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A winter warm up.

It was frosty that morning, the dim sun damply lighting the room, as I stretched a chill descended down my spine and I clenched the covers closer to my body, shivering slightly.
My long, dark curls brushing my shoulders only adding to my frozen tingles.
I lay there in the cold, thinking, and willing the cold to go away, ‘I wonder what’s for breakfast..?’
As I lay there bunched in blankets there is a bang at the door and it opens, my step b*****r, wearing tight dark jeans and a white shirt gazes at me and laughs.
“It’s not that fucking cold!” he cackles and sits at the end of the bed.
“Well yours fully dressed…” I spit “..try being warm with just some knickers on and no heating!”
He stares at me, a look I can’t describe. His eyes move from my face to my legs as though he is visioning what lays under the covers.
“Well then, i’ll just have to prove your theory wrong then!” He proclaims and stands upright.
He begins to unbutton his shirt and I pull the cover past my mouth as I bite my lip in anticipation.
My step b*****r was built like a steel fox, so slender and yet so masculine, the ridges of his torso and abdominal muscles clenching to his well fitted shirt like a women entwined with a lover.
So natural, and so beautiful.
His discarded shirt lay on the floor as he stares me in the eyes and begins to unbutton his jeans and slips them down removing them effortlessly.
He sits in just his boxers at the end of my bed.
“There; now we are ever and it really isn’t that cold, so why don’t you get out of them covers and come for breakfast.”
I blush, “but I have nothing on, you’ll have to look away whilst I get dressed” I answer.
“..and what would be the point of that?” he looks at me deeply, “..we’re meant to be even, remember!?”

I pull the covers off and the shock of the cold and mixed lust catch me and my nipples harden.
He looks at them as I slide out of bed and they bounce softly. He does not move his focus as I get closer. I notice his boxers are much more filled out than when he removed his trousers and I notice the room get warmer.
I pass him to leave the room and feel his warm breathe on my shoulder; my knees get weaker and my palms get sweaty. I want him so badly, and yet, I don’t want to make a fool of myself.
I carry on walking towards the staircase and notice him following me within inches.
As I place my hand on the railing and take the first step down his hand slips across my hip.
He guilds my body around gently facing towards him but edged against the railings.
He stares at me intently, examining my face and then my body and back to my face. My lips. He stares.
My lips parts and I can’t help but gently bite them in eagerness, waiting, and wanting.
His grasp tightens around my hip and pulls me closer and my legs quake as he kisses me, examining my body with his hands and sliding one over my left breast and the other pulling me closer by my hip.
I hold onto him with all my strength trying to balance and not topple as he slips my underwear down my shaking legs. He picks me up and pins me against the wall kissing my neck, chest and breasts, playing with my hard nipples with his tongue and teasing them with his teeth gently. My pussy pulsating for him and growing wetter by the second. His hand slides down my chests, down my slender stomach and slowly his fingers move town towards my wet pussy and rub my aching clit.
As he slides his fingers inside of me I moan deeply and he pins my body onto the railings against the wall. My legs parted and relaxed on his shoulders as he fucks my tight pussy with his sensual hand. Within minutes of this and kissing his forbidden lips I cum and he pulls his fingers out and sucks them without a word still gazing into my eyes.
We do not say anything, we just stare at each other, his boxers well endowed and almost bursting open. As I stare at the package I am eagerly awaiting he slips them down, his rock hard cock erecting from its prison and standing to attention. My tongue gasping on the corner of my lips wanting to taste that hard, long cock.
He pulls me towards him and off of the railings, my wet pussy gliding against his abs as he settles me down onto flat ground.
He moves me to the step below him and lowers me to my knees, his piece brushing against my chin. I take him into my hand and slowly begin to jerk him off. I start to lick the tip and taste the precum, this makes me wild with pleasure and i begin to get faster, I lick his shaft up and down and idly fondle his balls with my free hand. As I start to enjoy myself more and more I hear him moan deeper and louder, calling me a naughty little minx and that I am a dirty little s****r. This makes me crazy and I suck harder and go deeper trying to stay in rhythm to his noises. His hand grabs my hair and pulls my head closer and his length fills my mouth and throat; my eyes glisten with tears as he shoots his load down my throat and stares into my eyes. He releases my hair and I clean the excess with my tongue as he moans I am a good little s****r.
I lick my lips and stand up-straight in search of my underwear as he slides his boxers up and struts downstairs.

I enter the kitchen fully clothed sometime later and hungry, asking where the breakfast is he replies “Well.. I think you’ve had enough meat for one day, there’s cereal in the pantry.”

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