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Abergales Halloween: One

Abergale’s Halloween

Halloween One, 3/10/2016: The Ritual

Abergale sat in front of her computer. Apart from the harsh white light of the screen and the contrasting soft red glow from the keyboard the room was in total blackness. As she read the Wikipedia entry on the occult she quickly skipped down the page till she got to witches and their familiars. Most of the entries had the familiar depicted as a black cat but Abergale skipped past these until she found the entry she wanted the familiar as a large black dog. She knew she had seen it before and looking at the reference to the entry in Lavey’s Satanic Bible, it was correct. She went back to the book and re-read the entry turning over the relevant pages trying to find something she’d missed but she could find nothing. She examined the desk in front of her everything was as it appeared in the Satanic Bible she had followed the ritual to the letter and well, nothing had happened, all except for a storm blowing through but that had been forecast on the radio that morning. She went back to the computer and clicked through the reference. She had missing nothing.

Abergale looked at the time it had just turned midnight on the 3rd of September and reluctantly she switched off the computer and striped naked in preparation for bed. Looking over at the various items that lay all over the makeshift altar in the corner of her room she slipped between the sheets of the bed. I’m just too tired to clean that stuff up tonight she thought Ill clean it up tomorrow. She looked over at the single lit candle burning on mirror which had been turned to face the ceiling like a tray. She had completely forgotten about the burning candle and was almost going to get up and blow it out but decided it wasn’t worth it. There was nothing around it that could catch fire it would just burn itself out in an hour or so.

As she lay in bed the room illuminated by the bight moon of an autumn night Abergale noticed the room growing gradually darker and darker. Glancing out the open curtains of her window she saw dark clouds rolling in bringing with the beginnings of a rain front. As she lay in bed Abergale watched the clouds grow darker and the wind louder until they turned a quite night into a tempest of howling wind and sheets of rain that lashed themselves up against her bedroom window.

She lay in bed wide awake her inability to sl**p as much the result of her trying to find the mistake she had made in the ritual than from the wild storm that seemed to be shaking the foundations of the house. After a few failed attempts to fall asl**p she turned her head to look at the clock. She winced in pain as the muscles in her neck were so stiff that just to turn her head was painful. The clock read 13.32hrs. She decided to try and relax as much as she could. The quickest way she knew how to do this was to masturbate and so she spread her legs and began to finger herself.

She was surprised to find that she was already quite wet and open and as she rubbed her pussy lips she enjoyed the sound her wet pussy made and the feel of her fingers as they grew wet and sloppy with an unusually thick secretion that her cunt started to pump out. She had never known it to be that thick in all the years she had been masturbating but she wasn’t complaining as she made herself comfortable in the bed. She loved the feeling of the hot, sticky, gooey mess under her fingers and she closed her eyes and sank deeper into the warmth of her bed her fingers gliding expertly over her pussy lips drawing out the pleasure in her body drop by sumptuous drop. Abergales fingers moved skilfully outside her pussy teasing her clit drawing body closer and closer to ecstasy. All the time keeping her fingers outside her pussy. That was exactly how she liked it. She had never really gotten used to pushing her finger into her penetrating herself in that way.

As the sensation in her body grew stronger she started to writhe in pure pleasure sending wave after wave of warmth over her. Growing and growing in intensity her body’s excitation seemed to match the increasing intensity of storm outside her window. She began to feel an electric tingle in her pussy just as a flash of lightening lit up her room for a second like it was in the middle of the day. Almost immediately after the room shook with a loud clap of thunder which seemed to shake the very centre of her. The sheer f***e of the sound seemed to shift something in her breaking and cracking something deep within her that would take a long time heal, if it ever did.
Wow, Abergale thought, trying to ignore the fractures that her mind had just split into, the storm must be right overhead.
The storm that raged outside the house had somehow moved inside Abergale and as the storm raged outside she noticed that a deep cold was overtaking her. It almost seemed impossible to her, how could she be cold wrapped in warm bed clothes? A cold shiver ran all over her body like an internal window had been broken and was letting something in from the darkness outside.

Her bl**d ran like ice through her veins leaving in its wake a cold sweat and clinging bed clothes which stuck tightly to her limbs binding them tightly. Abergale suddenly felt very claustrophobic and her pulse sky rocketed till she could feel her heart pounding on the inside of her chest. Still her fingers rubbed her pussy harder and harder her body responding to every stroke of her fingertips. As she continued Abergale found it harder and harder to breath.
Just relax into it, she though, just relax.

She opened her eyes wide but could hardly see a thing as the night sky had turned black with the storm clouds that blotted out the light of the moon. The only light was the candle in the room which had by now almost burned itself out and was flickering as if an outside draft was trying to blow it out, or maybe, as if someone or something was in the room moving unseen in the shadows. The though terrified her and as her eyes darted around the room searching for the invisible introducer she had convinced herself was now a reality every shadow seemed to hide the now distinctly malevolent presence that now inhabited the darkest corners her bed room.

A strong gust of wind blew rain hard against the window and for a moment she stopped masturbating trying to extricate herself from the now clinging and sweat soaked bed clothes.
“Keep working that cunt of yours.” Abergale looked around the room terrified nothing was there, had she heard those words? They seemed to be as clear as anything but after looking around she also knew that the room was and remained totally empty and silent. The words seemed to come from nowhere or maybe they came from inside her head quickly her fingers went back to rubbing.
“Not like that,” the voice said again shouting so loudly in her head that her body reacted to the shock of the sound. “Push your fingers into your cunt deep as they can go.”
Abergalse hand responded immediately without any conscious thought of her own her index finger went into her pussy hard. She cried out as it went in deep trying to move her legs but the soaked sheets clung to her legs making it impossible to move adding to her panic.
A though entered her mind, “No please.” was all she had time to say when her hand pushed the middle finger in hard closely followed by her ring finger.

Abergale could feel something clawing away inside her at the cracked shards of her mind were being pulled away one by one giving whatever was on the other side easier access to her. A feeling of pure panic gripped Abergale as she lay there pinned down under what seemed like an invisible weight. Her hand was the only part of her body that was capable of any movement, automatically pulling and pushing her fingers roughly into and out of her gaping cunt.

What little power she had left in her body had evaporated and whatever was in the room seemed to be holding her down by her very bones. She couldn’t feel her legs, they seemed to be bleeding into the bed until she couldn’t tell where she stopped and the bed began. She looked around the room trying to find something real to look at but every time her eyes fixed on something that seemed solid it blurred before her melting away as the shadows increasing around it till their charcoal grey blackness bled over them enveloping them in its inky blackness. The darkness seemed to spread over every surface of the room slowly crawling up the side of the bed and covering the sheets penetrating her body pressing down on her making it almost impossible to breath. The freezing cold bit into her flesh till she felt as if she was floating on an icy sea of black shadow and she was about to be dragged under. Shivering uncontrollably she lay there unable to get up, unable to breath, almost unable to think her mind frozen by the unseen terrors which appeared to be all around her. As her hand continued to move relentlessly in and out of her soaking cunt any life left in her body seemed to be ebbing slowly away.

The cold seemed to be coming from the very centre of her body pushing outwards till she felt that she would never be warm again. Another bolt of lightning lit up her room plunging it into total darkness immediately after. Despite all the terrors she was feeling, or maybe because of them, Abergale could feel her body start to rise under her still moving fingers, an orgasm was building slowly but steadily in her. After a few seconds another huge clap of thunder crackled in from the darkness of the storm the sound washing over her, goose bumps rising up over her skin causing her nipples rise and harden until they became like bullets rubbing again her bedclothes.

Her whole body began to shake uncontrollable as the deep warmth of an orgasm spread from her stomach over all her, gently at first, and then flooding over her flushing the coldness out replacing it with a hot flush and a sudden hot sweat. Suddenly she jerked hard, her back arching and pushing her head hard back into the soaking pillows. She closed her eyes and took a huge breath almost expecting the inky blackness of the surrounding shadows to flow into her mouth filling her lungs and drowning her soul in darkness forever.. She body started to shake uncontrollably as she came yet again sending a sensation of pleasure shooting to every corner of her. Suddenly she felt weightless, as if she was falling backwards into a void only to crash back to earth as she came hard again. She could feel wet goo oozing out of her pussy squirting its way out from between her legs, past her fingers. Finally she grew still and slipped into a deep sl**p for the rest of the night her hand still pushed deep into her throbbing cunt.

The next morning Abergale woke to the sunlight of a beautiful morning streaming into her bedroom window. She felt, fantastic having had the best night’s sl**p for weeks. The bed however was a total mess. Over night the sheets had stuck to her body and as she moved she could feel how dirty and stiff they had become after drying. She pulled back the sheets revealing the mixture of human liquids she had lain in for the night. A wet patch didn’t even come close to describing the human filth that encrusted her sheets. Her warm and wet pussy of last night had dried over night till her legs were sticking to the sheets and her pussy hair was now a solid tangle of dirty hair. Gradually she peeled the sheets off her legs and made her way to the bathroom to take a shower and put on some make up so she looked like the person the world knew.

Coming back to her bed room she opened the window to try and let the rotten stench of her cunts secretions and stale sweat out of the room. Looking back at the bed clothes she decided that it was a waste of time even to try and wash then and getting a black plastic bag from the kitchen she stuffed them all into a black plastic sack to be disposed of in the garbage. As he gradually cleaned up her bedroom from the night before she was grateful that it was a Saturday and that she wasn’t scheduled to work till the afternoon.

Finally after what seemed like an age her room and herself looked normal again and she made her way down stair to have breakfast after which she went to the library.

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