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A Young Girls journey to womanhood (Second Part)

We had kissed in the shower and held each other, but nothing else happened. She was my mistress while we were together, I realised that, and I was her loving and obedient subordinate. I never knew how overwhelmingly powerful that could be. My body just wanted her attention and I was on the edge of sexual arousal all the time.

Alison wanted to “chill out” this morning and we both put on bikinis and went onto the decking besides the pool and the luxurious loungers. The sun was warm, the pool looked so welcoming. I wondered why we had bothered with bikinis, but after ten minutes, I realised. We were not alone!

The glass door to the other villa at the far side of the pool opened and two figures emerged, both in one piece swimsuits. The woman was tall, but her body was incredibly proportioned with a long elegant neck and her brunette hair tied up. She wore a high cut leg black swimsuit that caressed her body and made her legs look fabulous. I immediately wanted to go and feel the material and her shape underneath it.

The girl with her was a replica of the woman, beautifully proportioned, but not yet having the shape that a woman develops, the breasts, the hips and the fullness. She wasn’t shapeless, but she was in the process of becoming a woman, so the royal blue swimsuit had the high legs, had a beautiful fit, but her chest was flat, her stomach and hips, flat and yet to become a woman. Again, the material had a really expensive look and you knew that both of these suits would not go baggy or shapeless after swimming. The girl was a dirty blonde and had a bob cut that made her look younger than she probably was.

I could hear conversation between them, and then the girl dived into the pool whilst the woman lay on a lounger with a magazine. I looked at the ease in which the girl swam. She was good. After about five minutes, the girl emerged from the water in front of me up the steps and it was then that I had my first twinges of arousal. She was stunning. Everything about her was stunning. Her body and the way it moved, the swimsuit and how it hugged her body like a stocking. I found my eyes drawn to her crotch and could see the outline of her sex as the suit clung to her womanhood. She smiled at me and then turned toward the woman. I watched her walk and her bottom, so tight and defined, attracting me like a magnet.

Alison was near my ear and she said “You find her arousing? You feel the sex in you welling up?”

I nodded, looking down away from the girl who was now putting on sun lotion, the woman helping her. I felt that I had been caught having a dirty thought by Alison. I think she understood me better than I did!

After a couple of hours of a little swimming, a little sunbathing and reading, Alison stood up. Her pussy was right in front of my face. She slowly started to rub herself in front of me. “Let’s have some fun” and with that she beckoned me to the pool. She had a ball and threw it into the water and then dived in. I followed. We played catch and then Alison said, to the girl, “Do you want to join us? It’s fun with three” The girl smiled and immediately joined us in the water. The woman smiled and looked over her sunglasses then returned to her book.

It was, at first, energetic in the water and there was hoots and splashing and then things started to change. The girl, who’s name was Illiia was directly in front of Alison and I could see that she was being held. I wasn’t sure what was happening but Alison nodded her head for me to join them. I was directly in front of the girl, who’s eyes were closed and her lips slightly parted. I then saw Alison’s hands inside the girls swimsuit over her developing breasts. “Kiss her” you told me, and I did, a slow peck at first, but as the girl reciprocated, she became more animated with my mouth and she started mewing little moans.

Our heads were just above water, so the sandwich that was the three of us with Illia as the filling, was not directly visible, but underneath the water was another story. Alison took one of my hands and placed it between the girls legs. “Do it” she told me, and with that, I rubbed her through the swimsuit. Her kissing had stopped as her mouth was now just a silent “O”. I could feel Alison hands against my breasts as she played with her nipples. I was so excited. Alison then placed one of the girl’s hands on my breast. She was responding and manipulated my breast and nipple with her hand. Now, there appeared only gentle movements on the water, but inside our bodies, we had churning desires.

The woman had stopped reading and was staring at what was happening to her daughter. She was at first confused, but realised that she was being aroused, very much aroused when she should have been complaining about the behaviour. “She looks as if she is having fun” she convinced herself. She, the woman, was in a peculiar and perverse way!

The girl now had my fingers inside her swimsuit and rubbing against her labia, my fingers lubricated by the water sliding up and down her now opening sex. Alison’s hand found my sex inside my bikini and immediately realised how aroused I was. I had never ever considered this to be something I would enjoy with a passion, but I was and wanted more. Just as I thought about having an orgasm, Alison’s fingers withdrew and she kissed the girl’s neck and whispered to follow us. We then went to the steps at our end of the pool. We all got out and Alison immediately held Illia’s hands and led her towards our villa and we went through the glass door. Alison left it open.

Once inside, we both kissed Illia and Alison kissed me. Alison then started to strip me and soon I was naked in front of the girl. She got Illia to step out of the costume and as soon as she did, I realised how beautiful her body, soon to become a woman, was. She pushed us together and we kissed, my hands and her hands exploring each other. Alison now undressed. We all had the most perfect smooth pussies and soon those were being stroked and fingered as we stood up together kissing.

The woman had walked over to the door. She saw the three of us naked and in passion stood there. She saw Alison push me onto my knees and then stand Illiia’s perfect body so that her sex was over my mouth. Alison held her up from behind and got Illia to part her legs. I then tasted the sweetest nectar I ever imagined. It was intoxicating as were the sounds I was getting her to make. She was so wet, so aroused as I licked her to oblivion.

Alison was caressing those small nipples and breasts as I was in her heaven. Alison looked and saw the woman just inside the door, stood with her perfect swimsuit gusset to one side and her hands playing with her own sex, being the voyeur to this intense sexual scene. Her legs were slightly apart and kept flexing. She was so into this.

The girl was now very close to her explosion and I could feel her tensions. I saw Alison’s hand go down over her flat buttock and a lubricated finger find her small rose. She pushed it just inside, and with that, the touch paper fuse finished burning and the explosions started. The girl cried out in passion and the spasm of her release strobed through her body as her legs widely gyrated and her arms stretched out in strained clenched fists.

Alison held her up though it all. My face was saturated and I was touching myself to make myself cum. Alison said “No” quietly to me. I stopped. The mother was now in a state of complete rapture as her orgasms came and went, came and went and then she staggered to a chair, and fell down onto it, her legs still apart and her pussy on show to us all. Not a word was said as we all came down from that mountain of passion.

Alison then took command again as she beckoned Illia and I to the bedroom, not even acknowledging the mother.

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