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A Chance Meeting

I would love to meet you at the adult bookstore and find you bent over looking at toys I let my hand brush your ass as I go by and feel you press back so I move next to you and let my hand brush your thighs I hear you catch your breath as my hand slides toward your pussy gliding my fingers up I feel how wet you are and I push a finger into your panties trying to finger your clit i hear you moan again as I slide my finger underneath and slide them over your bare pussy mmm you are deliciously wet I was going to slide in one finger but you are dripping and ready so I take three fingers and slide them into your waiting cunt your legs shake with the filling. I pull your panties aside so I can get full access to your pussy I look around and now we have a couple of guys watching as I finger your cunt I loo back at the counter they are busy elsewhere so I reach down to the shelf and pull a double headed dildo out of the bin as I do this one of the guys watching moves in and starts groping your breasts and trying to tweak your nipples as he rubs his cock against your arm and shoulder. I rub the huge dildo over the entrance to your cunt as you start to shake I ease the head between your lips and you gasp I slowly slide in the huge dildo letting you get used to the size. I take another look around and see there are three more guys rubbing their cocks as the watch me stuff your ready cunt. I want more and I know you do too so I slide the dildo out with a plop and you seem disappointed but I take your hand and lift you up and give you a smile as I lead you to the booths in the back dildo in hand. You are a bit unsteady but I slide my arm around your waist as I motion for the guys watching to follow. I know there is a booth in the back with holes on both sides. I guide you in and put in enough money for a good long stay. There are already two cocks sticking in the booth from both sides you bend over looking back at me and then looking down at the first cock and taking it in your mouth. I start to work your pussy with the dildo again watching your hungry mouth suck that other cock the second hole now empty as he watches you getting double stuffed and knowing he is next. You look fantastic with you pussy stretched and sucking cock like the slut you are and I want that pussy now but I am going to wait I want the mouth to get it’s fill of cock before I fuck you from behind. I feel you start to tremble again as you reach behind you with your free hand and finger you clit as you reach you first orgasm and I see you mouth working as you swallow the first load of cum you look back at me and I motion to the hard cock now sticking through the second hole as I smile back at the look of lust in your eyes. As you take another cock in your mouth I slide the dildo out of your pussy and get down on one knee too lick that ready hole I may want to wait to fuck but I have to have a taste I slide my hands under your blouse to pinch and tease those hard nipples as I bury my face in your pussy I feel you pushing back against me grinding that delicious cunt into me wanting more and I hear a moan in the next boot from the second cock as your increased attention has him cumming. And I feel you cumming again you taste fantastic as you cum. Another cock is waiting and you waste no time moving over and sucking greedily. I have to have that pussy I cant wait any longer with your skirt pushed up around your waist and your ass wiggling as you suck I drop shorts and boxers and kick them off so I have full movement I grab my cock and rub it over your pussy to get it well lubed and position it at the entrance to your well stretched pussy grab your hips and push it in all the way to the balls you moan with surprise and pleasure as you feel my cock buried in you. I wanted to take my time but I am past that and so are you so I start pounding you from behind with my balls slapping your clit I know they can hear me taking you all the way in the front of the store as my pounding f***es the cock in your mouth deeper. I know I am going to cum soon but I want you to finish with that cock in your mouth first as we fuck you from both ends. I see you start to suck harder and I hear another moan from the next booth and I pick up my pace even more knowing I want to fill your pussy with my cum as I hear a full throated moan from you as the cock in your mouth pulls back finished and this drives me over the edge as I feel your pussy start to convulse around my cock. I am cumming and I can feel you flow over my cock as I fill you with my cum. I pull my cum covered cock out of your well fucked pussy and turn you around so you can clean me up. You look gorgeous with my cum running down your thighs and your face glistening with cum as you look into my eyes I smile back and give you a hand up as you straighten yourself out. I take you by the hand again and exit the booth to see 3 or 4 men outside rubbing there cocks as they look at you greedily I decide to walk you outside you are a bit unsteady from our adventure as we get outside I smile at you again and give you a kiss on the cheek a laugh and walk off toward my car glancing back once to see you walking away with my cum glistening on your thighs and realize we never said a word.

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