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After Wendy told me about how much she loved my huge cock and how she had fucked her stepb*****r after months of watching him masturbate at night, I could not get enough of her and she was so fucking horny all the time. She told me how lucky she was to find her dream cock!
We fucked all the time, or should I say we had sex all the time. I would give her a lot of oral pleasure as well as fuck her. I loved her curvy big body, it was made for lots of fucking. She was just as often the initiator of our sex as I was. She wanted to be fucked in the morning before we went to work, often we would sneak away somewhere for lunch and fuck. We would take the car and drive to some secluded spot to have sex in the car.

I loved when I would wake up in the morning and Wendy would straddle my face and ride herself to an orgasm on my tongue!!!

I was still curious to hear about her exploits with her stepb*****r. So one night when I was licking Wendy and she was on her back on the couch with her thighs spread wide apart and me sucking her fat pussy lips, I ask her she wanted to share more of her experiences with her first truly big cock, or simply her first lover?
She told that she had never told anyone about what had happened with her so called step b*****r.

After that first initial intercourse where Larry had fucked her a couple of times without any protection or consideration for a potential pregnancy, Wendy to smart and told him she needed to get on the pill before they could do it again.
Larry was very supportive and agreed. It did not mean that they did not fuck, hell no. So the next night when it was time for bed, both Wendy’s mom and Larry’s father had gone to bed. They went back to the room they shared. It was a total oral orgy that night. Wendy told me that she played with Larry’s cock the whole night and she licked, sucked, and used his fingers on her pussy as she played with his cock. She had so many orgasms and the strongest was when she was sitting on his face, sucking and wanking this massive erection. She heard Larry calling out that he could not hold it any longer. Larry was working his tongue around every little fold in her pussy lips and after he announced that he was cuming, his mouth got stuck on her clit and sucked her hard as she watched his cock go harder than she felt all night and how he shot rope after rope straight up in the air. Some of it hit her big tits and she said it felt like hot liquid hitting her skin. She got so turned on by his hard clit sucking and his erupting cock, that she started to cum hard too. She remembered it so clearly, because it was the first time she saw a cock cum in real life. When they had fucked the night before, Larry had not pulled out so she had felt his cum in her, but never seen a cock erupt.

Larry help her get to a clinic so she could get the pills. They played around until the pills had taken effect.

Wendy said it was like a game when they counted down the time until Larry could enter her again! She never wondered why they did not get condoms, it was not something they thought about.
So when the day came that she was “safe”, Larry woke up with his normal morning erection. Wendy felt Larry play with her as she woke up. His hands were all over her pussy and his mouth was sucking her nipple. She woke up soaking wet. When Larry realized that she was waking up, he rolled on top of her and wished her a good morning. He got between her legs and asked if she knew what day this was? She thought about it, but had no answer in her sl**py and horny state. Her thoughts were more of getting his mouth down on her pussy like he did every morning they woke up.
Larry told her, as he started to push his monster cock into her, that it was the day when he could cum in her again and that he was ready for this!
She felt his hard cock and agreed that he was ready. She told me it felt so good to have his huge cock in her pussy again. Since there was so much tension built up, it did not last long. Wendy grunted that she loved him and started to cum. Larry could not hold back either and grabbed her big tits and thrust deep and erupted. Wendy felt so good in her own orgasm so when she felt him cumming too, it was too much emotionally and she started to cry for the happy feelings that was flooding her body as his fertile sperm flooded her tight little pussy!

They still had to get to eat breakfast and get to school, so there was no time to snuggle. They got up and Wendy went into the shower. She felt his cum run out of her as she stood under the hot water. It was so natural to her, like she should always have sex in the morning. She was still really turned on. She knew that they had to get down to breakfast before her mother would come and tell them to get ready. She got out of the shower, Larry was coming in the bathroom at the same time. He hugged and kissed her and told her that she was amazing. As they hugged Wendy felt his cock raise up again. She grabbed his cock and stroked it a few times, then she told him it was time for him to shower and turned around. She had her back towards him and he pushed her head down so her butt shot back towards him. With his other hand, he guided his cock to her pussy and took her from behind. She tried to protest that they needed to get ready, but when he started to fuck her she changed her mind and let Larry have his way with her.
They knew they did not have a lot of time, so Larry fucked her with the intent to cum quickly. He got pretty rough, but Wendy said she was so wet and got even more wet from the risk of getting found out by her mother, that she started to cum. Larry looked at her in the mirror as he fucked her from behind. He watched her big tits sway with each thrust and he could see his huge cock gripped her pussy each time he pulled back, her pussy lips were tightly wrapped around his shaft. That view brought him over the edge and he started to cum too.
The fuck lasted less than three minutes.
Larry pulled out and jumped in the shower. Wendy left the bathroom with cum running down her inner thigh and knew that she needed to get dressed. She was leaning into a drawer when her mother opened the door and announced that they had to hurry up so they could get breakfast before school.
Wendy felt like her mother could see all the cum running down her leg, but she guess she was lucky when her mother told her to get dressed before Larry came out of the shower…..

Larry and Wendy went to the same school, but Larry was in his last year and Wendy had one more left. So they know that they did not have much time together before he would start college. They were so fucking horny, that they fucked every afternoon when they got home from school. Often with Wendy’s mother downstairs. Most of the time they did not bother getting naked so if her mother would come upstairs they would be able to cover up quickly.
One time, when Larry was sitting at the desk, Wendy started to ride his huge cock in reverse cowgirl style. Larry was grunting and moaning as she rode him. She loved feeling his enormous cock slide deep into her every time she lowered herself. She stopped to feel his head massage her cervix, when she heard her mother’s footsteps coming up the stairs. She got off his cock quickly, but there was no time for Larry to cover up, so he moved the chair closer to the desk and started to work on his laptop.
Wendy stood next to him with her dress covering her naked ass and her pulsating pussy. She had been so close to cum…
Wendy’s mom came in without knocking, Wendy was pretending like she was looking at Larry’s laptop and what he was writing.
Wendy’s mother, Lisa asked what they wanted for dinner and then commented on how nice it was that they helped each other with homework.
Wendy turned around, felt the air on her hot pussy as she turned around and tried to cover so that Lisa could net see Larry’s erection! In the corner of her eye, she saw Larry’s cock jerk by itself as he typed on his laptop, his cock started to erupt and shooting cum over his chest and crotch.
Wendy walked up to her mother and said that they felt like roasted chicken if they could have that? Larry agreed as he kept typing. Wendy told her mother that they had just talked about that they really felt like her mother’s roasted chicken soon. They both loved that dish! Lisa knew that it was one of their favorites and said it would work since she had bought a chicken the other day.
Then she told that to keep study and she would call them when dinner was done.
Wendy’s pussy was on fire after watching Larry cum like that.
They started to laugh when Lisa was out of the room.
Wendy went up to Larry and told him that was a close one. He was beet red in his face and said he was sorry, but he had been so close to cuming when she got off his cock. He did not even hear her mother coming up the stairs so he was happy she had listen for it. But the tension was too much for his huge teenage cock and when Lisa was in the room, he could not hold back even without anything touching his cock.
He had not lost much of his erection and Wendy grabbed his cock and sat down on it again. Larry moaned that he was to sensitive right now, but Wendy was horny and wanted her release so she kept riding him slowly as she felt him going rock hard again. It was wonderful with a young man’s short recovery time.
Wendy rode him as his fingers found their way to her clit and he pulled down her top to expose her right breast so he could suck her nipple at the same time.
Wendy was so turned on by the fact that her mother had missed the erupting cock that it did not take long for Wendy to reach climax and shortly after Larry sent another load up in her!

She told me this as I was licking her and tasting her excitement as she got more and more excited by her memories. When she started to talk about how Larry shot off his load with her mother in the room, then she could not hold back. She kept talking while she grabbed my head and pushed my face into her pussy as she started to cum. It was so awesome to feel her excitement from her story and taste her wetness when she started to cum.

I was rock hard and needed to cum too. She when she relaxed her grip on my head, I moved up to give my big hard cock some of that wetness.
Wendy spread her thick thighs apart and pulled me closer. I got my cock at her opening and told her that I loved her as I started to fuck her.

Wendy moaned and kept telling me more of her life as a teenager.

She said that Larry kept fucking her that whole year. After he graduated and was getting ready to go to college, they fucked even more. Before, they had done most of the fucking in their bedroom or out of the house. But after school was out, they had a lot more time alone at home during the day. So they started to have sex around the house. They fucked in the kitchen during or after breakfast. They fucked in the living room during the day and loved life.

one evening after their parents had gone to bed and they were watching TV, they started playing around. Soon they were fucking at full f***e. Wendy was on her side with Larry feeding her his huge cock from the back. They both kind of watched the show while slowly fucking. After a while, Larry grunted that he could not hold back any longer and shot of his load. Wendy had not reached climax, but felt it was ok to feel him cuming in her.
Larry said he was tired and wanted to go to bed, she wanted to finish the show and told him that she we be up later. She was too tired to get up, so she wiped up Larry’s cum and lay naked on the couch.

She crashed and fell asl**p. She woke up by Larry trying to enter her pussy again. The house was dark with only few lights on in the kitchen which spilled in a little light to the living room. She moved her leg up so she could get better access. She felt his hard cock press against her opening and lifted her butt to make it easier for him to enter. Oh, it felt good. He worked very slowly and felt nice and big. Her excitement increased and she wanted to feel more f***e. she called out and said fuck me harder. He took that to heart and pushed in hard. Her cervix felt like it was going to split in half! Fuck he was deep and he stretched her more than normal! It felt so good.
Wendy said that she then turned around to watch Larry fuck her. She got totally shocked when she saw Larry’s father behind her fucking her tight little pussy with a cock that was even bigger than Larry’s. She moaned in surprise and in shock. She could not believe that her mother’s boyfriend was fucking her! But she was not going to stop now anyway. That could be dealt with after she got fucked! She told him to fuck her harder and he got more excited. His cock felt so fucking big. (Her comment then was, Just as big as yours is right now! I love you!) It did not last long, Larry’s dad could not hold back. She felt that he was about to cum, so she told him not to pull out. Her words were, don’t you fucking pull out now bastard, cum, cum in me!
He did as he was told and started to cum. Wendy said that made her cum hard too.
Larry’s dad laid his body over hers and whispered that he had seen his son feed her his cock before he went to bed. He had gone back to bed and thought about what he had seen. He knew they were not related, so it was no harm for them fuck together.
Then he decided he wanted to feel that pussy too and left her mother sl**ping and returned to the living room and found Wendy passed out. He turned off the TV and started to rub his cock over ass and pussy. She had moved herself into position so he could enter her. His thoughts were solely on fucking her and not what could happen. Now he felt regret of fucking his girlfriend’s teenage pussy, but it was too late. He had fucked her, enjoyed it, and filled her with his cum.
She smiled and said she would not tell anyone, not Larry, not her mother, or any of her friends. But that was on one condition. He looked worried and asked what condition?
She smiled and said she wanted to feel his huge cock in her pussy at least once a week! I wanted to keep fucking him. She told him that she knew he wanted that as well.

I found this so fucking sexy. She had fuck her step b*****r and her stepfather growing up. Both with huge cocks and that is how she got addicted to real big cocks! She had searched from one since then and finally find her perfect match in me!

Wendy told me that when she moved away to college and could not these two men, she stopped having sex after trying three normal cocks. She missed the early morning fucks with her step b*****r and almost daily “tutoring” with her stepfather, where he stuffed her the whole session. To finish a good day with another round of her b*****r’s big cock.

Her favorite time was Sunday mornings when her mother had breakfast with her girlfriends and Larry was out playing golf. She would sneak into her mother’s bedroom, crawl into bed with her stepfather. The tradition was that she would wake him up with sucking his cock hard, then climb up on his face so he could eat her out until she would over his face. Only then when she was soaking wet, she would turn around and ride his monster until the both would cum!

Wendy told me that she had been like a pretty normal teenager with some extra weight on her when she started to fuck these two men, but over the next couple of years she gained a lot of weight, got heavy and very curvy. Her stepfather got even more turned on when her body filled out and her boobs got huge.
She remember one time when she got home before dinner and found her mother cooking and her stepfather doing something at the kitchen table. She took her jacket off and her blouse sat very tight over her body. Her stepfather left the room and when she got into her room to drop her bag off, he came up from behind told her she was super sexy. Lifted her skirt and fucked her hard while her mother finished the dinner. She came down to the kitchen and felt his cum trickle out as they are the dinner.
Later her stepfather said he would do the dishes and her mother went to take a bath.
Her stepfather was all over her again fuck her on the kitchen counter until she had cum at least three times and filled her pussy with more cum…..

That why she loved huge cocks now!

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