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A good beating and more Part 2

A good beating and more Part 2

During that week Helen phoned me. She told me to meet hr in the park toilet at 9am on Saturday, she ordered me to be naked when she arrived. At 8:50, I entered the toilet and stripped naked in a cubicle. I was trembling with anticipation but my cock was hard at the thought of what they were going to do to me. At 9am precisely, Helen walked in.

She was carrying a short leather whip, she lashed out at my body, I yelled and twisted around, my hands flying to each lash to try to defend myself. She whipped me for over 5 minutes as I screamed and begged for mercy. The whipping over, she ordered me to my knees. She lifted her skirt to reveal her clean shaved pussy, she grabbed my by the hair and f***ed my mouth against her soaking wet lips.

« Lick me you bastard » she growled.

I obeyed as she held my head firmly, she began to moan then with a gasp, she came in my mouth, forcing me to swallow it all.She dragged me to my feet and handcuffed my wrists behind my back. She bundled my clothes into a plastic bag and grabbed my balls, squeezing them hard, I cried out in pain. she had noticed that at 14, I was beginning to grow pubic hair.

« From now on » she growled, « As our slave you must keep your disgusting cock and balls smoothly shaved at all times, do you understand pervert? »

« Yes mistress » I sobbed, tears rolled down my cheeks, the pain in my balls was terrible. But she also noticed that my cock was hard, She grabbed it with her other hand.

« My god » she sneered, « I think you’re actually enjoying this, is that right slave, do you enjoy pain? » she demanded, squeezing my balls even harder. I moaned.

« Yes mistress » I gasped as the agony spread to the pit of my stomach.

« Well » she laughed, « You’re going to be well served today »

She led me from the toilet, marched me down the path to the car park and bundled me into the boot of her car. She drove for about 15 minutes and when she stopped and opened the boot to drag me out, I found myself in the large grounds of a secluded house on the outskirts of town. There were 15 men and 5 women surrounding the car, they were all naked, the men had huge cocks, all erect. Helen dragged me to my knees and all the men lined up to face fuck me. They f***ed their monster cocks down my throat brutally, ramming in and out until they each came in my mouth and f***ed me to swallow all their cum as the 6 women thrashed my back with whips. When the men had all spunked down my throat, my stomach was distended and I was close to vomiting, spunk dribbled out of my nose and mouth.

They dragged me to a barn which had been converted into a punishment room. I was hung by the wrists from a beam in the ceiling and a leg spreader was attached between my ankles to keep my legs spread wide apart. The six women took short, heavy leather whips and gathered round me. They thrashed my body, back and front, from my neck to my ankles as I screamed and writhed around. Them men stood watching, stroking their cocks. They whipped for over thirty minutes until my whole body was covered in red and black raised welts. When they had finished, the women lined up to kick me in the balls, I was howling in agony and soon my balls were swollen to three times their size and had turned black.

I was sobbing with pain and terror when they let me down from the beam and slammed me face down across a solid workbench and tied me down tightly. One after the other, the fifteen men ****d me brutally as I screamed in pain. Their huge cocks ripped open my tight 14 year old arsehole and it began to bleed. When the last man spunked up me, the first one was hard again and they all ****d me a second time, then a third, they continued to ream my hole for over two hours until my hole was totally filled with spunk and it dripped down my inner thighs.

When the **** was over, I was dragged out of the barn and f***ed to lay on the ground. I was staked to the ground in the form of an « X » and a funnel f***ed into my mouth. Then they all pissed over me, in my mouth forcing me to swallow it all, over my face, hair and whole body. Some of the men spunked into the funnel before others pissed in it, I had to swallow the acrid mixture. Three of the women shat on my chest before releasing me and making me rub the shit over my face and body. Finally Helen ordered me to get dressed, still covered in shit, bundled me into the boot of her car and drove me back to the park.

« That was just a warm up » she said when she released me from the boot, « Tomorrow the real fun will start so be here so be here tomorrow at the same time » With that she drove away. I went to the toilet and stripped naked, I washed the shit off my body in the sink then walked home. My whole body was stinging from the whipping and my arsehole was gaping wide open, dripping spunk and bl**d. As I walked, I sobbed, trembling with fear, I was terrified at the thought of what they were going to do to me the next day. But I was excited as well, my little boys cock was rock hard and at home, while taking a shower, I wanked and spunked copiously at the thought of my future punishments.

To be continued …

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