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A ggod beating and more Part 5

A good beating and more Part 5

Helen walked into the toilet and stopped dead when she my mother and s****r.

« Don’t worry Helen » mum reassured her, « He’s my son and this is his s****r. He has told us all about what you do to him and why, I am in total agreement with the treatment you inflict on him and we’d like to watch and join in »

In the car, Helen and mum discussed me. Mum told her she agreed that I should be castrated and turned into a girl, she also told her about the treatment that I now received at home and at school.

« That’s great » Helen said, « We’ve thought that just torturing the bastard at weekends was not enough, he needs to suffer permanently so its good that take over during the week »

« Well » mum said, « he needn’t come home on Saturday nights, I can drop him off on Saturday morning and take him back on Sunday night, like that you’ll have the whole weekend to torture the perverted cunt »

« That would be great » Helen replied. She spoke to Beth. « So Beth, do you like torturing your b*****r ? »

« Ooh yes » Beth replied enthusiastically.

« What do you like to do to hime especially » Helen asked.

« I love to humiliate him in front of my friends, whip him, kick him in the balls and piss in his mouth. I also loge to meme him lick my pussy and cum in his mouth » Beth told her.

« Well » Helen laughed, « You’re going to learn some new torture methods today »

« Me too » mum said, « I’m dying to learn what you do to him »

We pulled into the grounds of Helen’s house and I was dragged from the boot and thrown onto the ground. Jane and the nurse were waiting for me, they were naked, they were surprised to see my mum and Beth get out of the car. Helen explained the situation and the two women shook hands with mum and Beth smiling. They invited mum and Beth to strip naked which they did. Then they dragged me to the barn and hung me by the wrists from a beam in the ceiling. Each of them armed with short, heavy leather whips, hey thrashed me for over thirty minutes, kicking me in the balls a the same time. The beating over, I was solidly tied into the gynecological chair, the nurse sat on a stool between my wide open legs with a trolley beside her which contained long needles and a Bunsen burner. Mum and Beth stood on either side of me to watch.

The nurse tied up my balls tightly then heated a needle in the flame until it was red. Holding it with a pair of pliers, she pushed it slowly through one of my balls. I screamed in agony.

« Now it’s your turn » she said to mum and Beth.

Mum took her place on the stool and heated another needle then pushed it through my other ball. Beth’s eyes were wide with amazement, she began to finger her smooth pussy as she watched. Then it was her turn, she sat on the stool smiling sadistically. She heated a needle until it was white hot, I howled as she slowly, so slowly pushed it diagonally through both balls. She stood up, her pussy soaking wet, the nurse took over to continue the ball piercing. Helen stood in front of Beth and stroked her smooth wet pussy, massaging her tiny breasts with her other hand.

« What a lovely young body » Helen said, « The men we’ve invited to **** him will surely want to funk you too, would you like that ? »

« Ooh yes » Beth gasped as Helen slid a finger into her tight young cunt.

« Have you ever been fucked before ? » Helen asked.

« Yes » Beth replied, « But only by boys at school, never by a man »

« Great » Helen said, « It’ll be your first time then, fucked by ten cocks one after the other, I’m sure you’ll really enjoy it »

« I’d like them to fuck me too » mum said, fingering her pussy. Helen laughed.

« I’m sure we can arrange that » she said.

« I hope the guys will have enough spunk for all three of them » the nurse laughed.

« That’s a good point » Helen said, « We’ll have to invite some more. Will you take care of that Jane ? » she said to her friend.

Jane nodded and left to make the phone calls.

As mum and the nurse continued to pierce my balls, Helen dropped to her knees in front of Beth.

« Such a lovely young pussy » she murmured, « Do you like to be licked ? » she asked, stroking Beth’s dripping wet pussy lips gently.

« Ooh god yes » Beth gasped.

Helen parted her pussy lips and ran her tongue slowly between, flicking her hole and clitoris , sucking her and introducing a wet finger into her tight arsehole. Beth gasped and moaned with pleasure, it wasn’t long before, with a yell of ecstasy, she came in Helen’s mouth.

Mum and the nurse were still piercing my balls, there were now thirty needles through each ball.

« What if wu push red hot needles down his urethra ? » mum suggested.

« Great idea » the nurse replied, « But first I’ll give him an injection to accentuate the pain and prevent him from passing out » She laughed. « This is really going to hurt the bastard, he’ll experience total agony »

« That’s what the filthy cunt deserves » mum said.

« At the same time, I’ll give him his hormone injection and show you what to do so you can give him two injections during the week, its better that he gets three injections a week rather than only one, his breasts will grow quicker like that » Mum laughed.

« I can’t wait to see him with a pubescent girls breasts and torture them » she said.

The nurse gave me the injections and Helen and Beth stood on each side of me to watch. My head began to swim as the inceptions took effect? The nurse heated up a 20 cm long needle until it was red. Mum pulled my foreskin back and squeezed my bell end to open up my piss hole. The nurse pushed the needle slowly down my urethra, smoke rose and the smell of burning flesh filled the air. I struggled uselessly and my screams reached a new level as the needle cooke my cock from the inside. When it was all the way in, they changed places, mum heated a needle as the nurse held my bell end. They continued until there were six needle all the way down my urethra, I was swooning, Helen and Beth fingered themselves vigorously as they watched, when the last needle was in, they squatted over my face and came in my mouth. Jane returned at that moment.

« OK its done » Jane said, « There are another ten men coming round especially to deal with you two » she said to mum and Beth.

« I hope they’ve got really big cocks » mum said. Jane laughed.

« Don’t worry about that » she said « We don’t accept tiny dicks, to be a member of our circle, a guy must have a dick at least 10 inches long when erect and it must be very fat »

The five females turned their attention back to me.

« Time to remove the needles » the nurse announced.

The five women pulled out the needles slowly, the pain was as terrible as when they the were pushed in, especially those down my urethra, my cock was destroyed from the inside. They released me from the chair and hung me by the wrists from a beam in the ceiling. they gathered round me and whipped my whole body, kicking me in the balls, punching me into face and ribs as I cried in pain. As they worked, the men began to arrive.

Each one stripped naked and stood stroking their cocks gently as they watched me being whipped. Beth marveled at the sight of their huge clean shaven cocks. One guy, a huge black man with an enormous cock, approached Beth and put a hand between her legs and tickled her clitoris. Beth gasped.

« Lovely body » he said, « And you look so young, how old are you ? »

« I’m 16 » Beth replied, panting.

« Great » he said, « I love young girls » he took Beth’s hand and placed it on his huge cock. She gasped, it was so thick that she couldn’t get her fingers all around the monster.

« Do you want me to fuck you ? » He asked.

« Oh god yes » Beth breathed, « Fuck me hard » The guy laughed.

« Oh yes i will » he said, « But first of all you’re going to suck me, on your knees bitch » he snarled.

Beth obeyed, the guy grabbed her head and f***ed his enormous member into her mouth, Beth had to stretch her jaws wide open to accommodate the huge meat. He began to face fuck her, slowly at first then penetrating deeper and deeper down her throat and getting faster and faster. During that time, other men arrived and stripped naked. Helen let me down from the beam and slammed me down across the table with my legs spread wide. The nurse brought out two other tables, one for mum and another for Beth. Ten of the men gathered round me and began to **** me brutally, five others gathered round mum and the other four surrounded Beth who was sucking the black guy. He moaned as he spunked deep down her throat, holding her head firmly so that she was f***ed to swallow all the spunk.

The guy withdrew from her mouth and was replaced by another who face fucked beth brutally from the start. In the meantime I was being savagely ****d by the ten guys surrounding me, they rammed their cocks down my throat to stifle my screams. At the same time the other five guys had slammed mum face down on a table and were sodomising her brutally, she was crying out with a mixture of pain and ecstasy, her cunt was dripping wet and she came time after time.

When the men with Beth finished spunking down her throat, they slammed her down across the other table and ****d her savagely, in her cunt and arsehole. She screamed the whole time but from time to time her screams subsided into yells of pleasure and her young cunt squirted her cum onto the guy’s cocks and onto the floor.

When all the men were spent, my arsehole and mum’s and Beth’s cunts and arseholes were dripping with with thick white salty spunk. I was f***ed to my knees and made to suck out and swallow all the sperm from mum’s and Beth’s cunts and arseholes. Finally I was made to evacuate all the spunk from my ripped arsehole into a bucket then f***ed to drink half of it then rub the rest into my face and hair. To finish off, the three of us, mum, Beth and me, were made to lay down on our backs on the lawn and the twenty men pissed over us, in our mouths, over our faces and bodies. The men dressed and left leaving us alone with the nurse, Helen and Jane.

« So girls » Helen said to mum and Beth, « Did you like that ? »

« God yes » mum replied, « I’ve never had so many cocks, especially huge ones, at the same time, it was fantastic ! »

« And you Beth » Jane said, « Was that good ? » Beth was close to swooning, her arsehole still dripped spunk.

« It was fantastic » she breathed.

« Especially it was the first time that you have been sodomized, how does it feel ? » Helen asked.

« My arsehole is on fire » she replied, « Its stretched wide open, I can feel the air blowing up it, its a fantastic feeling »

« And your cunt » Helen said, « Is it nicely stretched ? »

« God yes » Beth replied, « It’s on fire too, stretched wide and I can feel all the spunk deep inside me, I really loved being ****d like that »

Helen untied me from the table and f***ed me to my knees in front of mum and Beth. I was f***ed to suck out all the spunk from their cunts and arsehole then i was given another whipping and I was ball busted by all the women for over an hour. From that moment on, I was beaten tortured and ****d permanently 24 hours a day, at hime, at school and in public by Helen and Jane and their friends. Four years later when I was 18, I had grown the breasts of a young girl and I was castrated without anesthetics and in public. At 19 my cock was cut of and an operation performed to give me a pussy … all without anesthetics … I was then completely a girl and was hired out to sadists to be tortured and ****d. I am now 20 and mum has told me that I will be a whore for the next ten years and then on my thirtieth birthday, I will be tortured to death, horribly, I will die in flames, they will pour petrol over my whole body and burn me to death.

I am in so much agony that I really look forward to dying to stop the pain.


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