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A Mom’s Intuition For the Survival of Her Son


Intellectual property of of DIZZYD427 … But GREATLY adapted!

But at that moment, neither the young mother nor her son was thinking about any of that. The sudden, freak blizzard had reduced visibility down to zero, and the roads were getting worse by the minute. Living in the mountains had given Linda plenty of experience for driving in bad conditions, and the 4×4 SUV helped… but the problem was that she didn’t know anything about the area they were in. And as she was watching the edge of the road, she had inadvertently left the highway, and had somehow gotten onto a remote two lane mountain road.

Linda had slowed to a crawl, with the headlights only reflecting off of the sheet of snow that was now blowing sideways. She thought about turning around, but worried that if she stopped someone who might be following behind might rear end them. She was trying to look calm so she wouldn’t scare Davey, but the truth was she was very concerned over being lost, and things were about to get worse.

Even though it was only eight o’clock in the evening, the weather made it look like midnight. Linda decided to assess their situation and glanced for just a second at her gas gauge. It was at that moment that both she and Davey felt the car list to the right, and then it began to slide down an embankment.

“Hang on David!” Linda screamed as she instinctively turned the steering wheel… but there was nothing she could do to stop the SUV from hurtling down the hill. It seemed like they slid forever, but it was only a few seconds before they came to a stop with a loud thud.

She could see great fear on her son’s face as he said, “Mom… what happened?”

“We just slid off the road honey,” she answered with a fake calm to her voice. She really wasn’t sure what had happened, but figured that she had hit some loose snow on the soft shoulder that gave way, causing the slide. She could see the headlights piercing a little more the darkness now, and saw that they were surrounded by trees. She could also tell the car was tilted about thirty degrees to the right.

Linda’s first thought was to try to call someone, but as she opened her cell phone, she wasn’t surprised to see she had no signal. Then she asked Davey to check his, and it was the same. Between being in the mountains and the bad atmospheric conditions thanks to the blizzard, their phones were useless. And what was worse was everyone knew they were traveling, so nobody was going to miss them.

With the car leaning as far as it was, Linda feared it could still slide even further down the embankment, or even worse… flip over. She didn’t want Davey getting out of his door for fear the car might slide or roll over on him, so she said, “Davey, I’m going to get out and take a look around… you stay here and don’t move around too much, ok?” Her young son just looked at her with a look of fear on his face and nodded. Then Linda turned off the ignition, but left the lights on. Then she got a flashlight out of the glove box, carefully opened the driver’s side door and stepped out of the SUV.

The snow crunched under her boots as she walked around the back of the car. The high winds whipped snow into her face and chilled her to the bone as she checked the condition of the car. It had fortunately come to rest with the right front fender against a tree and the right rear quarter panel against a large boulder. She let out a large sigh of relief when she realized the car wasn’t going to move any further down the embankment. But her happiness was fleeting because as she took her next step, the snow gave way and she began sliding down the steep hill.

Linda let out a scream as she slid about ten feet, and then dropped almost vertically until she landed with a splash into the freezing waters of a mountain stream. The water immediately permeated her parka, sweatshirt and jeans. It was so cold it made her skin burn. And what was worse was Davey had heard her scream, and worried for his mother’s safety he disobeyed her orders and opened his door to check on her.

When Linda heard the door open, she hollered “Davey, stay in the…” but before she could finish, she heard him let out a scream, and then moments later there was another splash, just a few feet away, as Davey landed in the water.

It was so dark, Linda couldn’t even see him, so she said, “Are you ok honey,” as she stood up in the water.

“Yeah mom… but I’m freezing,” Davey answered, getting himself to his feet.

“Ok, we’ve got to get back to the car,” Linda said in a stern voice, knowing it wouldn’t take very long for both of them to experience hypothermia from the bitter cold, and being soaked with freezing water.

Slowly they made their way up the almost sheer vertical drop until they reached the more gradual bank where the car was resting. The snow was blowing hard again. So they could barely make out the lights until they were right on top of the SUV. They made their way around to the uphill side of the vehicle, but as Davey was reaching for the back door handle, Linda said, “Let’s climb in through the back honey.”

“Why mom,” Davey asked, not understanding his mom’s request.

“Because we might have to spend the night in the car, and I don’t want us soaking the seats we’re going to have to sit in,” a quick thinking Linda answered.

Both mother and son shivered as they climbed into the hatch. The car was still warm, but their ice water soaked clothes were all the two of them could feel. As they huddled in the back of the SUV, Linda turned on the dome light and assessed their situation. First she saw the large Tupperware container which held their ‘survival kit’. Since they lived in the unpredictable weather of the mountains, Roger had always preached preparedness. The box contained bottled water, granola and candy bars, canned fruit with a can opener, and other assorted snacks. Unfortunately, what it didn’t include was dry clothes.

Then Linda remembered something. She reached over the back seat and found a large, folded pad that movers used to protect furniture and cargo during shipment. It was made of heavy, quilted material, and would serve well as blanket for the two of them. She also found a couple of small hand towels they had used to wrap valuables in. They were too small to wrap around them, but at least they could use them to dry themselves.

As she pulled the pad and towels over the back of the seat, she said through chattering teeth, “Ok Davey, we need to get out of these clothes.”

“But mom… we don’t have anything else to wear,” her young son said as he shivered.

“I know honey,” she answered, and then she said, “But this is no time for modesty, because we’ll never get warm in these wet clothes… plus they won’t dry if we keep them on.”

As mother and son began to shed their dripping clothes, Davey said, “Mom, are we really going to have to stay in the car all night?”

“Probably, honey,” Linda answered, trying to sound as calm as possible. “We can’t be out there walking around in a blizzard wearing wet clothes… we’ll freeze”

What she didn’t tell him was she hoped they were only stranded only one night, since she really had no idea exactly where they were. Plus, walking through the mountain forest at night would expose them not only to the weather, but also black and grizzly bears who were just coming out of hibernation, as well as other forest residents like coyote and mountain lion. Add to that the fact that it seemed like every year there were more and more stories of people dying in the wilderness trying to find their way out, and Linda knew that the safest place to be was right in their car, at least until daybreak.

As they undressed, Davey was first to get to his underwear, and Linda could see his boxers were also soaked, as were her own underwear. As her son began drying his shivering body with one of the small towels, she said, “Davey, you need to take your boxers off too… they’re dripping wet, and I don’t want to wet our blanket, so we both need to strip everything and dry off before we get under it.”

Her young son let out a sigh, and then began to push his wet shorts down. Linda tried not to look, but she couldn’t help taking a quick glance at her son’s crotch. She hadn’t seen his genitals in some time, but she could see that the ice cold water had caused his penis and scrotum to shrivel. After his boxers were off, Davey quickly placed the small towel over his privates, and then dried himself.

Linda had now gotten down to her bra and panties, which were also soaked with water. Davey couldn’t help but notice that they were almost transparent from the moisture. He could also see the goose bumps forming on his mom’s skin, and her pink nipples, hardened by the freezing water, were poking out the material of her bra. Linda noticed his gaze, smiled and said, “Well, I never thought I’d do a striptease in front of my own son.”

Both mother and son giggled nervously at her comment, and then Linda put her hands behind her back and unclasped her bra, and then shrugged her shoulders until it fell off… baring her perfectly shaped 34 C breasts to her son’s eyes. Then she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her small white cotton panties, lifted her bum off the floor of the car, and slid the wet garment down her toned legs… leaving her completely naked.

Linda shivered as she grabbed a small towel and began to dry herself. As she did, her firm breasts wobbled slightly. Davey knew he shouldn’t be watching his mom, but he couldn’t get over how beautiful she was. Her long blond hair spilled over her shoulders, providing the perfect accent to her flawless, alabaster skin. The breasts he couldn’t seem to take his eyes off of were capped by pale pink nipples, which looked like pencil erasers, thanks to the cold. As he scanned over her tight, athletic tummy, his eyes came to rest on the small, neatly trimmed triangle of pubic hair. And below that, he could barely make out the beginning of his mom’s pussy slit.

Linda could feel his eyes on her, but she didn’t mind. In fact, she thought that it might at least take his mind off the cold and their dire situation for a moment. Then she wondered if Davey had actually ever seen a naked woman in person. She knew he had seen pictures, because she had found some men’s magazines between his mattress and box springs… along with some wadded up tissue that she quickly surmised was used to clean himself after a vigorous masturbation session. She never said anything because she didn’t want to embarrass him. Plus, what high school k** didn’t jerk off?

As she finished drying herself, she looked over at Davey and her heart skipped a beat. He was so engrossed in watching her that he didn’t realized he had taken the towel from his lap, and the shriveled tube of flesh she had seen only minutes earlier had swelled to over six inches of hard young cock.

Linda just smiled at her son, who was still oblivious of his condition, and said, “Well someone looks very, ummmm… enthusiastic.”

“Huh?” Davey asked, tearing his eyes away from her beautiful tits.

Linda just giggled, and then nodded towards his crotch and said, “I guess you’re enjoying the view.”

Davey looked down and saw his erection, sticking straight up from his lap. He quickly put the cold, wet towel over his crotch and mumbled, Oh jeez… sorry mom.”

Linda just smiled at him, and as she held her towel in front of her, in a vain attempt at modesty, she said, “It’s ok honey… it’s perfectly natural for a young boy to get an erection around a naked woman.” Then she added, “And besides, I’m a little flattered by your reaction!”

After a moment of getting used to the fact that they were both totally nude, Linda said, “I’m going to start the car and let it run for a few minutes to warm up… give me your clothes and I’ll put them next to the heater vent on the floor.”

First Linda wrapped Davey’s shivering body in the thick quilted pad. As she did, she couldn’t help noticing that his erection was still bobbing in the air over his lap. Once she had him nice and snug, she gathered up their wet clothes and began climbing over the back seat, towards the front. That was when Davey got his first, long look at his mother’s perfectly shaped, naked ass. It was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. And then, as she straddled the back of the seat, he also got a close up view of her vagina, and tiny puckered asshole.

Once she was in the back seat, she leaned between the bucket front seats and turned on the ignition. This position had her bent over at the waist, blatantly exposing her nether region to Davey’s curious eyes once again. First she placed their clothes on the floor, and then she turned the heat on high, hoping to warm the car, as well as dry their clothes to a point where they might put them on the next day. She decided to leave the underwear behind, and concentrate on drying the outer garments.

As she crouched between the seats, giving her son an extended view of her pussy and ass, she searched the radio for a station. She finally came across the weak signal of a Jackson station who was reporting that the freak blizzard was going to drop nearly two feet of snow by morning. Linda was smart enough to know that there would be no rescue vehicles out overnight. And besides… nobody had any idea they were even missing!

The car had begun to warm up when Linda looked at the fuel gauge. It read between a half and three quarters of a tank. She knew that if she left the car run all night, they would run out of fuel… and considering the extreme weather conditions, that could be dangerous to both her and her son if they were stranded for any length of time. She immediately knew what she had to do, and as she sat back the back seat, she called Davey up to join her.

Davey took the thick blanket from around his body and handed it to his mom. Then he began climbing over the back of the seat. Linda could see his erection, still hard from staring at her ass, bobbing in front of him as he sat down next to her. Then she wrapped the blanket around the two of them, and told him about her plan.

“Look Davey,” she said very matter-of-factly, “We can’t leave the car run all night, because we’ll run out of gas… so I’m going to run it about 15 minutes each hour to keep us as warm as possible.”

Davey just nodded at his mom, and then he asked, “Mom, are we going to be all right?”

Linda put her arms around her son and pulled him close, pressing his curly dark locks, which he inherited from his dad, to her naked breasts and whispered, “We’re going to be fine Davey, just as long as we’re smart.”

As the car engine hummed, Linda reached over the back of the seat and collected a bottle of water and a granola bar from their survival kit. Then she said, “Now Davey, we don’t want to go through all the food and water, so we’re going to conserve what we can by sharing, just in case.”

With that, Linda tore open the granola bar, broke it in half and handed a piece to her son. Then she took the cap off of the water bottle and took a sip, before handing it to Davey. Mother and son quietly ate their snack, and when they were done, Linda reluctantly leaned between the front seats and turned off the ignition, before getting back under the blanket with Davey. She looked at her watch to check the time, and estimated what time she would start it again. She hoped her plan would give them ample time to conserve fuel, and not let the engine get so cold that it would take forever to heat up.

With the engine off, the young mother and son could hear the wind whistling outside. Some gusts were so strong they would actually rock the large SUV. It also didn’t take long for the interior temperature to begin dropping rapidly. That was when Linda said, “Davey, we can stay a lot warmer when the car is off if we share our body heat.”

With that, Linda wrapped the blanket around her and sat back against the car door. Then she parted her legs and had Davey sit between them, with his back against her front. She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him against her, with his bare back pressing against her soft, naked breasts. And then she pulled the blanket around the two of them, tucking it under them to form as air-tight a seal as she could to keep their body heat in.

Once they were in position, Davey relaxed back against his mom. The heat of their bodies pressed tightly together felt so comfortable to him. And he could actually feel his mom’s warm hands stroking his chest, and her hard nipples pressing into his back… which did nothing to quell the raging erection he was still sporting. As mother and son cuddled together, they both began to doze off.

It was at that moment that another fear raced through Linda’s mind. If they went to sl**p, they may never wake up again. Hypothermia sets in quickly, causing the victims to fall into a deep sl**p before freezing to death. Linda worried that if they both fell asl**p, with the car on or off, it might be fatal for both of them! So she quickly shook Davey’s shoulders and said, “Honey, we can’t go to sl**p.”

“Why mom,” he asked in a tired voice, laying his head back against her shoulder.

Linda didn’t want to scare her son, but she also wanted to be honest, so she said, “Davey, we need to stay up so I can start the car, and I’m afraid if you fall asl**p, I might too.”

Her young son immediately knew what she was saying, and shook his head to try and rid himself of the sl**py feeling. Linda did the same thing, and then she whispered, “We’re going to be fine Davey,” and then she gently kissed her son on the back of his neck.

When Davey felt his mom’s warm lips press into the sensitive flesh on the back of his neck, his whole body shuddered. Linda giggled at his reaction, and then she asked, “Hasn’t a girl ever kissed you on the neck?”

“Mom,” Davey exclaimed with a mixture of shock and embarrassment.

“Oh you can tell me,” Linda said in a reassuring voice, figuring that this could be the exact kind of conversation that could keep them occupied and awake. Plus, she did have a desire to know how much experience her son had had with girls.

“If you’re asking if I’ve ever kissed a girl, the answer is yes,” Davey said in a mock-sarcastic tone.

“Let me guess,” Linda said in an inquiring tone, “Was it Jenni Howard?”

“How did you know,” Davey exclaimed, shocked that his mom had guessed the identity of his one and only make out session.

“Hey, I’m your mom, I know everything,” Linda replied humorously. Then she changed the subject and said, “Davey, I noticed you looking at me when I was drying off… am I the first girl you’ve seen naked?”

“Geez mom, you’re really getting kind of personal,” Davey said, trying to be evasive.

But Linda could tell this was the perfect conversation to keep his mind off of sl**p, so she pressed the issue by saying, “I know you’ve seen pictures because I found the magazines under your mattress… I’m just curious if you’ve ever seen a real girl naked before me.”

Davey couldn’t believe his mom knew about his stash of magazines… and then he realized that if she discovered the magazines, she certainly found the tissues caked with the remnants of his jerking off. As he felt his body temperature rise as he blushed, he said, “No, you’re the first real girl I’ve ever seen naked,” and then he added, “And sorry about the magazines and the… well, sorry mom.”

Linda laughed and said, “Davey, I’m not mad at you at all about the magazines, And if you’re embarrassed that I know you masturbate, don’t be… everyone does it, even women.”

“Do you, ummm… masturbate too mom,” Davey asked in a surprised tone.

“Sure honey, I get urges too, you know,” and then as she swallowed the lump in her throat, and added, “And I really miss your dad.”

Linda squeezed her son to her body, mashing her soft breasts against his smooth young back. Then to lighten the mood again, she said, “So, did Jenni let you touch her boobs?”

“MOM,” Davey cried out, “Seriously!”

The two laughed out loud, and then Linda said, “C’mon… you can tell your old mom.”

“Mom, you’re not old,” Davey replied, and then he said, “And yes, Jenni let me touch her boobs… but just over her shirt.”

“See, that wasn’t so hard,” Linda said as she cuddled her son, realizing the conversation really was helping keep them to stay awake and not feel the cold so much. Then she said, “Jenni’s got pretty big boobs… now that you’ve seen mine, whose are bigger?”

“Geez, I don’t know mom,” Davey replied, “I didn’t see Jenni’s, I only felt them.”

Before Linda realized what was coming out of her mouth, she said, “Well, why don’t you feel mine and tell me whose felt bigger?”

Davey’s jaw dropped. Did his beautiful mother just ask him to feel her boobs? It was only a little earlier that he had laid eyes on her incredible tits, and now she was allowing him to touch them. The teenager felt his hard penis twitch as he said, “Are you serious mom?”

“Yes honey,” she said, “I’m just curious who has bigger boobs.” The truth was, Linda felt a buzzing in her own groin at the thought of her son fondling her breasts.

With that, Davey turned to face his mom. Suddenly he wasn’t even thinking about the cold, or being stranded in a blizzard. All he could think of was touching his mom’s incredible breasts. He looked at her face, and then down to her chest as she dropped the blanket from her shoulders, exposing her full round globes of flesh, with their hard pink nipples sticking out towards him. Then she reached down and grasped his wrists. She could feel his hands shaking as she pulled them to her breasts. And then Linda let out a soft sigh as Davey took a soft, firm orb in each hand and began gently kneading her tits.

Davey felt the rubbery nipples poking into his palms as his hands cupped the soft tit flesh. At the same time, Linda looked down at his exposed lap and saw the swollen head of his erect young cock pointing up at her. For a moment, she thought about wrapping her hand around the hard column of flesh, but then she shook herself back to her senses and said, “Well, whose are bigger, mine or Jenni’s?”

Her young son took one last squeeze with both hands, wanting to burn the memory of how incredible his mom’s breasts felt, and then he reluctantly released them from his soft grasp and said, “Yours are definitely bigger, mom… and feel a lot nicer.”

“Well thank you honey,” Linda said to her son. It was when that moment passed that both noticed how cold it had gotten again, so the young mother said, “It’s about time to warm it up in here again.”

The dome light was still on, so when Linda leaned over between the seats to turn the ignition, her incredible ass and pussy were exposed to Davey’s eyes once again. Only this time he was only about a foot away from the beautiful sight. Once again the teen could see his mom’s womanhood… but this time he noticed that the thin, pink lips of her labia that he had seen earlier were now a deeper red, and they were swollen and slick with moisture. And while he had no personal experience to go on, Davey had seen enough pictures, and read enough books to know that a wet pussy meant an excited pussy. He couldn’t help but wondering if his mom had gotten turned on by his squeezing her boobs.

The fact was, as much as she fought it, Linda had become excited by her son fondled her breasts. While he was gently squeezing her tits, with his palms rubbing against her hard nipples, she had felt tiny electric impulses vibrating through her pussy. It was the first time since Roger’s death that hands other than her own had touched her in such an intimate way. And as much as she wanted to deny it, she had to admit that being touched by her handsome young son had made it even more exciting.

After restarting the car, Linda sat back down next to her son. Once again the air around them began to get warmer. As the temperature rose, the young mother felt her son’s head rest on her shoulder. It felt so comfortable that Linda felt her eyes beginning to close, but then she realized again how dangerous falling asl**p could be, so before it got too warm, she quickly leaned between the seats and turned off the ignition.

“Awww mom,” Davey moaned, “can’t we let it run a little longer.”

“No Davey,” his mom replied, “if it gets too warm in here we both get too comfortable, and we have to stay awake… now let’s just cuddle again and we’ll keep each other warm that way.”

With that, Linda leaned back against the door again, and Davey took his place seated between her outstretched legs, and then leaned back against her once again. Linda wrapped her arms around her son’s chest and hugged him to her. Then she felt his hard little nipples poking at her hands. It was then that Linda thought of another way to keep them both awake, and she began rubbing her thumbs up and down over the rubbery tips.

Davey shivered, but didn’t say anything… enjoying the sensations his mom’s touch was causing. And his erection, which had begun to wane, was hard as steel again thanks to what his mom was doing. Linda continued to tickle and tease his tiny nipples, and then she said, “Davey, when you were touching Jenni’s boobs… did she touch you?”

“What do you mean mom,” Davey asked as he felt his mom’s fingers leave one of his nipples.

“I mean, did she touch you like this,” and as she finished her sentence, Davey felt his mom’s warm, soft hand wrap around his aching penis.

Davey groaned out loud as the first hand other than his own gently squeezed his hard young cock. Then Linda began slowly stroking her fist up and down the turgid rod of flesh. She felt her son tremble, and knew there was no way he could fall asl**p with her manipulating his erection the way she was. She also knew that she could probably make him cum whenever she wanted, but she wanted to make it last as long as she could, to keep the both of them occupied.

“Does that feel good Davey,” Linda asked as she slowly stroked him.

Her son’s voice cracked as he said, “It feels amazing mom… and no, no girl has ever touched me like this.”

Linda’s lips brushed the back of her son’s ear as she quietly said, “Now Davey, I know you masturbate, so you’ll know when you’re about to cum… I want you to hold back as long as you can, but let me know when you can’t hold it in any more.”

“Ok mom,” Davey said in a strained voice, feeling the familiar tightness at the base of his dick already starting to build, and not believing his mom was going to make him cum.

Linda could feel her young son’s cock getting even harder as she stroked him as slowly as she could. It was about six or seven inches in length, and almost as thick as his father’s… filling her hand as she pumped it up and down. She moved the blanket aside for a moment and looked over Davey’s shoulder. When she did, she could see the head of his hard prick sticking out above her fist, swollen and purple, as her hand glided along the bl**d gorged shaft.

“Your hand feels so good mom,” Davey groaned softly, “I don’t know how long I can hold it.”

Linda had figured as much, so she stopped her stroking and squeezed his shaft hard, whispering, “Just try to hold on a little longer honey, the longer you hold back the better it feels… plus, more time will pass.”

Davey groaned in a combination of frustration and excitement, and said “Ok mom.” Then his whole body shook as his mom ran her tongue up the back of his ear.

After she felt he had calmed down a little, Linda resumed stroking her son’s cock slowly. She wasn’t trying to give her poor son blue balls, but she was trying to milk as much time off the clock as she could. She also noticed something else happening. She had been telling herself that the hand job she was giving Davey was to help keep both of them awake… but now there was no mistaking the quivering deep in her own pussy. Even though the car was getting colder, the heat in both of their bodies was rising.

As Linda contemplated her own arousal, she heard Davey groan, “Mom, I’m getting close again.”

“Are you sure honey,” she asked as she stopped stroking him again.

“Yeah, I guess I’m a little too excited because you’re doing it,” he answered in an exasperated tone, and then he said, “And I haven’t, you know, done this to myself in over a week since we were busy packing for the move… so I’m kinda ready.”

“Ok baby, I don’t want to torture you… but if you haven’t masturbated in over a week, you’re probably going to shoot a lot, and I don’t want you hosing down our blanket,” Linda replied, and then she said, “Why don’t you turn around and lie back.”

Davey groaned with disappointment as his mom released his burgeoning cock. Then he turned to face her and laid back. When he did, Linda looked down to see his cock sticking straight up from his lap. She pulled the large blanket over her head, and then d****d it over Davey’s body. Once she had the blanket over the top of the two of them, Linda wrapped her hand around Davey’s shaft. As she started stroking him again, Davey watched the large bump in the blanket that was his mom’s head lower, and then he cried out, “OH JEEZ,” as suddenly his bloated cock was enveloped by incredible warmth and wetness.

While he couldn’t see her under the blanket, and had no previous experience, it still didn’t take much to figure out that his mom had sucked his swollen penis into her mouth. He felt her soft lips wrap around his shaft, and her tongue drag along the underside of his dick as he watched the blanket begin to bob up and down. Never in his wildest dream did he think that the first blow job he would receive, the one that he had fantasized about so many times, was being delivered by his own beautiful mother.

Linda also couldn’t believe she was actually sucking Davey’s cock. She told herself over and over that this was about keeping the two of them occupied… that it was about survival. But the sticky wetness oozing from her overheated cunt begged to differ. Still, despite her own arousal, she was trying to go as slow as she could, both to let more time pass, and so her sweet young son could enjoy his first blow job.

As for Davey, he had never imagined anything could feel as incredible as what his mom was doing to him. Her hand and mouth were working together now, sliding slowly up and down his shaft. At the same time, Linda had begun massaging the underside of his dick with her tongue.

Davey knew he couldn’t take much more of this intense pleasure, and before he came he wanted to see what his mom looked like as she sucked him. He gently lifted the blanket until his mom’s face came into view. Her long blond hair d****d around his thighs, and her cheeks hollowed as she sucked him. Then he saw her beautiful green eyes looking back at him. That was when she took his cock from her mouth and said, “Cum whenever you’re ready honey.”

Then she took him back into her mouth and began using her best blow job skills. It was no longer about keeping them up, or trying to forget about the cold… Linda wanted him to cum. Davey was moaning out loud as he watched his mom’s lips sliding up and down his shaft… his bloated cock disappearing into her mouth and then reappearing, shining with her saliva, over and over again. And just when he thought the pleasure couldn’t get any greater, his mom’s free hand began massaging his balls… and that was it.

As Davey cried out, “OH GAWD MOM… AHHHHH,” Linda felt his shaft begin to lurch violently between her lips, and the first jets of his warm cum splattered against the roof of her mouth and the back of her throat. She quickly backed off until all she had in her mouth was the head of her son’s spewing cock, and then she used her hand to milk him. A week without jerking off had left Davey with full balls, and the amount of spunk he was shooting was almost more than she could handle, but there was no way she was letting his spurting member out of her mouth.

Davey grunted over and over as each contraction at the base of his penis pumped more cum down his mom’s throat. He had thought that she would take him out of her mouth as soon as he started cumming, so he was very surprised to feel her lips still sealed around his spurting organ. And Linda was taking great joy in knowing that the first orgasm her son was having, not caused by his own hand, was splashing against her palate and coating her tongue.

She was also surprised at how good his young sperm tasted. The blow jobs that she had given to Roger, and a couple of other guys she had dated before meeting her future husband, had resulted in a mouth full of spunk that had tasted bitter… and had a consistency that sometimes seemed slimy. But Davey’s cum was creamy and rich, and tasted almost like warm custard. As the hard squirts of cum eased to a gentle dribble, Linda savored the flavor before swallowing. And then she felt her baby’s body go limp.

As Linda let Davey’s cock slip from between her lips, she was suddenly overcome with emotion. It wasn’t guilt or regret, but an intense desire to tell Davey why she had done what she did. As she looked into his eyes, she said, “Davey, I hope that showed you that there is nothing I won’t do to protect you and keep you safe.”

Her son looked at her and said, “I know mom, but I really liked what you did,” then he said, “Did you like doing it?”

Linda really wanted to tell him that what she had just done to him was just to keep him awake and occupied, but that wasn’t the truth. In fact, she was extremely aroused from giving Davey his first blow job, so she honestly replied, “Honey, I liked doing that very much, and I’m actually very excited right now.”

“Excited, like… sexy excited,” he asked curiously.

“Yes,” Linda laughed, “Like sexy excited.”

“Can we do something for you mom,” Davey asked in the sweetest, most caring way.

Linda was taken aback by Davey’s question, and said, “Honey, that’s so sweet of you.” And the truth was, it would help pass more time, and she really was hornier than she could recently remember, so she said, “Davey, how would you like to help me masturbate?”

The young boy’s face lit up as he enthusiastically answered, “Sure mom… just tell be what you want me to do.”

With that Davey sat back next to his mom. They were still under the blanket, so Davey couldn’t see what his mom was doing, but he felt her left leg d**** over his as she spread her legs wide. And then he felt Linda move as her hand slid between her legs and cupped her dripping pussy.

A low groan emulated from deep in her throat as she began slowly dragging a finger up and down her swollen gash. Then she moaned, “Mommy’s touching her pussy honey… do you want to see how a woman masturbates?”

“Gee, yeah mom,” Davey eagerly answered, and then his mom pulled back the blanket to show him.

Davey’s eyes grew as wide as saucers as he looked down him mom’s beautiful, naked body to where her fingers were stroking her cunt. He could see the moisture coating her fingers and drooling out of her puffy slit as she caressed herself. He couldn’t believe he was watching his mom do something so naughty and wonderful. And then he heard her gasp and felt her whole body shudder as she began to rub the small button at the top of her pussy.

“Is that your clitorness you’re rubbing now,” Davey asked, remembering the word from one of his stash of dirty magazines.

Linda wanted to laugh at his mispronounced word, but could only groan, “It’s my ‘clitoris’ honey, and yes, it’s kind of like a mom’s pleasure button.” Then, as she began stoking the erect bud faster, she groaned, Davey, do you want to help me?”

The young boy could hardly contain his enthusiasm as he said, “Sure mom… what do I do?”

“Why don’t you play with my nipples honey, I really like that,” she replied, her breathing getting shallow as she rubbed herself more vigorously.

Neither mother nor son had even noticed how cold it was getting in the car again as Davey reached up and dragged his hands over Linda’s erect nipples. He also noticed that, even though he had just cum in his mom’s mouth, his penis had returned to full erection.

As Linda felt her much needed orgasm building, she said through alternating gasps, “Davey… will you… lick mommy’s… nipples?”

Davey never answered, but just leaned forward and sucked one of Linda’s rubbery buds into his mouth, and then flicked it with his tongue.

“Oh God Davey,” Linda cried out loud as the feel of her son’s lips and tongue sent an electric jolt directly to her groin.

As Linda’s hand turned into a blur between her legs, she groaned, “God I need fucked so bad.”

“What mom,” Davey asked, already sure of what he heard her say.

“N… nothing, h… honey,” she stuttered, realizing she had just expressed what she really wanted out loud. And the truth was, even though her masturbation was going to release some of her sexual tension, only a real, live cock in her hungry cunt would truly satisfy her. But since she wasn’t sure she could go as far as actually fucking her son, for now her finger would have to do.

Davey felt his mom’s entire body beginning to shake, so he pulled his lips from her nipple and said, “Mom, are you alright?”

“Yes Davey…“ she gasped, “I’m j… just getting ready to c… cum!” and then she said, “Davey… can you p… put a f… finger in my p… pussy?”

With that Davey leaned forward, and then put a hand between his mom’s legs and slowly inserted a finger in his mom’s vagina, right under where her finger was frigging her clit. He couldn’t believe how gooey and hot her pussy felt as it clutched his finger, and it made him wonder how amazing it would feel to actually have his penis in there. As he thought about that, he felt his penis twitch again. Then, as he plunged his finger in and out of his mom’s tight slit, he sucked her nipple back into his mouth. And then, as he gently clamped his teeth on the rubbery flesh, Linda cried out in ecstasy, and came.

“Oh fuck me… I’m CUMMMMIIINNNGGG!” Linda screamed as the walls of her pussy went into wild convulsions, squeezing her son’s invading finger. The nerve endings in her tortured clit sent electrical impulses throughout her groin to every pleasure center in her body as she climaxed.

“Oh fuck… fuck my pussy honey,” Linda sobbed as her entire body quaked. Davey had never heard his mom use such language, and it aroused him even more. Then, she finally had to pull her dripping finger from her oversensitive clit, and let Davey’s hand and mouth slowly bring her down from her orgasm. She kept groaning until the spasms in her pussy and asshole eased, and then finally she collapsed back to the seat.

Davey lifted his mouth from his mom’s nipple, and pulled his finger from her dripping snatch. As he brought his hand to his face, he could see that his mom’s juices had coated his fingers and palm. First he inhaled the wonderful, musky aroma of his mom’s womanhood. And then, without even thinking, he extended his tongue and collected some of the nectar on the tip, savoring the sweet taste.

“You really taste good mom,” Davey said, surprising Linda with his boldness and candor.

“Thanks honey… you did too,” she answered in a soft voice.

The orgasm Linda had just given herself, with Davey’s help, was much needed… but she still had an empty feeling deep inside. Davey could sense that his mom was sad and said, “What’s wrong mom… didn’t that feel good?

“Oh yes Davey, it felt great, and you were wonderful,” Linda answered, then she said, “It’s just that I miss your dad, and having, well, having him inside me. Masturbation is very nice, it just isn’t the same.”

“I know mom,” Davey said, “I heard you say you needed, ummm… fucked, while you were masturbating.”

“I’m sorry I said that out loud honey,” Linda sighed, and then she giggled and said, “But since we’re being so honest… I really do need fucked.”

Davey thought about offering his services… especially since helping his mom masturbate had left him with another raging erection. Still, he chose not to because he wasn’t sure how she would react. But the desperation he had heard when his mom said she needed fucked had resonated loudly with him.

As he sat and thought about how incredible it would feel to have his hard dick inside his mom’s pussy, his hand instinctively wrapped around his swollen shaft. But his concentration was broken when his mom said, “It’s time for a little heat.”

Once again Linda wedged her body between the front bucket seats, with her half resting on the center console, and her lower half still in the back seat. This put her gorgeous ass and pouting pussy only a foot from her son again as she turned on the ignition and adjusted the heat. Davey wrapped his hand around his throbbing cock again as he looked closely at his mom’s pussy. It was still puffy and red from their recent activity, and the lips were still slick with her wetness.

Suddenly Davey thought about his mom moaning about how she really needed to be fucked. As she searched for another radio station, she felt her son’s hand pressing down on her back, pinning her to breasts to the console. Then before she could ask him what he was doing, she felt something blunt pressing against her labia. She immediately realized what it was, but as she screamed, “Davey, wait,” her son thrust his hips forward and buried his young, hard cock into her aching cunt.

“Unnggghhh,” Linda grunted as she felt the entire length of her son’s thick member fill her vagina. Then as he began plunging his bloated cock in and out of her, she screamed, “Davey, stop… we can’t!” But Davey was too far gone. His mom’s pussy clutching at his dick was the most amazing thing he had ever felt. He could feel the muscles in the walls of her cunt gripping him like a warm, wet vise as he buried himself deep in her tight canal.

“Oh God Davey… we shouldn’t do this,” Linda cried out in a vain attempt to stop her son’s hard fucking. But the fact was his cock felt amazing as it stretched her pussy. Each time he pushed forward, his slim hips slapped against her beautiful round ass. Then she tried to lift herself, but Davey had too much leverage, and kept her pinned between the seats as he pounded her defenseless cunt.

Linda’s emotions were a jumbled mess as the desire for Davey to stop was overcome by her greater desire to feel him deep inside her hungry skit. She finally began to relent as she moaned, “Davey… Oh God please Davey… you need to stop… you need to… Oh God Davey, fuck me… fuck me harder baby!”

Now she wanted her son to fuck her, she needed her son to fuck her… and her words spurned him on even more. Davey now used both hands to grip his mother’s soft round hips, letting her rise up from the console. At the same time, she arched her back, tilting her ass up so her son’s cock could penetrate her even deeper.

“Oh Davey, fuck me… fuck mommy’s pussy,” Linda groaned as she felt another orgasm starting to build. At the same time, Davey felt the muscles deep in his groin begin to tighten as his second climax approached. Then Linda said, “Let me up honey… I want to kneel on the seat.”

Davey reluctantly pulled his burgeoning cock from the warm, tight confines of his mom’s quim as she pulled herself from between the front seats, and then got on all fours next to her son. Then Davey positioned himself back behind his mom. He wrapped his hand around his near-bursting shaft, still slick with his mom’s juices, placed the swollen head against her gaping labia, and with one hard thrust buried himself back into her all the way to the hilt.

“Oh FUUUCK,” Linda groaned as her son’s prick split her pussy again. Then, as he began to piston in and out of her with long, hard strokes, she lowered her face to the seat and used her left hand to play with her nipples, while her right hand snaked underneath her and found her hard clit again.

“Ughh… ughh… ughh,” Linda grunted as each thrust of Davey’s hips drove his bloated cock into her like a jackhammer. That combined with her pinching her own nipples and frigging her clit had the young mother on the very edge of climax. And when she felt Davey’s curious finger penetrate the elastic ring of her asshole, she was put over the edge.

“Fuck me Davey… I’m CUMMIIINNNGGG,” Linda screamed as her groin exploded. She arched her back even more as her orgasm ripped through her body. Her son kept pounding his prick into her as involuntary muscle spasms tore through her body, causing her velvety walls to clamp down on his invading cock. Davey could actually feel his mom’s pussy gripping his penis, and that was more than he could take.

Linda was still in the middle of her orgasm when Davey screamed, “Oh mom, I’m gonna… aggghhh!” The pleasure was so intense it caused white flashes burst before his eyes, as his cock began jerking and flexing inside his mom’s contracted pussy. Each muscle spasm caused Davey to groan in ecstasy, and sent a thick rope of cum spurting into Linda’s searing cunt. She could feel the jets of hot sperm splashing against her cervix and coating her vaginal walls. Her son was literally pumping her full of cum.

Both Davey and Linda were groaning as their orgasms slowly came to an end. Davey’s cock began to deflate, causing it to slip out of her pussy. She could feel the mixture of Davey’s cum and her juices leaking from her well-fucked slit, and onto the car seat, but she was so satisfied she didn’t care. Then she rolled on her side and Davey lay down next to her. She wrapped her arms around her sweet boy and kissed him gently on lips and whispered, “Thank you honey.”

After holding each other for a while, Linda got up to turn the car on again. As the engine hummed and the temperature increased, she could see the windows blanketed with snow. She retrieved another granola bar and a bottle of water that she and Davey share again. Then she looked at her watch and saw it was already one o’clock in the morning.

What had begun as a slow hand job to help keep Davey awake had turned into an incredible sexual experience for both mother and son. And before long, the recuperative powers of youth had given Davey yet another erection… and Linda took full advantage, fucking her son again.

Since he had already cum twice, Davey was able to last much longer, and the two made love in every position Linda could teach him, until he finally came for a third time as she straddled him. And as the sun finally began to rise, Linda was using her soft lips and wet tongue to coax the fourth… and final load of the night from Davey’s spent balls. The young boy’s cock actually ached as he came for the last time, groaning from a combination of pleasure and pain as only a small dribble of cum leaked into Linda’s warm mouth… but she still happily swallowed it.

Linda turned the car on again and turned the heat on high, warming their clothes, which were still slightly damp, but dry enough to wear. Once they were dressed, mother and son got out of the car. The canopy of trees had helped block some of the snowfall, but as they climbed the hill to road from which they had slid. The sun was breaking through the clouds, but the snow was almost waist deep, and Linda could see that no vehicles would be traveling by any time soon.

Linda knew they could make it another night in the car if they had to, but she also thought about walking back down the road to see how far off the main road they had traveled. But as she looked to the west, she could see more heavy cloud cover was coming, and probably bringing more snow… and if another blizzard hit while they were far from the car, it could trap them.

Now that they were up out of the valley, she took a chance that she might have a cell signal. She turned on her phone and saw one bar! “Please work, please work,” she said to herself as she dialed 9-1-1, and then let out a cry of joy when a voice on the other end said, “Nine, one, one… what is your emergency?”

Linda quickly told the dispatcher what had happened, and the last road they were on before getting lost. The dispatcher told her that she could have accidentally gotten on one of many little-used mountain roads, and that another blizzard was forecast for later that day. But she said she was going to dispatch a rescue helicopter from Jackson to try to find them. Then she told Linda her name, and to go back to the car and stay warm, and then call back in about twenty minutes.

Davey and Linda made their way back down the hill to the car, stopping to pee on the way down. Then they had another snack and some more water. Linda checked to see if she could get a signal in the car, but it was still no good, so after twenty minutes they climbed back up to the road.

Once they were back on top of the hill, Linda called the emergency number and got the same dispatcher. She said a helicopter had been launched and was following the original road they had been on. After about ten minutes, Linda said, “I can hear rotors!”

The sound was still in a distance, but it was definitely a helicopter. The dispatcher asked if Linda could hear from what direction the sound was coming. It was hard to do with the mountain echoes, but both Linda and Davey thought it was coming from the southwest. Linda could hear the dispatcher telling the pilot to fly in a northeasterly direction, and in a few minutes the sound of the rotors began getting louder.

“We can hear them getting closer,” Linda exclaimed to the dispatcher. And then, a few minutes later, they could see the rescue helicopter in the distance. Both mother and son had tears of joy in their eyes, and began frantically waving their arms until they saw that the helicopter was coming straight towards them.

“Ok Linda, the pilot can see you,” the dispatcher joyfully said, and then she added, “I’ll stay on the line with you until they lift you into the chopper.”

As the helicopter hovered over them, the dispatcher asked if either Linda or Davey needed medical attention. When she was told they didn’t, the helicopter began lowering the rescue basket. Linda put Davey in the basket first, and then watched as he lifted into the helicopter. When the basket was lowered again, Linda climbed in, and then thanked the dispatcher for all her help.

When she was pulled into the helicopter, she saw Davey sitting on the jump seat with a huge smile on his face. Linda sat next to him and hugged him close. As the medic closed the door, he told the pilot to head for home. Then he sat down across from Linda and Davey and said, “You two were lucky… they think the blizzard coming later today is going to be worse than the one that hit last night.”

“Well we’re glad you guys found us,” Linda said happily.

Then the medic said, “You must have gone through hell last night.”

The mother and son smiled happily at each other, and then she said, “ Well it wasn’t that bad, NOT at all.”

“Let’s go camping again sometime…”

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