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A wild night and morning

A few years ago me and my then girlfriend went to a house party a friend was throwing. It was a great time. People getting thrown in the pool (and then having to walk around in only a towel), and lots of drinking.

At some point in the evening, me and my gf went out around the front of the house. She is 5’5″, 120 lbs, curly headed redhead. She was wearing a babydoll dress and chinese slippers. She had been wearing panties, but I had talked her out of those early. We were pretty sure some of the guys knew she was going commando.

So, we are outside, out front, and see a set of stairs that lead from the driveway to the second floor. We wander up the stairs, with me behind her, grabbing her cute little butt all the way up. At the top of the stairs we start kissing and groping. Then she sits down and unzips me. She pulls out my cock and starts rubbing and sucking it, right out in the open. After a couple minutes of that, I stand her up, and whip her dress off over her head….and throw it down the stairs. It lands on a car at the bottom of the stairs. She is now wearing only her chinese slippers. I sit her down, and pull my pants down, and climb on top, sliding right into her.

Have no idea if anyone knew we were there, either on the ground, our looking out the door window. But I slid in and out of her, her legs wrapping around my waist. Took me a couple of minutes to lose it and I came inside her.

Being the gentleman that I am, I went and retrieved her dress, as she sat naked and cumfilled at the top of the stairs.

Later, in the living room, we were watching one of those HBO documentaries on sex, people coming and going. Another girl had joined us, and all three of us sat on the floor. I put my arm around the new girl, and my gf decided to lay down, with her head on my thigh. Her bum was slightly exposed, so I took the opportunity to try to cover it, and to slide a finger in her, flicking it in and out of her wet and creamy pussy. On the other side, I had gotten my arm around the other girl well enough to cop a feel over her top. This went on for a while, until the show of naked people ended.

Me and my gf ended up staying over that night, and crashed out on a fold out couch bed in the downstairs rec room. We had gone to sl**p in our clothes, since people were crashed out everywhere.

In the morning, I noticed a lot of people had gone. So I carefully pulled my pants down and started fucking her from behind, in a laying down, lazy doggie style. She was half a sl**p, but still grinded into my cock as I thrust over and over. I had my eyes mostly closed, but I saw movement out of the very corner of my eye. I knew without fully opening my eyes that is was the girl whose house it was. She was starting the clean up. I guess she crept downstairs, thinking we were sl**ping. But instead she found us fucking.

I tried to look at her without letting her know I saw her, as I pumped my now completely rock solid cock into my gf. My gf was moaning softly. When I came, I made sure to thrust a lot harder and stronger, and collapse afterwards. I heard footsteps go up the stairs, and the party hostess was gone.

The only things she mentioned later, when we were officially awake was that we were supposed to have one of the private bedrooms upstairs. But really, where would the fun have been in that….LOL

Updated: October 20, 2016 — 7:23 pm

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