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A good beating and more Part 3

A good beating and more Part 3

The next day, Sunday, I went to the toilet shaking with fear and stripped naked as ordered. The marks from the previous days whipping had turned black, the welts, covering my whole body back and front were raised and still painful to touch. At 9am, Helen walked in, she was wearing a very short mini-skirt no panties, a thin t-shirt with no bra, I could clearly see the outline of her tiny tits and her large hard nipples poking at the thin material, I started to get hard. She ordered me to put my hands on my head and turn around slowly. She inspected my body, running her fingernails over the welts, I cried out, shivering with a mixture of pain and fear.

« Very good » she said, « That was a good beating, you’re well marked but today we’re going to go to the next level, the start of your torture. Now, stand with your legs spread wide » she ordered. She took my still swollen balls in one hand and squeezed hard, I gasped.

« We’re going to really torture these things today » she snarled, « But it will only be the start, you’re really going to suffer you filthy pervert » She took a step back and kicked me hard in the balls, I screamed and fell to the ground.

« Are your balls sore? » she sneered, « Believe me that tonight your disgusting cock and balls will be in so much pain that you’ll wish not to have them »

She marched me down the path naked to her car but this time she didn’t throw me into the boot. Instead, she made me sit in the passengers seat, handcuffed my wrists behind it and put a hood over my head so I was completely in the dark. As she drove, each time she changed gear or stopped at a crossroad, she punched my hard in the balls and slapped my hardening cock. She noticed it was getting hard.

« My god » she said as she punched my balls agin, « You really like pain don’t you pervert »

My only reply was a yell of pain. When we arrived at her house, she removed the hood and dragged me from the car. Present were Jane and two other women, one was a nurse, they were all naked. I was f***ed to my knees and made to lick their pussies until they all came in my mouth. Then they stood around and whipped my whole body as I screamed and squirmed around on the ground. When it was over, Jane dragged me to my feet. Helen handed me a suspender belt and stockings and ordered me to put them on.

« Right » Jane announced, « To start with today, we’re going to take you out to the forest and hire you out to men to be fucked and beaten »

« And to encourage them to be severe with you » Helen said, « We’re going to tell them that you’re a nonce »

They took felt tip pens and wrote « FLASHER » acres my chest and « c***d m*****ER » on my back then I was blindfolded again, bundled into the boot of the car and they drove me out to a gay meeting place deep in the forest. Once there, they dragged me from the boot and made me walk along the path with my hands on my head, the women followed carrying whips. My cock was rock hard at the thought of being fucked hard by loads of strange men. It wasn’t long before I came face to face with two young men coming down the path. They gasped in surprise at the sight of my body, covered in black and red welts from the beatings I had gotten that weekend. Jane went up to the two men and Helen ordered me to turn slowly around so that the men could inspect my whole body, I was shaking with a mixture of fear and excitement.

« Hi guys »Jane said, « We’ve caught this pervert flashing, he’s also a c***d m*****er, he ****s little girls as young as 8, Would you like to deal with him ? » (the c***d m*****er part was not true of course but it had the desired effect to make the men angry).

« He’s a bit young to be such a pervert » one man said, « How old is he ? »

« He’s 14 » Helen replied, « And he needs to be stopped now before he becomes an adult »

« 20£ each and you can do anything you want to him guys » Jane added.

The guys reached into their pockets, handed the money to Jane then dragged me through the trees to a clearing, closely followed by the two women. The men threw me to the ground and gave me a kicking, insulting me the whole time as I screamed and squirmed and the four women raised their short skirts and fingered themselves as they watched. The sounds of my cries attracted other men and soon their were 10 men in the clearing watching me getting beaten. Jane handed two whips to the men kicking me who began to whip me as well while Helen explained to the other guys what was going on. They all paid 20£ to join in and stood stroking their cocks while waiting for the first two to finish with me.

When they had finished beating me, they dragged me to my knees and each one f***ed his huge cock into mouth and face fucked me savagely, spunking deep down my throat. Two other men took their place and whipped me savagely before r****g me brutally. It continued, two by two all the men ****d and abused me as I screamed in pain. My screams attracted two women (lesbians) who walked into the clearing to watch. Helen told them I was a c***d m*****er, they got very angry and also paid 20£ to use me. They waited till all the men had finished and had drifted away, then they took over.

They threw me down on my back and got Jane and Helen to hold me by the ankles my legs in the air and spread wide. They whipped the front of my body insulting me the whole time as I squirmed around and howled in pain. Then, with my legs held wide open, they kicked my balls for over 15 minutes until they were swollen and black. When they had finished, they spat in my face, squatted over my head and pissed into my mouth forcing me to swallow it all. To finish off, they gave me a hard kicking as I cried and begged for mercy.

« What are you going to do with him now? » asked one of the lesbians (Alice).

We’re going to take him back to our house and torture the bastard » Jane replied.

« Great » the other lesbian (Claire) replied, « Can we join in? »

« Of course » Helen said, « You’re welcome, the more the merrier, let’s get back to our cars, follow us to our house, we have all the equipment necessary »

Back at their house, they dragged me to the barn and fastened me tightly into a gynecological chair. The six women gathered round and began to smash my balls with cricket bats and heavy leather straps as I howled in agony and struggled in my bonds. After 15 minutes of intensive beating, my balls were swollen and black. When they stopped the nurse took over.

She sat on a stool between my spread legs and pushed long red hot needles through my balls slowly as I howled in agony. Once there were 20 needles through each ball, she untied my hands and I was made to wank and cum in my hand then swallow it. She retied my hands to the chair then pulled out the needles slowly, it was as painful as when she had pushed them in, I was sobbing with pain. When it was over, all six women squatted over my face and pissed in my mouth.

At that point a group of ten men arrived and stripped naked, they were that days invited guests. As they handed 20£ each to Helen, Jane and the nurse slammed me face down on the workbench and tied me tightly down with my legs spread wide. The first guy stepped forward to fuck me, he was a huge black guy with a monster cock, 16 inches long and very, very fat. Claire took it in het hand and stroked it gently.

« Fucking hell » she exclaimed, « That’s enormous, it’s a pity I’m a lesbian if not I’d love to take that up me »

« Even if you’re a lesbian » the guy replied’ « You could make an exception »

« I’d like to take it too » Alice said, « But we’ll see about that later, first we want to see you fuck this pervert hard »

He spread my cheeks, I felt his huge bell end against the entrance to my tight hole. With a savage lunge, he rammed his huge member all the way up my 14 year old arsehole, he ripped me open and I screamed. He ****d me brutally, ramming in and out as I howled and cried, begging for mercy. With a final lunge, he sent his thick boiling hot spunk jetting deep up my hole. When he was spent, he withdrew and was immediately replaced by another guy. The 10 men ****d me over and over again for over an hour before they were all finally spent. When the last one withdrew from my hole, it dripped spunk and bl**d but the ordeal was not over. It was the women’s turn, they all fisted me brutally as the men stood watching stroking their cocks.

When they had finished, all the men drifted away except the black guy who stayed to fuck the two lesbians. Before releasing me, the women discussed between themselves.

« He’s well fucked up » Alice said, « But it’s not enough, you should castrate the bastard »

« Don’t worry we’re going to » Helen laughed, « But not right away, we’ll wait a couple of years until his balls are totally mature before cutting them off »

« Yes » Jane added, « Plus it would be a shame to cut them off now, much better to torture the cunt and make him suffer for a couple of years »

« And when I cut them off » the nurse said, « I’ll do it very slowly without anesthetics to cause him the maximum pain. In the meantime, I’m going to give him hormone injections to make him grow breasts, small ones like those of an adolescent girl and once his balls are removed, I’ll do a penectomy to remove his cock and give him a pussy »

« And the he’ll be our whore » Helen said, « We’ll hire him out to men to be beaten and ****d »

« That sounds great » Claire said, « We’d love to see him being castrated »

« You’re welcome to join in to torture him, you and your friends, whenever you want » Jane said.

« Fantastic » Claire replied, « But now we’ve got this huge black cock to deal with » she laughed.

The two lesbians left withe black guy, the nurse gave me my first injection then Helen released me and drove me naked back to the park with the orders to be there at the same time the next Saturday. As I walked home, I was trembling with terror, I knew that this wast just the beginning and that it was going to get worse.

To be continued ….

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