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Yes it was dirty, but that was the driving f***e behind my participation, I wanted to wallow in the dirtiness of the act, the talk, the smell, the surroundings, all of it added up to the absurdity of it, it was raw at its best, even his smallness was accounted for, just to be taken and used in this manner appealed to me, this was real sex, good fucking, I felt like a woman doing her best to make him feel like a God, I held him tight inside me, a place where in the light of the day, he should in all reality never be there in a thousand years, unless he had bludgeoned me and tied me up in a submissive manner, but even then he would not have my enthusiastic participation, feel my body respond to his thrusting, he was fucking me and I was fucking him, and in the background, there was my husband, cock in hand, enjoying the spectacle of his beautiful wife wrapped around this fat man, her prized opening accommodating and squeezing down on his smallish cock as it glided in and out, his cock head being caressed exquisitely with the tight folds of my pussy, each layer coaxing him to release into the fertile tube of my cunt, my hips rising to meet his touch deep within, my aching cervix coated in seminal fluid, I was cumming, and they both knew it, the car springs ached with the weight of us bouncing in the back, ‘Oh Fuck’, I gasped, as the warmth spread throughout my belly, he was cumming deep inside me, and I was powerless to stop it, a my own orgasm made me grip him tighter, surely this fat stranger will never fuck another like me.

‘Get off’, I gasped, as his weight became too much to bear and my breathing became labored. This man was naked in contrast to me, still fully dressed and my small sexy black number, a mid thigh length black dress with matching hi-cut nets with large diamonds, the slutty type that lets men know you’re up for a bit of fun.

Thirty minutes was all it took, and a perfect strangers sperm was swimming deep within a place he should never had been, but we had discussed this that night and now it had happened, it was that easy.

My train of thoughts were disturbed by my husbands gasping words, and from under the mounds of fat still pinning me down on the leather seating I saw him move behind the man atop of me and release into him, well more his exposed buttocks, my husbands confessed bi-sexuality, now opened opportunities for my own sexual deviancy, which deep down within my own head, new no bounds, for a woman now in her sexual peak, I wanted men and lots of them, I was a ‘Cougar’, sharpening her claws and little scenarios like this made me twitch, my husbands semen flowed from this fat strangers ass , over his long ball sack and onto my open legs, ‘Now we are even’, he said as he rolled onto his side, with one leg raised, by that I assumed he was referring to being cummed on and in, mine being the more precarious, being impregnated as much as it was the ultimate in sexual intercourse, carrying a strangers c***d, would only interfere with my needs to fuck.

‘Lick him clean baby’. My husband was still getting off on my our agreed excursion into ‘swinging’, all be it a threesome, he was still semi-erect and stroking as my head disappeared under this enormous belly and my tongue refreshing his parts as I licked up the remnants of both Cummings, not that the acrid taste of sperm from differing men made sense to me, but the fact that it was two men did excite, and I eagerly cleaned his whole genital area.

Though never a new concept in marriage, ‘Swinging’ does offer a woman an outlet for her more raucous moments, years ago I would lock myself in the toilet and have a session thinking about men doing what they wanted with me, I was a subservient, a young girl needing both discipline and sex, with the intensity of my orgasms clearly pointing to my needs in real life, a life in which both being an exhibitionist and voyeur, a complete surprise to the men confronting me with their erections, moving with them instead of away from them, relieving them instead of cowering from them, yes I was a girl who knew how to seize the moment and make it good for both parties, and now my marriage was blessed with a partner who knew how to bring the best out of me and derive his own pleasure from my debased body.

Over the years the swelling in my belly produced the next generation of female to our lineage, her biological father never revealed to her, but I knew it was the fat stranger in the back seat that night, being humped and seeded did have that ultimate for a man, but we continued humping and keeping mum from him, even though he did enter me over the years, sometimes in her presence, my precocious daughter saw her daddy like no other daughters do, thank god for their ignorance, but it did excite me.

Some would say I was a pervert, while most confess to similar traits, sex is beautiful, an orgasm is God sent, so why not embellish it, make it as strong as possible, try to pass out with one, yes I know girls who do, I myself have been that close, but it has to be diverse and free, no hang-ups just do it because it feels right, and I do, because I follow my heart and my fingers, what flows through my head to bring me off, is what I practice, let me explain:

I had gone to bed earlier than my b*****r, I had started my periods earlier that afternoon and was excused classes for the remainder of the day, got home to find my mother passed out on the settee, d***k, took some paracetamol and went to sl**p.

I shared a room with my younger b*****r, four years my junior, and was briefly awoken when he came into the room with him switching on the main light.
My eyes followed him as he moved around, casting the odd glance at my sl**ping form in the bed opposite his, he clearly thought I was still sl**ping.

He bent down and scooped up my panties, which were on the floor at the foot of my bed, spread them and studied the crotch.
His intensity made me realize something had changed, my little b*****r saw me as a woman, not his s****r, we were at an age where by the laws of nature we should have been separated, but a d***k mother and no father, we were left to our own devices, and watching my b*****r finger where my warm pussy had been, just made me feel good.

He turned the main light out and got into bed, and immediately began to masturbate. As I watched his darkened form my eyes became accustomed to the darkness and the beauty of his nude form came into focus, I saw my panties wrapped around his shaft were providing him with a naughtiness of me as his desired sexual objectivity.

I threw my covers back and mounted him, there was no indication of my intention, in fact he was still stroking as I lifted my leg over him, reached between us and tore my panties from his cock and sat down on it and began to grind down hard on him, grunting like a little sow as the feeling began building and building, and as my orgasm was at it apex I slid down and put my lips on his and crushed him there too, we climaxed in a forbidden bonding, but the forbidden part was what made it so exciting, together in five minutes we had loved as adults and thrilled in the experience, we had learnt something about each other, we pleased ourselves with our bodies and it opened a whole new chapter in our lives, eventually mellowing into a scene from the movie ‘Cement Garden’, an uncles casting of his true life niece fucking her b*****r, I bet he got off watching her act, just as my uncle did all those years back.

Girls grow and develop, absorbing elements around them from both males and females, learning to like what appeals to us, not as direct as an uncle with a ‘Bonner’ between his legs and a lolly-pop in the hand, even as young as we are we just know and remember these things.

‘She’s to men what Viagra is’. It was my mothers b*****r who said that, he was her favorite and she knew of his sexual fascination for me, accommodating his fantasies by dressing me with make-up and short dresses without underwear, even my budding breasts were exposed and touched, it was fun, but the nights when he crept around, my mothers bedroom door remained closed while her b*****r sought more from me, I slept naked with him until early morning when the alarm clock roused him from my bed and alerted mother her b*****r had indeed done the dirty with her daughter, then everything was alright, as if nothing had happened.

I was born into a highly sexed inbred f****y, perhaps this inbreeding was what made us sexual deviants, take mother and her three s****rs, I can remember seeing all four of them in their twenties moving around their fathers farm house, all naked and in their fathers presence, a gruff man, crude and dominant, mother used to say he shagged their mother to death, and the daughters took their turn with him, sometimes all four of them keeping him satisfied in a day.

I watched as a girl from behind the door which was ajar, to his crude and violent sex acts, my mother, his third eldest pinned to the counter while his hand violated her inside her panties, his face taut and his jaw rigid as he studied her intently, his hand thrusting hard into her, he watched as she buckled and collapsed, there was no faking an orgasm with him, he knew, she once said, we tightened around his fingers, that was what he relished most, feeling his daughters get off on his fingers.

Living on a farm in the wilderness was hard, and the softness of female company made for this isolation.
Both sons were taught a s****rs love and with four able girls around there was enough for all, the father made them share beds and the bonding of my mother and her younger b*****r was cast back then, so myself and my own b*****r was nothing new to mother, she thought it normal for me to have the men of our f****y, after-all, it was just sex.

Sex for most women is a tool to use if you are blessed with a matching body, but for me it was a necessity. There were no boundaries, it was uninhibited, it was just a cock and pleasure, a rod of hot flesh that provoked reactions, my hot breath or a scratch on its underside with my long finger, a moisture laden tongue tip from the testes to its bulbous head, I loved to watch it come alive, swell and stiffen, lick the dew-drop seminal semen as it built within and seeped from its tiny slit, the size ensuring its release it jetted with f***e deep within the woman’s body, an addictive act of absolute surrender, every woman knows and is powerless to stop an insemination, that’s why we open our legs wide enough, if the man is persistent enough, because if the truth be known, we really want it as much as you do.

When I moved to Newcastle in England as a student at 17, I knew then I was free to act as I pleased.
I took his hand in mine where he held it a little longer than what is socially accepted as a handshake, that little gesture of acceptance from me, told me to leave my attic bedroom door unlocked, and from the very first night, to the end of my tenure three years later, he warmed my bed with his lusting and perversions, this man, old enough to my grandfather, had access where others were barred, and in the dark of the night he would crawl into my bed and do what he wanted.

Recalling the first night, where my loneliness with the realization of isolation from home, I stripped off and studied my form in that dingy room, in the full length mirror. Over my head in the sloping roof was a skylight, which could be reached by standing on a table, which I dragged into the bedroom and did just that.

I opened it and stood with my breasts proudly pointing West, observing the sun set in a watery red sky, my nudity clashing with the cold blue-grey slate on the steeply sloping roof.
I did not know he had entered the bedroom to be met with my naked body standing high on the wooden table, his tongue sought the curvature of my taut buttocks and smooth pubis, I looked afar into the horizon of this industrialized northern town, my legs quivered violently as he moistened me and brought me to new heights, and only when he had left, did I venture down back onto the bare wooden floorboards, noting how the table was now a mixture of semen and my own piss.

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