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A Young Girls journey to womanhood (Third part)

A young girls journey to womanhood

Third Part

She threw the girl onto the bed. Her virginal beauty, the fresh faced and excited young teen body, was in a state of sexual turmoil. The depth of that feeling that I had given her, that essence of her loving fluids delivered into my mouth gave her a glow that I had never seen in a woman. This girl, who I had made to have a massive orgasm, was like a new flower opening up to her sensual world.

I was still wanting to have my orgasm. Alison had stopped me, but my mind wanted to disobey and the thought of me giving this girl her first loving orgasm started the fire inside me. She was beautiful. Her just budding breasts, the puffy mons and labia so perfect, so kissable, so enjoyable. That thought made me feel between my legs to my engorged wet pussy and as I stood looking at Illia, masturbating, I felt the powerful slap on my buttocks, once, twice and the most powerful third one. I stopped, but the pain and the instruction made me feel even more near the edge.

Alison said “No, means No” and she threw me on my back onto the bed beside Illia. “Get you legs apart Danni, let the girl see what a turned on woman looks like” I did, the red flush on my buttocks visible to all, my sex glistening, my lips open and engorged. I felt so open sexually as well as physically.

“Illia, go between her legs and put your face over her pussy. Smell her, tell me what it make you feel like?” Alison said quietly.

Illia rolled over and I looked at her blue eyes staring at me and then at my sex. I felt so exposed, physically and emotionally. She was sniffing me like a dog and I felt like the bitch on heat.

“It makes me feel very hot and a little dizzy” Illia said and with that Alison pushed her head down to my throbbing sexuality and her mouth touched me. A little lick was followed by small licks and then she was tasting me with passion, and it was sending shocks of pleasure inside me to my core. I was starting to cum………but then, the face was withdrawn as Alison pulled her up off me. I was going to combust if I didn’t cum soon I said to myself in sheer frustration.

Alison took the girl’s hand and said “Feel her, put your fingers inside and feel what it’s like to be a sexual woman”

I felt her touch me, and her fingers started to explore the wet centre of my being, my desire. Her young face looked at me and then her hand. It was full of youthful lust, of a sexual precipice ready to fall over. Alison was on her knees besides us, her breasts proudly overpowering me. Her hand was sliding up and down Ilias’s buttocks and down to her sex. I was jealous. Then Alison took Illias’s wrist and started to push her hand more into me. Three fingers, now four and Alison said, “Push your hand inside her, feel her, push into her, pull out a bit, that’s right, and now back in, deeper” I was on fire now. I looked at the intent face of the girl and, above her, her mother standing at the bottom of the bed, her lust visible to the scene before her, her fingers working into the folds of her dripping sex. She was close to an orgasm and I was now. Seeing her added the ignition to the pumping hand and I let out a shriek of passion as the sensation of the fisting, the mother and daughter in front of me, and Alison, pulling hard on my nipples.

The mother fell onto the bed as she came and she was looking at her “not so innocent daughter “as she did so, looking at her daughters hand deep inside me and my spasming body who her daughter had made to orgasm.

Alison slowly pulled Ilias hand out of me and then licked it and instructed Illia to do the same. They both smiled at each other and continued to lick until my juices were inside both of them.

Alison got up as Illia and I lay side by side embracing and kissing. She went over to the mother. She pulled her up and kissed her and as they kissed, Alison started to strip the swimming costume off her so that they stood naked, belly to belly, breast to breast as they kissed passionately.

Alison asked “Do you trust me?”
The mother replied almost in a whisper “Yes”

Alison took her over to the chaise long and made her lie down on her back, legs apart either side of the chaise, exposing her clean shaven sex to all. Alison produced some rope and straps and proceeded to tie her down so that she was incapable of movement. She then got a blindfold and a gag, and when these were on, she said, “Now we are ready”

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