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A “Step” in the Right Dirction 2

A Step in the Right Direction 2

Otherwise known as “A Second Step “

In the first story, I accidentally walk in on Jane’s daughter who is living with us. She was getting into the shower and… well things happened. When that finished up I was truly thinking that life could not get any better. But then this past Tuesday I came home and… well…..

As I came home from work last Tuesday, Tara was just leaving I assumed to go to work. She has a summer job of waiting tables at a Cracker Barrel as she is waiting to go to another University in the fall to finish her Master’s Degree. The leggy nicely tanned body seems to send my cock on alert every time I see her now … She blew me a kiss as we passed and giggled.

Jane, my wife, who is only 17 years older than her daughter Tara was standing at the door and was watching. I tried to not blush but…. “A friend once told me that every man wants what he does not have. I am light skinned and short, and my youngest is tall and perfect. I guess I should have expected your eye would notice!” She laughed as I wrapped an arm around her and drew her to me and kissed her deeply.

“You told me long ago that you did not care where I got my appetite as long as I came home to have the main course!” I laughed
“So I did.” She waved to the car as it pulled out and Tara honked and sped off down the street. Turning to me Jane said, “Tara is going with some friends to a music festival this next weekend. She is going to go pick up the ticket and pay for it now. I was thinking that might let us explore one or two of those naughty fantasies you used to whisper to me and write about and send to me before we got married.”

I knew well the stories she was talking about. I knew she was curious about being a dominatrix back before we got married two years ago. Once we were married we did play at it a little but it usually fizzled because she would whip me and cut me or one of us would start laughing at something the other said and after a while we had decided that role playing was not going to be our strong suit. After 24 months of fucking in every room in the house, most of the yard outside it and trying most other standard sexual thing, sex had started to grow routine lately. So the idea of trying this again sounded awesome to me!

She led me back the hall, past the stained wall outside the guest bath and into our Master Bedroom. “Strip,” she commanded as she walked across the room and into my closet and pulled out our toy box. There really isn’t much in it. We have some handcuffs with padded bracelets, vibrators, a whip, a riding crop and some lubes. By the time she returned to the room I was basically down to my underwear. “Go take a shower… And I don’t want you to come back out here with single hair on your cock or balls when you return or there will be hell to pay!”

I looked at her and was about to challenge her because the only time I had ever shaved my privates was when I got my vasectomy more than a decade earlier and I hated how it itched growing back!!! She had just set the box down and opened it and pulled out the riding crop. I shut my mouth. She had cut me right across three ribs the one time that we had played with that as more than a prop. A chill ran through my spine as I remembered that night and I turned and headed for the shower.

Not being very practiced at the art of man-scaping It took me a while, which was part of the plan I realized later. By the time I was done and walked back into the room, things were… different. The tie-down straps from my pickup truck were run under the bed and each end was clipped to one of five dog collars. The collars were lying on the bed which had been stripped except for three pillows piled in the bed.

But that was not the only thing that had changed. Jane was no longer wearing capris’ and a tee shirt. Her hair was pulled back tight to her head and the blonde was streaked dark with styling gel and held tight to her head by a single pony tail at the base of her skull. The bra and shirt was replaced by a leather vest of mine that only had one button fastened down near her navel. She had on black leggings with a spider web type of black design to it. She had on boots that came up to her knees and stiletto heels that made her at least three inches taller.

But it was the dark eyes and black lipstick that caused me to shudder. They made her look evil and like every thought and design of hers was going to be painful. I wondered if Tara and she had talked and if allowing her to subdue me was a rather stupid thing to do. At the same time, my freshly washed and dried cock bobbed up and down and nodded its happy opinion in agreement with anything the incredible creature in front of me might ask!!

I climbed on the bed and laid back on the pillows under my hips while putting my head down near the foot where the fifth collar was. She praised me for my obedience as she locked a collar around my right arm and leg and then the left side. She then pulled the ratchet and I felt my arms being stretched out. The legs were locked out so that I was fairly wide spread. In short, I was definitely vulernable!
She then fastened the collar around my neck and pulled it snug. “I have been wrong in the past Bryan. You always wanted to be submissive and to be controlled in the bedroom and I just did not give that to you. I was wrong. But I plan to fix that. Tonight I want to experiment so I can spend the rest of the week planning for this weekend. It is a long holiday weekend and now that Tara is going to be out of the house… well maybe I will just use you as my own personal sex toy all fucking weekend long!” Then she turned my face to the side and licked it from ear to mouth and we kissed a passionate kiss. “Open up.” She said breathlessly and I did and she spit in my mouth! It was so damn unexpected I almost choked! Jane laughed,

She pulled out a cloth night mask and put it over my eyes and then told me to stay right there before she walked out of the room, leaving me bound, naked and unable to see. If you have never been in that situation, it is unnerving. The pillows had my hips thrust up toward the ceiling while my bonds only allowed me to move my head and feet only a few inches. She returned a few minutes later and turned on a German porn movie where it sounded like at least two women and maybe more were beating the hell out of a man that was howling. She cranked up the volume so loud that I could not hear whether she was still in the room or not.

Mentally, I was preparing myself for the treatment the man in the movie was getting. It sounded brutal. I could not imagine Jane intentionally hurting me. But I also could not imagine her staking me down to the bed either and yet there I was!

I was not even aware she was in the room when I felt something wooden on either side of my right nipple just before the shock of a rough stinging pinch on my nipple was reported to my brain. I was better prepared when the other clothespin snapped down on my left nipple but it was still intense. So much so that I moaned.

“I like the sound of that.” I heard her laugh quietly with menace. I felt her move so her knees were on either side of my head and she said, “You want to taste my pussy? You want to tongue my clit and make me cum don’t you?” She then lowered herself so that I could feel the warmth of her warm moist interior lower within an inch or less of my mouth and tongue.

Dragging her fingernails across the soft flesh of my belly, she laughed as I gasped and then she quickly lowered her wet, hairless pussy directly over my mouth and nose! I only had a moment to grab a quick breath and then her thick juices were being rubbed into my nose and mouth and all over my face. I stuck my tongue out in an effort to lick her but almost immediately she stood up and I was left trying to catch my breath as she slapped my belly and chest with her open hands!

Laughing I heard her say, “Your prick is leaking and about as hard as I have seen it in the past couple of months! I guess that I have just been taking it too easy on you lately. But I can change that!” I felt her hand lean onto the side of the bed and then a hand encircled my scrotum and I felt my balls slowly being pulled straight down almost as if she was going to pull the over-sized golf balls all the way down to my ankles!! The pain was not shooting, just intense… and arousing and I heard her laughing as she backed off of the bed.

For the next however long, Jane alternately used her mouth, fuzzy feathers, rubber gloves and several other things on my cock, taking me to the very edge of explosion only to stop and leave me listening to the torment on the computer or flicking my balls or scratching marks into my body with her fingernails. I was begging to cum when suddenly she got me right there… you know where I am talking about. I was at that point where I could feel the cum load boiling in the tube and just needing that one more touch, like a spark to gunpowder to set my explosion into that glorious chain reaction when she left.

I do not give a shit what they were doing to the guy in the movie; it could not have been any more frustrating than what my wonderful evil wife was doing to me by leaving me swinging in the wind. It seemed like forever and there was nothing. Just the aching twisting of my testicles needing to let fly and the sound of the video.

Then I heard what sounded like a chair being placed next to the bed. I had no idea what was going on now. For the most part, as well as I could tell, my erection had faded and I had a puddle of pre-cum that had built up on my belly and then run over my side and down onto the bed. Then the video stopped and the sl**p mask was removed from my face. That was when I saw three cameras around the room, all focused upon me. She was dressed in only the leather vest now. She put one foot up on the bed, and the other on the floor, thus spreading herself wide open on the front edge of the chair as she leaned back and smiled. “You wanted an orgasm? Is that what you wanted? My poor husband. You are right. You deserve an orgasm. I think I will give you mine!”

With her left hand she spread open those thick meaty lips of hers that stick out and look so lurid even when she is sl**ping. Now, they were glistening with lust and need and as her fingers drew them apart the tender tendrils of dew stretched from one side of her pink depths to the other before snapping and making her ever wet! With the tip of the thick black lifelike cock she teased her nether lips, sliding it up and down that molten slit of hers, coating the head in her love juice. When she raised it to her lips and stuck her tongue out and flicked the tip of the rubber cock with her silken tongue I moaned, and she chuckled in an almost diabolical manner!

She sucked that 8 inch cock down into her extremely talented throat and I knew my own rod was rapidly refilling and would soon rival its rubber counterpart for rigidity. When it came out of her mouth the lace of spit coated the entirety of the rod and hung suspended in a delicate manner between her lips and the monster before finally breaking and falling in a carnal line across her black lips and white chin! She sucked much of it back into her mouth and I groaned again.

Watching as she slowly worked that black cock into her, I felt my own cock begin to plead again for release and satisfaction. When half of the phallus was lodged deep within her cunt, she paused to pull her large soft breasts out into the cool air of our room so that she could pull and twist on her long rubbery nipples as I watched and she continued feeding her hungry pussy its meal of imitation dick.
As she finally worked the last of the cock into herself, she moaned and suddenly leaned forward in the chair and kissed me full on the lips! Her passion and desire radiated from her mouth to mine and fired up my need and desire for her ever higher. I felt as much as heard her moan through our embrace and then I felt her moving her arm in quick hard jabbing movements that I did not have to see to understand. Her back suddenly arched and her mouth lifted from mine. Her large full breasts swung nearly freely and nearly close enough for me to attack, but not quite! And then she stood up and on legs that were trembling stood just above my head and moving the dildo only fractions of an inch, began to quiver once more in only a few seconds.

This time though she pulled the glazed toy all of the way out and immediately all of her thick and clean sexy cum poured out of her gaping pussy! Some of it shot onto me as she frigged her clit and cursed, but much or it poured out her wet puffy sex and ran in fivers down the inside of her sexy legs!!!

I will admit it. I begged at this point for her to let me cum. I did not simply want to cum; I was seriously beginning to wonder if I might not be on the verge of doing some damage internally if I did not get to shoot my load soon! So I begged and plead as she lay across my chest.

She stood up after a few minutes, and walked unsteadily to the side of the be, and then put those wet and slippery thighs to either side of my hips and plunged my cock, balls deep into her hot wet pussy! I thrashed on the bed at the intensity of going from nothing for so long to feeling the vise-like squeeze of the walls of her vagina as it sought not only to drain me, but to pull all of me deeper and deeper into her!

Then she began basically twerking her hips over my rigid cock and I am not ashamed to say, I was cumming within seconds! I was glad for the restraints because as it was I nearly threw Jane clear of the bed in my efforts to nail myself into the very depths of her womb. I have never in all of my life felt both such incredible pleasure and pain as I fired off fluids that my cock was pulling from my skull and toes and all points in between to deposit it deep into her! Typically I cum in large loads but this time it felt like I was just firing torrents and waves of fluid up into her and before I had even finished I could feel it gushing out of her across my root, balls, hips, the bed and I swear I could almost imagine it splashing on walls and ceiling!

For a while nothing was real. The bed spun like something out of the Wizard of Oz and the walls disappeared as did all concepts of time and existence. There was only the orgasmic bliss of having finally experienced my release in the most wonderful of ways possible.
I became aware first that Jane was no longer on me and then that my legs and then my arms were free. She undid the collar on my throat as she asked, “How was that for a warm up for what happens this week when Tara and her friends are gone?” My wife kissed my mouth and my mind swirled in yet another wave of pleasure. “I think I should start teasing you on Friday evening and release you just before she comes home Monday afternoon!!!” Jane giggled and I grabbed her and pulled her onto the bed with me as she dropped the released collar from my neck.

“You will kill me if you do that!” I said when we finally broke off the embrace.

“Good thing I have you insured then, isn’t it!” she quipped before rolling off of me and scampering to the shower. “Tell you what, why don’t you watch the video from the camera on the TV while I clean up a little. You can let me know if you see anything you would change.” I laughed at the thought of improving on what we had just shared. In the three years of knowing each other and two years of marriage we had never once had sex like that! Room for improvement?

“Maybe by adding Tara,” I thought to myself with a dirty grin.

I clicked off the camera and hit start. It picked up soon after she had finished binding me to the bed. The camera jostled a bit and then was set down on the TV showing me laid out on the bed as she checked the bonds on the bed. Then she smiled up at the camera, nodded and blew a kiss toward the camera.

Then the unmistakable face of Tara waked past the camera!

I sat there stunned staring at the TV as it went on, showing Jane getting some things out of a dresser drawer and putting them on the bed. Tara had been in the room and had seen me… had seen how her mother had me…..

I almost did not even see her standing in the doorway until she stepped out of the shadow of the hallway and smiled at me as we both heard the water from the shower kick on. She walked very deliberately over to where my still glistening cock lay on my belly. She leaned over, showing some of her sexy cleavage as she put her nose almost on my cock. Staring up into my eyes, I saw her tongue dart out and slowly she licked the length of my balls and spent cock as it marinated in the sexplosion of juices that had glazed it from Jane and me.

“I told you that Mom and I don’t keep secrets!” she said as she licked her lips. She winked at me, stood up and walked out of the room shaking one of the most incredible asses in the world at me as she went. I heard her laugh as she walked down the hall and I turned to see what else had gone on during the evening!!!!!!


You can imagine how my mind raced for the next several minutes as Jane was in the shower and Tara left!

I can hardly imagine where this is going to wind up, but so far… WOW!!! Jane came back to bed with an impish smile on her face and her phone in her hand. Obviously she had already heard what had happened from Tara! But she acted like she had no idea what I was talking about and told me to sit back and enjoy the movie. By the time it ended, we were both covered in cum again (Okay, I beat off and shot my wad all over her!!) so we each jumped into the shower and washed each other clean again, before stripping the bed and putting on clean sheets for the night..

It does make me look forward to the weekend though!!!

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