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A Nasty Birthday BJ

The following is completely true. I’m a little worried to share it.
But it occurs to me that this is a sex story as well as a blog.


Several years ago, I was out with my Beloved Jonny, my Husband, my reason for living.

We were out at one of our favorite little restaurants, a tiny place. My husband is a food snob, and typically, he cooks every meal in our home. I firmly believe my Jonny is the single greatest cook on earth. Seriously, girls, his dishes are to die for; you’ve never had a gourmand make something for you like him. That said, if we ever go out to eat, he picks only the best places.

We were celebrating my birth-week. I feel like I should explain.

In our home, we do not celebrate Birthdays. We celebrate the entire Week. This may have something to do with three out of the four of us having birthdays in the same month. We want to make the most of it; it’s a tradition in our f****y.

So, a few days after my actual Birthday, my Perfect Jonny had taken me out to get something great to eat. The food was superb in that kind of way where you actually remember the entire meal, section by section, with the utmost fondness. It was an absolutely delightful evening; I had a tremendous friend of ours watch our daughter back home, and here I was, spending quality time with My Soul-Mate, my most cherished friend and lover, and to top it off, I had eaten like a queen.

It was very late. The place would be closing soon, and we were practically alone. There were only two other people we had seen the entire night: a man, the cook, well behind us (and behind a cement wall) in the kitchen, completely out of sight, and this adorable girl acting as hostess at the front door.

Other than them, we were alone. And only the cutie-pie could actually see, let alone hear us. When all of this dawned on me, I got an idea. I got an awful idea. I got a wonderful, awful idea…

I was a little d***k. I freely admit that. I had had a beer.
I should explain something else…

I have no resistance to alcohol. Like, at all. Whatsoever. One drink, just one, one glass, one cup, one bottle, one can, even if it’s the lightest, most watered-down thing, and I am just gone. It takes absolutely nothing to get me silly.

My Jonny knows this. He also know that when I’m d***k, I get horny. A little too horny for my own good.
Seriously, I’d fuck anyone or anything when I get tipsy, and my Husband knows this, all too well.
This is why I only Ever drink around him. No exceptions.

For that matter, I rarely drink. Perhaps twice a year, if that.

For the record, I’m a monogamist girl. I am totally devoted and dedicated to my Jonny, and I know, with all my heart, that he is always, Always for me. I am his property, and he Belongs to me. We own one another, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I completely Adore My Jonny ๐Ÿ™‚

So, at the tiny little restaurant, I had had a glass of lager (don’t ask me what), and I was dripping wet for him, pardon my French. I asked my Beloved if he wanted me to suck his cock. Right then, right there. He looked around.
“What about the hostess?” he asked. He was blushing. I fucking Love it when he blushes.
“What about her?” I returned. ๐Ÿ˜‰ “Let her watch, baby. I want her to.”

When I said that, I actually saw his pants bulge. Oh, God help me, I wanted him so bad…
My Jonny knows I’m in charge in this marriage, and he savors every second of it. He loves it when I take control and act like a big s****r.

I knew I was making a mess. See, around my Jonny (so, basically, my entire life LOL) I never wear underwear. It just gets in the way. I only wear a bra or panties if he begs me to, or I know it’s something beautiful or nasty that’s guaranteed to drive him mad.
That night? Nothing. And I was so turned-on that I could feel the spot I was leaving in my skirt. Probably on my seat, too.

I leaned in and wrapped my hand around his cock. I was nose to nose with my gorgeous boy. My lips were brushing against his mouth and nose when I spoke. I never broke eye contact.

“I’m going to swallow your cock now”, I told him. My left hand was crushing and playing with his dick through his pants. I was strangling him with my other hand. “And I want you to cum on my tongue. Got it?”

“Yes, Ma’am”, he returned. He looked scared, but so excited. He loves it when I take command. When I use my True Love like a slave. He knows I will Never hurt him. He knows how badly, how much, I genuinely Worship him.

I was so aroused, my second hand turned from his neck to the back of his head. My fingers gripped and tangled with his hair, I pulled him to my mouth and kissed him. I must have shoved my tongue down to the very bottom of his esophagus, and even when I felt him choke, he just pulled me closer to him. He tastes so fucking good…

In an instant, His hands went from my back, holding me tight, to the sides of my face, holding my head in his hands and cupping my cheeks. The heat coming off of us was insane. He had my tongue gently in his teeth, and was sucking me in, deeper and deeper.

When we could no longer breathe and I was satisfied enough, I pulled him away from me and ran my finger down his nose. He was smiling. I was smiling. I wanted him so bad, I couldn’t control myself. I would have fucked him right there, right on the table, and f***ed him to impregnate me all over again. I needed him.

I know that having c***dren cools some marriages. Yeah, not us…

“Good boy”, I told him, my face still in his loving hands, both of my own hands now firmly entrapping his dick. When my Perfect Jonny looks at me with those Chocolate eyes… Oh, Lord, I turn to jelly. ๐Ÿ™‚
“Good boy”, I repeated. “I love you, little boy. I want you…”

My hands moved on their own. His pants were suddenly open, and there, in my hands, was (at the time) the third great joy of my life. One was my Jonny, two was our daughter, but three? It was his cock. I know it’s only meat. I know it’s just a part of him, and that must explain my feelings, but ladies?
My Jonny’s cock is Perfection.

Just, pure, mouth-watering perfection. Flawless. I get too excited thinking about it now.
I caught the look in his eye. He looked desperate, like he was about to pop already. I love having this power.

I told him I loved him and, giving the head a tender kiss (a trail of precum now hanging from my lips to the tip), I sucked him into my mouth. After a moment, he was at the back or my throat. I sucked him with everything I had in me, my lips envloping him, my tongue pumping and caressing him, my throat being the best pussy she could offer, and my spit was everywhere.

I take the greatest passion and pleasure in sucking cock. I fucking love it. I love being nasty and loud when I do it, too. Nothing makes me as happy as that, at least not in the same way. When I blow him, I cannot stop myself from smiling. Just being around My Perfect Jonny makes me crazy, but having his cock makes me a madwoman.

When I f***ed myself all the way down onto my Love’s manhood, I felt him tense up. I had the totality of him down my throat, my eyes were tearing up, and I had salivated on everything. You should have seen his pants.

When I was down there, gagging on his Beautiful cock, his hands came along the back of my head, scooping up my hair and holding it for me. Suddenly, he was there; My Jonny had bent over at the waist (as best he could LOL) and had kissed me fervently on the top of my head.

Without missing a beat, I heard him whisper “I love you, My Queen, I love you”, and he kissed my scalp again. If I wasn’t grinning like a psychotic before, I was then. Mouth full or not.

I took my cue, and pushed my tongue out to cup and favor his balls. He almost lost it there. I came for the second time in that restaurant.

Then, slightly d***k, I realized that Jonny wasn’t there anymore. His mouth, his face, had moved away, and in their place, I could feel his hand patting me on the shoulder. Removing my mouth from his cock, I looked up to see my Jonny staring off to the side of the room. So, I looked where he looked.

The cute little hostess was standing at her tiny podium. She’d been watching us for the whole time.

She had one hand nearly covering her mouth, and she was a deep and potent red. Her other arm was wrapped around her midsection, and she looked shocked. She hadn’t moved since before I went down on my Husband.

She stared at us, and we stared at her. After a moment, Jonny and I looked at one another.

I waved her over with a smile. All three of us turned to see if the cook in the back was watching.
Nothing. He hadn’t even noticed.

I waved her other again, with greater enthusiasm, and, somewhat reluctantly, she walked to our table. By the time I had begun to swallow him husband whole, I had slithered out of my seat and was squatting on the floor in front of him. I quietly beckoned the girl to come kneel next to me. His glorious cock was still in my hand.

My Perfect Jonny spoke up. I quelled his fears, and assured him everything would be alright.
“Trust me”, I said, and he obediently smiled and nodded.

The honey seated next to me now was so cute, it is a wonder to look back and believe I didn’t pounce on her. I asked her her name. For purposes here, I will not repeat it. She told me, all the same, and I asked her if she was appalled by what I was doing.
She said no.

I love Japanese girls. I really do.

I asked her if she thought what we were doing was disgusting.
Again, she said no.

I asked her if she had ever seen a cock like this.
Embarrassed at the mention of unmentionables, she timidly confessed, that no, she had not.

I asked the beautiful little thing if she liked it.
She, very hesitantly, admitted that she did.

God, protect me from sexy Japanese girls in hostess uniforms who are secretly perverted…

I asked the sexy little thing if she wanted me to do more, and surprise, she confirmed that she did.
I smiled and thanked her before going back down to finish off my Gorgeous Jonny.
The cutie watched me.

When I told her to look my husband in the eye, she did, and I sucked his cock.
When I told her to look at me while I performed, she did, and she seemed to study me as I went.

After another moment or so, where I had deepthroated once more (not just his dick, but this testicles as well), and my Jonny nearly erupted, I asked the little pervert if she wanted to make some money.
My husband looked mortified. He knew I was not in my right mind, and he feared that I would do something far too reckless. Something I would regret.

I looked to My Beloved and promised him that “I know what I’m doing, honey. Don’t worry”.
I asked my Love to please removed ten thousand yen from his wallet (this is roughly equivalent to one hundred dollars, American), and he did so. Handing it to me, I offered the money to the girl, and she asked me what she was going to do.

As calmly as I could, I reached down behind myself to my ass. With a few steady breaths, I slid the butt-plug my Perfect Jonny had placed inside of me early that evening out of my bottom, and presented it to the hostess like a flower.

“Suck on this”, I asked her.

The poor girl’s eye swelled up, bugging out. Her hands covered her mouth, and both Jonny and I heard an audible gasp. I reminded the cutiepie that I was offering her ten-thousand for this gift, and she seem to consider this. The glistening metal toy was held in front of her for a few seconds, my husband and I patiently awaiting her decision. She lowered her hands and glanced over the currency at her fingers.

Slowly, the little thing leaned forward and opened her mouth.

I held the toy out to her more closely, and the filthy fucking pervert sucked it into her pretty little mouth. Bright pink lips engulfed and cocooned around the metal, and there it stayed, like a pacifier in her jaws. She looked oddly contented. Her bright eyes looked right at me while she suckled the butt-plug, her cheeks caving inward, the clear signs of a tongue rolling over the thing between her teeth.

I told her to keep sucking and watch us while she did so. She nodded in agreement.
When I looked back to Jonny, his eyes were popping out his head, and his mouth was on the floor.

I went back to blowing My Beloved Jonny, and the cutest sicko Hostess in the whole country watched us go.

I confess, I touched myself as I worked. At one point, it looked as though my Jonny was about to pass out. You see, there was something I had rather deliberately not told this girl. Before my love and I left home for our night on the town, Jonny had fucked me up the ass as hard as I demanded, to the point where I felt as though I was certain to black-out.

I didn’t. Instead, I milked every last drop of cum out of him, and his magnificent seed filled my asshole. I could feel him; he seemed to be everywhere inside of me. Before I sucked him clean, I asked him for the toy, which he helped me to insert into my anus as surely as we could. It was a snug fit.

The cute little hostess was sucking on a butt-plug that had been marinating in my Jonny’s cum for the last several hours. I had kept the object there as we walked all over town, and now, it was safely inside of the little pervert’s pretty whore mouth.

I think this almost sent my husband over the edge.

As he writhed joyously, my Jonny happened to make eye-contact with the girl beside me. From there, he accidentally glanced to the table, spying the glass of lager I had failed to finish.

Not missing her chance, the hostess instantly seized the glass and offered it up to my baby, with both hands. The metal toy was still fixed in her mouth.

I felt him flex and twitch in my mouth. He almost popped right there. He thanked the girl for the drink, and took it from her, enjoying what remained of it as I went on devouring him.

This done, I stopped sucking for a moment. The pretty little Japanese girl looked at me, sitting at attention. I looked at her and held out my hand.
“Spit”, I commanded.
The precious little thing gingerly spat the sex-toy into my palm. I raised my hand to my mouth and placed the toy within. Delighting in the sensation of her taste and her warmth, the foul, rash disgusting lewdness, I coated the metal in my own saliva before placing it in my hand again.

From here, I plugged up my asshole once more. I asked the pervert if she wanted to make another ten-thousand yen.

Startled and, not a little intimidated, she nodded, blushing somehow even harder than before. She was beginning to noticeably perspire. Her sweat looked delectable…
I told Jonny to fish another wad of cash out from my purse, and he did so like a good puppy. Handing it over to me, I extended the yen to her. The cute hostess accepted it, and I told her to wait.

I returned to loving my Soul-Mate with my mouth.
“Cum for me, sweetheart. Please? Please cum for me”, I said to my Jonny. I could feel him now. He was so warm he was starting to sweat through his shirt, and his pulse was pounding. I could feel it through his beautiful cock. I was feeling faint; I was so turned-on and wild, I was practically in tears.

I couldn’t stop grinning. I had a smile from ear to ear. This was a top contender for best birthday-week, ever.

I begged my baby to nut for me, and after a few seconds, there was a volcanic reaction.
He fucking exploded. It was titanic, and I caught every last drop of of the sweetest ambrosia in the world in my filthy slut-mouth.

If you thought I was d***k before, when the several teaspoons-worth of jizz collided with my tongue, I was so high I could fly. I was burning up and it was hard to see. I felt lightheaded, and wanted so badly to giggle. I knew I had to keep calm. My first, most powerful instinct was to savor and swallow, to drink every last bit, but I had to be better than that.

With all my might, I kept his enormous load in my mouth, and half-stood. I was still beside the hostess, and now, a few inches above her, I took the slut in my hands, her head between my fingers, and turned her to look up at me, eye to eye, facing me. I slightly opened my mouth, using my thumb to encourage her to do the same, and when I saw her unfasten, I drooled every bit of my great loves sperm into her beautiful, pink mouth.

Some got on her pretty face, and more still danced on her sexy lips, but most of my nectar got into her mouth.

I pushed her jaws closed, and told her not to spit it out. When her sexy little eyes opened, she saw me, and I told her not to fucking drink it. I instructed her to enjoy it for a moment, and she seemed to. I cannot recall if the flavor was to her taste, but she moved it around her tongue and cheeks, before I knelt beneath her.

“Now give it all back”, I ordered.

Cautiously, and somewhat frightened, she unhurriedly dibbled the cum back into my waiting mouth. When it stung my gullet, I began to moan. I couldn’t help myself. I came when she offered my Love his drink. I came again when Jonny detonated inside of my hole, and now I was cumming again, this time for the shameless whore who was sharing my husband’s seed.

Perfect boiling goo. Hot, sticky jelly. My favorite food in the universe. I told you my Jonny was a cook, but this was always his best recipe.

I know, I know… I have a problem LOL

When it was all back inside of me, I lurched upward. I licked the cum off of her stunned lips and her petrified face. She tasted like fruit.

I took a few seconds to love and respect the liquid in my throat, touching my tongue, before I finally swallowed.
I came, once more, when I drank it down.

I tried to breath. I looked at myself.
Several drops of cum had landed on my chest. My dress was dotted with white, and you could smell the relentless, intoxicating reek of sex on me.
I must have looked like a fucking whore. A common street-walking slut…
I was so fucking happy, I was crying and laughing at the same time.

I looked up at out wonderful hostess.
“Did you like that?” I asked her.
She confirmed that, yes, she really did. She looked scared, but was just as flush as she had been through all of this. I looked at her, studying her carefully. Jonny was putting his cock away.
“Do you want to do more?” I asked our cute little Japanese girl.

My True-Love wasted no time.
He picked me up off the floor, into his arms, and walked me toward the front door. He’d grabbed my purse and everything. My Jonny thanked the girl for the excellent meal and outstanding service, then apologized for me. He added a final thank you for the lovely present, and we left.

We took the train home.
I may have fucked him on the ride back.
Maybe more than once.

My best birthday-week ever.
But still amazing. Almost as amazing as him ๐Ÿ˜€

I adore you, Jonny. You’re still my God.

-Jamey ๐Ÿ˜‰

I hope some of you liked that. I would love to see comments or questions.
This was a blast to remember, with my Jonny helping to write every line.
I hope it was good for you.

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