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A good beating and more Part 1

A good beating and more Part 1

At 14, I was already quite perverted, an exhibitionniste in fact. I loved walking around naked in public with my little boy’s cock hard. It was at that age that I got my first real beating and was ****d by men.

It was summer, I was dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. I was walking through a park , I went into the toilet in the middle of the woods and stripped naked in a cubicle. I stroked my cock to erection then went out and walked slowly along the path. Rounding a bend in the path, I came face to face with two young women. They stopped dead and after their initial surprise, they burst out laughing. I was trembling with a mixture of excitement and fear as I gently stroked my cock in front of them. They continued to laugh and call out comments. When one of them advanced towards me, I took fright and ran back to the toilet.

Before getting dressed I needed to piss so I was standing at the urinal pissing when two men walked in.

They were in their twenties huge and well muscled, dressed also in shorts, they smiled at me, said « Hi » and stood on either side side of me. They took out their cocks to piss, I couldn’t help glancing at them, my eyes wide in awe, their cocks were enormous, clean shaven. One guy saw me starring at his cock, when he finished pissing he turned to face me.

« Do you like my cock son? » he asked, smiling.

« Yes sir » I replied, « It’s enormous »

He took my hand and placed it on his huge member, I gasped, it was rock hard and hot, I couldn’t put my fingers all around it because it was so fat. He took my cock i his hand and stroked it gently.

« Nice cock for a young boy » he said, « How old are you son? » I told him I was 14. The other guy stroked my buttocks.

« Nice firm bum boy » he said as he fondled me gently.

« You know its dangerous to walk around naked like that in the park » the first guy (Alan) said, « What if you were seen by little girls? »

«  I try to avoid it sir » I replied, my face burning with shame. Suddenly the second guy (Peter) slapped my buttocks hard. I jumped and yelped.

« Hmm » he said « I don’t believe you but no matter, we saw you wanking in front of three young women on the path and that’s very naughty anyway »

« Do you do that sort of thing often boy? » Alan demanded.

« Yes sir » I replied, trembling with embarrassment and fear.

« Well » Peter said, « That sort of behavior is totally unacceptable, you need to be punished, a severe thrashing and having your arsehole fucked hard » I began to sob.

« No please sir, please don’t hurt me » I blubbered.

« Listen you dirty boy » Alan growled, « Either you accept our punishment or if not we’ll call the police, which is it to be? » I was sobbing and trembling with terror.

« I’ll accept your punishment sir » I sobbed, « But please don’t hit me too hard » Peter laughed.

« You’re going to get a damned good thrashing boy » he said.

With that, each guy took me by an arm and led me out of the toilet. As we walked along the path, we met the three women I had flashed to.

« You again » one woman said, « Evidently you’re a real fucking pervert »

« But so young for a pervert » the other woman added, « He hasn’t even got hair on his dick, how old are you boy? » she demanded. It was Alan who answered.

« He’s 14 » Alan said, « We saw him wanking in front of you earlier, we caught up with him in the toilets and now we’re going to punish him severely to help him mend his perverted ways »

« Only 14 and already a pervert? » the first woman said, « Well he certainly needs punishment, how are you going to punish him? »

« We’re going to take him into the bushes and thrash him hard then we’re going to **** him brutally » Peter said. As they spoke to each other I was sobbing, trembling in fear, my face burned bright red with shame.

« Great idea » one woman enthused, « Can we watch? »

« Of course » Peter laughed, « You can even join in if you want »

They led me through the bushes to a clearing in which was a fallen log. They made me lay on my stomach on the log, one woman held my wrists down, the other held my ankles. The two men broke off thin, whippy branches from a tree and stood on either side of my body. They began to whip me, my thighs, buttocks and back as I screamed in agony and struggled, trying to escape, but the women held me down firmly. My screams attracted other people walking down down the path and soon there were five other men and two other women gathered in the clearing to watch my beating. The men took their cocks out and wanked gently as the beating continued, my body was covered in raised red welts from my neck to my knees after over thirty minutes of severe thrashing.

Then they f***ed me to my knees and I was made to suck all seven men until they spunked down my throat as the four women watched, two of them lifted up their skirts and fingered their pussies as they watched. Next I was made to bend over and all the men ****d mr brutally as the women whipped my back with the branches. When it was over, the five men and two women drifted away leaving me alone with Alan, Peter and the two women I had flashed to (Jane and Helen).

« I don’t think he’s had enough punishment yet » Helen said, she whispered to Jane who laughed.

They told the two guys to drag me to my feet, each one held an arm firmly and put a foot against each ankle to fix my legs open wide. Then each woman in turn kicked me hard in the balls. I screamed and struggled, the men held me firmly, I begged them to stop but they didn’t, each woman gave me 50 vicious kicks before stopping, the guys released and I fell to the ground sobbing, holding my battered swollen balls, the agony was horrible. Jane dragged me to my feet by the hair.

« Now because you like wanking in front women » she growled, « Wank in front of us now and cum in your hand » My cock had gone limp after the beating and the ballbusting, I stroked it but I couldn’t get hard.

« I think he needs some help » Helen said. She came up to ma and took my cock in her hand, she stroked me gently, Jane lifted up her skirt to reveal her clean shaven pussy.

« Look at my cunt » she said, « I bet you like to finger me and lick me wouldn’t you? » She parted her cunt lips and stroked herself as I watched, my cock began to harden. When it was hard, the woman stopped stroking it and ordered me to wank while she filmed me with her mobile phone. I wanked hard, watching the other woman finger her cunt, I came f***efully into my hand.

« Now drink it » Jane ordered.

I obeyed, gagging at salty taste my my sperm. They asked me me where my clothes were, I told them they were in the toilet so they dragged me back there. Helen searched my pockets and found my identity papers.

« Right » she said, « we’ve decided to take you as our slave. From now on, you’ll spend your weekends with us, we’re going to punish you and train you, you will be our toy »

« And if you don’t obey us completely » Helen added’ « We’ll take the video of you wanking in front of us to the police »

With that the two women punched and kicked me to the ground and stood around me kicking me and insulting me. After 5 minutes they spat on me and left, laughing, leaving me alone with Alan and Peter. I was sobbing as Alan dragged me to my feet and f***ed me to bend over the sink. He rammed his huge cock savagely up my arsehole, I screamed, Peter f***ed his cock into my mouth and face fucked me. After they had both spunked, they left and I got dressed. I walked home sobbing and trembling in anticipation of what was to come the next weekend.

To be continued ….

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