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A Short Story of my Relative’s Misdemeanours.

‘She reached down and took hold of his cock, and at the same time, sunk to her knees. As her mouth drew level, her nose picked up the scent of his unwashed smegma, an indication of his poor hygiene’.

She could feel her throat contract at the thought of what she might have to do, after all, she was at his beck and call.

‘Lick my fucking balls, bitch’

She stuck out her tongue and pressed its tip against his crinkled sac, the contact could be felt as his cock hardened in her hand.

‘More’, he gasped and she had no option but to relax her throat muscles and ease more of her tongue out onto his ball sac and start licking it like a thirsty dog lapping water, only this water was as rancid as his unwashed scrotum could be.

The moment she dreaded was upon his next mouthings, and she felt like throwing up, as the strong pungency and cheesy smell made her retch, as he pressed his glans into her reluctant mouth, the taste of the cheese overwhelming as he pushed into the back of her throat and his cock touched her tonsils.

‘Suck’, he screamed, and she had no option but to seal her pink lips around his girth and create a small vacuum for him to hump into, holding her freshly scented trusses of blond hair, as leverage, to drive himself into her tight throat, which he fucked, using the bony structuring of her trachea, as a stimulation for his glans to be excited sufficiently enough, until he shot a load of warm semen down her throat.

I stopped reading and placed the script on the coffee table. I looked at my uncle, who was sitting with a tortured expression on his face, and his hands covering, what I expected was an erection.

‘Who wrote this uncle’, I asked him in my best little girl’s voice. My uncle, I already knew, had a thing for young girls, and I was hovering close to the age limit, but still a few years from my exclusion.

‘You read like an expert’, he complimented me, ‘word for word’, then he added, ‘you’re not shocked by the adult nature of the text’, he asked my inquisitively?

I looked at him and wondered if he thought about me doing something similar on him, even though I was a direct bl**d relation.

‘It’s about giving a ‘Blow-Job’ uncle’, only using more descriptive prose’, I countered, knowing he liked to hear my opinions as well as my expressive sexual thoughts.

He smiled as I predicted, ‘Ever given one’, he queried, then added my name for emphasis, ‘Emma’?

‘Outside masturbation uncle, it’s the first thing girls learn to give men and boys’, I retorted, I purposely used the word ‘men’, to emphasise ageism was never be a barrier. Uncle was 59, considerable older than my 15 years.

‘Your mother was a prolific cock-sucker, when she was your age’. There was a slight sense of vindictiveness in his tone.

I must say he caught me out with that last sentiment, my mother was furthest from my thoughts at this moment in time.

‘How did you know that uncle’, I queried, genuinely interested?

He smiled wickedly, ‘She was a good little s****r, and I was always a horny teenager, too lazy to hunt down hungry female mouths, so I would pop my cock into hers and she always swallowed’.

I swallowed too at the thought of it, but then the reading I had just finished suddenly made sense, ‘That was you throat fucking my mother in that page I just read aloud’, I asked him?

His smile was broad, a dark f****y secret read aloud by the newest generation, a young female to boot, about her whorish mother and debauched uncle, I stared as he bobbed his head in acknowledgement.

Sitting here in town at my uncles apartment was by design, I earned some serious money pandering to his whims, that’s why I did it, perhaps I had that whorish genetic quality inherited from my mother, but £100 in my purse was worth my verbal slutty mouthings, and secret schoolgirl secrets, which he got off on.

‘Why didn’t you wash before making her suck you off’?

‘She liked to clean dirty cocks with her mouth, feel used, that was her thing, how she got off’, he replied. The rapidity of his answer made me believe my mother was like that, she was a bit strange when it came to sex, even more so when she and daddy divorced early in my life, and her lovers started staying over.

I remember she once called me into the bedroom and asked me to fetch a glass of water. When I came back they were engaged in sex, with the man in behind her as she lay propped up on her side facing me as I stood there holding the glass of water.

She looked back over her shoulder and said to the man lying behind her, ‘She’s back, now you can finish’.

Her eyes closed as his movements behind her became more pronounced and violent, the fact the top sheet was being displaced and exposing her nudity to me, as they fucked, she cared not.

I stood rock still and stared as he fondled and grabbed her breasts, her violent hip movements as he banged into her, and all I remember, was the shock blond pubic hair above her cunt, their opening fucking display, I assume for my benefit, cast aside any maternal display a daughter might expect, and left me in limbo, to grow up with an Independence, bereft of her, and take up this option with her p**o b*****r, who paid me handsomely for my girlish misdemeanours.

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