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A Summer Nights Dream

It was during the summer of 2008 when one of my most experimental sexual encounters occured.
It was just reaching mid afternoon and I was having a barbecue with friends in the garden the sun was shining and I was feeling all hot and sweaty, as i looked across out of my garden i could my neighbour, a short blonde haired milf about 40 years old, was in her garden making the most of the hot weather wearing just her bikini, she is a bigger than average girl but short and tanned, very nice indeed. I began to sneak a look at her every few minutes and as she turned on to her stomach i was getting very turned on by the site of her bikini pulled tight across her chubby cheeks. Within a few minute she stood up and showed of her lovely curves with her big nippled breasts poping through her bikini top, this made my cock twinge and could feel the rush of bl**d, within seconds i was rock hard. She began to walk in the house with her stomach and arse bouncing around freely, when she returned she walked back to her lounger and lied down face first, this gave me a lovely view of her pussy lips peeking through her pants, by this time my cock was throbbing and could feel the pre cum seeping through the end. As the day went on i was constantly checking her curves and ant one point she noticed i was checking her out, it was getting to evening time and all of the guests had left. My neighbour still in her garden but by this time she was watering her plants, the sight of her bending over and the thought she knew i was watching made me want to go over for a chat. i walked over to her and once i got close i could see her camels hoof bulging out of her pants, she was wearing a very small bikini but was a curvy girl, this made my cock go hard again. As i stood chatting i could feel my cock rising free. My neighbour obviously noticed this and made a compliment on my pants this made me feel mega horny, she asked me to show her if i wasnt shy. I agreed instantly and released my throbbing cock from my pants, she gently took it in her hand and began slowly stroking my shaft and rubbing my balls with her finger and thumb. I asked her is she wanted to show me her juicy clit and she slowly peeled off her pants. I then started to play with her clit as she popped her pert tits out of her bra, she dropped to her knees and began licking and sucking my 8 inch member. Within 5 minutes i had her bent over the lounger and was fucking her silly, she was moaning and groaning and gagging for more. I continued fucking her doggystyle and as i looked up could see another neighbour was watching us, i told her and it must of made her even more horny. She then layed me down and sat on my face whilst wanking my cock vigirously. We finished off by her riding my cock until i exploded inside her, with warm cum oozing from her cunt. when i checked to see if the guy was still watching he had vanished presumably gone to wank himself daft.
The thought of other people watching you fuck really turns me on and ive had a few more encounters with her since, ill be uplodindg more stories about her.

Updated: October 20, 2016 — 7:23 pm

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