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African Prince 6

Chapter 6

When Mikey awoke, it was almost noon and his Mom was
gone. Still trying to make sense of the morning’s
events, Mikey got up and ran a hot shower to clean
himself off of his own dried cum. This time, as he
washed he felt no better. He felt his Mom had rejected
him. She had teased him. She was ready to fuck him and
had stopped because of a goddamned broken glass.

“That whore,” he growled aloud. “She tasted my cum
yesterday. She was ready to fuck me today.” His words
and his anger got stronger with every syllable he

But beneath the anger was embarrassment and guilt. Up
until the day before he would have been ashamed to let
him Mom see him naked. One of his greatest fears had
been of her catching him masturbating, yet today his
Mom had undoubtedly seen him lying on her bed naked,
covered in his own i****tuously generated cum as she
got out of the shower.

Mikey didn’t know whether to cry in shame or punch the
shower wall in rage. He did both. He spent the entire
afternoon pacing, impatiently changing channels on the
television, and cursing himself and his mother out. He
was angry at her for letting it happen. He was angry
with himself for wanting his mother. He was confused.
He knew he had broken a sacred taboo. But through all
his rage and confusion and shame and disbelief, he was
still horny.

He had been pacing, but now he stopped in the middle of
the kitchen and pulled out his cock. It didn’t matter
now. He didn’t know if anything mattered anymore. Once
you had cum on your own mother, what rules were left to
uphold? As darkness began to fall, he began to jerk off
right in the middle of his house. With the shades all
open, his pants around his ankles, and the front door
unlocked, he began to fantasize.

The first thoughts in his mind were of his Mom. He
relived his cum hitting her in the face, her tongue
stretching to taste it. The image was simultaneously so
perfect, so erotic, so sensual and so perverted, so
wrong, so very sick. He continued to stroke but f***ed
his mind to think of other things. Amy Christians, the
high school cheerleader. She was naked, she was doing
one of their cheers. “Be aggressive. B-e aggressive. B-
e-a-g-g-r-e-s-s-i-v-e. Aggressive.” She stroked his
dick and balls with her pom-poms.

As the chant continued to ring through his head, his
fantasy wandered. Julie Osbourne.

“Wait,” he said out loud, letting his hand fall away
from his dick. He could go outside clear his head, and
jerk off to something he was proud of. Maybe he’d get
to see some flesh this time. He pulled his pants up
over his softening dick, and went upstairs to get on
his newly founded voyeur outfit.

When Mikey came to the corner where Julie’s backyard
met the marshy edge of the woods, he was sorely
disappointed. Julie’s shades were pulled this time.
“Fuck,” he cursed out loud, then reminded himself to
keep quiet. He would never be able to live it down if
he got caught here. After a moment of standing still,
frustrated, Mikey decided he would move around the back
of the house to look for a view through another window.
He stepped out into the moonlight on Julie’s back lawn.

The upstairs of the house was dark, but most of the
windows he saw on the first floor were lit up. Most of
the shades were open, but just his luck- hers were
closed. He moved towards the center of the back yard.
He now stood directly behind the kitchen which had a
large glass sliding back door leading out to a wooden
patio just above ground level. The glass door gave him
a perfect view inside the kitchen. Unfortunately, there
was no one in the kitchen. He could see everything
inside however.

Julie’s house was the same style as his own, as most of
the houses on his street had been built at the same
time by the same developer. Her kitchen was even set up
like his. The refrigerator stood in the far corner. A
table, similar to his own kitchen table, was set up in
the center. Mike could see five or six empty Budweiser
cans strewn carelessly across the table. That was
something different from his house though; Mikey’s Mom
rarely drank, and he had not yet experimented with

After Mikey had sized up the kitchen, he glanced back
over towards Julie’s room. He noticed that her light
was in fact on. Between the sides of the shade and the
window frame there was apparently enough space for
light to escape. Maybe he could peek through that
space, he thought.

With his heart pounding, Mikey approached the house. He
took the most direct root to the back of the house,
coming up between two back windows. He got down on his
hands and knees so that when he passed the two windows
on the way to Julie’s he would not be seen. Not until
he was below her window did he cautiously stand up.

He closed one eye and put his other to the slit of
light. The sight he saw made his dick jump to attention
in his pants. He actually took his face away and then
put it back, needing to convince himself that what he
saw was real.

Julie was naked. She was on her knees, facing away from
him, upright. Her hands were on the back of her head
with her fingers locked together to hold them there.
She was holding her back exceptionally erect, arched
but slightly forward, pushing her chest out in front of

Mikey could see her ass perfectly. Bare, it looked
better than he had ever imagined. The brunette’s hair
was slightly longer than shoulder length. It swayed
slightly side to side and up and down, as her head
shook slightly in a gesture Mikey couldn’t read from
behind. But he could hear something.

Mikey silenced his own breathing momentarily, and
cursed his pounding heartbeat. Faintly through the
glass, he made out the sound. Julie was crying. He
wasn’t sure what to make of it. What was she doing,

Confused as he was, Mikey’s dick was hard as a rock.
The sight was so erotic. He was looking at who he
considered the hottest girl in school, and she was
naked. He unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out.
He began to gently stroke it.

The sight before him was the perfect masturbatory
material. Mikey imagined himself walking quietly up
behind her. Kneeling; putting his hands on her sides;
sliding them up to feel her tits; pushing her soft
brown hair to the side; planting his lips on the side
of her neck; still cupping her breasts; leaning her
forward; sliding his fingers across her wet slit;
slowly positioning himself then sliding his dick in…

As Mikey was rapidly approaching what would have been
one of the most amazing climaxes of his life, the scene
changed. Julie had been facing the door to her room.
Now that door opened. A big, haggard, bearded man with
a Budweiser can in hand walked into the doorway.

Julie did not flinch. Mikey’s hand fell away from his
dick. The man raised the Bud can to his lips, tilted
his head back, and pounded what was left in the can
before throwing it angrily across the room. Although
muffled through the glass he heard the man’s voice.

“I told you not to cry!” The man stammered. “It’s a
real fucking turn off.” The man, looking down at
Julie’s naked body, reached for the zipper of his
jeans. As he unzipped them he continued, “You saw what
I did to your mother when she couldn’t stop balling.”

Mikey could hear Julie’s faint sobs, then he heard her
speak, “I’m sorry Daddy. I’m sorry. I just want to
please you.”

Mikey couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Julie had
always seemed alright in school. He never would have
guessed what went on behind closed doors at the
Osbourne house.

Julie’s father pulled his pants down just far enough to
get out his dick. Mikey was shocked at the size of the
man’s cock. It must have been twice the size of his own
dick, and Mikey had never felt inadequate.

The man took a few steps forward, and Julie took it
into her mouth without argument. Her father let his
d***ken head fall back, so that he was looking up
towards the ceiling. Julie’s head began bobbing rapidly
forward and back as she blew her Dad.

Mikey was awestruck!

He felt terrible for Julie, she obviously was terrified
of the man, yet he was captivated with the sight of
what she was willingly doing to him. Mikey couldn’t
believe the vigor with which Julie was going down on
him. He couldn’t help but notice that every time her
head went forward her ass came up a little bit and gave
him a glimpse of her protruding mound.

Mikey wanted to feel disgusted, but his dick had not
gone down. He wanted to leave, to forget this, but he
could not. He just continued to watch. Julie’s father
put his hands around the back of her head as she
continued to suck. Soon he was violently fucking her

Mikey put his hand around his own dick. But he couldn’t
quite do it. He couldn’t bring himself to jerk off to
this perversion. He wanted to save her, to knock her
father out, and then to have her himself. He just stood
there, erection in his still hand, watching his dream
girl being mouth-****d by her father.

Finally, the bearded pervert came. Still gripping his
daughter’s head, he pulled her face away from his cock.
Mikey saw the cum shooting out of the man’s dick.
Although he couldn’t see Julie’s face from where he
was, he knew that her face was getting blasted with her
Dad’s cum. A jet or two missed her face, and Mikey
could see the white fluid running down her back toward
the crack of her ass.

When he was done soaking his daughter’s face in his
cum, he planted his hands on her tits and pushed her
over backwards. Julie fell to her uncarpeted floor, her
head banging painfully down. Her father then turned and
left the room, slamming the door behind him.

Julie lay on her back. Her knees were both bent to one
side in an uncomfortable position. She did not bother
to straighten them. Tears flowed from her eyes. A look
of horror and trauma seemed burnt into her face.

Mikey could now see the gobs of her father’s cum on
her. In fact, her entire face was glistening with the
adult’s cum. Mikey could see white streaks of the semen
in her brown hair. Some of the cum had flowed down her
face and rolled across her breasts. Both her nipples
where highlighted with the white and clear fluid.

Mikey was traumatized. He couldn’t believe what he’d
seen. He couldn’t believe what he now saw. The
aftermath was some how even worse than the act. Still,
his dick was rock hard and quivering in his hand. Now
he began to stroke.

Only he imagined that it was not her father’s cum. It
was not **** cum. She was not crying. It was Mikey’s
cum. He had come to her rescue. He had hit her father
over the head. With her father’s bleeding body laying
on the floor next to them, Julie had run to him. She
hugged him, unconcerned with her nakedness.

He imagined that they kissed and then Julie stripped
him down and in thankfulness she had blown him like
he’d seen her do her father. He had been the one
standing before her kneeling body. He was the one that
blew his enormous load on her face. And she had been
smiling as he had shot blast after blast of his hot cum
all over her face.

Now in a frenzy, Mikey knew he was close to the edge.
He looked at her young body, he looked at the semen
still running down her face. He saw Julie’s naked
breasts glistened with cum… a sight he had so often
fantasized about. He saw the thin patch of hair above
her pussy. The hair there was slightly lighter in color
than the hair on her head. He looked at her nipples,
unlike his Mom’s these were small and tight. Julie’s
cum stricken body… now in the context of his non-****
fantasy was too much to bear.

Mikey’s body stiffened as shot his load against the
wood panels of the outside of Julie’s house, just below
her windowsill.

Finally, with his perverted seed out of him and his
mind starting to come down from his mind blowing
orgasm, Mikey felt that already familiar sexual guilt
come rushing back to him. He had gotten off on someone
else pain. Julie, a girl that he truly liked and
admired had just been ****d by her d***ken father. And
he had cum to the sight of her lying naked, immersed in
a puddle of her father’s cum. What had he done? What
was the matter with him?

Mikey heard a noise. Perhaps it was a car door in the
driveway. His guilt yielded to fear of being caught,
and Mikey darted into the woods. He didn’t stop running
until he reached his own backdoor. Panting, he went
inside. Thankfully, his Mom was still out.

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