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A Pony For Daughter (a****l sex stories)

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Chapter 1

“How are my folks treating you, Tammy?” Priscilla asked over the phone.
The young girl was sprawled out on the bed, the phone propped against
her ear.

“Your parents are real nice,” Tammy replied. A hint of unhappiness
revealed itself in the girl’s voice. She was sitting at the bedroom
window, looking at the street below. The city traffic and people
bothered her. She wished she were back home on the farm in her own

“Your parents are great, too, Tammy,” Priscilla said happily, cutting
into Tammy’s homesick thoughts. “The exchange program that my school
set up is really terrific!” She was bubbling with joy. “I wish I could
stay here on your farm all summer.” She squirmed on her belly. The
tight jeans cutting into her crotch sent a tremor through her virgin

“I’m glad it’s just for two weeks, Priscilla. I can’t get used to all
the noise of the city,” Tammy Hudson said. She closed her eyes, thought
about Beauty, her golden pony. It was going to be a lonely two weeks.
“Have you ridden Beauty yet?”

“I will today,” Priscilla bubbled. “Your father is going to show him to
me later. Hey, Tammy, have you met any boys yet?”

“I haven’t been out of your house since I got here yesterday.”
Priscilla Kirkland rolled on her back, keeping the phone to her ear.
Her hand gradually combed her body, touched her small budding breasts.
She giggled, “Wait until you meet the boys in the neighborhood. They’re
always trying to feel you up.”

Tammy was shocked. “You don’t let them, do you?”

“Of course not. I’m a virgin, but it gets me hot when they try.” Her
virgin pussy began to seep as her mind wandered.

Tammy laughed to herself, thinking of Beauty again and when she had
lost her virginity. “You don’t need boys to get hot and have fun,”
Tammy said in a mysterious tone. She thought of Beauty’s long pony-
cock, and she wished she were back on the farm.

“What do you mean you don’t need boys?” Priscilla asked, slightly

“Maybe you’ll find out before you have to come back to the city.” Tammy
paused, her ears straining. “Your mother’s calling me, Priscilla. I
have to hang up.”

“Tell them I’ll call and say hello tonight. See ya.”

Priscilla hung up.

Once the telephone was back in its cradle, the young virgin was able to
use both hands on her small tits. She closed her eyes and sighed. “Oh,
this must be what she means,” Priscilla said.

Her virgin pussy pulsed. Her fingers quickly unsnapped the jeans. With
a swift move, her panties went with her jeans as she pushed them down
her thighs. “Mmmm!”

Her trembling fingers touched the brown silky hair of her virgin cunt.
Warm pussy juice greeted her fingers. Her big brown eyes widened. Warm
fuck cream coated her swirling fingertips.

Her free hand worked the buttons of her blouse open while the other
hand was busy stroking her pussy mound. Her trembling hand slipped
inside the bra and cupped a firm tit.

The youth sprawled on the bed writhing in innocent passion. One hand
was on a bare tit, the other on her bare pussy. Soft brown eyes turned
glassy. Rippling tremors skipped lightly over her tingling flesh.

“Ohhh … Mmmnnn …” Her innocent features froze into a mask of c***d-
lust. Her frantic fingers stroked her virgin pussy and hard button
clit. Pussy juice flowed from her virgin cunt. Thrashing on the bed,
her soft bare ass rubbed the bedspread.

Eyelids fluttered. Lips parted, soft sighs rushed out. The kneading
fingers on her tit grew more demanding. Her nipples hardened.

The hand on her cunt moved with urgency. Her clit stiffened–gorged
with bl**d. “I’m … I’m … Going …” She was panting heavily. “I’m
… Going … To …”

“Are you in there, Priscilla?” Ben Hudson called from the other side of
the locked bedroom door.

Priscilla wrenched in spasms. She gasped. Her hands came suddenly away
from her overheated body. “Y … Yes, Mr. Hudson …”

Tammy’s father grinned broadly. “I got a surprise for you, Priscilla.”
His voice rose as he talked through the door.

Trembling, Priscilla yanked her panties and jeans back up and quickly

snapped and zipped them. “Wait a minute … I’ll be right there,” she
was in a mixture of excitement and frenzied frustration. She heaved a
sigh when her blouse was finally buttoned.

She slipped out of bed, fixed her shoulder-length brown hair, and went
to the door. Passion still gleamed in her big brown eyes.

Ben took the c***d’s hand, beaming. “C’mon, the surprise is out in the

“Beauty?!” she squealed, anxious to see Tammy’s beautiful pony.

“Yes,” Ben said, enjoying the c***d’s delight.

Overjoyed with the prospect of seeing Tammy’s pony, Priscilla half
dragged Ben across the backyard to the small barn. “C’mon, Mr. Hudson,

The tall man laughed, holding on to Priscilla’s hand as she led him
into the cool shade of the barn. “There he is.”

Priscilla dropped Ben’s hand and ran to the pony’s stall. “Oh, Mr.
Hudson! He’s beautiful! Beautiful!”

Ben stood back a few feet, smiling at the c***d. She was stroking
Beauty’s thick blonde mane. “Tammy thinks he is, too.” He laughed. “I
hope you don’t spend as much time with Beauty as Tammy does. There’s a
lot more to the farm than her pony. Tammy seems to be with him all the

Priscilla gave Ben Hudson a big smile. “Oh no,” she said emphatically.
With loving caresses, she stroked Beauty’s golden coat. “I want to see
and do everything on the farm while I’m here.”

“I’m glad to hear that,” he said. “Would you like to take him for a

“Can I really!”

“You know how to ride?” he asked cautiously.

“Yes, Mr. Hudson. My father says I’m very good.” Priscilla stepped out
of the way so Mr. Hudson could saddle the pony.

“Be careful,” he said. Holding the reins, he walked Beauty out into the
morning sunshine. He patted the leather saddle, then gave Priscilla the
reins. “Be back in time for lunch.”

Quickly, Priscilla mounted the pony. “I will,” she promised.

“If you follow that dirt path down to the trees, there’s a nice stream.
Beauty likes to stop there for a drink.”

She nodded vigorously, anxious to be on her way. With a gentle nudge of
her heels, she urged the pony forward. “C’mon, boy.” She made a
clucking sound, and they were off.

Ben watched the happy teenager ride off. When she was beyond the field
and skirting the grove of trees, he went inside the house. He hoped his
daughter, Tammy, was as happy in the city as Priscilla was here in the

Bouncing in the saddle, Priscilla enjoyed the friction against her
jean-clad crotch. Having been deprived of an orgasm earlier, her cunt
and clit were ultra-sensitive. Each gentle slap against the hard saddle
made her tremble, made her pussy seep, her clit throb. “I’m creaming
myself,” she gasped, her words being carried off in a gentle breeze.

The stream was up ahead, and she tugged gently on Beauty’s reins.
“Easy, boy, easy,” she soothed, sensing the pony’s excitement. She
slowed him down.

At the brook, Priscilla climbed off the pony’s back.

“Oh, Shit!” Her legs trembled, and she leaned against Beauty for
support while he drank at the flowing stream of crystal clear water.
The horny teenager rubbed her slender body against the pony’s golden-
colored coat. “God, I’m so hot, Beauty!” The ride, with its friction on
her pussy and coupled with her interrupted sex play, had the young
virgin boiling with passion.

Water dribbling off his snout, Beauty snorted. He tossed his head in
the air, then twisted to look at her. He snorted again and nudged
Priscilla in the side.

“Ohhhh!” she squealed. “You got me all wet.” She stepped back abruptly.
She glanced down at herself. Her blouse was wet, and she could see her
bra through the wet material. A shiver raced down her spine. Her
nipples stiffened.

Beauty whinnied, then nudged her again playfully like he always did
with Tammy. Trembling with passion, Priscilla was caught off balance.
She stumbled and fell. “Eeeewww!”

Beauty pawed the soft earth and gently nudged his muzzle between
Priscilla’s outstretched legs. He tossed his head in the air again, his
golden blond mane swishing. The contact against her cunt was
electrifying. Priscilla sat up. “Beauty, what did you do to me?”

Repeating the erotic action, Beauty nestled his snout between her legs
again. This time, he didn’t take his snout away.

Shaken, Priscilla scrambled away from his nuzzling head. “Oooo, you’re
worse than the boys I know,” she giggled, watching the pony’s head bob.
She stood, her face flushed red. Her eyes quickly scanned the wooded
area. Her face brightened. The place was secluded, affording her the
privacy her desires needed.

“Maybe you want to see my titties like the boys at home do?” she
giggled impishly. She fumbled with the buttons of her blouse. Dizzy
with lust, she felt light-headed. Exposing herself to an a****l was
thrilling, had her creaming. “Now, don’t tell your friends,” she said
to the pony jokingly.

Tremulous sighs escaped her mouth. She d****d her blouse over a low
branch. Her bra quickly followed.

Bare from the waist up, she jutted out her small budding tits. The
plump mounds jiggled with each ragged breath she took. The nipples
stood erect, hard with excitement. The warm summer breeze caressed her,
and the creamy flesh became dotted with goose bumps.

She staggered over to the pony. “Look at my titties, Beauty. See how
big they’re getting?” She squeezed them together, making them appear
larger, more plump.

Beauty raised his head to look at her. His rubbery lips quivered with a
snorting sound. He shook his head as he stepped forward. His wet
slobbering lips touched the sizzling flesh of Priscilla’s small

She reeled, her head spinning. “Oh, God, your lips are so soft and
wet.” Her legs were shaking. She stroked his head and rubbed her tits
into his drooling mouth. “Beauty,” she sighed shakily, watching the
pony slobber his warm drool over her tittie meat. Her nipples were ripe
and hard. Her face lit up. “Maybe this is what Tammy meant.”

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