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a special secretary

Things had been so serious at work, people getting laid off, management making cuts here and there, no one knew who was going to be next, ugh! I’d been working there for 2 months and I thought I was doing a good job, but I couldn’t help wondering if I was going to be in the next round of layoffs. I was on my knees by a file cabinet arranging some documents when my boss walked by and stopped to look at me with a serious expression on his face. I looked back at him and smiled nervously then he came up to me and stood right in front of me. I stayed on my knees and looked up at him, he just stared at me, “um… can I help you sir?” I asked shyly and put a strand of my long hair behind my ear. He didn’t answer, just stared at me on my knees looking up at him, he made me a little nervous, and I felt a little weird being on my knees, his crotch right in front of me, then he finally spoke, “when you’re done filing those documents come into my office Lara.” Then he walked away and I thought, shit! Here it comes, layoff time!

I went into his office after I finished the filing, he told me to close the door. I went and stood in front of his desk and he looked me up and down with a serious expression, I had my feet together, standing straight, my hands behind my back, “you called sir?” I said and smiled nervously, he just kept staring at me, up and down, taking me in. I was wearing a cute black skirt suit, the skirt was short and tight, which made my cute butt look great, the fit was so tight that I never wore undies with it because I didn’t like the panty lines. I had lacy black stockings on and very sexy black heels. My white blouse was unbuttoned to mid chest and I had a sweet little gold heart pendant hanging between my cute small tits, no bra, the black suit jacket fit tight and cute, I looked very professional and sexy at the same time.. “Sit down Lara” he finally said and pointed to the chair in front of his desk. I sat down and kept my legs together, I smiled and put a strand of my long pretty hair behind my ear. “I have something I need to talk to you about Lara and it is a sensitive matter.” I kept silent and nodded, I thought, here it comes, layoff time. “These past couple of months have been very stressful for me here,” I nodded “having to layoff employees makes my work extra difficult and at times unbearable.” “I’m so sorry to hear that sir,” I said “if there’s anything I can do to help please let me know OK?” I felt bad for the guy, laying people off must suck for a boss! “Well I’m glad you said that Lara” he nodded and looked at my pretty legs, I smiled sweetly. “You see Lara” he went on “I am hoping that you can help me during times of stress while at work” he said, still with a serious expression on his handsome face. “You mean I’m not getting laid off?” I asked all happy and surprised. He frowned and said “no, no, fortunately you are OK.” I smiled brightly and waved my arms in the air, “yay!” I said all peppy, feeling relieved. “Sure, I love to help sir, and I don’t want you to be stressed at work, that’s never good!” I said and smiled at him.

“Good girl” he said and actually smiled for a second! “Let’s talk about the different ways to relieve stress Lara,” I nodded “Um… OK” I said. “Can you tell me what some of those are Lara?” Hmmm, I brought my index finger to my lips and thought for a second, “well sir, shoulder rubs are always good, massages in general.” He nodded, “yes those are good, go on, what else Lara.” “I like taking hot baths when I’m stressed,” he nodded “hot baths are good but let’s concentrate on things that can be done while at work.” I thought some more and almost blurted out blowjobs! But I didn’t, I just started blushing because I realized he was playing me, had the hots for me and wanted me to be his special secretary, his sweet and very sexy cocksucker, ready to make him cum in my mouth whenever he asked for it, actually made my kitty wet, and the way he kept staring at me was hot, even though he looked a little beat up because of all the crap at work lately, he was a handsome man, so cocky and confident, yep, I’d be happy to please him that way.

He saw me blushing and not saying anything, I started playing with my hair, he looked at my legs again so I slowly crossed them, flashing him for a second, my skirt pulling up, showing some of my sexy thighs in the lacy stockings and I just kept smiling sweetly at him. “So, can you think of any other ways that you could help me relieve stress while at work Lara?” I bit my lip and nodded. “Yes?” he asked “can you tell me what that is?” He asked all cool and collected. I hesitated, he waited “go on Lara” he said. “Um… I could give you a blowjob?” I said and started giggling and blushing even more, like a school girl! He just stared at me and didn’t even flinch, “yes, that would help.” He stared at me with his poker face while I felt my kitty getting a little wet. “Do you like giving blowjobs Lara” he asked me. I smiled and blushed and nodded my head “I do sir… very much.” I bit my lip again, he looked at my legs again so i uncrossed them and left them a little bit spread, enough for him to get a sweet view of my shaved kitty.. He stared at my pussy and nodded “good girl” he said “go and lock the door Lara” he ordered me. I got up and locked the door, my heart beating a little faster, my nipples getting a little hard “come and kneel here in front of me” I obeyed and walked back towards him with my sexiest walk, moving my sexy hips for him. He already had his big hard cock out of his trowsers, all shiny with precum just waiting for me to help it. When I saw it my smile got even wider and I slowly got between his legs and real slowly knelt in front of him as he stayed seated in his nice leather chair.

I looked up at him and slowly wrapped my hands around the shaft, “hi” I said and smiled like a very good little girl, he pulled my long hair off my cute face so he could see me as I slowly ran my pink tongue over the head, licking all the precum off the head. He stared at me and moaned, “that’s it Lara, that helps a lot, don’t stop.” I slowly wrapped my lips around the head and ran my tongue in circles over the head, mmm yummy boss! He moaned a little louder, I took him out of my mouth, looked up at him and asked, “does that feel good sir?” “Yes it does Lara” he answered, “feels great!” He caressed the back of my head, held my hair off my face. I kept rubbing his cock, “good!” I said and smiled then I put him in my mouth, mmm slowly slid him to my throat for just a second so he could feel how talented I am, so he’d know he picked the right girl for the job. “Mmmmm Lara” he moaned as I deep throated him. I took him out of my mouth again, wiped spit off my chin and asked him, “and that, did that feel good sir?” I giggled and kept smiling and rubbing him, he didn’t say anything, he just grabbed the back of my head and slowly pushed it towards his cock, mmmm I started giving him one of my special blowjobs, slow and full of love, he had a very nice cock, almost 8 inches, straight, not too wide but wide enough to fill my mouth and I thought it’d feel so good in my pussy and ass, mmm a lovely cock, so hard for me, wanting me.

He didn’t say anything just stared at me as I gave him sweet head, then he just closed his eyes after a while and totally let me take over, mmm I’d suck him slow and sweet, softly rubbing his balls, then I’d lick them, then I’d deepthroat him for a while, yum! We stayed quiet like that for about 5 minutes, both of us moaning softly, me making him feel like a million bucks. He’d open his eyes and stare at me as I looked up at him and kept sucking him with all my love, so wanting him to cum super hard in my mouth, mmm all that nasty stress gone! “You are such a good girl Lara” he said and caressed my hair, I took him out of my mouth and slowly ran my tongue all over his cock, adoring it, I looked at him said “I like being a good girl sir” then I put him back in my mouth and just kept sucking him looking up at him.

Then I remembered he had a meeting coming up! So I took him out of my mouth and said, “sir, you remember you have that meeting in about 20 minutes?” I said looking at the clock on his desk. “Shit!” He said and his expression changed, so I put him back in my mouth so he’d relax, which he did then he looked at me and said, “you are amazing Lara!” I smiled and kissed his cock. “I wanna make u cum sir” I said sweetly and before he could say anything I slowly slid him to my throat as I rubbed his balls. I started swallowing spit which makes the muscles of my throat contract and squeeze the head of the cock, guys love that and so did my boss, because he started throbbing really hard and after a few seconds of me loving him like that he came super hard in my mouth! Mmmm good girl Lara! I swallowed all his cum as he gasped and breathed hard, mmm daddy, I kept sucking him and cleaning all the cum off him until he went soft in my mouth.

I took him out of my mouth, gave his cock a sweet kiss then I looked up at him and said, yum! As I wiped my chin. “Wow!” he finally spoke, “I feel so much better! I so needed that! Thank you Lara!” I kissed his soft cock and said, “you’re welcome sir! Anytime you need me to help you know you can count on me!” I was so wet and happy, he leaned down and kissed me on the mouth, I kissed him back, letting him taste his cum in my mouth.

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