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A masochist flasher gets lucky Part 1

A masochist flasher gets lucky Part 1

I am a flasher. I love being naked, wanking and spunking in front of women and young girls. I often go to parks and forests, strip naked and walk around wanking until come across women then I stand and come in front of them. I love all their reactions, some are shocked, cry out and run away, others laugh and watch, others get angry and insult me but they also stay to watch. I have often been attacked by women that I flash to, punched, kicked and slapped as they insult me which satisfies the masochist side of my sexuality, I love pain and especially humiliation, I often spunk as the women slap me around and call me a pervert … which of course I am !!!

I also flash at bus stops, on buses and trains. Of course, then I can’t strip completely naked so when I spot a woman or girl who pleases me, I take out my cock in front of her (my cock is a decant size she erect, 12 inches long and very, very fat, and wank myself in front of her. Most times, they sneer at me in disgust and insult me before changing seats, other times they smile and watch me wank until I come in front them Sometimes they compliment me on the size of my cock and the thick sperm which spurts copiously from it onto the floor.

For the masochist side of my sexuality, I love to be caned, whipped and humiliated, preferably in public. As you can imagine, flashing is a d**g for me, I flash practically every day. I’m going to tell you about two incidents in which the female’s reactions went far beyond my wildest expectations.

Here is what happened in the first incident.

I was standing at a bus stop next to very pretty woman in her twenties, she was slim, dressed in a mini-skirt and t-shirt, her tits were very small and she wasn’t wearing a bra, I could clearly see the outline of her breast and her nipples poking at the thin material of her t-shirt. My cock began to harden in my shorts. The bus arrived and we got on, I followed up the stairs to the top deck. Several steps behind her I could see up her short skirt, I saw she wasn’t wearing panties either. My cock was now fully erect and throbbed in the confinement of my shorts. She sat down on a bench seat, I sat on the other one facing her. She just glanced at me, nothing more, then took a book from her handbag and began to read. When the bus pulled away, I discreetly unzipped my shorts and took out my cock, I began to wank slowly. After a couple of minutes, she glanced up again and saw what I was doing. At first her eyes widened in surprise, then she smiled at me and returned to her book. Encouraged, I continued wanking, pulling my foreskin all the way back to show my huge bell end, from time to time she kept glancing at my cock until finally she closed the book, put it back into her back and turned her full attention to me.

« That’s a nice cock boy » she said, (I was only 18 at the time), « Take your hands away so I can see it better »

Trembling with fear and excitement, I obeyed. My cock stood straight out in front of me?

« Wow » she exclaimed, « That’s big, stay like that I want to take a photo »

She reached into her bag and took a mobile phone, she took several pictures of my cock.

« Do you expose yourself often like this ? » she asked.

« Yes miss » I replied, « Practically every day »

« And do you cum when you wank in front of women, do you expose yourself to men as well » she said.

« No miss » I replied, « Just women and young girls »

« So you’re not bi then ? »

« Yes miss, I’m bi, I love being sodomized by men with big cocks »

« When you say that you flash to young girls, what age, you don’t expose yourself to k**s I hope »

« Oh no miss » I said, « Just schoolgirls, girls in school uniforms really turn me on »

« Ok, but what age ? » she demanded.

« Girls of 16 or 17 » I replied, my face burning red with shame.

« You’re not a lot older yourself, how old are you ? »

« I’m 18 miss »

« That’s ok then » she said, « At least you’re not a p*******e, I hate p*******es, but even so you’re quite a pervert for your age. Do you want to wank and cum for me ? »

« Oh yes please miss » I replied, shaking.

« Go on then » she said, « I’m going to film you doing it »

I glanced around, the deck was almost empty, I dropped my shorts to my ables and spread my legs wide, she noticed that my cock and balls were shaved.

« You shave yourself as well ? » she said.

« Yes miss, every day, I love the smooth feeling.

She shook her head. « My god what a pervert » she sneered, « « Start wanking and when you cum, I want you to cum in your hand »

She pointed the phone at my cock, I started to wank, I was so excited. It didn’t take long before I felt the spunk rising in my balls and with a moan, I spunked copiously into my hand. I spunked so much that my hand couldn’t hold it all and some of it dripped onto the floor.

« Now drink it » she said, pointing the camera at my face.

I obeyed, swallowing the thick salty spunk with pleasure.

« Now on your knees, suck up the rest of your cum from the floor »

I obeyed as she filmed me and laughed. When I had finished, she told me to pull up my shorts and sit down in front of her. She put the phone back into her bag.

« Did you enjoy that boy ? » she demanded.

« Yes miss, it was great » I replied.

« I’m going to show this film to a friend of mine, I know she’d like to see you wank as well, can you be on this same bus at the same time tomorrow ? »

« Yes miss »

She stood up. « The next stop is mine » she said, « See you tomorrow and be careful who you flash to »

She got off the bus and I got off at the next stop and took the next bus to return. All the way home my cock was hard thinking about how she liked me wanking in front of her and imagining what would happen the next day. At home, I stripped naked, f***ed a huge dildo up my arsehole and wanked again.

The next day as I approached the bus stop I saw the woman from the day before with another young woman of the same age, they both stared at me. (I found out later that they were both 24 years old, one was Mary, the other was Betty). WhenI got next to them, Mary masse a sign for me not to talk. As we waited for the bus, my cock hardened and when I followed them up the stairs, I could see that neither of them were wearing panties. On the upper deck, the two women sat on a bench seat and ordered me to sit in front of them. They both stared at the bulge in my shorts. Nobody else came up to the upper deck, as the bus pulled away, Mary ordered me to strip naked. Betty gasped at the size of my cock.

« God you’re right Mary » she exclaimed, « That’s huge »

The two women made me pose, taking photos of my cock and body from all angles. Then, as they filmed me, they told me to wank in front of them but first Mary handed me a plastic goblet.

« There was so much spunk yesterday » she said, « So today you’ll cum in this goblet »

I stood in front of them, my legs spread wide, my back arched? wanked furiously as they filmed me. I was really turned on so after only three minutes, I spunked into the goblet. When I was spent, Mary ordered me to kneel in front of them.

« Now drink your spunk » Mary ordered, « But not all of it, leave about a third of it in the cup »

I had spunked so much that the cup was almost full. I obeyed and they both filmed me as I drank the hot thick salty sperm. I left the third then Mary told me to rub the rest of it all over my face and hair. I obeyed and when I had finished, they ordered me to get dressed.

« We’ve seen enough of your filthy cock for now you pervert » Betty sneered.

Once dressed they made me sit in front of them.

« You know » Betty said, « Your behavior is very perverted, and Mary tells me that you do this every day, is that right ? »

« Yes miss » I replied, my face red with shame.

« And have you never been caught? » Mary demanded.

« Yes miss, twice when I was 15 but there were no charges because I was so young »

« So your parents must know about your perversions then, what do they think ? » Betty said.

« Yes miss, they know but they just put it down to my puberty, they don’t know that I have continued. But now I’m 18 I have my own flat so I do what I want. I can’t help it miss, I so need to expose myself and wank in front of women » I admitted.

« Mary told me you like to flash to schoolgirls as well but not in front of k**s, is that right ? » Betty said.

« No miss, not in front of k**s I promise you miss »

« Well » she replied, « At least thats one point in your favor because if you are a p*******e, we’ll have to call the police, so, are you one or not ? »

« No miss, I promise you I’m not »

« Talking of the police » Mary said, « You realize that if we show these photo and videos to the police, you will go to jail ? » I began to sob.

« No please miss » I blubbered, « Please don’t tell the police »

« Maybe we should tell your parents then and let them deal with you » Betty sneered. Tears were rolling down my face, I was shaking in fear.

« No please, not my parents » I begged, « I’ll do anything you want I promise »

« But this sort of behavior can’t go unpunished » Betty said.

« I’ll do anything you want I promise » I sobbed.

« There is one solution » Mary said, « If you agree to be punished by us, a good hard caning and more, we’ll keep your secret, do you agree ? »

« Yes miss » I said, « Anything you want »

My cock began to harden in my shorts at the thought of being caned by the two women, Betty noticed my hard on.

« Look Mary » Betty said, « He’s getting hard »

« Do you like the thought of being punished by us ? » Mary demanded.

« Yes miss » I admitted, my face was burning red with shame and I was trembling.

« In that case » Betty laughed cruelly, « Because you like being punished, we’ll have to be very cruel with you »

Mary spat in my face and ordered me to stand up. I obeyed and she kicked me hard in the balls, I yelled and fell to the floor rubbing my battered balls and crying. Betty dragged me to my feet by the hair.

« Come on pervert » she snarled, « The next stop is ours »

We got off the bus and they led me down a side street to there house. In the living room, they told me to strip naked. I was shaking in fear but my cock was rock hard as Betty set up a video camera on a tripod to film my punishment. Mary produced a crook-handled school cane and swished it in the air. I cringed. Betty f***ed my arms behind my back and held me firmly. Mary raised the cane and sent it crashing down across my rock hard cock. I screamed and struggled but Betty held me firmly. Mary Changed position and sent a second lash hammering diagonally across my bell end. I was howling in agony, struggling, crying, begging for mercy but Mary continued until she had delivered 50 lashes onto my cock and it was black and bleeding. I was in agony but in spite of the pain, my cock stayed hard, the punishment and humiliation really excited me.

Mary put a high-backed chair into middle of the room, Betty dragged me over to it and made me bend over and hold the seat. They told me not to get up during the punishment, if I stood up I would get ten kicks in the balls for disobedience. I was shaking and sobbing, I was terrified, I cringed as Mary swished the cane several times in the air.

The first lash smashed down across the top of my buttocks, Mary had used her full f***e, I screamed and twisted around, Mary waited while the pain sank into my body. She applied a second stroke a half inch below the first, I was howling in agony, tears rolled down my face. She worked her way slowly and accurately down my cheeks, expertly spacing the lashes and leaving angry red weals in her wake which quickly became swollen and turned black. The pain was terrible but in spite of it my cock stayed hard.

« Continue down his thighs » Betty said as Mary reached the bottom of my cheeks, « Mark them up well like that when he walks down the streets in his shorts, everyone will know he has been punished »

Mary had already delivered 30 lashes to my buttocks and she applied another 20 across the backs of my thighs spacing them as for my bum. When she finished, I was in agony, my buttocks and thighs were on fire and I was crying, tears rolling down my cheeks. Then Betty took over.

She thrashed me from the other side, applying the strokes with full f***e and precision, expertly aiming to fill in the gaps left by Mary. When she reached the backs of my knees, I couldn’t help it I jumped up and rubbed my burning bum.

« That’s ten kicks in the balls you’ll get when we’ve finished » Mary snarled.

Mary took over again, applying another 50 lashes diagonally across my bum and thighs, I struggled to remain bent over, the pain was horrible. Then Betty took over once more from the other side applying the strokes across the opposite diagonal. At the 25th stroke I jumped up again, rubbing my bum and begging for mercy.

« Thats another ten in your balls » Betty snapped, « Get back over that chair you bastard ad take your punishment like a man »

Sobbing and shaking, I bent back over and Betty applied the last 25 lashes across my thighs. At the end my bum and thighs burned, they were swollen and black, the welts bleeding in places.

« Now for the ball kicking » Mary announced.

Betty fixed a leg spreader between my ankles to keep my legs spread wide then twisted my arms behind my back and held me firmly. Mary put on a pair of hobnailed boots and stood in front of me. I sobbed, begged for mercy, I knew that the pain was going to be excruciating. Mary took a step back and delivered the first kick with full f***e to my balls. I gagged, howled, struggled uselessly, the pain rose into the pit of my stomach. Mary delivered the first ten kicks slowly, methodically, at the tenth kick I was swooning, close to vomiting. Betty released me, I fell to the ground.

« You’d better get a bowl » she said to Mary, « I’m sure he’s going to be sick »

Mary went to the kitchen to get a bowl. While she was gone, Betty grabbed me by the hair, she slapped my face hard and spat in my mouth. When Mary returned, it was her turn to hold me while Betty delivered the next ten kicks savagely. As he predicted, at the last stroke when Mary released me and I fell to the floor, the vomit rose in my throat. Betty quickly put the bowl before me and I vomited copiously into it, half filling the bowl as the two stood watching and laughing. When I had finished, Betty grabbed my head and f***ed it the horrible sticky vomit.

« Eat it you pervert » she growled.

I tried to eat the evil-smelling lumpy mess but I couldn’t swallow it all. Mary ordered me to stand up and rub the vomit into my face, hair and all over my body. The two of them howled with laughter and clapped as I rubbed the vomit all over me, I was sobbing in shame. They both took photos of my vomit covered body.

« Now wank for us and com in this cup » Mary ordered, « Then swallow your cum »

It was hard to wank, my bum and thighs lacerated an burning, my balls swollen to ten times their size, they ached horribly but I managed to wank and cum in the cup filling it with my spunk then drinking it as Mary filmed me.

Finally, the punished was over, they dragged me into the garden and hosed me down with ice cold water. They didn’t let me dry myself off, they threw my clothes at me, ordered me to dress then dragged me back inside and made me stand in front of them with my hands on my head. They sat on the sofa and announced the rules that I would have to abide by from that point on.

« Every Saturday you will come here for punishment » Mary said, « And during each week you will write a detailed account of your flashing activities, where you did it, to whom, your victims age and their their reactions and if you spunked in front of them or not »

« And if you spunk, you will eat it it in front of them as well » Betty added.

« Thats right » continued Mary, « And you confession will be headed by your name, address and phone number and signed and dated at the end »

« These confessions will serve to decide what punish you should get each week and we will keep them on file. If you disobey us or fail to turn up, the films of you wanking in front of us and the confessions will go straight to the police, do you understand pervert ? » Betty said.

« Yes miss » I sobbed.

« And from time to time, we will invite other women and girls to assist in your punishments which will get harder and harder, today was just a warm up, we plan to increase the punishments and begin to torture your filthy cock and balls » Mary said.

« We will also invite groups of men to come and **** you in front of us » Betty added.

« Yes » Mary said, « And all the films we make and your confessions will be published on the internet so that everyone will know what a disgusting filthy pervert you are »

Before throwing me out onto the street, Mary wrote « FLASHER » across my forehead with an indelible felt bit pen. When I got onto the bus to return home, women stared at my lacerated still bleeding thighs and the word written on my forehead. They sneered at me in disgust, some spat on me, others insulted me, my face burned red with shame.

Back at home, I took a shower and wanked again imagining what the two women were going to do to me the following week …

In the next episode I will describe what I suffered at the hands of Mary and Betty for the following three months. I will also tell you about the other incident in which I flashed to a 17 year schoolgirl and her reactions.

To be continued ….

(NOTE : If you would like to get to know me better, ask me questions or ask me to make videos for you please contact me at the address email : [email protected]
I am a real maso and have made many very hard self punishment videos which I have posted on Xhamster under the pseudo « masototale ». I am English but I live in the north of France (Rouen) and I am available to be punished and tortured by real sadists … men, women, couples or groups … I don’t charge for these services … I dot it for free … my pleasure comes from receiving pain and giving pleasure to REAL sadists !!! I can travel or receive anywhere in France.
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The site is mostly in French but the stories are in English, anyway the photos speak for themselves, they show you just what I am capable of enduring. I have only two limits … no s**t and no broken bones … for the rest, I am open to anything, public or private humiliation, gang ****, any severe tortures, the more painful the better. When you visit my site, please leave comments on the pages.
I hope to hear from you soon
Your perverted maso … Paul)

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