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A Weekend with my Mother in Law

A Weekend with Wendy

The weekend getaway had been years in the making.

Although there had never been any words spoken between us, Wendy and I always had a connection that went far beyond mother-in-law and son-in-law. It began in the early days of my marriage, when access became fairly easy to her bedroom and her underwear drawer during visits. Any excuse would work – just as long as I had a few minutes to get up to her room and go through her panties and bras. Usually it was just long enough to pull my shirt up and feel the soft caress of her satin underwire bras and silk panties against my chest, smelling the scent of her clothes. Sometimes it was her dirty panties in the laundry, sniffing for any leftover aroma of her older pussy.

But somewhere along the way she must have noticed things were out of place in her drawers, or even missing for a short time when I would occasionally steal a pair of panties or a bra and keep them for a few weeks to masturbate with.

Even her visits over the years to our house must have piqued her interest in me sexually, as I’m sure she noticed more than once as I watched her undress in our guest bedroom, with the door left open just far enough to see inside. I frequently ended each day of her visit by finding out which pair of panties she wore that day as she would pull her pants to the floor, revealing her gorgeous rear end to me as I stood silently in the hallway. Once she had her pajama pants or shorts on, she would pull her shirt over her head and I could see her bra straps gracing her back and shoulders. Before taking her bra off, she pulls a tee shirt on over her head just to her shoulders. She would pull the straps down over her arms and spin the bra around so she could unhook the clasp in front of her, then toss it onto the bed, releasing her breasts just for a few moments before pulling her night shirt down over them. I’ve always found it incredible that she doesn’t shut the door all the way. Which tells me a couple things; one is that she knows I’m watching, the other is that she loves it. I’ll bet she gets just a little wet knowing I’m staring at her while she changes each night of her visit. Sometimes the view is even better from outside the bedroom in the backyard, where I would watch to get a better view of her breasts during that brief moment when her bra comes off.

Although her favorites are basic white, satin and polyester underwire bras, she does occasionally surprise me with something new. Recently she bought what is probably her first black underwire bra, which totally turned me on. Although I have yet to catch a glimpse of her wearing it, it frequently appears in her suitcase when travelling now. Her 34B breasts look heavenly in whatever she wears.

Anyway, back to the story of our weekend together and the culmination of years of secrecy and fantasies.

It happened that my f****y was out of town without me for a long weekend, and so was my father-in-law, out of town fishing with his buddy. Under the guise of offering to keep each other company during that time, I offered to come up and stay with her for the weekend, and that we could plan a few things to do in everyone’s absence. Although we tentatively made plans to eat out at a few spots and hike some of the nice lakeside trails in the area, the rest of the weekend was just left open.

I arrived on Friday evening about an hour before sunset, and she greeted me from the porch as I pulled down the driveway. My heart raced as I felt the excitement build from what I knew would be a memorable weekend.
She was wearing faded jeans and a white shirt, and I noticed immediately I could see the outline of a dark-colored bra beneath. Instantly I knew this weekend would be different. She had never worn something so flirtatious. Her short hair was a perfect brownish red, clearly a sign she had colored it recently. I told myself it was all for me, of course. I noticed immediately that although she was wearing several pieces of jewelry, from bracelets to earrings, her wedding band was absent. All signs were pointing to a woman who was glad to see me.

We hugged each other, which is even a bit more than usual (we hardly ever do, and it’s usually only when we leave). I lingered just a bit with my arms around her, feeling her bra straps under her shirt and getting the first feel of her body in my hands. I hoped it wouldn’t be long before we were together.

We headed into the house, and I went straight downstairs to put my overnight bag in the usual spot – the guest bedroom. I was unpacking a few things and getting settled when Wendy walked into the room.

“I was thinking you could probably just leave all of that upstairs,” she said, leaning against the doorway.

With a smile she turned and headed back upstairs. I put my clothes back in my bag and followed her upstairs and into the master bedroom. She flipped the light on in the walk in closet and stepped aside so I could arrange my things there, and she left me alone to get settled. As I opened up my bag again and began to organize a few things, I could hear her in the kitchen, the clinking of glasses now and again. Since I was left alone in her closet, I took the opportunity to open up her panty drawer and see what was in there. To my surprise, she had a new sheer black lace bra and panty set I had never seen before. It was unbelievably sexy compared to her other unmentionables, and the bra still had the tags attached. A recent purchase, I figured. Maybe just for this weekend? I also noticed, folded neatly in the corner of her drawer, a gorgeous white satin slip with lace edges. Wow… I could hardly wait for what was in store. I only hoped that she had plans for them in the next couple of days.

I headed for the kitchen and noticed she had relocated to the deck overlooking the bay, where she was sitting next to an open bottle of red wine and two glasses.

“Come on out and join me John,” she called from beyond the screen door. “The sunset is just about perfect.”

We sipped a delicious bottle of zinfandel as we chatted about my work, my father in law’s travels, and the various projects she had been working on around the house. The setting sun light up both of our faces, and a slight breeze was working its way up from the bay. I must have been just slightly downwind from her, as I could catch a faint smell of her perfume. Nothing too overbearing, but it was a delightful scent and perfect for a woman of her age. The sunlight was making her shirt even more sheer, and I could see her breasts resting beneath the fabric of it.

“How’s your wine?” she asked, reaching to pour another bit in my glass.

“Ready for a bit more, how about you?” I replied.

“Absolutely,” she answered quickly, “I love this wine.”

We both stared out into the sunset for another minute or two, not saying anything but just soaking up the warm breeze and great view.

“This is really nice having you here, John. I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time,” she said, still staring off into the distance.

“Me too, Wendy. I’m glad we’re able to have this time together, just the two of us. Glad it worked out this way.”

I turned to look at her and noticed she was now looking at me too. We both smiled and took another sip from our glasses. We watched the sun disappear into the horizon, and chatted for a while longer as the sky began to darken and the lights across the bay became more visible. Eventually got a bit chilled and we retreated back into the house.

Wendy poured the last of the wine into our glasses, then we settled into the f****y room for a bit to watch television. I don’t even remember what we watched, I was so transfixed by the scene that was unfolding. We were there together drinking wine, nobody else was home, and it was fairly obvious she wanted me to sl**p in her bed next to her. I was filled with anxious excitement. I could hardly wait for her to decide it was time to go to bed.

Finally, after a few agonizing minutes of watching the local news, Wendy got up and rinsed her wine glass in the sink.

“I think I’ve had plenty of wine for tonight,” she said as she walked back towards the bedroom, “are you ready for bed? No sense making tonight a long one, we have all weekend together.”

That was the invitation I had been waiting for all night. I tried to pretend that I wasn’t exploding with anticipation inside. I was just a few steps behind her as she walked into the bedroom and on into the bathroom, where she began her nightly hygiene ritual. While she was doing that, I stepped into the closet and took my clothes off, leaving just my boxers on. I called out to her from inside the closet.

“Which side do you sl**p on, Wendy?”

“The side closest to the window usually,” she replied, sounding like her mouth was full of toothpaste.

As I sat on the edge of her bed, albeit a little nervously, she emerged from the bathroom and headed for the closet. I was finally about to get the full frontal view of her changing, and she knew it. Before she even got all the way into the closet, she had pulled her blouse up over her head, revealing a black lace demi bra, which held her aged breasts in place perfectly.

This time, she didn’t bother to put a shirt on over quickly. She continued to undress, pulling her pants to the floor and I saw her matching black lace panties hugging the cheeks of her rear end. With nothing but her bra and panties on, she turned around towards me and paused.

“Do you like what you see, John?” she asked with a grin, “I mean, you’ve watched me do this dozens of times, but I figured you should get a much longer view tonight. Would you like me to come to bed like this? Or should I change into a little extra something I picked up recently?”

“That’s a tough call, Wendy. You look fantastic just as you are. Those bra and panties look incredible on you, I’ve never seen you in, um, I mean, they fit you really well.”

“John, we both know you’ve seen me undress dozens of times,” she said with a sly smile as she stood with her hands on her hips, still giving me the view of a lifetime of her body in just a set of gorgeous lace underwear.

“Then we also both know that you’ve probably never worn anything that sexy, Wendy,” I said, “I’m flattered that you picked those out just for our weekend together.”

I got up out of bed and joined her in the closet, approaching her slowly with our eyes locked on each other. For a moment we both hesitated, our mostly naked bodies just inches from each other. There was a palpable tension in the walk in closet, neither of us knowing what the next move was going to be.

I reached both of my hands towards her waist and gently pulled her in against me. She felt so good against my skin. We were face to face now. I could feel the lace cups of her bra brush against my chest as I leaned forward to kiss her, not hesitating this time. I was nearly overwhelmed as I tasted her lipstick and moved my lips back and forth around hers. It was a slow, delicate dance for a minute or two. Our mouths opened occasionally and I explored her with my tongue, tangling with hers back and forth. My hands made their way up her back to her bra strap, where I ran my fingers along the edges of it and simply enjoyed the fact I was touching her. I moved my hands between us, feeling her ample breasts in my hands beneath the cups of her bra. We continued to kiss more passionately, and I felt her hands slide down my back and around my ass. She explored me tentatively, I could tell she was a bit nervous about being intimate with someone new.

After a few minutes we each released each other and pulled back from our kiss.

“I’ll meet you in bed, give me a minute ok?” she said as her fingertips ushered me out of the closet and she closed the door behind me.

I slipped back under the covers of the queen-sized bed and waited. After just a minute or two, the closet door opened. She walked towards the bed with that new satin slip flowing perfectly around the curves of her body.

The lace embellishments along the top of the slip were moving perfectly against the top of her breasts, and I could see her nipples pushing through the pretty satin fabric.
She made her way around to her side of the bed and joined me under the covers.

For a moment there was another awkward feeling as we both laid staring at the ceiling. Eventually I rolled towards her and began to caress her shoulders and run my fingers along the spaghetti straps of her slip. She responded by rolling towards me as well, and we began to kiss again as we slid our bodies up next to each other. I moved my hands all over her body, enjoying the exquisite feeling of the satin slip between may hands and her skin. As I moved my hand over the mounds of her breasts, I could feel her nipples again pushing through the fabric just beneath the lace edges of her slip. It was the most erotic thing I could have imagined.. we slid back and forth, touching each other and feeling our way into this new experience.

Eventually I put my hand up under her slip and began to reach for her panties. What I felt in my hands blew my mind. She was wearing a g-string thong under there! I didn’t even know she owned one, but now I was dying to see it up close. I explored all over her rear end, and back to the front her panties, tracing the outline of her thong with my fingertips. I couldn’t believe she was wearing something like that. I felt the warm mound of her pussy beneath the front panel of her panties, and they felt like a sheer fabric to me. I stroked her crotch for a bit, rubbing her clit through her panties. I could fee her beginning to heat up as I massaged her beneath the covers. We kissed passionately for a while, groping each other and eventually we each removed each other’s underwear. He pussy was wet at this point, and my cock was completely stiff. It was only a matter of time before I was making love to my mother in law.

I could sense her hesitancy, so I decided to make the first move. I gently rolled over onto her, kissing her as we continued to melt our bodies together. Our chests rubbed against each other, and I could feel the warm, hairy mound of her hair with my cock.

“Are you ready to make love to me, Wendy?”

“Yes, John. Put it inside of me,” she whispered.

I reached down to grab my cock and put the tip of it just inside the warms folds of her vagina. Then I locked eyes with her as I slowly began to plunge it deep inside of her. Each inch further in made her eyes get bigger as I continued to gaze down at her to gauge her comfort level as I went. After a few moments I was completely inside her, and I could feel our hips joined together as I slowly began to pump my cock back and forth inside her warm, wet pussy.

“Oh my God, John,” she moaned, her head tilted back deep into her pillow.

As the lips of her pussy began to get more wet, I kept sliding my cock in and out of her, occasionally pulling out to rub the end of it on her clitoris in round. She was in ecstasy, moaning and writhing on the sheets as I reached my hands up to massage her breasts as we made love. I reached up high to pull the straps of her slip off her shoulders, exposing her breasts to the evening air of her room. Her nipples were fully erect, and I gently massaged them between my fingers as continued our lovemaking.

“Oh God, oh God… oh yes John, oooh it feels so amazing… oh God, oh God, I think I’m coming John.. OH MY GOD I’M COMING!!!!!!!!!”

She shook violently as the orgasm consumed her, and I could barely keep my cock inside of her. I continued to penetrate her, a bit more f***efully now as I worked myself closer to my own orgasm. As my pelvis continued to rub her clit, she continued to moan with each stroke of my cock plunging deep into her vagina.
I put one arm behind her head and steadied myself in position above her, and began to thrust into her rhythmically, watching her breasts sway back and forth as I felt the wet insides of her twitch around me. Soon I could tell my orgasm was going to erupt inside her.

“I’m going to come inside of you, Wendy. I want to you take ALL of it,” I said as my breathing quickened, “I’m gonna blow it deep inside your pussy.”

“Oh God, yes John. Give it to me. Fill me with it,” she moaned, “do it, John, come inside me. Your cock is making me come again, John, keep making love to me,” she said, grabbing my hips and pulling me deeper into her dripping wet pussy.

“Fuck yes, Wendy, oh God FUCK YES….”I blurted out while ramming my cock into her, just ready to explode inside of her. I was on the verge of blowing a huge load inside my mother in law. The physical feeling of it all, in addition to the notion that a longtime fantasy was coming true, made for the longest, most intense orgasm I had ever felt.

“Come inside of me, John! GIVE IT TO ME JOHN! YES! YES!! YES!!!” she screamed, “Oooohhh God, do it John! Come with me!!! Oh YESSSSSSSSSSSSS” she wailed as her body convulsed with the massive wave of another orgasm, just as the same feeling shot through my cock, blowing a huge load up inside of her. I could feel each pulse of my cock release more fluid into her, and she pulled me into her as tightly as she could. Our bodies jolted against each other repeatedly as we squeezed each other tight and rode the wave of our mutual orgasm. My cock pulsed a few more times, and I could feel the warmth of my cum filling her and mixing our juices together deep inside of her.

“I want all of it, John, don’t stop,” she said as I began to slow down my thrusts into her. I eventually lowered myself down onto her chest and kept gently penetrating her until the last of my cum had been spilled into her. Supporting my weight with my elbows, I slid up over her breasts and kissed her over and over, even as my cock began to soften inside of her. I stayed in as long as I could, relishing the feeling of being inside of her after all those years fantasizing about her. She rolled me over and slide herself up onto me, and our sweaty bodies slid easily against each other as she moved back up to kiss me. Her breasts nestled against my chest, we kissed softly for a while, enjoying the lingering rush of what we had just enjoyed together.

Our bodies slowly cooled off, and we felt the breeze beginning to dry both of us off.

“Can I get you something to drink, Wendy? Some water maybe?”

“Sure, that sounds good,” she said.

I headed for the kitchen to grab a couple of glasses of ice water, and as I was coming back into the bedroom, I could see her slipping those white panties back on and pulling the satin slip back onto her shoulders. I found my boxers near the foot of the bed and slipped those back on, and we began to relax in bed.

“Now THAT was amazing,” she said, sipping her ice water.

“Absolutely, Wendy. I’m really glad to be here with you,” I answered, my eyes beginning to get heavy with sl**p. I reached over to turn the light off, and as I rolled back into bed, Wendy slid over against me and put her head on my chest.

“I’m really glad you’re here too,” she said, “I’ve wanted you to make love to me for so long. I just feel comfortable with you.”

“I couldn’t wait to fill you with cum, Wendy. I love knowing you’ve got that inside of you right now,” I said, reaching down to massage her pussy one last time before falling asl**p.”

Resting on my chest in her gorgeous slip and panties, she began to fall asl**p as well. Before long, we were both out, locked in an embrace beneath the covers. Neither of us moved much as we slept the night away close to each other.


We awoke to the sunlight streaming through the bathroom window sometime mid morning, and after lightly caressing her body with my fingertips and kissing her forehead, I headed to the kitchen to make some coffee.

A few minutes later, as I was pouring the first cups for the two of us, Wendy entered the kitchen too, wearing only the slip she wore to bed, and a wide smile. I had never seen her look so good. It was as if she was glowing from the night before. We enjoyed our coffee on the couch and engaged in small talk, with only slight references to the amazing night of sex we had experienced together.

“What’s on the agenda for today?” I asked.

“Well, there’s an art gallery opening I would like to stop by, maybe we could grab some lunch in town and then take a little hike over along the beach,” she said.

“Sounds good to me,” I replied, “for now I’m just enjoying being here with you and having the house to ourselves.”

She nodded in agreement as she sipped more coffee from her mug.

“What time does the gallery opening happen?” I asked.

“11 am, and it runs through 2 pm,” she said, “We should probably get cleaned up and start thinking about heading that way.”

Cleaned up. Hmmm, I hadn’t even thought about how showers were going to work this weekend! All of a sudden, I realized I was going to be around her while she was showering and getting dressed for the day. I was immediately aroused again, and my heart started beating faster inside my chest.

“Do you want to jump in the shower first?” I asked.

“Sure, maybe you can join me in a few minutes. It’s always good to have somebody to wash your back for you, right?” she said, grinning as she walked towards the bedroom.

When I heard the sound of the water running in the shower, I walked into the bathroom to see her white thong panties and slip on the floor. I picked up her panties and held them to my nose, taking a deep breath of her pussy from the material that was still warm from her body heat.

I stripped out of my boxers and t shirt and pulled the shower curtain back to see her washing her hair, the suds streaming down her body and into the shower drain. As I stepped into the shower with her, we worked our way around each other in the tight space, at first just attending to our own needs, but eventually we couldn’t help it. I began to pull her towards me and our slippery bodies moved against each other. With soap in my hands, I rubbed her breasts, washing every part of them. I turned her around so I could rub soap on her back, and eventually my hands ended up on her ass, feeling deep into her crack making sure she was really clean. She rinsed off in the stream of water and then lathered up her own hands. As she stared straight at me, she began to wash my cock, groping and sliding her hands all over me. She even returned the rear end washing as she slid her hands all around my ass, even reaching her fingers into my crack a bit. I was so turned on, I was fully erect and even poking her in the belly with my cock as we struggled to use the same cramped space in the shower. She stroked it quickly for a few moments with her hands lathered up.

“Save another load for me tonight, ok?” she said as she let go, allowing the water to pour over me and rinse me off. My fully erect cock was already throbbing and wanting more, but it was going to have to wait.

We finished our shower together with a long kiss as the water poured over us, then stepped out and dried off. We made our way to the closet and began to get dressed. I got another pair of form-fitting boxers on, and I could feel her eyes on my as I pulled them up, a bulge forming in the front. She pulled open her underwear drawer and pulled out a gorgeous white lace strapless bra and matching thong. I just about jumped her right there. A thong? I didn’t know she had ever owned one! But she looked phenomenal.
As she fitted the bra just right around her breasts and pulled up her panties, I leaned in and gave her a brief, passionate kiss, tasting her saliva as I explored the inside of her mouth again, holding her ass in my hands and pulling her against me. I slipped one hand in front and stoked her panties a bit, feeling the heat already brewing beneath the lace fabric. Just as I thought we might be going for it right there in her closet, she pulled away.

“Let’s get dressed, there’s lots to do today,” she said, giving my cock a squeeze beneath my boxers, “besides, you can have all of this later John,” she said while reaching for a shirt from its hanger. I buttoned my shirt up and headed to the kitchen for a glass of water as Wendy continued getting dressed in her room, so I wasn’t sure what she was wearing until she stepped into the living room a few minutes later, with her hair still wet. She was wearing a pair of jeans and an off-the-shoulder navy blouse which perfectly accentuated her shoulders and arms. It was so Wendy. She even had a I was thrilled with the prospect of spending the day cruising around the county with her, it was almost like we were dating. It made it even more exhilarating having to avoid any public displays of affection. A few minutes later, she joined me in the kitchen as we grabbed some leftovers together, something to tide us over for a while. Then she headed back to the master bathroom to dry her hair. I entered the bedroom a few minutes later as she was leaning towards the mirror, finishing her makeup. She was so gorgeous standing there, applying the last of her lipstick. It was going to be a fun day.

We hit the art gallery opening for a bit, sampled some food and drink there, and then grabbed a light lunch at a café near the water. We sat out on the patio enjoying the view, and I especially enjoyed the view of her in her blue shirt. The wind blew her hair a bit, and her blouse billowed around her body as we chatted and laughed through lunch. We had really become comfortable with each other and the conversation was easy and fun. We even managed to flirt with each other a bit while we talked, each of us knowing what had happened the night before, and what was likely to happen that evening. We finished lunch and drove to the state park where we hiked the trails a bit and watched other families and couples enjoy the scenery along the lake.

“I made reservations for us tonight, John,” she said as we got back into my car to head back for the house, “it’s that nice place on the water up north of town. I hope you brought something nice to wear, I bought a dress just for the occasion.”

I was surprised at her level of preparedness for our weekend together. The fact that she thought ahead about it so much made me realize just how similar our fantasies must have been over the years.

“I did, and I’m really looking forward to our night out, Wendy,” I said, “you look fantastic today, I would be happy just to stay dressed like this all day.”

We arrived back at the house and took a load off for a bit, sitting on the deck enjoying the view again, and sipping on a couple glasses of ice water after our hike along the water. I was so relaxed that I even dozed off in the chair for a while, and when I woke back up, Wendy had gone back into the house. I went inside to see where she was, and I heard the shower turn off. She had the bathroom door closed, so I assumed she wanted a bit of privacy. I pulled out my dress pants and shirt from the closet and laid them on the bed, then found the socks, dress shoes and my favorite boxers from my bag. Just then, Wendy emerged from the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel on her head, and a smile. Her breasts glistened with the moisture still leftover from her shower, her nipples fully erect from the cool air of the room, and I watched her ass as she disappeared into the closet.

“The shower is all yours,” she said, closing the door behind her. “I might need your help in a few minutes, so let me know when you’re out.”

Help with something? As tantalizing as that thought was, I got undressed and got into the shower, with just my thoughts this time, no naked Wendy unfortunately. I missed the look of her body already, the way her breasts sagged a bit but were still firm after all these years. The way her slender body just begged to be explored. I had thoroughly enjoyed our shower together earlier in the day, so this time it wasn’t nearly as fun. But the anticipation of our evening out together filled my thoughts, and I couldn’t wait to take her out to dinner and treat her to an unforgettable night. I finished my shower, shaved, and toweled off. I stepped out to get dressed in the bedroom, and as I was buttoning up my shirt I heard Wendy’s voice from inside the closet.

“John, can you come in her for a minute?” she asked.

I opened the door to see her with her back turned to me, in a stunning, satin strapless dress. The top was white and held her breasts slightly up and in view. The bunched skirt was black . Her legs looked gorgeous.

“What do you think?” she said softly.

“Wendy, you look absolutely stunning,” I said, “you mean I get to take you out for dinner tonight looking like that?”

She was fidgeting with her bracelets as she walked out into the bedroom.

“I really wanted to get dressed up for you tonight, John,” she said as she put one earring in and then the other. “I figured this was just the right dress to make me feel gorgeous for you.”

I watched in stunned silence as she bent over to slip on her shoes. I finished getting ready just as she was looking for her purse. “Shall we?” she asked, motioning towards the door.

“Can’t wait,” I said, as I opened the front door for her and led her to my car.

The drive up to the restaurant was mostly listening to music and small talk, with me catching every glance I could at the gorgeous woman riding next to me. Her slender legs coming out from the bottom of that dress; her neckline of black lace, and the smell of her perfume were all completely intoxicating. By the time we pulled into the restaurant parking lot, all I could think about was taking her to the restroom and bending her over the sink to fuck her brains out. She looked SO hot. I don’t know of too many women who look that fantastic at 73. It made my heart race to know what she was doing with a 45 year old that weekend.

We found our table and ordered some drinks, then enjoyed relaxing dinner just talking and laughing. Throughout the conversation though, I couldn’t stop focusing on that dress. She wore it so well, and she really seemed to be comfortable in showing off her gorgeous, petite body. At one point she excused herself to use the ladies room. Moments later, I got up to follow her. The door was just closing to the washroom as I came around the corner, and it looked like it was a single bathroom. I quickly took a look around, didn’t see anyone, and ducked into the women’s room and locked the door behind me. Wendy was startled to see me come in behind her, she was standing in front of the mirror putting more lip gloss on. Without even a word, I spun her around, hiked up her dress above her waist and pulled her panties down. With one arm around her back, I began to explore her pussy with my other hand, fingering her slowly at first. As I rubbed her under her dress, I could feel something was different. Had she shaved her pussy? The thought drove me crazy. I was willing to bet she had never once shaved that down there. It didn’t seem like something she would do.

“I couldn’t wait, Wendy,” I whispered as I started to fuck her furiously with my fingers beneath her dress, “I just had to taste you.”

Her head was tilted back against the bathroom mirror, and she moaned quietly as her clit began to swell. I could feel it becoming engorged, and I made sure to pay special attention with my thumb, rubbing it while my other fingers penetrated her on the sink top.

I pulled my hand from under her dress and slowly licked her secretions from my fingers. The taste of her was so good, I wanted more. I pulled her dress further up around her waist, then got on my knees and began to eat her pussy right there in the women’s restroom. And she had indeed shaved her pussy into a neatly trimmed strip just above her clit. I was in heaven, lapping up her juices as they began to flow out of her. Just then she let out an extremely audible moan of pleasure.

“We better finish this later, Wendy,” I said, making a joke about the restaurant management coming to find us.

“I agree, John, but fair is fair,” she said as she hopped off the vanity and dropped to her knees. She unzipped my fly and quickly began to suck my cock, swallowing the entire shaft over and over until a little pre cum leaked into her mouth. “Now we’ve tasted each other. You better get back to the table first,” she said, “hopefully, nobody will be suspicious.”

When we finished dinner, I took her hand and e****ted her to the restaurant deck overlooking the water. We were alone, every patron had left. I was well aware that somebody might recognize her and realize she wasn’t with my father in law, but I knew the place had cleared out for the night. I moved in closer to her along the railing and moved in for a kiss. She didn’t hesitate, and we embraced tightly and kissed passionately for several minutes, our hands kept mostly to each other’s hips. I think we both felt we should save that for later.

We headed for the car and enjoyed the cool breeze through the sunroof all the way home, along with the scent of her perfume still lingering in the air. As we got closer to the house, she opened her purse and pulled out her soft red lipstick. She pulled down the lighted mirror and reapplied it to her lips, and I could smell the scent of it, reminding me of our kiss we had shared on the deck not too much earlier.

We pulled into the driveway and I walked her into the house, the sky around was completely dark now.

“Another glass of wine?” she asked, heading for the pantry.

“Sure, you pick something out. I’ll get the glasses and the corkscrew.”

We met on the deck with only the light shining on us from inside the kitchen, pouring another glass and chatting under the stars. Before we knew it, we had plowed through the entire bottle between the two of us.

I picked up the empty bottle and our glasses and walked toward the kitchen.

“Let’s get one more bottle for the bedroom, shall we?” I proposed.

“Sounds great, I’ll meet you there, John,” she said, weaving her way through the doorway into the house with a slight misstep. We had both had plenty to drink already.

I grabbed another bottle from the pantry, pulled out the cork and headed for the bedroom with our glasses. As I walked into the bedroom, I saw Wendy standing in front of the full-length mirror, her back was facing me. She reached behind her back to unzip her dress, and this time she got it.
She slowly turned around towards me, pulling the dress gently from her shoulders. It slipped down her arms, and then into a heap at her feet.
This was the moment I had been waiting for. She stood in front of me for a moment, hands on hips, as I looked her over. She was beautiful. Her red lips glistened, even in the dim light of the bedroom. Her perfume was still evident in the air as she tucked her hair behind both ears, slowly walking towards me. She was wearing an unlined, sheer bra with lace applique. I began to unbutton my shirt quickly as my pulse began to race. Her breasts were held perfectly in place by the sheer underwire cups of her bra. Her matching panties hugged her hips and reveals the mound where her pussy was starting to get wet. I could almost smell her aroma as she stepped closer to me.

“Is this what you had been dreaming of, John?” she asked.

“Wendy, my God you look unbelievable,” I said. “Let me touch you.”

I put my hands on her waist, and then moved up to caress her bra and the gorgeous straps that were gracing her elegant shoulders. All the while, she found my belt and unhooked it, then slid my pants to the floor. She held my cock in her hands, massaging it and stroking it as we began to kiss again, even more passionately than before. I wanted her so bad, I knew it was going to be a matter of controlling myself.

“Let’s have another taste, shall we?” I said, reaching for the bottle of wine I had brought into the room. We sat on the edge of the bed and took a long sip of cabernet, then set our glasses down to pick up where we had left off. I turned to her and laid her back onto the bed, ran my fingers all over her chest and eventually down to those gorgeous panties between her legs. I spread her legs apart far enough so I could kneel next the bed in perfect position to dive into her pussy.

“Are you comfortable, Wendy?” I asked, probing the edges of her thong with my index finger.

“Yes, I’m ready for you John.”

I pulled the gorgeous, lacy panties aside to reveal the most gorgeous shaved pussy I had even see. She must have shaved it during her second shower earlier in the day when I was sl**ping. It was neatly trimmed into a short vertical strip of hair leading from her clit to just about two inches higher. The rest of her had been shaved completely clean. It was a beautiful sight.

“Wendy, your pussy looks amazing,” I said, as I dragged my tongue over her freshly-shaven skin. I could taste her sweat, mixed a bit with the aroma of her nearby pussy just waiting to be eaten. I began to work my tongue all around and inside of her pussy. Unlike our encounter in the women’s room earlier, she was already wet now. The wine was affecting both, as she wildly shoved my head deeper between her thighs. I was licking and sucking her pussy like crazy, even lifting her legs into the air so I could get my tongue even deeper into her. With her legs above her, I also got my first good glimpse of her pretty little ass hole, and I couldn’t resist. I pushed her legs up just a bit harder towards the ceiling, and proceeded to eat her ass. The feeling of my tongue in her hole made her moan with delight.

“Oh wow, John, oh… my God… ohh…. Oh God yes…” she moaned as I alternated between licking the rim of her hole and sticking it down inside of it.

I got a good taste of her ass for a minute or two, then went back to the business of eating her delicious pussy. The taste of it was not unlike other pussy I had eaten before, but the juices of a 73-year-old woman were a bit more bitter than usual. Not that I minded… the new taste, and her age was a huge turn on. At this point I noticed she still had her heels on as her legs were up in the air while I ate her out. She was writhing all over the bed in ecstasy, and I was in the mood to try anything with her. With my tongue still working her pussy over, and gently started to slide the middle finger (the longest one!) of my right hand into her ass. Instantly, she was in love with the sensation. Once I had fully penetrated her ass with my finger all the way inside of her, I began to finger fuck her ass hole while eating her pussy. She was clutching the sheets of the bed, moaning and grunting as an orgasm welled up inside of her. She even began to play with her own tits, rubbing her nipples with her fingers, right through the sheer fabric of the bra she was still wearing. It was the most erotic site, watching her pleasure herself while I penetrated her in a way I was sure she had never experienced.

I even started alternating between sticking my finger into her ass and then her warm, wet pussy. The juices from her vagina made it even easier to slide back into her nice little ass hole, and the mixture of the two scents was totally intoxicating. As I was enjoying the taste of her private areas, she began to shake violently with the waves of her first orgasm of the night. She trembled and writhed all over, screaming quickly now as she clutched the mattress for dear life.

“Oh my God!!!! Oh my God, oh my God, YESSSSSSS!!! YESSSSSS!!!!! YESSSSSS! Oh yeah, oh God yes, oh yes… FUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!!”

That was the first time I had ever heard that word come out of her mouth, and I’m not even sure she actually realized she said it. She was panting and screaming all at the same time, barely able to catch her breath as her orgasm shook her body to the core. She eventually went limp on the bed as I licked the pubic area around her pussy, leaving her clit and ass alone for the time being. She was a sweaty mess now, lying on the bed trying to recover from what I had just done to her. I found her panties on the floor next to me, and began to sniff the crotch of them in front of her.

“Do you have any idea how many times I’ve smelled your panties, Wendy?” I asked, sliding up next to her on the bed, “these are by far the sexiest panties I’ve even seen. I mean, there’s something sexy about every pair you own. I love those basic microfiber panties you wear all the time, but these panties were a perfect choice for a special night like this.”

“That was incredible. You must really love the smell of my pussy to go around sniffing my underwear.”

She was starting to relax again as I laid down next to her and began stroking her breasts, feeling the sweat soaking into the sheer fabric of her bra cups and even the straps. She pulled me close and began to kiss me again. It was at this point I was grateful she had put on more lipstick. Not only did she look great, but I had come to love the taste of it on her lips. She started stroking my cock as me made out together, rolling around on the bed. Soon she ended up on top of me, and started to make her way down to where she could take me into her mouth. This time, the effects of the wine were a tremendous help as her inhibitions were gone and she began to suck my cock like a porn star. Licking the shaft up and down, sucking both balls into her mouth and gargling them with her tongue, then slowly taking my cock deep into her throat. I could hardly believe a woman her age wouldn’t be gagging on it, but she continued to suck me as I felt the first twinge of pre cum leak from my cock.

“What was that, John?” she asked softly between strokes, “that was a nice little surprise in my mouth!”

“Just a little taste of what’s coming, Wendy,” I said, rubbing my hands along the band and straps of her bra. Her choice of underwear really could not have been better. I was thoroughly enjoying the look of her in such sexy lingerie, and here she was going down on me. I even still had the taste of her ass AND pussy on my lips, it was unreal. I knew there was nothing that we were not going to try that night.


Just as a little more pre cum spurted onto her lips, she pulled herself up off me and positioned herself on top of my cock. With only about two thrusts, she had shoved my cock up inside of her and she began to ride me cowgirl style, playing with her breasts as she fucked me.

“We’re not making love tonight, are we John?” she said as she slowly thrust her hips onto me over and over, “this is more like fucking.”

“I would say more like ‘fucking each other’s brains out’ Wendy,” I said as I quickly rolled her off of me onto the bed, rolled her over and got behind her on my knees. Just as quickly I lifted her hips up against me, and my cock found its way into her pussy. By this point she was so wet, and I was so hard and covered in her juices, that I easily slid back into her. Only now, I had shoved her face down into the pillow with her ass up in the air, and I began to fuck her from behind mercilessly. I grabbed her hips and pounded her over and over, each thrust from my hips sending her deeper into the covers. I could barely hear her moans over the sound of my hips smacking into her ass, as well as my own moans of pleasure as I ravaged her again and again.

“When you look as gorgeous as you do, Wendy, and you wear a dress like that, men want to do these kinds of things to you,” I said while hammering my cock into her at a furious pace.

I could hear her moaning with pleasure, occasionally looking back to lock eyes with me. She was LOVING this. I was totally in control of what was going to happen next. I knew she would be game. We were both d***k and sweaty now, everything was on the table. I was going to fuck her in the ass. Hard.

I pulled out of her and got down beneath her ass just long enough to lick the juices from her pussy again, which were now dripping down over her gorgeous little ass hole. I tongued her ass one last time, as if to signal what was about to happen. She moaned a bit louder as my tongue entered her hole and then slid around the rim, licking her dirty insides from her.

I got back up and hopped off the bed, dragging her with me until just her legs were hanging off the end of it. I stood between her legs, lifted her hips again, and then began to plunge my cock slowly down into her dark, wet hole. This time it wasn’t just a finger going into her ass, it was my entire cock. The feeling of her hole being widened out like that sent a scream through the house, and her voice was a combination of both pleasure and terror. She must have thought I was going to rip her apart, as I began to shove my cock into her faster and deeper. I gazed at the bra still clasped behind her back as her whole body was jolted by the f***e of being fucked in the ass. I tore the bra from her, pulling it apart without even undoing the clasp. The sound of the fabric tearing apart made her turn and look, and I could see in her eyes she was horny as could be. She grinned and me and turned her face back towards the pillow.

“Fuck me, John, fuck me hard… COME ON!! HARDER!!!!” she screamed.

I pulled my cock out and began to smack her rear end with it, smearing a gooey, dark mess on her. The smell of her excrement, usually something unpleasant, was a huge turn on now. I shoved my cock back into her pussy now.

“You’re a dirty woman, aren’t you Wendy? You never told me how dirty you were,” I moaned while putting my hard, brown cock into her vagina now.

“Oh God, John, I am. I really am.. I’m a whore… fuck me like a whore… oh God… Oh God…”

I did just that. I fucked her like she was a slut I met on the street. I turned both of her holes red from all of the pounding from behind. Just then, she bucked me off and ordered me to lie on the bed. Before I could even get settled on my back, she jumped onto me again cowgirl style and began fucking me. She was so sexy, her breasts swaying back and forth now as she fucked me. I reached up to massage her breasts, and when she moved close enough, I sucked them into my mouth, flicking her nipples with my tongue. Almost instantly, she began to come again.

“Fuck yes… oh God yes John… YESSSSSS!”

Just like that, she had orgasm number two of the night. Before she was even done coming, I rolled her over and stuck my cock back into her, fucking her missionary style so I could watch her breasts slosh back and forth with the pressure of my thrusts deep into her. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to hold out much longer, as I began to throb deep inside of her. She was still moaning softly from her orgasm when mine began to erupt into her pussy. I pulled out of her just as the first shot of my cum went flying from the end of my cock, landing all the way up on her chin, dripping down onto her neck. I stroked my cock furiously as the second pulse sent another string of cum all over her left breast. As I stroked it, more cum landed all over her pussy, tangling with her damp pubic hair. She was a mess, and began to wipe cum from her body with her fingers, licking it with a grin on her face. I slid up to sit gently on her chest, allowing her to take the last few drops straight from my cock into her mouth.

“Oh God, John, I can taste it all on you,” she said, “my ass, my pussy, and best of all, your cum in my mouth.”

We were clearly d***k. We had just violated each other in every way imaginable, or so I thought.

“Eat my pussy some more, will you?” she asked, turning me around and shoving me towards her inner thighs, “and let me eat your ass, John. I want to taste you down there.”

Oh. My. God.

As spent as I was from blowing my load all over her, I was game for this. Who knows, maybe I could find a way to cum again.

I turned to get into 69 position above her, and began to lick my own cum from her hairy pussy, enjoying the strange taste of it, but then quickly working my tongue into her dripping wet slit. Wendy had found a perfect position to lick the underside of my balls, and then eat my ass out. I could feel her nose bumping against my balls as she licked the rim of my ass, eventually plunging it into my hole. I was turned on in a whole new way. She was so dirty… or d***k. Well, we both were. And we didn’t care. She licked my ass over and over, moaning as she tasted my insides along with the sweat from my taint all over her nose. She sucked my cock as well, stroking and sucking it back to another erection just a few minutes after my orgasm. She even began to penetrate me with her fingers; at first just one, but then she stuck two in and then even three. She was widening me out just like I had done to her. The wider I got, the more she enjoyed sticking her tongue into me, lapping up the taste of my ass.

A few minutes went by and unbelievably, she still had me hard. I hated to take a time out, but the wine was catching up with me and I had to pee. I hopped off and told her I would be right back. As I turned to watch her as I walked toward the bathroom, I was surprised to see her rubbing her own clit, masturbating with her eyes closed. Wow, this was clearly not the Wendy I thought I knew.

A minute later I was headed back to the bedroom, and Wendy was walking in, probably to pee as well. Except when she got to the door of the bathroom, she leaned sideways and stumbled into my arms. I caught her naked body and helped her back up and onto the toilet.

“Are you ok, Wendy?” I asked, kneeling beside her as the stream of her pee began to hit the water below.

“I think so,” she said with her head in her hands, “I don’t think I have the stamina you do, John. Remember, I’m 73 years old!”

I went back and sat on the bed and waited for her, and as she came back into the room a minute or two later, she was still unsteady on her feet. She didn’t make it to the bed, but collapsed onto her back with her legs dangling off. She was just about passed out. I stood to see if she needed help getting back into bed.

“Fuck me again, John. Fuck me good, ok? Do anything you want to me, just fuck me,” she said as her chest rose and fell with each breath, keeping her eyes closed but a slight grin on her face.

I strattled her chest and began to stroke my cock, getting it back to full attention as she opened her eyes to watch me. Once I was nice and stiff again, I leaned over her and spit between her breasts, then told her to hold them together so I could fuck her tits. I stroked my enormous cock up and down between her breasts, occasionally slapping her nipples with the end of it.

“There’s some lubrication in the drawer in the nightstand, John,” she said as the friction of my cock between her tits began to heat up.

I opened the drawer and found a tube of K-Y and squirted some in my hand. I stroked my cock a few times then continued to fuck her tits.

It was a great visual, and felt amazing to have her tits wrapped around me. But I couldn’t wait to get back into her 73-year-old cunt.

I slid down and quickly worked my way back inside of her. She was less responsive now, but I could hear her faint moans with each thrust into her vagina. She put her arms over her head and called out to me.

“I’m yours, John, take me again,” she said, “give me more of your cum inside me. I want it, John. Give it to me again… Ravage my body, John. Take control of me.”

Exhausted but still incredibly turned on, I fucked her pussy as hard as I could from every angle. I grabbed her ankles and held her legs in the air, fucking her over and over. I even rolled her over and fucked her from behind. Just then I noticed the wine bottle with just a bit left on the nightstand. I tilted the bottle in the air and chugged the last swallow, but before I put it back on the nightstand, I got another idea. I sucked on the neck of the bottle to moisten it, then proceeded to stick it into her ass. Gently at first, but my the time she realized what was inside of her, I was starting to penetrate her hard. She began to moan louder while being double penetrated by her son in law, with me in her pussy and a wine bottle up her ass. Then I switched it up, sticking my wet cock up inside her ass again.

“Give me that bottle,” she said with her face still partially buried in her pillow.

She reached below me and took the bottle from my hands, then began to fuck her own pussy with it.

Holy shit, this was taking it to the next level. She seemed to come to, and soon was vigorously masturbating with the bottle as I gave her another anal workout. Miraculously, I could feel another orgasm welling up inside my cock, and soon I was grunting and moaning so loudly you probably could have heard me from the driveway. I held her hips for a few more thrusts and then began to fill her ass with another load of cum. I kept pumping it into her, slowly lowering the pace but still pushing deep inside of her with each thrust. I eventually came to a stop, completely buried in her ass. She gave herself a few more rounds with the bottle, then collapsed flat on the bed as she let the bottle drop to the floor with a thud.

We were both completely spent. I slowly pulled out of her, then watched as my cum slowly dripped out of her dirty, widened hole and down into her pussy. She reached back and wiped it with her fingers, then rolled over to enjoy the taste as she licked it from her fingertips. I collapsed next to her, both of us a total mess of sweat, cum and everything else. I felt my balls begin to ache from the contraction of another orgasm. The last thing I remember is her putting her arm around over my chest, feeling her breasts against me, and one last kiss from her lips before I fell asl**p.

I opened my eyes to more sunshine pouring through her bedroom windows, and realized neither of us had moved an inch since falling asl**p. She was still out, her naked body lying next to me, totally exposed. I lied there for probably a half hour just enjoying the view and the feeling of having her body next to mine. When she finally woke up, her modesty had not yet returned and she seemed happy to be naked with me too.

“Good morning, John,” she said with a grin, “what a night.”

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