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Adventures at the Bundy House

It was a beautiful morning in all of Chicago. The sun
was slowly starting to come up, the birds were singing,
and Al Bundy was enjoying his favorite part of the day,
his sl**p. It was the only time where nobody bothered
him. In his sl**p, he could think back on how great of a
football he was.

Also, he continuously fantasized about the girls in his
favorite magazine, Big Uns. All those hooters for his
disposal in his dreams, it was perfect. Even though his
wife, Peggy, had pretty nice tits of her own, Al only
liked other women whom he felt didn’t set out to destroy
his life.

That morning, Peggy woke up unusually early. Al had not
gotten up for work yet. She was very sexually
frustrated, and had been for a long time. Al hadn’t
placed a finger on her for months now. He only promised
her sex when their anniversary came up, and that was
almost six months away. Meanwhile, she had tried
millions of approaches to turn Al on but nothing worked.

She wore all kinds of erotic lingerie, but to no avail.
All Peggy could do was masturbate. She was thinking
about masturbating at that very moment on her bed, until
she came across something very interesting. She pulled
the covers off the bed and headed for the bedroom to get
her vibrator, but as she peeked at Al on the way there,
she noticed that he had his dick sticking out of his
boxers. Al apparently was having some sort of an erotic
dream because his dick was rock hard.

Al had a huge dick. It must have been close to 12 or 13
inches long and quite thick as well. Even though he
didn’t know how to use it, it was the only dick that
really ever pleased Peggy. She had quite a large pussy
and it would take Al’s entire dick inside. She stared at
it for about one minute before she decided to take
action. Peggy knew there would be no better chance.

She bent over in front of it and took it into her mouth.
Peggy loved sucking dick. To her it didn’t taste like
dick, it tasted like a lollipop. She went up and down at
it, then stop to lick the length of the shaft. She even
took all of Al’s balls into her mouth. Al, who wasn’t
very aware of what was going on, thought he was still
dreaming and began to moan. Peggy continued sucking Al
and eventually she would stop and stroke the shaft.

She was in heaven. Having his dick in her mouth was
something that didn’t happen very often. Suddenly as she
felt his balls with her free hand she felt them tremble
slightly and she knew Al was about to cum. She took as
much of his dick possible into her mouth and swallowed
every bit of semen squirted into her mouth. She was a
real pro, she would continue jerking him off to make
sure none was left. She then spent her time talking to
the dick and even sucking it as it went limp. “Oh, you
done good baby. You done real good.” Al, who woke up as
he heard this noticed Peg down there in front of his
dick and jumped out of bed. “Peg, what the hell do you
think you’re doing?”

“Gee, I don’t know Al, it’s been a long time you know.”

“Well, I don’t want to see you doing it again.”

“Jesus Al. I don’t know why God decided to curse you
with that big dick of yours. It’s the only reason I veer
liked you in the first place.” Al looked at his penis
and began to stroke it a few times. He caressed the
entire length with his left hand first and then he
switched to his right hand. “Yeah, it’s a beauty isn’t
it?” To Peggy her morning had not been a total loss. She
sucked a little cock and then masturbated. Al, like
always, paid no attention to her and then left for work.
He mounted the old dodge, set the radio station to the
oldies, and drove off to the shoe store. Meanwhile,
Peggy decided to take a shower.

Their 19-year-old son Bud, a socially challenged person,
entered his parent’s room in search of his father’s
dirty magazines. He checked to see if anyone was in
there and then proceeded to go in.

As he got the case out of his dad’s closet, he felt a
sudden urge to pee, so he went into the bathroom. As he
went inside he saw Peggy coming out of the shower. He
saw almost every inch of her body. They both screamed
and Bud ran out of the room, as Peggy covered herself
up. She was very embarrassed by the situation, and
decided to confront Bud about it. She slipped on some
underwear and a robe and went into his room. She walked
into his room and saw him lying down on his bed with the
covers up to his waist. There was a bump in between his
legs and sticking from between his legs. He obviously
got very aroused from seeing her.

Even though he was her son, she still liked the fact
that she turned him on. It had been a long time since
she raised some dick. She looked at him and decided to
have a little fun with him. “Hi honey. Look, what you
saw in there was a little accident.”

“Yeah I know Mom. I’m sorry.”

“Oh, there’s nothing to be sorry about. It’s only
natural. You just saw a naked woman in there. I know you
wanted to see me naked.” Bud’s eyes opened up wide. He
always had wanted to see her naked, but he had no idea
that she knew. “What! How would you know Mom?”

“Well sweetie, for starters your dick is as strong as a
tent pole right now isn’t it?” She reached into his
sheets and touched his dick through his briefs.

She squeezed it gently before Bud’s reaction f***ed her
hand off. “Now, now sweetie. I’m your Mommy. Let me see

“No Mom! It’s embarrassing.”

“C’mon honey, you saw me naked.”

“Well, I’ll show you if you show me again.”

“Hahaha! Oh Bud, you want to see me so bad don’t you
honey? You want to know how else I know that you want


“You go through my panty drawer don’t you?”

“What! Of course not!”

“Honey, I found cum stains on them, and I know it isn’t
your dad.”

Bud had a guilty look on his face now. Peggy who was
having fun with Bud took her robe off. She was wearing a
tight black thong with matching bra. “These panties
don’t look familiar honey?” All Bud could do was stare.
He was so nervous he was in cold sweats. Peggy took off
her bra to expose her two huge breasts. Her nipples were
huge and hard. They were a perfect match her tits.

She pulled down her panties slowly exposing her thick
red bush. As the first strands of hair came into view,
Bud nearly came. Peggy stopped pulling her panties down
until she reached the beginning of her slit. All Bud
could see to this point was pubic hair. Peggy looked at
him and said, “Now Bud, show me.”

Bud lowered the sheets to expose one of the smallest
dicks that Peggy had ever seen. It must have been about
3 inches or just a bit longer. She laughed right in his
face. “Oh Bud, wow, you don’t think you’re going to do
anything to me with that thing do you?” As Peggy gently
stroked it, a lot of pre-cum just oozed out of the tip
of his dick. As she did so he placed his hands in
between her legs. He didn’t ask permission because he
wasn’t sure what his Mom would say. He felt her pussy
through her panties.

All he could really feel was a bunch of wet hair and a
bit of skin behind that. Peggy wasn’t sure about all of
this, but she let Bud have his moment for a few more
seconds. Just as he sunk one of his fingers inside the
side of her panty, she took his hand away. All Bud felt
was one of Peggy’s pussy lips; he was so close to her
slit, yet no cigar!

“Now Bud, I never gave you permission to touch me there.
You can touch my tits if you want to.”

With that, Bud started massaging his mother’s chest.
Both of his hands were filled up, and he tugged hardly
at her nipples. Peggy was so wet, that even Bud’s bed
was soaked with her stains. Her juices went straight
through her panties. She decided to take them off. She
ordered Bud to stand up in front of her. “Bud, show me
what you do with my panties. Do it now, or I’ll put them
back on.”

Even though it would be Bud’s most humiliation moment,
it was also his very first sexual escape of this size.
He took her panties and pressed them up against his nose
as he masturbated himself with his free hand. About
three seconds of doing that he came. He shot three long
strands of cum right on Peggy’s tits.

“Oh baby, so soon?”

Peggy placed his dick in between her huge tits and
titty-fucked him for a minute or two. His dick didn’t
even bother to go down after he came, it just continued
to stand up. Peggy spread her legs on his bed to reveal
to Bud his first real pussy. Her bush was nearly
perfect. Her mound was covered by beautiful red, thick
pubic hair. Her labia were rather large, and so was
everything in between. Her pussy hole was completely
visible to Bud’s eyes, and as she spread her pussy some
more, her big clit came into view.

Bud had never seen a clit that big, not even in
magazines. It was the perfect match to all her other
large endowments.

“Now Bud, put my panties on your head so that the part
where my pussy goes can cover your mouth and nose. I
want you to look at me through the leg holes. Also,
don’t you dare touch your dick.”

After he did so, she made him beg to eat her pussy.

“Oh please Mom , let me touch you. I’ve never touched a
girl there before. I’ve masturbated so much throughout
the past few years.”

Peggy took one of her fingers and placed it on her clit.
“Wanna lick here honey?”

“Oh yes Mommy please!”

She then stuck her finger slowly into her pussy. “Want
to put your tiny little pee pee in here sweetie?”

“Please Mommy let me.”

“How bad do you want me sweetie?”

“Oh, very, very much. You don’t know this but I spy on
you all the time. I love catching peeks at you in your
sexy pajamas, and I try your skirts all the time. I
search your panty drawer constantly searching for new
panties. Please Mommy, let me touch you.”

Peggy looked at his poor little eyes and said, “You know
what honey?”


She stood up and placed her hand on his dick. She
noticed that while Bud begged, pre-cum would be oozing
from the tip of his dick. She knew it was ready to blow.
All she did was squeeze it, and Bud came in her hand.
She then answered him,

“Well, your pathetic.” She then walked pass him and went
towards the door. She turned around and said, “Oh Bud.”

He turned around with high hopes thinking she changed
his mind, but the she said, “When your dick grows give
me a call.”

So then she left. Leaving him standing there with a
pathetic sized boner, wearing her panties on his face.
He was completely humiliated, but nevertheless, he saw
her pussy. Weeks passed and Bud tried couldn’t get that
day out of his head. He had dreamt about that moment for
so long, that when it actually happened, it was perfect.
He always wondered what a pussy with red pubic hair
looked like, and he finally saw. He needed a plan to get
someone to sl**p with him.

He sat next to his window and thought about it for hours
and nothing occurred to him. Suddenly, as he stared out
into the dark and cold street, Marcy Darcy drove up into
her driveway. Bud could see into the Darcy’s driveway
from his room, in fact, he could see just about any room
for that matter that faced the Bundy residence. Bud,
along with almost everybody else in his house hated
Marcy for being such a show-off. Her husband, Jefferson,
lonely lived with her because of her money. He was a
well-built and handsome man, who gave her sex in return.

Bud, being such an astute young man, had taken pictures
of them having sex lots of times. Marcy liked to get a
little wild and crazy in bed. She wore leather, and
spanked Jefferson for hours. In the past, Bud only took
those pictures to bribe Jefferson for some money, but
now he found another reason to use them.

Hell, Bud was so horny that he would even want to fuck
Marcy by now. He didn’t care that she didn’t have big
tits like his Mom, all he wanted was to finally get
laid. He took his pictures and went next-door. He knew
which window was hers by taking all his pictures, and
decided to climb up and through it. When he reached it,
he waited for the perfect moment to come inside.

Marcy came home from work and went straight up to her
bedroom to change. She worked in a bank so she had to
dress up pretty conservatively. She went into the
bathroom first to take off her makeup and then came into
the bedroom again. She took off her skirt, and as she
started taking off her pantyhose, Bud decided to come
into her room. She didn’t see him so she finished taking
it off.

As she turned around she nearly screamed from the sudden
fright. All she was wearing was a blouse and a pair of
panties, which quickly caught Bud’s attention because
they were sheer to the point of her labia. Bud could see
her dark brown, nearly black, bush straight through her
panties. She caught him staring and covered her
underwear by placing both of her hands in front of them.
“Bud, what the hell are you doing here you little

“Oh, Ms. Darcy please don’t get mad. I just wanted to
know if you could get naked for me. Look, I’ll show you
if you show me.” He quickly took off his pants, exposing
his tiny penis to her.

“Why you little shit! Get that tiny little dick out of

“Fine, let’s do it the hard way.”

Bud took out the pictures from his pants and threw them
at her. “I’m sure your co-workers would just love to see
these.” Marcy took one hand to look at the photographs,
and used the other to cover her lower front part from
Bud. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. In the
pictures she was doing everything.

There was one picture of her sucking Jefferson’s dick.
It wasn’t just any picture of her giving a blow job. Bud
had shot that scene with close-ups. Her face was huge in
the photo and her mouth was just completely filled up
with cock. The rest of the pictures were of her in her
leather outfit with Jefferson fucking her and eating her
out. She looked up at him with a disgusted look on her
face. “You little bastard.”

“Shut up Marcy. Now, are you willing to cooperate.”

“What is it that you want.” She didn’t want to, but had
no choice.

“For starters, take your hands out of the way.”

She removed both hands from the front of her panties,
giving Bud yet another look at them. He walked over to
her and fixed his eyes right in the middle of her legs.
“That’s a nice dark bush you got there Ms. Darcy.” Marcy
was blonde before, but with time her hair grew darker
and darker, along with her pubic hair. Sarcastically she
said, “Thanks Bud.”

“Why don’t I just take a better look.” He placed his
fingers inside the waistband of her panties and pulled
them forward. Her underwear moved forward, allowing Bud
a view at her pussy if he just looked down. As he looked
all he could see was thick hair, with just a hint of the
outline of her labia. “Hmm, nice. Why don’t you take off
you shirt for me Ms. Darcy.”

“Love to Bud.” Again sarcastically.

Marcy did so and then was told to take her bra off to.
After she obeyed once again, her tiny little tits came
into view. Bud massaged them and started to laugh. “We
both have pathetic and tiny endowments don’t we Ms.

Her pink nipples got hard and were the size of skittles.
Bud pulled her close to him until their mouthes were
just centimeters apart. His dick rose and he placed it
between her legs. He pressed the tip of his cock against
her panties. He felt her bushy labia with his dick, as
he rubbed it against that area. “Oh Ms. Darcy, this
feels good.”

He couldn’t take it any more, so he kissed her. His
tongue probed her mouth.

Marcy, who was a bit turned on by all of this, used her
tongue to kiss him back. The just stood there French
kissing for a while. Marcy realized that she was
probably this k**’s first sexual encounter and she
wanted to make it worthwhile for the k**, at least,
parts of it. When they finally broke apart he commanded
her again, “Ok bitch, now suck my dick.”

Marcy had enough of this ridiculous charade and took
Bud’s balls into her palm. She then squeezed on them
rather firmly. “Oh, Ms. Darcy, you’re doing this a bit
too tight.”

“Now you listen to me you little shit. I don’t know whom
you think you are coming into my house and doing this to
me, but I won’t put up for it. I was being nice up till
now, but when you start talking badly to me forget it! I
could rip your balls off right now if I want to. You’re
not going to fuck me Bud. Do you hear me? This is as far
as you go. And if you ever show anybody any copies of
these pictures, trust me, I will fucking hunt you down
like a dog and kill you.” As she was saying all of this,
she was squeezing his balls harder and harder.

“No please! Ok Ms. Darcy, you win.”

She let him go. He fell to his knees gently massaging
his balls. Marcy stood there in front of him smiling.
Before she had a chance to leave Bud used the little
strength he had left to ask her, “Ms. Darcy, could I at
least see your vagina? I mean, I’ve seen it in the
pictures I took before.” She thought about it for a
little while and decided to let him see. After all, she
was just bluffing a while ago. She would die if anybody
saw those pictures.

She slowly lowered her panties to show him her pussy.
After she took them off Bud just stared continuously at
it. He loved the way her pubic hair shaped into a
perfect “V” shape and how her clit kind of just poked
its hood from the middle of her labia. He even began
drooling. “Marcy, may I stick my face in there? Please!”

She was rather horny. “Ok Bud, but just for a few
seconds and then you’re out of here.”

Almost before she could even finish her sentence Bud had
his face between her legs. He loved every minute of it.
The aroma, the taste, the feeling. Marcy was blown away
by the whole situation. Bud was actually giving her the
best oral sex she had ever had. She had always liked
rough sex and Bud’s tongue was hard and fast all over
the place. You see, Jefferson only slept with Marcy for
her money so he really didn’t care if he was doing a
good job in bed. Hell, it had been so long before Marcy
had good sex that by the time she got Jefferson, she
thought he was doing a good job.

But now came Bud, and he was spectacular. His tongue
lapped up all of her juices. He used it to fuck her
pussy hole with, massage the entire slit, and perfectly
massage her clit. Within a matter of five minutes Bud
had give Marcy three orgasms. He just wouldn’t stop
after each one; he would just keep going. This was all
new to him so he wanted to enjoy it the best he could.
He didn’t just give Marcy the usual; he gave her one of
those orgasms that made your entire body tremble from
head to toe with delight.

She pulled him back and told became his boss now.
“Listen you little shit, get the fuck on the bed now!”
Bud was amazed at Marcy now. “Fuck me Bud, Jesus, you’re
all I’ve been waiting for my whole life.”

Once again, Bud fucked Marcy in a way that she only
remembered in college, except this one was much better.
Even though Bud’s dick was small, he used it well. He
slammed it in and out of her a million times. Jefferson
was just as bad in bed as he was with oral sex, only now
was the time Marcy was realizing it.

Bud did every thing Marcy liked. He made her moan as he
sucked her tits nice and hard while gently biting her
nipples. His dick was like the energizer bunny. It just
kept going and going, orgasm after orgasm. Even after
Bud came inside of her, he just wouldn’t stop.

After they fucked in every different kind of position
Marcy had him spank her, which to him was a lifelong
dream of doing it to a woman. SMACK! Right on the ass
with some wooden paddles that Marcy had in her closet.
Marcy was in heaven. Bud later suggested fucking her in
the ass. She loved the idea and made Bud lick and finger
her ass till it was nice and ready. He stuck it inside
her and used the paddle to continue smacking her.

So this is what happened in the Darcy residence until
Jefferson got back from the local nudie bar. When they
heard the car pull up, Bud quickly changed and left, but
not after he and Marcy promised to fuck each other’s
brains out every week.

The month after that happened, something else happened
in the Bundy residence, but this time it happened to Al.
He came home early one day and after he decided to go to
the bathroom and take care of business, he overheard
Kelly speaking on the phone. “No Kim, my parents don’t
know I got one done. Besides, they wouldn’t care.
They’re too dumb enough to know what it is anyway.”

Al got really mad at his daughter for speaking about him
in that way and marched into her room. “Now you listen
to me pumpkin. I do know what’s going on damn it. And I
for one am not dumb! Your mother’s the dumb one in the

Kelly was caught completely off guard as she hung up the
phone in a hurry.

“Daddy! HI! Of course you’re not dumb.”

“Aha. That’s more like it. Now I know what you got done
and I want to see it this very instance!”

“How did you find out Daddy?”

“Your boyfriend told me Pumpkin.” Even though Al said
this sarcastically, Kelly believed him because she
wouldn’t know what sarcasm meant even if someone
explained it to her five thousand times.

“That asshole!”

“Yeah I know, now let me see it!”

“No daddy please, I don’t want to.”

“Now you listen to me, I will not be made fun off. Show
it to me right now!”

Kelly had no choice and took off her mini skirt. Al
didn’t quite understand what was going on as he stood
there and watched his daughter take off her panties.
Kelly placed her back on her bed and spread her legs.
“There look.” Her pussy was completely shaved. He could
see her pink interior in the middle. I Al was confused,
“Is that what you show me? That you never grew any hair
down there?”

“No daddy. I did grow hair down here but I shaved it
off. Can’t you see?” She pointed to the top of her mound
which had a few roots of hair starting to grow.

“Oh yeah.”

“Besides, why do you ask I thought you knew what I was
going to show you?”

“Oh well I did pumpkin, I just didn’t see it at first
that’s all.”

“Well, can you see now?” She then spread her labia with
her hands to expose a piercing on the hood of her clit.

“Jesus pumpkin, we gotta get you to the hospital.
There’s something stuck down there!”

“No daddy, it’s a piecing. You know, just like girls get
on their ears.” She took his hand and placed it on her
pussy. She gently rubbed it back and forth. Al felt her
clit and all of her smooth pussy lips. His dick started
to get a bit hard and grew visible through his pants.
Kelly noticed right away and said, “Wow daddy, what a
big penis you have!” Al, who didn’t fully realize what
his daughter was saying, was actually proud of himself.
“Can I see it daddy? You saw mine?”

“Well, ok pumpkin.” He opened his fly and took his cock
out. It wasn’t fully erect, but it had grown a bit from
arousal. Kelly couldn’t believe how big it was. She ran
her hands all over it. Stroking the entire length of the
shaft with both hands. Al didn’t think of it as showing
off his dick. He treated the situation as showing off
one of his old football trophies. He was proud that his
daughter was so amazed. Kelly continued her massage as
she said, “I got to see it fully hard. Make it hard
daddy please.” He looked at her and wanted to please her
but he didn’t know what to do. “Oh gee pumpkin, I don’t
know. It doesn’t just happen you know?”

“Will you let me try? It would make me really happy.”

“Well, if you really want to try.”

“Yes I would.”

So she took as much of his cock as possible into her
mouth and began to suck. She started rotating between
bobbing her mouth up and down his shaft, and stopping to
stroke it. Al had a master cocksucker of a wife in
Peggy, but Kelly was not far behind. She actually
already had more experience than her own mother. When Al
used his brain to figure out what was going he pulled
his daughter off of his cock, but it was already too
late. His dick had gained full height and was rock hard.
The head of his penis was even red with excitement.

Kelly took her shirt off to show him her beautiful light
brown nipples and her wonderfully round tits. They
weren’t huge like Peggy’s but they were nice and firm.
Al tried to resist but she kept putting his hands on her
chest. It’s been a long time for Al since he last had
sex. This situation was totally strange to him; he had
not been really turned on since the time one of the
dancers at the nudie bar sat on top of his dick by
mistaking him for another man. “Shush, dad. Don’t say
anything. I just want to try out my new earring. I heard
fucking increases clit stimulation and you have a nice
big dick.”

“Increases what? What the hell is a clit?”

“Never mind.”

Kelly sat on him, forcing his dick to go up inside her.
She let out soft moan of pain as more and more of it
went in, but eventually she got it all inside, just like
her Mom . Her pussy was pretty loose too, from fucking
so many boyfriends.

Kelly started bouncing on Al, giving him one of the
greatest orgasms of his life. Poor Kelly only jumped on
it about four times until Al came. His dick immediately
went limp after that. So Kelly was left with no one to
fuck until she thought of another person, Bud. However,
she didn’t know how much experience Bud had picked up
during the last few weeks and how good a fuck he would
be till she tried it for herself. I guess everybody over
at that house would be doing a lot of fucking over the
next few weeks.

Hell, Al even decided to fuck Peg once every other month
or so…


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