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A Young Girls journey to womanhood (First Part)

A young girls journey to womanhood

First Part

My name is Daniella. This story is not my story, but one of another. I am part of this story, and I am so pleased to have been privileged to be so. It starts with me smelling coffee as I wake up naked in the white linen sheets of the bed. My body is still glowing, still feeling the residual after effects of many orgasms and yes, I feel the pressure of the butt plug deep in my ass, already starting to give me my next sexual thrills of the day. It is in this warm sensual luxury I open my eyes and see Alison, the giver of all my sexual highs last night. I inwardly smile seeing her body move without embarrassment and with confidence, the same way she treated me last night. If I was naughty, she smacked me. If I was quiet, she would make me moan out aloud. She knew my sexual body so well, so in tune with what I actually needed.

Was it only yesterday I was in the bar and this woman in her late forties came in, a professional assured woman in an expensive sundress just looked around and then held my gaze……….and held it. No demure look from her. In all my 24 years, I had never felt a gaze enter me and look at my inner core in such a way. I looked down at my own body to see that I was well presented, acceptable. My dark blue dress did look good on my body. A little cleavage, a little above the knee. When I looked back up, she was there. I smelt her perfume. She was still looking at me, but now with a slight smile. She went past me and as she did, she beckoned me with her finger to follow. I did!

We entered the well appointed toilets and she went to the cubicle and waited for me to enter. I did, and now my sexual needs were on high. The door closed and locked, but at that point, my soul, my sex, my desires were unlocked. She held me, and kissed me, her tongue telling me she wanted me. My tongue wanted her too. I felt her fingers feel between my legs. So direct, so thrilling. She knew what she wanted and how to do it well! My thong was no barrier to the penetration my wetness allowed her. I smelt my lust, I heard the sound of my wetness, My legs went wider allowing her more depth of penetration. She pinned me against the wall,and I was now a mass of erogenous pre orgasmic nerves. Her other fingers found my breasts and my oh so hard nipples. A twist of my left nipple was all it took to detonate the explosion inside my body.

All sound went distant, all feelings centred on my orgasm. I stopped breathing as time stood still. I started coming down, and she was holding me up. I had wet her dress. I must have squirted, but I had no time for embarrassment as I was being lowered to the floor onto my knees. My hair was pulled and she had lifted her dress and I saw her totally smooth pussy, very wet and engorged and I was pulled onto it. I was still breathing hard and she was almost smothering me with her sex. I was licking the most powerful woman I had ever known and it felt I must do her well. She was fucking my face, my mouth, my nose and gyrating my head by my hair to do so and then she released with a deep moan and a large squirting all over my face, my hair and my body. I felt honoured to have achieved that.

She let go of me and unlocked the door and went to the basin and started to refresh. She said nothing to me, but again crooked her finger for me to join her. She produced some wipes from her bag and cleaned me up. I felt like her little girl. She spoke for the first time. “Can you come away with me for a night?” “Yes,” I replied “but I need to get some things” That was it. I followed her to the Audi R6 convertible parked outside. Home and then to the bed where I find myself this morning.

The villa was contemporary and only two bedroomed. It had large one way glass doors that led onto a patio and large pool. There was a companion villa the other side of the pool, but apart from that, it was isolated. You never went there unless you knew it was there.

Alison came over to the bed and caressed my hair, bringing with her the coffee, the juice, a croissant and fresh fruit. I got out of bed and naked we sat at the bistro table near the kitchenette. Afterwards, we went into the large shower suite and she bent me over and removed the butt plug. She smelt it and smiled. We then went and showered.

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