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A cuckold pool party

My wife had the idea of a memorial day weekend pool party. She made out a list of chores for me to do while she worked on her own list. She and I talked it over to be sure each one of didn’t forget anything. My list had all the yard work and pool cleaning type stuff whie my wife’s list was shopping and food prep. I was getting my yard working tools out of the garden shead when my wife came out on to the deck to let me know she was leaving to go shopping. When I saw how she was dressed I took a minute to walk over closer to talk to her. She was wearing a white pleated cotton skirt and a light blue two button shirt. Her legs where bare and showed off their nice even tan. he was wearing white tennis shoes whith the short sox that had little light blue balls on the heal. I told her I thought she looked great. Then said let me guess white panties? She was holding her hand bag in her left hand so she took her right hand at the same time as she answered and lifted the skirt to she I was wrong, the panties matched the shirt, light blue. I’ve never seen those I told her , are they bikini? She spun around on her hills and flipping up the skirt from the rear showed me they where thong. WOW I said I like that. then she started back into the house and over her shoulder she aid that’s all you get to see for now get to work.

I was busy most of the morning just in the pool area. around noon I was starting to get hungry. I was headed to the house to get something to eat when the patio door opened and my wife said come in I fixed lunch. I was a bit sun blind from being out in the bright sun all day and I couldn’t see her when she called me. I stopped at the door and took off my shoes and made sure all the grass clipping where off of my legs. Then I came in , I stood still and let me eyes get used to the darker kitchen. My wife called to me from the table she had everything out and was already eatting. She was on the back side of the table and I sat closes o the door. I asked if she got all her shopping done and while she was telling me about it I was checking out her outfit or at least what I could see of it. She had on a white bikini top and a white beach coverup, the coverup was fishnet and you could easly see her tanned body through it. I fixed my plate and said I forgot to grab a drink, I started to get up and my wife said I’ll get it for you. The fridg was just a few steps behind where she was setting. She stood and went to to open the fridge I saw the rest of her swim suite it was a thong bottom and the cover up stopped right at the tops of her butt cheaks. Her ass is always as tanned as the rest of her. I asked if that’s what sheis going to wear at the party? She said yes , do you think guest will like it? I said will I know the husbands will, then I asked who all have you invited? She came to the table and sat my drink down and started telling me. Seems her cuckold group desided that our house would be the best place to have a get together. Oh I said so it’s going to be just a bunch of cuckold husbands and their sexy wife’s ? Well yes she said but each of the couples are bringing the wife’s favorite bull.

After we finished eatting as I cleaned up the dishes I asked my wife the question I had been wanting to ask her since she told me of the bulls attending. Who are you asking to be your bull sweetheart? She said well I’d rater it be a surprise all the other ladies are surprising their husbands too. I said can I get a hit? She said you can ask but I may not answer. I thought about the question as I loaded the dish washer. I snapped the door closed and hit the start button and said out loud is he white? I looked up from the start button to my wife to see her answer , she turned her head to face me and smiled , then she said I have to get all this stuff sorted out you had better go get busy. She left the kitchen and me just standing there still waiting for an answer.I went back out and picked up where I left off, the whole while my mind was racing abut who she was bringing to the party. I have met a few of her black friends but I haven’t seen her have sex with a black guy in well over a year. Oh well I finished up my work and looked at my watch it was six fifteen. The party was set to start at eight.

I came in the house and headed towar my shower , I expected to see my CB3000 laid out for me to wear as always. But instead all I saw was a white tank top and a pair of white shorts that I’d never seen before. I was in the shower when the bathroom door opened , my wife said make sure to shave. I said OK I will . She said shave your legs too. I said OK . Then she said you are finished come in the bed room so I can help you get dressed. Yes mam I said sorta had smart assed. I shave my pubic hair always but I rarely shave my legs. I shed everything thing smooth , legs, arms, and my junk. I was drying my hair with a towel as I entered our room, my wife said stand still and let me check your shaving job. She was setting on the bed and used her hands to turn me around and look at my naked skin. You missed some on your ass cheeks she said but other than that you look nice and bare, go get the razor I’ll shave this that you missed. I brought her the razor and she shaved my ass cheeks dry… it didn’t hurt she was very careful. After that she powdered me from neck to toes. Man is this cool I thought , I never get this much attition. After she rubbed the powder in she noticed I was getting a hardon. I was facing her as she still sat on the edge of the bed. She said oh that’s not going to work then she grabbed ahold of the head of my penis. This little thing won’t be needed tonight so I mas well kill it for the next twen hours. She stood and left the room, when she returned she had a small cup of water and her new best friend he small orange pill. Oh baby I said ,not that. She said yes. You can’t wear the device with your new outfit so you must take this to keep you soft all night. She watched and made sure I swallowed the pill, she even made me open my mouth so she could be sure I had swallowed it.

How does that pill make you feel she asked me? It doesn’t make me fell strange at all I told her , the last time I took one at that other party I had forgotten I even took it , I ever put me staying soft all night long together with the pill. Ok well now that we know you won’t be getting hard and ruining what I have planed for you let’s get you dressed. She handed me the white shorts. they are Lycra and as I looked them over trying to figure what was the front and back she asked what I was doing. I said men’s bike short have a small pocket in the front for our junk to fit in and I can’t find it. She said well that’s because those aren’t men’s bike shorts they are womens. Oh OK so my junk with be held down I said wel not really he said , step into them and turn around and face away from me. I did , she said now blow your legs alittle as if to squat. I did that and she reached in betwen my legs and pulled my cock and balls back toward my asshole. She held them tightly as she told me to pull up my shorts. I pulled them up my hairless legs she said pull them up tight. Then she said turn around and let me see. I faced her and she ran her hand across my smooth front. Now you look like the dickless little cuckold you really are. I looked at my self in the mittor , baby everyone can see that I’m smooth down there I told her. Yes they can she answered , now put on your sox and shoes then she handed me the sox they where shorty ones with little pink balls on the back. OH I protested , PINK? She said it’sway to late in this relationship for you to worry about your manhood.

After putting on the sox and shoes I headed out to the pool area and started setting up everything. As the guest arrived each one had a remark about the fact I didn’t have any junk showing. One of my wife’s best friends ran her hand across the front of my shorts and said maybe I should have my husband castrated also. I told her I had all my junk but my wife had it hid away for the evening. She said what would happen if I made you hard would it show then? I knew I was unable to get hard but I told her to see if what she had could make me hard. She’s such a bitch I thought this could be fun. She pulled her bikini top off to show me the seven thousand dollar tits she made her husband buy her. They where nice and round with perfect sized nipples. I told her they looked great but that I didn’t feel myself getting hard. As all the others where chatting and swimming this lady was sure she could get a raise out of me. She pulled down her bikini bottoms to show me her baby smooth pussy. sexy lips with no inner lips showing. I said again that is nic but I’m getting nothing. She snatched up her bottoms and put on her to and told me I must be some kind of a homo sexual for not getting a hardon from looking at her. I returned the insult by saying maybe you aren’t as hot as you think you are. LOL she huffed off.

Well after the sun went down so did the swim trunks on the bulls. There where long hard fat cocks swinging back and forth everywhere. A few had hooked up and where having sex in the pool and around it . Most of the husbands huddled together and talking like to keep themselfs form staring at their mates.One of the husbands I didn’t know came over to where I was tending bar and asked me how I cope with all this sex? I asked him what he ment? He said his cock has been hard for three hours from seeing all the fucking going on. I told him I don’t get hard from watching this . I asked if he cleans his wife after she has had sex with someone else? He said clean her , what do you mean ? I said do you eat her pussy after her bull as cum inside her? He said Oh no that’s nasty. I said buddy you are missing out on the best action you are going to get. I ask if she had him in chastity? He said no , he is free to jack off when ever he wants to. I told him you are not living the cuckold lifestyle all you are doing is allowing your wife to fuck around. He didn’t like what I had to say so he walked away. Being a cuckold is alot more than being a man with a wife that fucks outside the marrage. The cuckold has a roll to play also. Letting your wife boss you around, chastity and even cleaning her after she is finished is just a few of your duties.

I never got to watch my wife with her bull , she took him inside to fuck. Once when she came pasted me she stopped and told me she had a big load of cum in her asshole. She said she was going to hold it there for me to clean out. I said well are you done fucking or the night? She said no thast she still hadn’t been fucked in her pussy . And she was going to borrow a bull from one of the other ladies to do that for her. I asked who? She said who ever has the fattest cock , that she in the mood for some streching. Well half an hour later she came back to the bar with a very black guy in tow. She was leading him around by his cock that was totaly soft yet still a good eleven inches long. Her fingers didn’t even meet as the wrapped around it. Honey she said ,this is Johnson , he’ll be the guy fucking and streching my pussy tonight. I stuck my hand out to shake his. Very nice cock you have there Mr. Johnson I said. He shook my hand and said thank you I’m sure your wife will love how it feels in her. My wife OK guys that’s enough I want to get that thing hard. Then her and Johnson headed toward the house. I was turned watching them when one of the husbands came up behind me. He said is that your wife with that monster cock guy? I turned around and said yes it ,smiling at him I said did you see that thing? He said buddy I don’t see how you can smile knowing that your wife’s lady parts are going to be ruined after that. I said I hope they are. I said I hope she is left gapped wide open. He said why? You can’t do that any good with that small equipmet you have. I informed him that I’m not allowed to put my cock in my wife’s body anywhere.

Well I never saw my wife again that night and the party started breaking up around two AM. I saw the last of the guest out the gate to their cars. I blew out the Tiki torches and turned off the hot tub. I came in the house turning off lights as I made my way to the bed room. Our bed room door was closed and locked . When I turned the knob it had a slight noisethat my wife and Mr. Johnson heard. Go away I heard my wife say I’m bust in here. I spoke up and said it’s just me honey, everyone has gone and I was coming to bed. She said well sl**p in the guest room I’m getting the work out of a life time in here. I asked did you get it in you? She said yes it’s bottomed out and and I’m enjoying the pain it’s causing. I said OK baby I love you have a good time and good night Mr. Johnson. Just as I turned to go to the guest room I heard his voice say good cuckold and say good by to your wife’s pussy I’m totaling it out tonight. The guest room and our room share a wall so I could hear their love making. I sware a few times I could hear what sounded like my wife crying. She and I have a safe word and I listened to see if she ever said it. She was OK just dealing with more hard dick than she has ever delt with before.

The next morning I was awake first. I slept in my shorts with my junk still tucked between my legs. I’m starting to enjoy the way it feels when I walk . My thighs squish my balls from side to side. I cleaned up the back yard and I was in the den picking up a few empty beer cans when I hear our bedroom door unlock. I know better than to go look down the hall, our bed room has a bath off of it so theres no need to come out of the bedroom to use the bath. If the door was being opened it was so they could come out. I was just going back into the den for the ktchen when I saw Mr. Johnson walking down the hall. His cock was swinging and bouncing off his thights as he did. I said good morning to him. He stuck out his hand and said good morning to me. I shook his hand. Did you have a nice time last night I asked him? He said yes you where a perfect host. I thanked him , then I said I want to thank you for servicing my wife for me. He said OK but I thought that was for her not you. I told him I’m not allowed the use of my wife’s body and that I get pleasure from seeing her happy. He said well once the sorness wearings off she is going to be very happy. I looked down at his still naked cock , I said what does it feel like to carry that thing arund all the time , is it heavy? He said yeah it is . feel it if you want to. I glanced around like if to see if anyone was watching me then I took it in my hand. I told him I’ve never felt another man’s cock before. He said it’s OK look all you want. I sorta possed it and felt how heavy it was when I caught it. I said I bet it weights three pounds. He laughted and said I have no idea. He then said I’m going to get my stuff and leave , your wife is still asl**p. I thanked him again and patted his back and told him bye. I went to our room to check on my wife. she was sound asl**p in a small ball. I kissed her forhead and left her alone. It was after three in the afternoon when she came out of the bedroom. She had on a short robe and house shoe. I asked her if she was hungry? She said yeah fix me something please. I made her a snack and she sat at the kitchen table to eat it. I sat and talked to her about the night before but I never brought up Mr. Johnson.

After she had eatten she said she wanted to take a hot bath. I asked if he needed any help? I ran the tube for her and as she sat in it relaxing she told me that since I wa a good boy that I could pick out something for her to wear around the house today. I knew her lady parts might be tender so nothing tight…I picked out a thin cotton print summer dress and a pair of sandles. When she drie off and came into our room she saw I had made the bed and was there to help her get dressed. As I slid the dress over her head she asked ,no panties? No honey I thought you may be sore so I thought you could go commando. She said good thinking I helped her slide the snadles on. She said lets go set by the pool. As we sat there she said well aren’t you full of questions about what Mr. Johnson and I did last night. I said yes baby I am . She said well go. I asked how big was it hard? She said the same size and my arm at my hand. I said how did he get that in you? She said he was a good lover and was being so easy with her. After about half an hour he still wasn’t inside her so she had him lay on his back and she sat on it forcing it into her. She said I started crying at first it hurt so bad. Then she said after a long time I was able to move up and down on it and as I did my pussy eased up the grip it had on him. She said that the first fuck lasted a hour. She feel asl**p after he came in her , she said she woke up as he was sliding back into her. By the last time they fucked she said her pussy was nub and it was no trouble getting it in. I asked her if it hurt now. She said it aches , like if I had been kicked in the pussy. I aked if she was going to see him again. She said yes that he told her he wanted to meet for lunch on day next week and talk to her about allowing some of his close friends to come see her. I said where here? She said he didn’t say where. I’d rather you didn’t bring a lot of black guys here I said, the neighbors are nosey enough and they will start thinking you are a slutwife. She agreed.

I asked her that night if I could look at her pussy? She laughted and said why? You are’t going to get any of it. I said I just to see it. She allowed me to lift her dress and have a look. It looked perfectly normal. I said a pussy is a wonderful thing it can take an all night beating yet it looks like you where a good little wife. She said I am a good little wife. I let you serve me and even allow you to lick me after I am serviced by a man sized cock. Oh that brings up one thing I said, I didn’t get to eat your pie after last night. She said that’s right and that she was sorry. Well this week after I meet him she said I’ll have him cum in me and I’ll save it till you get home. Well Wednesday I came home to a wife wearing her black garter belt lace top stocking and four inch high hills and that’s all . she said lay in the den foor I have something to feed you. She sat her nasty pussy right over my mouth. The lips where swollen and extremely wet. There was a smell of a man on her too. I licked her and licked her At one point I was begaining to wonder if there was any cum in her at all. She had an orgasm and when she tightened up the dam broke. I had a mouth full of a mixture of her juices and his cum rush into my mouth. I cleaned her as best as i could . She stood up and saw I had a raging hard on. Stand up she ordered. I did and she said pull down your pants. I followed her orders. out sprang a throbbing four inch dick. She smiled at it and said oh baby I thought you here hard. I said I am , she quickly slammed her knee into my balls and said that not a hard on. I crumpled to the goround in pain, she said when you can get up, how about fixing dinner I’m going to just lay back and enjoy mayself. She stayed dressed in only the garter and stocking all night. even as sexy as she was I couldnt look at her in fear of anotherknee to the balls.

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