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Adventures of the Dark Side: High School Heatwave

Miss Cashmore my Business teacher was sitting on top of her desk.

Oh Miss Cashmore!
She was a sultry brunette in her late 20’s, tall with very fine legs. Olive Skin, very healthy looking, and big brown eyes. Her fine Breasts seemed way too big for her, but I was mesmerised by them.

She was completely naked save for the fine string of pearls around her Neck, from this day I would be addicted to such fashion for the rest of my life, whenever I see a woman with pearls around her neck I think back to Miss Cashmore.

It was a hot Summer’s afternoon and she had kept me back from class becuase she thought I was packing dope.

I was packing but it was not dope. It was just my big black Penis and she had found it most delightful… teasing me with her lips.

I’d never been with a Woman before, but she had shown me the ropes.

Licking my shaft up and down and stopping ever other moment to try and suck it, she could only get the tip of it inside her mouth before she started gagging.

Her bright brown eyes all teared up.

“Does it hurt, Miss?” I asked her as tears rolled down her cheeks

“No Mori, I love it, I just wish I could take it all in. Will you help me train with it?”

I had no objections.

She continued pushing my huge black Penis into her throat, managing at one point to get half of it in, before taking it out and gulping lungfulls of air as she spat on my Penis to make it wet again.
She did this for what had seemed like hours but only a few minutes had passed since end of Class.

Now she sat on her desk like some Ancient Queen, her spit trickled down her chin and all over her bare chest and boobs. She looked so amazing, she still held my cock in her left hand rubbing me so gently, up and down. Her right hand was vigourously fingering her cunt hole.

She pulled me close, tugging hard on my Penis, making me tremble with pleasure.
“I have something special for you Mori, want to play with me a little more?”

I gasped my agreement and she smiled.
“Since you’ve never been inside a Woman, and I never had a Dong that big, I think we should go slowly Okay?”

“Yes Miss Cashmore” I moaned…

She leaned forward and kissed me, then put a finger to my lips… it was wet with her pussy juice.
She pushed her fingers into my mouth and I thrust myself forward, making her yelp as it was a bit harder than she expected.

“Not So Hard, Mori! Go slow to start with.”

I began to push myself back and forth, thrusting into her gently and slowly, we began to make a fine smooth rythm with the constant clapping of our bodies and the creaking of the old desk.

Miss Cashmore began to moan softly, and she grabbed her big breasts and thrusts them towards my face. I instinctively began sucking them hard and fast.

“Bite them” Miss Cashmore moaned…
I was happy to comply and her moans became more louder, I kissed her. I was loving every second of this.
Our bodies had become one as we bounded back and forth on her Desk.
It was not long before my legs began to quiver, my own moans had begun, it felt like fire was rushing up my crotch.
Suddenly I erupted inside Miss Cashmore, it felt like I was shooting lava inside her Pussy, it was so hot and so strong!

Miss Cashmore’s Eyes went so wide suddenly, she had a look of pure ecstasy and also it seemed anger.

“Mori, you came inside me!”

I guessed I had done something very wrong, and it scared me I backed away suddenly…

Miss Cashmore, gently pressed her face against mine and whispered into my ear as her legs wrapped round and help me close to her.

“Its okay, Guys always Cum quickly the first time. Its that I hadn’t had a Boyfriend for a while so was not taking any birth control. You know if you fill me up inside with your Jizz, it can make me Pregnant.”

“I’m sorry Miss Cashmore” I mummbled, realising the gravity of what I had done.

“It’s allright Mori, you didnt know that, its your first time. We can still cleanup a bit, will you help me?”

I looked at Miss Cashmore, for those big tits and brown eyes I would have done anything.

“Anything you say Miss Cashmore” I meant every word.

She nodded, unwrapping her legs from my waist. She sat up on the desk, pushing me down to my knees so that my fact was now level with her bright pink pussy. I could see thick gooey wads of my Cum had splattered onto her desk but lots more was oozing from the lips of her Pussy.

“Will you suck out the Cum from my pussy Mori?” Miss Cashmore asked softly…

I didnt even reply, but dived in, she yelped in delight and surprise as first I pushed my mouth deep inside her, exploring her juicy hole with my tongue and then I began to suck and slurp the salty Cum from inside her. It was my own cum, I had never tasted it before. It felt good, warm and salty, with a hint of sweetness.

I kept it in my mouth as I rose, up to face my first Love. I leaned forward and kissed Miss Cashmore, she opened her lips and sucked all my cum from my mouth. Her tongue explored every part of my mouth and licked it clean!

She then got up and cleaned the rest from her desk. God I loved this!
Miss Cashmore then calmly picked up her pile of clothes and began to dress herself very quickly.

I was still standing with my pants around my ankles and she was back in her business outfit. She worked fast, I was too dazed to move, as my mind was thinking back to how it felt having her, and making love to her.
I thought about the smooth silky feel of her legs, the bouncing softness of her breasts and how I loved the warmth and wetness of her cunt.

My Penis was still hard and the head was still covered in her juices and mine… I thought I was going to cum again.

Miss Cashmore saw me and smiled, making her way over towards me, she pushed me back into my student chair. Kneeling in front of me, she began to suck the tip of my cock, wrapping both her other hands around the base and jerking me up and down. Hard and fast.

It was not long before my body shook with another huge orgasm. Long jets of Cum shot out, but Miss Cashmore had kept her lips tight on my cock.

I watched her cheeks grow as they filled with my cum, but like a true slut, Miss Cashmore waited till I finsihed. Then she swallowed half, and showed me the rest in her Mouth, before taking another huge gulp and downing the rest. She licked off the rest from the shaft of my cock, then very gently kissed its tip.

Smiling back at me she said. “Well done Mori, your a good boy and I will have to keep you back again in our next class. Is that okay with you?”

I nodded at her like a Puppy. “Yes Miss Cashmore!”

She headed for the Door, as I tightened the belt around my pants, feeling a great relief that I could walk upright again.

She lifted the blinds over the small window, then turned back towards me.

“Please Mori, call me Yvonne, but not in front of the others okay?”

I smiled back at her, walked across the room and patted her buttocks. Then leaning very close I kissed her neck. “I love you Yvonne”
I was not sure if it was the right thing to say, perhaps it was stupid of me but I meant it.

Yvonne Cashmore looked back over at me, taking a long look up and down my body.
“You know the trouble we would get if anyone found out, dont you?”

I was silent…

Then she leaned closer to me, kissed me gently.
“Dont worry, I love you too Mori.”

I look back on these hot summer afternoons fondly now. For I remember my first love in those searing hot days.
For every Wednesday afternoon of the next term, Yvonne Cashmore and I would meet at the end of her class and fuck.

She was a fine fuck too, we began seeing each other more and more not just after class but outside too. Eventually I had to move on, and she married and settled down with another White collar type.

Until one day she called me, to tell me her Husband had cheated on her with his Secretary and she needed a little Revenge.

That however is a story for another time.

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