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A good beating and more Part 4

A good beating and more Part 4

That evening, I took a shower to try to ease the pain of the welts covering my body from the whipping. I had forgotten to lock the bathroom door and as I was drying myself off, my mother walked in. She gasped at the sight of my marked body.

« What the hell » she exclaimed, « What the fuck have you been up to ? » She was very angry, my face burned with shame and I was trembling, I tried to cover my body with the towel, she ripped it away.

« Get downstairs » she ordered, « You’ve got some explaining to do »

I reached for my clothes, she slapped my face.

« No » she snapped, « Walk downstairs naked »

I obeyed, tears of shame rolled down my cheeks, mother pushed me into the living room where my s****r Beth, 16 years old, was sat on the sofa watching television. Her eyes widened in surprise, after several seconds of silence, she burst out laughing.

« bl**dy hell » Beth sneered, « Someones done a good job on you »

Mother made me stand with my hands on my head in the middle of the room and turn slowly round so she could inspect my whole body. My face burned with shame and I was trembling. Then she made me stand facing the sofa and sat next to my s****r.

« Right » she said, « I’m waiting to hear your explanation for this »

I sobbed as I explained everything about my punishment and the reason, because of my flashing. My cock began to harden as I spoke, Beth noticed it.

« Look mum » she said, « He’s getting hard, he’s actually enjoying this »

Mother reached out and slapped my cock bringing peals of laughter from my s****r.

« Does it turn you on you bastard, being naked in front of women and girls ? » she sneered. Sobbing, I replied « Yes mum »

Mother ordered me to stand in the corner with my hands on my head while she and Beth left the room to discuss what they were going to do with me. I shook with fear as I awaited their verdict. When they returned mum was carry the thin 3 foot long school cane that she used to punish us k**s with. Mum had brought us up alone since divorcing my father 10 years before and she was quite strict. When we were punished it was always on the bare bottom and, depending on the fault we had committed, we had to bend over, touch our toes and receive either 6 or 12 stinging strokes. However, we were never punished together and that was the first time I had been thrashed in front of my s****r. Mother ordered me to lay face down on the dining table with my legs spread and attached my ankles to the table legs, then told Beth to hold me firmly down by the arms.

She started to thrash me, much harder than usual, she started at the top of my buttocks and worked her may slowly down my buttocks and thighs to the backs of my knees, leaving a short pause between each lash as I squirmed and howled in pain. When she reached my knees, she continued back up my thighs to the top of my buttocks, she must have delivered over 100 lashes.But in spite of the pain and humiliation, my cock stiffened as she thrashed me, when she had finished, I was rock hard ! When mother released my ankles, Beth gasped at my hard cock.

« Look mum » she exclaimed, « He’s really excited » Mother got very angry and delivered 6 hard stroke across my cock »

« You filthy bastard » she shouted, « You’re really enjoying this you dirty fucking pervert ! »

She made me stand facing the sofa and she and Beth sat down.

« Now » she in a sadistic voice, « Because you like being naked and wanking in front of women, you’re going to wank for us until you cum and when you do, cum in your hand and rub it all over your face then lick your fingers clean »

Beth laughed and giggled as I wanked, I was sobbing with embarrassment at being made to wank in front them. When I spunked in my hand and rubbed it over my face, Beth rolled around on the sofa howling with laughter.

« Right » mum said, « From now on, you will be naked at all times when you’re here at home. When you get home from school every evening you will do the housework naked under our supervision and before going to bed you will wank for us and get a beating. Beth will be allowed to beat you and bring her friends found to abuse you. Next saturday when you go to meet the women, we will go with you, we want to see how they treat you and join in. I also want to tell them that I agree totally with you having breasts, being castrated and turned int a girl to be used as a whore because you disgust me you stinking pervert »

At that moment, the doorbell rang, it was mum’s latest boyfriend Richard. He gasped in surprise when he walked into the room and saw me naked. Mum explained the situation to him.

« I think you should fuck him hard darling » mum said.

« No » Richard replied, « I’m not going to fuck him, I’m going to **** the bastard ! »

Mum slammed me down on the table as Richard stripped naked. Beth gasped when she saw his hard cock (she had obviously never seen it before) his cock was huge and fat. He parted my cheeks and I felt his enormous bell end against the entrance to my arsehole. With a lunge, he thrust into me to the hilt and I screamed in pain. Mum held me firmly and Beth stood to one side watching, fascinated, as Richard ****d me brutally. With a moan of pleasure, he spunked, I felt his thick boiling hot sperm shoot deep up my arse. He withdrew and f***ed me to my knees and made me lick his cock clean as Mum and Beth laughed and insulted me.

Beth and I went to the same school so on Monday she spread the word around telling everybody about my perversions. The word spread like wildfire and at lunchtime, Beth and four of her girlfriends and six older schoolboys dragged me to a copse at the end of the playing fields. They made me strip naked and the five girls stood round me whipping my body with lengths of bamboo as the six lads stripped off and stroked their cocks to erection. When the whipping was over, the six guys ****d me brutally as the girls watched laughing and insulting me. When they had finished, Beth made me lay on my back and all five girls squatted over my face and pissed in my mouth before kicking my balls ten times each.

From then on, it was the same thing every lunchtime with different girls and boys. The gym teacher got to hear of the situation so after gym class every day, he encouraged the other boys to **** me and beat me in the showers. The gym teacher himself took me several times into his office, made me suck his cock and ****d me.

Every evening after school, Beth brought several of her friends round to beat me and abuse me. Richard also brought several other men round, five each evening, they all ****d me as the girls sat on the sofa watching and laughing.

Saturday finally arrived, mother and Beth drove me naked to the park to meet Helen. I was sobbing with fear, I knew that a harder phase was about to start.

To be continued ….

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