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Adventures of the Dark Side: Highschool Heatwave

Ever since I was a young Man in High school I had a constant and very pressing problem.

It was made especially worse in the hot summer months, when all the slutty girls (most of the girls at migh High School were total Sluts!) would walk around wearing next to nothing or in the tighest cropped outfits. The Teachers were powerless to stop it and some of them seemed to get in on it too. Only the Principle and the Geography and sports teacher were Males, there was the one gay music teacher, but almost the entire staff were females, most of them older Women in thier late 30s and 40s.

However a good few of our teachers were younger and they were far from conservative, I loved Miss Harrison who taught Maths. She was a hot Blonde Milf of about 29 years. There was the Redhead Miss Allen who was 36 and very caring and attentive as she taught Social studies.

There was a very mean tempered Woman called Mrs Rutherford, who taught Chemistry, she always seemed pissed off with students. Maybe it was becuase she was a Mid Forty-something Mommy with huge tits that seemed to take up half her body, maybe carrying those hooters made her cranky.

Then there was my favourite Miss Cashmore, she taught the Business class. She was a tall and very sexy Brunette who would always dress in a smart suit, with her long hair tied back in a neat pony tail. She was perfect, wonderful figure, nice round butt, excellent rack up front and a face that could charm an angel.

Now about my problem, and what a problem it was!

Ever since I had become a Senior the previous Summer, I had been f***ed to walk around as if in a limp. Everyone had got into thinking I suffered a major injury over the Holidays or maybe it was a birth defect. I walked stooped and with the lead leg very rigid and the other one trailing along behind. When I sat down I had to come into my seat very slowly and almost in agony. The Boys thought it very wierd and scary but the girls seemed more amused by it. I didnt really play much sports anymore either, simply going to the changing rooms brought a sudden panic on me.

All becuase of the fine Summer weather and all the Senior high Girls in thier tight tops and short skirts. I couldn’t take my eyes off half of them, even the teachers left me aroused. The problem was in my pants… I would always have the most enormous hard on… it was like someone had spiked my breakfast wheatabix with some super sex pill.

My engorged phallus was by far the largest on campus, it literally looked like I had a horse pistol stuffed in the front of my Jeans. I would wear a long tank top or shirt which d****d down in front of it, 90s thug style… it still didnt hide the bulge. I tried wearing looser trousers, big baggy pants like chaps. It helped hide the Bulge a little better but still I walked around like I was packing…

A few weeks into the Summer there had been a spate of gang related activity in the area. Everyone suspected that I was in on it.

One afternoon after in Business Class, Miss Cashmore lectured us about the i*****l trade in d**gs, stolen goods and theft… how as young adults all of us seniors should keep our eyes open and report whatever we suspected and keep out of working for gangs.

As Class came to an end and everyone filed out, Miss Cashmore asked me to stay behind. She locked the door and ask me to sit down in front of her desk.

I was suddenly very nervous and a cold sweat had broken out all over my forehead. I almost felt sick with worry, was it becuase I had been perving on her all lesson?

It was hardly my fault.
That day miss Cashmore has worn a short black blazer and matching skirt. She had a white formal blouse underneath her blazer, I know this becuase she took her blazer off and d****d it on her chair at the start of the lesson. As the lesson had progressed I noticed her blouse had the top buttons open, ussually Miss Cashmore would have the button closed.

When she came round to check on us, I had looked straight at her breasts, when she leaned over the desk to read my work, I could see clear down her cleavage to her red silk bra. I saw the sweat drops trickle down her front like pearls… I think I licked my lips. She looked up from my writing and I swear she had given me the sort of cold look my Momma used to give me when I would tear out the lingerie pages of her catalogues. It was a real cold gaze that said “I know what your doing, naughty boy!”

Perhaps now as she made me sit before her at her desk, she was going to tell me off for being such a perv and maybe she would call my parents.

Instead she crossed her legs, looked me up and down as she chewed the end of her red pen.

I made an attempt to stare past her at the blackboard and study the diagrams of investments and money flows…

She threw down the red pen, shuffled some papers to the side, and then stared at me with her big brown eyes.
I tried to hold her gaze but suddenly my stiff prick raised itself further and I almost moaned as my enlarged member writhed inside my pants.

“Look at me Mori!” Miss Cashmore hadn’t really raised her voice but the tone was more precise and more demanding than her usual gentle voice.
“I know the whole time I lectured about crime and criminal gangs using runners, you were not paying attention. You kept looking over at Holly Maddocks” (She was the top slut in out class, would screw with everyone)
“Now I dont care wether she is your girlfriend or not, you will pay attention to me!”

I felt quite surprised that Miss Cashmore sounded almost jealous of this. I was also relieved she hadn’t mentioned the fact I was perving on her too… then she carried on…

“You know why I have asked you to stay behind?” She raised her eyebrows at me as she spoke.

I was completely clueless by now, from her tone I gathered she was not going to tell me off for perving, but this was something else and it filled me with a little dread… but seeing the way her eyes and lips were moving still turned me on, and the burning in my pants grew, I had to adjust my posture… hoping she wouldnt notice me shuffle my right leg.

“Erm no Miss Chasmore, I dont know what I did wrong in class today. I didnt interrupt you or anything… is it becuase…”

She gave out an exasperated sigh, as if annoyed by my slowness to grasp her meaning. As she inhaled I couldn’t help notice the way her breasts almost lifted right out of her blouse, I actually think I groaned.

Miss Cashmore got up, which was a surprise her long legs covered in black stockings that went all the way up to her Skirt. I couldn’t tell if she wore suspenders too. My pulse was racing and it looked like a had a sawn off shotgun in my pants by now.

She came very close to me and in an almost whisper. “Mori, I think we both know what your up to. I would go to the principle but I think that would get you expelled straight away. So whatever i*****l substances your packing, you better come over and drop them at my desk!”

I was stunned. “But, But Miss honest I havent got anything packed, I dont do that stuff, honest…. I wouldn’t ever…”

Miss Cashmore almost pulled me to the desk by my collar, she was surprisingly strong for such a lithe Woman!

“Oh yeah, you wanna tell me what this is rude-boy!” She grabbed at my waist and her hand slid across the front of my pants, and suddenly my member was almost bursting through the material.
“What you packing Mori!, Is it Dope, is it Money? You better not be a Hood, I dont want any thugs in my class!”

I was suddenly very angry and almost pushed Miss Cahsmore back, okay if this bitch wants to see what I got, better let her have it…

I dont even know how I summoned up the courage but I yanked back my belt hooks and threw down my pants.

Miss Cahsmore was about to say something but stopped and let out a gasp.

“Oh my God!” Her big brown eyes went wider than ever!

Her eyes were fixed at my crotch, where my huge rod had slipped past the material of my boxers, I should have strapped that thing to my legs, it was a dong so big it looked like a black stick along the side of my leg. My hairly balls filled the bottom of my boxers, and there was a small amount of precum oozing from the front of my Penis.

Miss Cashmore didnt say a word, but slowly reached out towards my throbbing dong, even before her soft little white hands made contact, my dong lifted like a Cobra, its purple swollen head almost reaching out to her.

“I never knew they got that big…” She almost whispered the words.
I could see her licking her lips at the sight of it.

“Its okay, you can touch it miss, it might like that… you see I wasn’t packing no d**gs”

Miss Cashmore looked up to me, her eyes had that misty look. I think I am going to have to ask you to stay a little longer Mori, is that okay with you?

I nodded and smiled at her.

Miss Cashmore reached out her right hand and cupped my chin, I was a good head taller than her.
She took her left hand and stuffed four fingers into her mouth, then she licked the palm making it nice and wet.

She went on her knees before me, pulling my shorts down with her right hand and rubbing my cock with her spit soaked left.

I felt nervous but then remembered she had locked the door and the blinds were drawn over the small window. I’d only just been 18 for a few months. I’d tried to sl**p with a few of the girls in class but had not had any luck yet. They would only tease me and joke about me, none had actually gone any further.

Miss Cashmore sensing my thoughts looked up to me.
“Mori, you ever had a blowjob?”

I shook my head…

Miss Cashmore Smiled.
“After I am done Mori, you wont have to limp about so much…”

I suddenly went red in the cheeks and Miss Cashmore’s smile grew even bigger.
“Dont be ashamed baby, if I were you I would be very pleased with myself… You know your a very lucky man.”

“Am I Miss?” I asked devilishly.

She grinned back at me and then suddenly her expression changed.
“You will see baby…”

To be continued….

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