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A tribute to Ms. K

Her name was Joy Kenny. She was a neighbor of mine while I was a teenager. My mother was older than she was but they both was housewife’s. So they became friends besides being neighbors. Often when I arrived home after school Joy will be in the kitchen. Joy was 10 years older than I was but I had a enormous “crush” on her.
Let me describe this creature of my young fantasy. She stood about 5′ 8” or so. A delightful smile which I see now even though more than 50 years has past. She had short fire red hair with the deepest blue eyes that will make men melt. The memorable thing about her is her shape: 38-35-45 with a pair of 38G breast. Thinking about them make me drool.
I was taking more and more opportunity to watch Joy from afar. There was times I would watch her as she was leaving her apartment and others when I would stand behind a tree in her yard and watch her while she was undressing in her bedroom. How much I wanted to be in the room with her.
One summer my parents and my s****r went on a two week cruise to Alaska. As a birthday present for my s****r. I was to go too but I get sea and air sick. But I had more enjoyment than they ever would seeing Alaska. After seeing them off I return home. The agreement was while they were gone, I would be under Joy’s supervision.
One day there on the door was a letter for me. It was written my Joy. This was the first note I received from a admire (even though it was one sided … so I thought). After hurrying to see what Joy had to say, at first I was disappointed and crushed. In the note she came down on me and my young heart felt the weight of her discontent. In big bold letters Joy said that she was aware of me spying on her.
Then I knew I was caught like a rat in a rat trap. I did not want to read on but I did. Joy demanded that I pay the penalty for my actions to her satisfaction or she would tell my parents everything about what I have done. Then I looked at a clock and sweet start down my face. It was 3:56. There was no time to think about my position or come up with another plan. So I called her and said “Please don’t tell. I’ll do anything just don’t tell.” “Come I have a list of errands you can do, for starters” she said.
Over the next 11 days I would wash her car, clean the yard, go shopping, go to the dry cleaners for her, clean her apartment. On day 12 of my penalty Joy wanted to see me. So after work I went to her apartment. I knocked on the front door and it flew opened. After walking in I could hear the water from the shower. Just then it stopped.
The door to the bathroom opened and Joy came out. She was not expecting me. To see the one of my sexual fantasy standing there in the room nude. I froze in my tracks. As my mind took in her body. But Joy said “Do you like what you see? Was it worth spying on me? I bet you want a closer look?” As she came closer my eyes was fixed on curves and wiggles of her body. Her eyes were fixed on mine.
Once she got within arm reach she extended her hand to mine and guided it to her breast. “Feel how warm it is” she said. Her skin was warm, smooth and moist from the shower as I cupped her breast in my hand. Let us sit down and relaxed. As I sat down on the love seat. Joy put her knees on each side and straddle me. “If you like kiss my breast” she said in a sexy voice. What an invitation from this creature of my youthful lust.
I look down to see a growing bulge in my pants. And her other hand went to rub it with her hand. Then she whisper in my ear. “This is your birthday present. You will be 18 soon. Come and show me how much of a man you are.” As she softly kiss me on my ear and neck. My dream was about to come true. “That is a big cock you have. Have you used it on a girl?” I felt ashamed as I said “no”. “I guess you will have an chance before we are through.”
Well let us first get it free”. Once she unzipped my pants my dick popped out. “Ahhhh there we go”. Then Joy started to take off my shirt. Then she began to gently bite and suck my nipples. Then she continue down my stomach to my navel. Stopping here to lick it around and around several times. By now I was about to explode. So I lift her head, her eyes look into mine we kissed me. This time our lips locked together one kiss after another. Soon our tongues danced together.
A few seconds later my stomach chimed it. Joy backed off and said “are you hungry?” “Yes I am” . Then she stood up and lead me by the hand to the kitchen. There I ate fried chicken and corn on the cob. To wash it down Joy gave me some sweet tea to toast the event of me becoming a man. But this birthday gift it was far from being done.

“Are you ready for round 2?” she asked. Joy lead me to her bed. Soon we were hugging, kissing and fondling each other like before but with more heated passion. This time Joy paid more attention to my cock. At first she run her finger up and down my cock. Soon her fingernail found the underside of my cock which with each stroke chills coursed through my body. Then she kiss it’s head. When her lips were close to my cock. I insistently pushed my cock between her lips. In return Joy open her lips to let my cock through. Then as my cock went inside her wet mouth she started my first blow job.
As she moved her mouth and tongue around my cock. How thrilling and turn-on I was with each movement of Joy’s mouth. As I lay back to enjoy the personal treatment by this apparently experienced woman. Before to long I felt my cum was ready to flow. Then Joy said “show me what you got”. So I did I released a stream of cum directly into her mouth. As my cock softened she released her hold, smiled and said “ delicious .. scrumptious !!”. As she swallow the last my cum.

Round 3

I took this break to get more coke from the frig. When I return to the bedroom Joy was laying across the bed. Her feet were on the floor, I could see her glamorous pussy staring at me. Her tits lay on her chest. Her back was against the bed with a pillow to support her head.
I knead and got between her legs and started to kiss her leg and thighs, as I drew closer to her pussy my mouth came into contact with her pussy she said “I hope my pussy pleases you”. I felt her legs come to rest on my back. With both hands she had a hold of my hair as she said “Lick it … lick it real good!” With that I said “will do”.
Then quickly I went back to work separating her pussy lips and tongued her clit. By now both of my arms are wrapped around her hips. My hands sexually feel her tummy until they arrive at her voluptuous breast. As I start to squeeze Joy’s tits, I tried my best to slide as much of my tongue up in her. “Don’t stop.” she cried. As I could feel her grip on my hair tighten as my hold on her tits tighten.
It was not long before Joy said “Oh God Damn, this is to good!” As she slams her closed fist on the bed several times in exhilaration! Her head was going from side to side like some mad person. But I was driving her wild sexual. As she continued “Damn … Damn”, as she bust out in tears, “I can’t hold out any longer.” Her hips arch up as my tongue followed. Then all at once she released her pined up emotions.
This mature woman has been brought to the sexual being. This gave me satisfaction in a job well done. After awhile Joy calmed down and said “I hope I did not embarrassed myself in front of you? My Irish emotions can get the better of me at times” As she straighten herself up. I replied “Never, you just enjoyed the ride. I am honored to be the driver”. Then we kissed.
During the next hour we layed in bed relaxing and talking. In the past we have discussed things that I could not talk about to anyone else. If I wanted to know anything Joy would take her time and explain and break it down to me. With such an open relationship she was not only my mother’s friend but my underground confidant.
By with what we did together brought us even closer together. Joy gave me a choice of either stopping now and think of this afternoon as a fling. Or finish what I started and become her secret lover. Without a moment delay I said “I am here as long as you want me”. She smiled and replyed, “I hope you would say. Then no more spying then OK. You can have me anytime you want” Then I nodded my head. “On to the final round !!” she said. With that we seal our liaison with a tight hug.

Round 4 – sex

As I slowly rolled myself on top of her. My cock found it’s way into her pussy. When I thrust into her in cadence she lifted her ass to meet me. Faster and faster I thrust the faster she meet me with her own. Soon with one final thrust I put my hands behind her head. My face plunged deep into the valley between those mountainous breast. As my cum flowed into her pussy.
“I am sorry I could not hold out any longer.” I said. “for sure you will” as she winked her eyes. Rolling over she got on top of me. She allowed me to suck those voluminous tits until my dick got it’s second wind. Then her pussy reconnected with my dick. She road me like riding a mechanical bull, she stay connected with me until my cum flowed into her again. Once my dick became lip again. She rolled off of me. At which time we were both beat. After a few minutes Joy say’s “I hope there is a next time we can enjoy one another”. I replied, “When you want me .. I’ll be here. Ready and willing.”
Through the rest of high school and into college we had a sexual relationship. In college everyone knew Joy as my older s****r. This left Joy in a position to be “hit on” my other boys and even by a lesbian professor. We laughed because she was still “in the closet”. I expressed the view that this professor was frequently the talk around the men room. And what her students would do with her if given a chance. A lot of people have dirty secrets.
Many times Joy and I would spend from Fri. afternoon to Sunday evening together in a upscale hotel room. Not too far from camps. We were able to keep the sex part of it away from people. Until we were caught making out after a baseball games one night behind the locker room. The last time we had sex was 2 days after graduation (my graduation present). Then I was shipped the army.

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