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A Fun Time

Pat had big tits since she was twelve. The boys used to tease her but now they have a big interest in her big chest. At graduation she went with a couple boys and took off her top and let them touch and suck on her tits. She was now eighteen and had DDD boobs. When she was younger she liked to hide them but now she loved to flaunt them. She hardly ever wore a bra and she loved skin tight t-shirts.

She was at the sink washing dishes one night when her b*****r and his friend came in from the game and they were laughing and it was soon that they got behind her and lifted her shirt and began to rub her tits. She laughed and told them to quit. Her b*****r said “Heck s*s. I told Ron he could see your big hooters. Please show them to him. It will thrill him a lot.” Pat laughed and said “so what will he show me?” Her b*****r said “Come to my room and you can see anything you want.”

Pat followed the boys to her b*****rs room and then she took off her shirt and let them see her big globes. Ron said “Wow. Can I touch then? Please!” Pat replied “Sure. Why not?” Then he began to rub his hands all over her big tits. He told her “You have the best and biggest tits. I want to suck the nipples too.” Pat answered “Of course. Help yourself. But first I want you naked.” Ron then stripped naked and quickly grabbed a tit and began to suck it. Ron looked at Pat’s b*****r and said “Let’s all get naked. You and Pat too. I want every one naked.” Pat and her b*****r stripped naked and Ron began to suck her tits and lick them but he also began to stroke her b*****r’s hard cock. He sucked pat’s big globes and fingered her cunt as he jerked the b*****rs cock.

Pat then told Ron to sit on the bed and as he did she got down and began to suck his cock. Ron at the same time grabbed the b*****r and sucked on his cock too. Pat noticed that the b*****r and Ron had about nine inch cocks. They looked quite sexy. She really wanted to be fucked. She then shoved Ron onto his back and shoved his cock into her cunt. She yelled “Fuck me while you suck that cock. Fuck my cunt then I will tit fuck you and let you suck my big tits more.” Ron fucked her cunt for a long time then told her “Get on your hands and knees and I am going to fuck your ass.” As Ron shoved his cock in her ass and began to fuck her, her b*****r got behind Ron and pushed his cock in his ass and ass fucked Ron. Both cocks were buried deep in ass and fucking hard. Pat loved this and told the guys. “This is great. I love this group fucking. Now fuck me harder.” Ron then shoved her onto he bed and told Jo, “Stick your cock in her cunt while mine is in her ass. Let’s fuck her together and make her cum hard. Don’t you want to fuck her cunt with your hard cock? It will be so erotic. We can fill her with cum.”

Both boys were fucking both her holes till they did fill her with cum. She had cum several times as she loved being double fucked. Then Ron shoved his cock down her throat and told her “Swallow that cock and suck me dry. Take it deep into your throat and suck hard.” As she sucked Ron’s cock Jo pushed his cock back in Ron’s ass and fucked him hard. As Jo pounded Ron’s ass, Ron grabbed pat’s hair and held his cock deep in her throat gagging her but keep his cock in her deep. “Suck that cock. Take every inch like a good little cock sucker. Show me how you suck cock and how you love my cock.” Just as Jo filled Ron’s ass, Ron filled Pat’s throat and then they all laid on the bed and laughed. Pat told the guys “This was so fun. I love fucking my b*****rs friends. I love sucking cock too.” Then she grabbed both cocks and began to stroke them as she grabbed their balls too. Then her hand slipped down further to their ass and she began to finger fuck them. The guys yelled “Oh that feels so good. I love that.”

Pat spent the night with the two guys and they sucked on her huge tits and Ron fucked her again as Jo fucked Ron’s ass. They played all night. The parents were gone so they stayed naked the next day and took turns fucking and sucking Pat. Her nipples were sore letting the guys suck them. Ron could not get over how huge her tits were.

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