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A Young Girls journey to womanhood (Fourth and fi

A young girls journey to womanhood

Fourth and final Part

Alison came over to the bed, and kneeled across to where Illia and I were embracing. I was feeling her small hard nipples in my mouth and she was caressing and moulding my defined breast and nipples. They became sensitive as she stroked and then she pinched one as she had seen Alison do to me. It made me both wince and get very excited. How did this girl know just what I wanted?

“Daniella, put her on her back now” came the controlling voice of my dominant f***e. I immediately complied, although the thought of a hard smack for disobedience on my bottom did cross my mind, but it quickly passed and I did as I was told. Illia looked up at me, her lovely young body still showing the moisture of exertion from fisting me. I found her so erotic, so beguiling, so irresistible. I then looked over at her mother, naked and restrained, a quiet enigmatic look on her face, the red ball gag showing her that she was not allowed to talk, and the blindfold, not allowed to see.

Alison then surprised me. She kneeled up against me and kissed me with a very open mouth and our tongues were swimming in our saliva and our passion. She played with my body as Illia watched and her hand came up to her own sex and she started to caress that so petite and flawless pleasure centre. Alison stopped kissing and touching me and slapped the girls hand. Illia looked shocked but Alison smoothed her hand up and down her wet mons and Illia relaxed…….but her hand did not go back to masturbating herself.

“Daniella, get a pillow under her head and then straddle her face, facing her feet” Alison said quietly. She bent over to Illia and kissed her and stroked her young body. “You give pleasure and you will receive pleasure. Do you understand?” She nodded to Alison and then I was beckoned to sit on her face. My pussy was already melting it seemed and the melt water juices were already over Illia’s chin.

Alison again went to the point where my pussy and Illia’s mouth were colliding and said to Illia “you make sure you give her pleasure to whatever she presents you with, front to back” I could feel her tongue on me, I moved backwards gently and forward. Her tongue was like a pointer and she did indeed point it to the entrance to my ass and it felt heavenly. I could hear the wetness of my sex on her mouth and nose. I could certainly smell it. Illia could certainly taste it as well.

I was looking over at the mother. She wanted to touch herself, but she couldn’t. She was wriggling and trying to get some relief but Alison had done a good job. She started to moan and complain through the gag. Alison got up and quietly went to her case and brought out a flogger and raised it over the mother and then struck her between her legs, on her inner thighs and her belly. Only a few strokes and not heavy, but the mother was now quiet as she had been instructed. The last flash of the punishment was on her breasts, and that had an immediate effect on me. That was such an arousing thing to see combined with her daughter eating me out. I started to cum.

I was gentle with her face, but my movements were that of a marionette being pulled up and down on strings. The sensation was incredible. I loved this girl so much at this moment and then the flogger hit me on my breasts and back, and it just made the sensations of orgasmic pleasure go on and on.

I was going to get off, but Alison put up a hand to say “Stay there”. I then watched Alison go down between the girls legs and start to lick her, open her up and slowly lick to her ass. She was made to raise her legs. Watching Alison take the girl this way started making me feel very horny again and Illia, still under me and covered in my juices, was breathing very hard, and that too started to effect me. She started to moan and I could see Alison playing with her and her fingers gently probing her little pussy, opening but not inserting.

“Daniella, hold her legs” and Alison lifted Illia’s legs upwards and outwards so that I was looking down on her wetness and could see she was very turned on. I held her open for Alison. The moans and the breathing were vibrating on my clitoris as I kept over her mouth.

Suddenly, Alison had a small butt plug and a tube. As she kept licking and sucking her rose, she squeezed some lube on the butt plug and then proceeded to stretch the little girls anal portal gently and with love. I watched Alison’s tongue impregnate the opening and then she licked her little clitoris hood while introducing the plug into her rose. The two happened together, Illia started to orgasm and the plug just disappeared into her. That was so good I thought as I felt the tremblings of a Richter scale orgasm approaching. Illia was in the throes of hers and again her body convulsed in pleasure. She was bobbing up and down banging against my vagina and I kneeled up as I came so as not to suffocate her. I was literally producing a slimy waterfall as I came all over her face, her hair, her chin and down her neck.

Alison took the girl and cuddled her and kissed her as I got off, which with the state of my wobbly legs was so difficult. It all went quiet. We were recuperating except for Alison. She held Illia against her breast and fed her a nipple to comfort. I found that erotic. I had never had these feelings but watching Illia suckling was a very strong arouser.

Alison got up and then placed Illia in my arms laying down and placed the girls lips onto my nipple. I had never had a c***d, but I realised that the stories I had heard about sexual feelings whilst feeding may be true. It was a warm and very deep feeling inside my core.

Alison went over to the mother. She kissed her and said “that is the essence of your daughter” Her fingers went under her nose and was told “that is what you want isn’t it? How long have you wanted to smell and taste that essence I wonder?”

Alison went over to the case and produced two things. A large stainless ball that shone in the afternoon light and a purple harness. She again went over to the mother and applied her fingers into the folds of her sex and then curled them inside her. I could hear the squish of her wetness, but the mother was quiet. Alison took the ball and then started to finger and stretch that beautiful woman’s pussy until four fingers went in and out comfortably. I watch as Alison held her gaped and open and pushed the ball into her vagina. It resisted, but soon relented and disappeared. Now the Mother was moaning quietly as the fullness settled inside her. Alison then had in her hand, a little box with a switch and a slider. She switched on the switch and the effect was dramatic, as the powerful vibrator inside the ball produced it’s magic. She groaned and her hips tried but failed to lift much off the chaise. Her toes were curling and uncurling as Alison turned the machine off.

Next, the harness was put on her, a strong harness that pushed tight into her ass and over her sex. Alison went back to the case and produced a flesh coloured dildo, not too thick, but around 7 inches long and attached it into the harness and then finally buckled it up. She looked so vulnerable but so sexual tied up, her hood on and the gag, and with a strap on pointing towards the ceiling, waiting!

Alison beckoned us over to the mother and indicated to me, that I should get onto the strap on. I cocked my leg and lowered myself onto the phallus. It felt so strongly sexual to mount a tied up woman and to play with her breasts as I bucked up and down. Illia was told to kneel and look closely at what was happening to me and how I went up and down on it, and then Alison straddled the mothers head. Alison stopped and removed the gag so that she could be pleasured by the mothers mouth, and she was riding her hard when she switched on the silver ball inside her.

The mother’s body went rigid as the vibrating ball activated and she gasped out with the pleasure of it. Illia sat with her hands fondling herself. I was just amazed at what was happening. Another orgasm was on it’s way for me and Illia suddenly grabbed my breasts and squeezed one very hard. That did it. I went deep onto the phallus and shouted out “Fuck, Fuck, Fuck” as the power of the thing overtook me. The ball was switched off when I had finished

Alison had orgasmed hard on the mothers face and the squirt was all over the mother’s breasts and on me. Illia started to lick it off her mothers stomach and then went toward her breasts. As Alison dismounted, so did I and Illia was now licking and sucking her mother’s breasts, gently and lovingly. Alison moved beside the restrained body and lifted Illia up onto her shakey legs. She took Illia to the back of the bedroom and held her. I watched as Alison lovingly nibbled her neck, played lightly with her breasts and then her fingers were between her legs. She checked the butt plug was in place and turned her round and stood behind her, showing her off to me.

I had come such a long way since yesterday. I loved this young girl, and I had never even considered to make love with such a young girl. To have her mother involved was unbelievable……….until today. Illia was brought over to her mother and Alison whispered into her ear. “Your mother really loves you, she has always loved you and always will. It is now time for you to pass from being her little girl, to being her daughter, the young woman.” Illia nodded and looked beautiful.

Alison told me to straddle her mother so that her ears were covered. I did and then Alison took Illia and got her to straddle the strap on. “I want you to go down on this like Daniella did and show your mother that she can love you. You may feel a little pain, but just go down on it fast and it will disappear quickly” Illia nodded and her wetness started to envelope the dildo. She slowly came to a point where her virginity was being compromised. I was told to get off her mother’s face and as Illia was poised to go down onto th phallus, Alison switched the ball on the highest setting inside her mother’s vagina.

Her hips bucked and the strap on entered her daughter. It did flash a pain message but soon Illia felt the up and down movements take her upwards to where the great feelings where. Alison had gone to the head of the mother and took off the blindfold. She gasped at what was happening as Alison said You’ve always wanted her haven’t you. Now you have made love to her and made her a woman. Look at her and feel her passion for you.”

The strong vibration deep inside of her, the emotions of joy and sexual relief were so overwhelming that she came and bucked into her daughter again, and she had now grabbed her mother’s breasts The pressure on her well filled vagina together with the pressure of the butt plug gave her the deepest orgasm possible.

Soon, all were spent, the vibrator switched off and Illia lifted off the phallus and onto her untied mother. Both hugged and kissed and each other’s hands were stoking caressing and loving.

Alison took off the strap on and removed the vibrating ball. She told her mother to remove the butt plug and to keep it as a reminder of her daughter loosing her virginity.

They were soon asl**p on the bed. I lay down with them and I too fell into deep sl**p with them.

When I awoke, Alison was gone and it was dusk. A note was left telling me, “she loved having me and to look out for a smart woman in a summer dress. You never know what could happen!” Her case was gone and all I had was a pair of her worn black panties, and it was all I needed to have the essence of her and my part in the story of a young girls journey to womanhood.

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