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Time was almost midnight, 15 minutes since Varun had left and i was dripping wet in my panties with a thought of his arms all around me. Lack of sex or vanilla sex over period of last few years had left me more desired than i had thoughts and such opportunity was not easy to pass by. I kept battling myself inside my mind but folds between my legs kept oozing trail of juices which were now getting hard to control. My nipples were more hard than ever.
I stepped away from the bar, passing through the lobby I pressed elevator button. My heart was pounding at thousand beats per seconds as I stepped in elevator and pressed for 9th floor. Elevator raced to 9th floor while I watched ground floor beneath disappearing slowly in front of my eyes.
I turned and looked into mirror, gave myself the final check over… mmmmm perfect I thought and with a naughty smile lifted my boobs trying to hold them in perfect position inside my tshirt which seemed to be hard task with no bra inside.
Elevator doors opened to 9th floor, the hallways were dead silent with doors after doors in my sight as I walked. My heart pounded , my legs trembled with excitement.
“is it morally right? What if Alok finds out? Shall I take this plunge?” so many thoughts were racing in my mind ,wetness of my cunt lips were sticking right into crotch of my panties as I walked down the hallway.
Stopping at door of my room “920” I turned my head and number “921” was flashing right in front of my eyes. A beacon of light showing beneath the door assured me Varun was still awake. My mind was stopping me constantly but heart and wetness in my legs wanted something else, this constant battle was going inside me as it became unbearable and made me walk those 3 steps taking me right in front of room “921”.
I gave it a gentle knock , Quickly he opened the door and there he was, taking my breath away as he stood, gazing at me with lust and adoration;.Standing in his bathrobe. A perfect V of the robe was showing his chiseled chest, water dripping from his hair gave me sense he was just out of shower oozing smell of sexy masculine cologne made me further weak in my knees .
“glad to see you Rima, I was hoping you would come” please come in.
His words were doing magic spell on me as I walked inside his room, looking at inside door which was separating my husband on other side,to him. The very thought of me being in stranger room with my husband just a door away was making me further hot.
As I stood near the tv, he came in and pulled me into his arms. Not much of words were left to say between us, we both knew what we wanted. His arms squeezed me right on his chest, my nipples poking from my tshirt into his chest, his robe opening wide, giving me full view of his chest.
“My sweet Rima, how I have missed you since coming from bar,” he whispered as he lifted my lips to his, gently and tenderly kissing me.
“Ohh Rima you are the sexiest of indian wife I have ever seen” GOD you look beautiful ,he murmured as his eyes closed kissing me deeply, searching for my tongue as he Pulled me tighter against him, I clung to him as I had missed him terribly. I knew I wanted this and I wanted it badly now. Spots of my wetness were getting hard to control in my panties, as I could feel them almost rubbing on my tracks now, making me feel a woman I always wanted to.
Pushing me against the wall, he stood back and said, “Let me gaze at my beautiful woman. Mmmmm you look incredible”.
I was stashed right on the common wall separating Alok from Varun, giving me sense of being sandwiched between two men as I pushed my hands in his robe feeling his skin. His white skin was feeling like a fur as he held me close, pushing me further against wall and rolling his tongue onto mine. Our lips were locked as one and he sucked every drop of my saliva from my lips and tongue, pushing his mouth as deep into me as he could.
I let go every last resistance inside me giving him full access to my body and mouth, opening it further wide for him as he sucked my tongue deep. Rolling his tongue against mine, sucking me like I have never been sucked by Alok’s kiss ever since he took my virginity.
He then removed my sheer tshirt and tossed it to the floor, letting his robe drop along with it. He pressed his body against mine pinning me against the wall and ravaged me with delicious kisses while teasing my nipples with his fingers. I was rubbing against him topless, my nipples poking right into his chest as he held them in his hand, rubbing them , fondling them, squeezing them hard till I almost shrieked but I did not want him to stop, I wanted him to squeeze them harder, I moaned with every touch of his as he rammed against me.
His short brief were showing shape of his dick and from outside I could make out it was eager to come out. Alok’s was the only cock I had held in my hand till date and now sight of some strangers cock was making me more hungry and horny. I was in a world that I did not knew existed inside me. I had this uncontrollable urge to see and hold his dick. I wanted to scream .
“yes Varun give it in my mouth, let me taste every drop of its precum”.
His hands were running all over me, as he took my nipples in his mouth, shoving them deep in his throat.
“Ohh Rima, give them , push them deep” he moaned as I held my boob in my hand and feeding it into his hungry mouth as deep as I could. His teeth were sinking into my breast, fluffing my nipple further in his mouth as I pushed his head against me. His hands were running all over my thighs and my tracks. Over and over passing over my pussy mound which was rubbing againt my tracks so hard now as he took turns feeding on my nipples, sqezzing other while sucking the first one.

He pushed my tracks further down, making them puddle on my legs. I was standing in just my red lacy panties I had bought specially for this vacation trip for Alok, now in front of a stranger whom I had met just 2 hours back. As he sucked my nipples his hands ran all over my lacy panties, pressing over my mound. My wetness seeping through them, I am sure had given him idea of my state of my mind as he leaned close again and whispered in my ear, “I need your this thing.”
He said that and slipped his right hand inside my panties. Making way through my thick wet bushes he brought his fingers up to my bushy fork. I gasped in shock as he quickly located the moist lips of my slot and pushed against them with his index finger. My box was very wet and warm from the excitement started in the bar, and his long finger easily slipped inside my pussy to the second joint.
“Ohhh…,” i softly moaned as his finger sunk deeper into my warm buttery cunt. His finger moved back and forth in my hot choot, and the walls of my red slick choot grabbed at his finger. He pulled his one finger out to the lips of my warm pussy, and added his middle finger as he pushed back into my warm core.
“Unnnh… ohh…,” I sighed as the stranger’s fingers pushed deep into me. My eyes were closed and I gripped his shoulder harder with my hand, resting my head over it sinking my teeth into his skin. While his finger tips softly rubbed across my G-spot, I completely gave into the situation and the passion that was mounting inside me. With so much high on my mind he commanded me.
“Open your legs rima, open them for me” I want to go deep inside this hairy cunt and with a sudden jolt ripped apart my panty “chirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” a sound of tearing of last clothing on me exposed me naked to him. With Alok sl**ping next door I was completely naked in front of a stranger with is fingers buried deep inside my cunt. It made me even more horny.
I moved my legs as much apart as I could to give him better access to my burning pussy and his fingers slowly pushed inside me to the third knuckle. His fingers were coated with my thick musky secretions as he slowly slid them into and out of my churning pussy. On each push into my tunnel, his thumb would rub my throbbing clit. i wanted to scream out loud. Scream my nastiest of desire with my mind racing.

“Ufff Alok see, see how he is fingering your wife’s pussy. See how he has me all exposed Alok”.
Yes I wanted my hubby to see me getting fucked by Varun. I wanted him to see how I am standing with legs apart giving him full access to my pussy. Further hands were filled with my musky smell and dripped in my juices as he brought his fingers to his lips and sucked every drop from them, sniffing his fingers whispering.
“ooh rima, your juices are making me mad” They making me want you even more as he licked his hand and kissed me giving me taste of my own juices through his lips and saliva.
A line of sweat began to form on my brow. I was barely able to manage opening my eyes, my eyes were fluttering with immense please as he slowly knelt kissing on my navel.
“Ohh he is going down, he is going between my legs” raced in my mind as he kissed right onto my bushes, sniffing them, burying his nose in my bushes pushing one of my legs over his shoulder as I stood against wall giving him full access to my choot.
I rocked my hips with the rhythm, as much as possible resting my hand on his head, pushing myself further on his face and mouth. His thumb continued to press hard against my rigid clit, driving me insane. Iwas going to cum! Excitement of stranger licking my folds was too much for me to bear . I felt it building in my pussy and spreading down through my burning thighs. It was going to happen! i was going to orgasm right in middle of his mouth as Varun sawed his tongue in and out of the slick tunnel of my steaming choot. In and out and in, circling my throbbing clit every few times and starting all over again. He repeated this movement ever so slowly. My eyes were glassy from desire and my breath came in shallow gasps. i was holding on to his shoulder to keep from screaming with pleasure not wanting to wake Alok up with his wife’s moan coming by a stranger fucking her. My cunt was leaking like a faucet as I felt a huge cum slowly building inside me.
I felt a moment of panic, but it was too late. As Varun pushed his tongue deep inside my dripping slit once more, I started cumming hard and fast. My molten pussy walls clamp down onto his invading tongue, and my orgasm hit me like a ton of bricks. My hips began to thrust upward trying to drive his tongue deeper into my burning hole. I opened my legs to maximum pushing him deep into my choot.
Ohh Varun, take my juices, take them all in your mouth I screamed not caring who saw me or heard me in that moment.
“AHHH!” I squealed loudly as I closed my eyes, and arched my back. “AHHhhhh,” ufffffff, o varunttt I moaned as my wide spread pussy began cumming all over the stranger’s thrusting tongue.
Varun held me holding my ass cheeks apart in his both hand opening my choot to maximum for access to my dripping tunnel deep down as he swirled his finger over my very slick little clit I trembled with delight. My orgasm seemed to go on and on as he slowly teased me and drove me wild by gently biting on my rock hard clit. As I tried to push him away my clit got pulled in his teeth sending waves of sensation in my body. Though Alok had gone down on me so many times he had never been able to give me pleasures like that, I was in new world of sex and pleasure with Varun.
Finally, I shuddered once more and released last of my drops into his mouth. He paused a moment to let me catch my breath, and then slowly pulled his slick fingers from my slopping cunt. As his fingers left my fiery cunt, i gasped and clamped my thighs together tightly so i could squeeze one more little shadow climax out of my over heated pussy. My pussy was burning with pleasure and desire.
I slowly opened my eyes, and the Varun’s wolfish smile greeted me. “I knew you were a hot number. I knew you needed to be fucked today and I want to give you just that. Before I could understand any further he stood and pushed me down. I had only heard a world of multiple orgasm with woman but never experienced it but with Varun I knew tonight I am going to get just that as he pushed me on my knees and buried my faces into his undies.
His sexy white calvin klein underwear was full of his smell. Spots of his precum were showing over it as I sniffed right into his musky smell. Smell of his cock was making me horny again as I heard his voice.
“Remove them rima” I pushed his underwear down and his red head cock flung right on my face, rubbing straight against my lips, skin of his erect shaft was pushing further back. A cock was making me wet again, the head of his cock was bl**d red and oozing precum drops for me as I touched my tongue tip on it taking its taste straight in my mouth. Varun moaned with pleasure.
“ooooohhh rima, suck me, take me harder , show me how you suck Alok’s cock”.
His words were making me hot again as I opened my legs further , kneeling in front of his giving him full view of my choot while I held his ridged cock in my hand and slowly licking my way up the sensitive underside. I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock and then licked my way down again. When I reached the bottom I sucked his large balls into my mouth. “Mmm. Very tasty,” I said as my mouth released his sack. Then slowly eased half of his cock into my mouth, my tongue swirling the underside as he sunk deeper into my warm mouth. While one hand began to play with his balls, the other I eased into my cunt, thrusting two of my own fingers deep into my cunt, making him watch me playing with my pussy.
As I bobbed my head up and down on his hard eager shaft, he placed his hands on my head to guide his thrusts. He started to thrust back into my mouth, the wet sucking noises increased his enjoyment of the oral sensations that I was giving his cock. I continued bobbing and tilting my head, taking more of his surging cock into my mouth with each attempt. Finally, i took the whole length of his rock hard prick into my throat with out gagging, and started to increase suck it, holding him still, rolling my tongue all over his shaft. He moaned with pleasure, holding me still with his lund deep in my mouth, his balls rubbing against my skin and I could feel his head hitting my throat, almost gagging me, tears of pleasure coming thru my eyes as he held me hard with is cock buried deep in my mouth and increasing his thrusts calling out my name.
Ohh rimaiii I want to fuck that mouth as his hips moved back and forth hard fucking my mouth , making me finger myself hard.
Yes rima finger that cunt, push your fingers deep, open that passage for my cock as I want to fuck you hard tonight. His words were making me mad. The sound of the varuns moans filled the small little room as I took him right up to the edge and then backed off. “God, you know how to suck cock,” he groaned as I continued to swallow him whole with each stroke of his cock. I looked up and smiled, wanting to say “Thank you,” but it was muffled by his cock. His cock was now ready for me, wet with my own saliva and his precum as he pushed it out and lifted me to bed making me exposed on all four.
I was exposed to a stranger on his bed right next to my husband room, my pussy was deflowered with opening clearly visible to him, pussy hair oozing out musky smell in room. He slapped his cock on my pussy, opening my ass wide , exposing me to fullest for him as he slapped my ass. I have never felt this experience before , my husband always have been docile in fucking me and never used spanking as a method to arouse me but with Varun everything was feeling heaven, he slapped my ass, opening it wider as he rubbed head of his cock on my opening.
“Is that what this wife has been waiting for?” he questioned.
Say it Rima, say it. As he palm grabbed my ass, squeezing them, opening them to fullest, my ass cheeks separating as wide as they could exposing my most of privates to him. I was lusting with pleasure being exposed like this to a stranger.
“Yes Varun, fuck me, fuck this Indian wife hard. I want that cock inside me”.
“give me that hard cock of yours, fill me with it” I screamed not knowing where words were coming as I have never talked dirty to my husband but Varun was taking me to unknown heights I had never experienced before.
Gasping I replied “Oh yes! Yes Varun please fuck my naughty cunt!”
Varun cock was beginning to push ever so slowly into my married pussy. The guilt I felt in the betrayal of my husband of 16 years was easily pushed aside by the compelling need to feel his large cock inside my body. I the mother of two had married at the age of twenty one and had never experienced a cock other than the cock of my husband. At least until now and now wanted this cock inside me.
Varun cock was feeling on the opening of my choot as I raise my ass and pushed myself behind wanting to take it fully inside, making it part of my body. As he pushed his cock to the halfway point in my married pussy he was evaluating my tightness, my scent, and my willingness to receive him, among other things.
“Ohh Rima, he moaned, I have never fucked an indian wife like you, even after so many years your cunt feels so tight , lock my cock Rima, lock it deep inside your womb” he moaned .
I gasped as he pushed the rest of the way into my vagina and came into contact with my cervix. I felt myself totally in his control, dancing over his tune with his cock buried deep inside Alok’s wife choot. He had clearly ached the area of this wife’s womb where no one has been before “Oh my god” I screamed Pushing myself hard on his cock, pushing back and forth milking his skinless cock inside my pussy.

I was moaning constantly as I began to visualize his cock that was giving me such pleasure. It was then that I realized that the cock pounding against my cervix was completely bare. “Oh no” I managed to verbalize in between moans. My husband always placed a condom over his cock before entering me but Varun ignored the married status of mine and increased the speed of his thrusting, causing me to forget about the possibility of insemination.
Varun was nearing orgasm as he moaned my name while fucking me.
“Rima Rima, take me hard, push yourself on my cock. His hands were holding my ass and moving me back and forth , pounding me on his shaft, hitting hard against my cervix. I was in a world unknown to me
His strong cock and large balls were filled to the point of bursting with baby-making seed. He was now pounding my cervix over and over again with the head of his cock. Only for a brief second did I come to her senses.

“Pull out” I managed to request in between one of his thrusts, but inside I wanted him to fill me to the brim with his seed.
It was too late as he slammed his cock fully inside me one last time and held it deeply embedded inside me and shot his sperm over and over again into my body. The warmth of the sperm and the feel of his cock caused something within me that had never happened before. I began having a cock-induced orgasm.

OH GOD, CUM INSIDE ME!” I screamed. followed with “OH YES, FUCK YES, give me every drop of it Varun. I screamed like I wanted Alok to hear me. I wanted Alok to see how Varun has just fucked his wife’s cunt and given it utmost pleasure
My whole body shuddered , releasing my juices like a river stream I squeezed my legs tight , locking his lund deep inside me as his semen continued its assault on my womb. I wanted this moment to go on forever as my body jerked , sweat dripping from my forehead
I expected him to remove his cock immediately following our copulation but he had other ideas, leaving his limp cock still buried inside me he kissed my back, and squeezed my boob till I had finished dripping the last drop inside me , draining me completely on his cock. His cock slowly softened and slipped out of my vagina, showing him my wet opening fully exposed, dripping its juices from its mouth as I turned around and sat in Varun’s lap kissing him while he looked over my naked body
“Ohh Rima , be mine, he proposed “ I was happy to hear it from him but so many bonds of marriage and motherhood stopped me from going to him.

I kissed him as he looked in eyes and said “it was one of the best night I ever had Varun”, you will always be part of my memories no matter where I will go. I decided to leave it at that and not exchange any numbers of contact information to complicate life further as I raised myself from his lap and walked naked in his room picking my clothes from floor, slipping into my panties as he watched me. His eyes gazed over my body which he had just fucked twice with is tongue and cock, he sat on bed watching me with his cock limp and oozing its cum on his thighs. I wanted to take good look at his cock before I leave to keep it in my thoughts and bend over and kissed its head tasting his last few drops in my mouth. I wanted to leave his room with a taste of his cum in my mouth as I sucked it gently while looking into his eyes “ohh rima I am going to be miss your badly”, I so wish I could take you with me tomorrow away from all of this he moaned as I raised my head and kissed his lips leaving him on his bed and turning my head once again before shutting the door on him.

I straightened my clothes as I entered my room, Alok was still snoring, oblivious of my hard fucking next door by man who was totally unknown to him. I slowly slipped inside the bed beside him running entire night on my mind thinking how I had just fucked a total stranger in a room next door and had a new cock invade me to the fullest. His face, his cock kept coming in front of my eyes as I lay down in bed not knowing when I just passed into one of the deepest and calmest sl**p I ever had…

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