liz!

So I slid out from under Jane and James took the opportunity to flip her onto her back and hooking her heels onto his shoulders. I really am not even certain he noticed I was gone, with him being so into copulating with his wife! I walked over to a very wide smiling Liz who stood up as I came over to her and we kissed. It was a kiss that was filled with more than just heat of lust, there was true caring and desire from both of us for the other!

She turned and led me out into the hallway. Once the door was closed we continued our kissing and touching. It felt like I was 35 years younger and I was making out with my c***dhood sweetheart all over again! “I figured that you and Gem would be helping Chloe give Don the night of his dreams!” I teased her with a big smile. Liz looked up into my face and smiled. “You really are a bastard you know?” We laughed and she took my hand and we started to walk hand in hand down the wall, her swinging our arms in an exaggerated fashion.

As we passed one set of doors, the sound of vigorous and animated fornicating came through the door. I stopped and stared at the door. Liz rolled her eyes. “Gem is probably bouncing up and down on his cock while Chloe is either letting him suck on her own big tits or is getting that juice cunt of hers sucked by Don’s tongue.” She stepped over and instead of her prediction, both women were bent over the side of the bed and were kissing and fondling one another as Don stood behind first one ass and then the other, alternating a powerful fucking from one to the other!

Liz rolled her eyes, pulled the door and took me by the hand again saying, “Those two love it when Don or Dad pull all of the way out and then stick it back in! Chloe told me that for her it it is such a powerful rush that she can cum in a matter of minutes if the guy having her also has a really good stiff dick!”

“Good men are hard to find and hard men are very good to find!” I said with a dirty smile at my much younger friend and she laughed. We kissed until we both were having trouble breathing so I swept her off of her feet and walked her down to the last set of doors which I guessed correctly belonged to Liz.

I excused myself to go relieve my bladder and when I came back Liz was focusing a camera on her bed. I wrapped her up in my arms and we kissed over her shoulder as my dick rubbed her lower spine. “I thought you were forbidden to ever send pictures or videos of any of you having sex?” I said half teasing.

“We are not allowed to send the pictures or video. After we get done, I will make a copy and give you the flash drive copy of it. I won’t be sending it so Dad should never need to know.” She then leaned up into my face and kissed me sucking the oxygen straight from my skull.

To be honest, we did not have sex. We made love. I entered her silken pussy slowly and we had some of the most amazing sharing of mind body and soul that I have ever had! She wound up riding my hips as she was above me. I loved the opportunity to tease her nipples and getting to hear her moans as we each soared higher and higher on the wings of immeasurable pleasure.

It ended all too soon as we both came in a thunderous orgasm. I laughed as Liz screamed obscenities and pounded her fists on my chest before collapsing across my chest chewing on my collar bone and neck as I followed her orgasm with a mighty eruption of my own!

Liz got up and went to the bath and then returned and turned off her camera. She plugged it into her laptop and then came to bed and after we had kissed a few minutes before she twisted her lithe sexually charged body around and began sucking on my cock and balls as I sucked, liked and rubbed her most sensitive flesh!

I remember every detail of that night in my mind but I have decided that I will keep that just between us. I will say that after bringing her off a couple of more times with my tongue, Liz asked me to stay the night in her bed. I never even gave it a second thought!!

When my alarm went off, I would have sworn I had just drifted off to sl**p Liz went to the bath and brushed her teeth before she would even kiss me, which was just fine since my bladder used that time to return to a much more comfortable size and shape.

An hour later, I said my good-bye’s and Liz drove me to the airport, grimacing with every bump, hole or sudden stop she had to make because of how it lit up the tender flesh on her ass. We kiss like young lovers at the airport gate and she pressed a thumb drive into my hand just before I turned to leave.

I have no plans to return to England any time soon, but as you can probably imagine, the next time I get a chance, I will be heading back across the pond and joining my new extended f****y hopefully for an even more extended time or love making and copulating!
That’s it, at least for now. I am glad that James recognized my writing style. I am thrilled to have met them all face to face after years of conversing on XHamster! Liz confessed to sending me away with a parting gift of a video of the two of us making love and that did not even get her spanked, so maybe I really am part of the f****y now! I don’t know for certain but I do know this one thing and that is, the moment I get a chance to return totheir home or meet them someplace else around the globe, I will be there!

Thank you for reading! Please let me know if you enjoyed it all

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