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After a break up

My phone buzzed in my pocket. I opened up the message, “I’d like to talk to you about why you broke up with Jenny – ZB”. I didn’t recognize the number but guessed ZB must be Jenny’s mom. It was my last summer before I went into senior year in High School, and me and Jenny had only split up two weeks before. We had begun dating at the start of high school. Both of us were virgins until a few months ago, and when we did start fucking, it wasn’t what I’d imagined it to be, well not like they do it in porn films.
“Drop by the house when you’re finished work – ZB” another text, I was working in a store, as were most of the rest of my class, and admittedly to see Jenny everyday in work wasn’t easy. It was Monday and I was on the early shift, so was due to finish just after lunch. I finally texted back, “Is that Mrs. Brown?”. The positive response, along with “Do drop in” arrived almost immediately.
About two hours later, I was ringing the door bell, dreading what Mrs. Brown might say. I had never actually met her, I’d spoken to her on the phone a couple of times, and she often waved from the door as I left Jenny home, but I had never spoken to her face to face. The door opened, Mrs. Brown smiled and said she was looking after her plants in the back, and that I should come in and we could talk.
Politely I said “Hi, Mrs. Brown” but she said “call me Zoe, you’re nearly an adult now, and there is no reason why we shouldn’t be friends”. I followed her through the house, she was wearing a tight pair of running shorts, that were so tight, I could see a clear outline of the triangle of material that were her panties, she had a very tight pink Tee shirt on, she must have been in the sun for a while, the damp marks of her perspiration created a dark arrow pointing down her cleavage, and I could see her large breasts straining through the tight cotton. As she walked in front of me I could see no outline of a bra. The effect of her dress was beginning to show in my shorts, for an older woman she was hot, I guessed she must be in her late thirties. I tried to shake the thoughts of her body from my mind and particularly from my groin. She stopped in the kitchen and grabbed a couple of bottles of water from the fridge.
Zoe put the water down on the table in the back yard, and motioned for me to sit down on the garden bench. She took a hair bobbin off the table and tied her hair back, then she told me she just had to water her plants and then we could talk. I watch as she pulled the hose over the grass, and began spraying the flowers, a leak in the hose meant her Tee shirt was getting wet, as she watered. Occasionally she would bend over, her tight shorts clinging to every curve of her body, as she got to the plants close to where I was sitting, I could see the perfect outline of her pussy, appearing against her stretched shorts.
By the time she sat down next to me, the whole front of her tee shirt was soaking, her breasts clearly visible through the wet cotton tee shirt. Her legs barely touching mine on the small bench, looking down I could see the outline of her pussy in her tight shorts, and the outline in my own shorts of a hardening cock.
“I just wanted to ask why you split up with Jenny” Zoe asked, as if unaware of the effect her body was having on me, unaware of the view she was giving me. I found it difficult to speak, so just shrugged my shoulders.
We talked for a short while, and I started to relax, making sure I looked at anything but her. She came across caring and after a while I figured she was just trying to see if I’d get back together with Jenny. We had both finished our water, and she got up to go back into the kitchen. In the hot sun, her shirt had dried, but I could see her full breasts straining against her cotton tee shirt. She returned with two beers, “I’m sure one beer won’t hurt” as she handed me the bottle. I took a mouthful of beer, it tasted cold and sweet. She sat back beside me, lifting her cold bottle to her mouth, the tip of her tongue seductively flicking the glass opening, she closed her lips around the bottle neck, and poured a large mouthful of beer down her throat.
“Was sex good between you and Jenny” I could feel my face turn bright red. “Don’t be embarrassed, I know you two slept with each other, I’m just trying to work out why you split. I know you were both virgins when you started dating, but I did bring Jenny to get her pill, when she told me she was ready”. I couldn’t speak, here was my ex-girlfriend’s mom, talking about my sex life. “I can see you’ve no problem getting hard” she was looking down at my shorts, my cock was stiff and pressing against my shorts. “Were you both able to satisfy each other? Like did you last long enough to make Jenny cum, and was she able to take you inside her?”
It felt like her leg was pushing against mine, the touch and the view of her body beside me, along with her choice of conversation, was really having an effect on me. Zoe drained the last of her beer, the last drip escaping from her lips and running down her chin landing on her left breast. “Why don’t you get us two more beers” she said, “The fridge is just inside the kitchen door”
I didn’t want to stand up, if I did I knew she would see how hard my cock was. She patted my leg, as if to get me to move, I stood up, trying to keep my back to her, as I walked away, she called me back, “Will you put this in the kitchen” she was holding her empty bottle. I had to turn, and as I took the bottle, her hand slowly fell to the bulge in my shorts. Her fingers gently outlined my cock through the material of my shorts. I stood frozen in front of her. She reached forward, placing her hand on the back of my thigh, pulling me towards her. Then she reached up and unbuckled my belt and freed the button of my shorts. With one hand she pulled them over my cock, which bounced upright, free in the warm summer air. She placed her fingers around my manhood, and as she gently closed her grip, I felt my cock twitch. I could feel pressure building in my groin, and her fingers traced the shape of my erection. Almost immediately I could feel my balls tense, looking down at her, her manicured hands, with my cock slipping through them, I groaned. A streak of cum shot from the tip straight towards her face, landing on her lip and dripping down towards her chin. A second bead shot forward, landing on her tee shirt and creating a creamy ribbon hanging from her breasts. Several more beads of cum escaped from my cock, landing on her legs and her hand.
As my cock softened, she smiled, I could feel my embarrassment I my face. “It’s ok, young boys often cum too quickly the first time” she took the trail of cum hanging from her lip on her finger, and guided it into her mouth. She stood up, and saying nothing took my hand, and took me into the house. She lead the way up the stairs and into a large bedroom with a huge double bed. She sat me on the edge of the bed and pulled my shirt over my head so I was naked. Standing in front of my, her nipples were hard, pushing against the cotton of her tee shirt, and I could see her camel toe in her shorts. Then she pulled off her own tee shirt off, her breasts were firm, they didn’t sag, her large pink nipples standing proud. She wiggled out of her shorts so she only wearing a pair of sheer white panties, the two tiny triangles of see through material, allowing me see her neatly trimmed bush of pubic hair, she turned her back to me and as she pulled her panties down, bending over so I could see her ass. Between her ass cheeks, her pussy lips looked damp. She turned to face me again, moving towards me, she took one of her breasts in her hand, and guided her nipple to my mouth. I opened my mouth, and let my tongue touch her hard nipple, she moaned slightly as I closed my mouth over her breast. I could feel the stirring between my legs, as I was beginning to get hard again. As I sucked on her nipple, I felt her hand touch my cock, between her low moans I heard her say “I love how young boys can get so hard so quickly”.
Zoe pulled her breast from my mouth, then kneeling between my legs, she took my cock between her fingers, and fed it to her mouth, her lips and tongue caressed and lubricated my cock as her head bounced up and down. I was fully erect again, and thought my cock looked big in her mouth. She sucked on me for several minutes, then she pushed me back on the bed, climbing on top of the mattress she straddled me, holding her pussy lips apart with one hand and my cock in the other, she directed me towards her waiting pussy. I could feel her moistness dripping on to the tip of my cock. The sight of her as I was about to enter her, was still to this day the most erotic vision I have ever seen.
There was a sound downstairs, a door opened and a man called up. “It’s my husband, wait here” completely naked, she walked out of the room, I could hear talking downstairs, then Zoe calling back “See you tonight dear”. When she came back into the bedroom she was still completely naked. She climbed back on to the bed, and took my slightly deflated cock in her mouth, I was beginning to harden straight away, as she sucked me. The she turned her body and lifted her legs over my head. She lowered her pussy towards my mouth, something Jenny had never wanted to do. As her pussy touched my mouth, I tasted the sweet juices of my first pussy, her juices were flowing as my tongue pressed between her welcoming labia. Her groans told me I was doing it right, as I felt her body grinding against my face. The more I was able to press my tongue inside her, the harder she pushed her pussy against my mouth. Her moaning was getting louder and I knew she was about to cum. She lifted her mouth off my cock, and sat up on my face, with her back arched I was still able to get my tongue between her labia, and soon a flow of juices and a loud shout let me know she had cum.
Slowly she climbed off me, then turning to face me, she lowered her self onto my cock. I slid inside her easily until I felt her weight on my groin. She had one hand on her clitoris, which stood erect, just peeking from its little hood covering. As she raised and lowered herself on my cock, her finger flicked her clit faster, her sounds were getting louder again, and her breathing got heavier. My own breathing was getting heavier, and with each movement I knew I was getting closer to cumming inside her. She kept changing her body position slightly, so my cock was entering her at a different angle. She was in full control of how we fucked, and her experience was keeping me on the brink of cumming. I felt like I was about to explode, but a slight shift of her body and the pressure seemed to be taken from my cock.
She climbed off me, she opened a press and took out a bottle of lube, she coated my cock with the oily substance, the she climbed back onto the bed, on her hands and knees, she was in the doggy position, “Get behind me and I will help you enter me from the rear”. I guided my cock to her open pussy, she reached between her legs, and guided me inside. When I was fully inside her, she let go of my hard-on and I gripped her hips. I slid my cock in and out a couple of times, each time she met my cock by pushing back against me. “Now…. Fuck me hard” her instruction was a welcome statement to a young boy, and on the next inward stroke, I slammed my cock hard against her. My balls slapped against her as she cried out in ecstasy. Quickly I withdrew and pounded back inside her, it only took a couple of strokes, fast and hard into her, when I felt my cum racing to the tip of my cock. I called out “I’m cumming” she just responded by reaching behind her, her back arched and pulled me deep inside her. My cock began pumping, I could feel her pussy tensing as her body shivered, her pussy muscles gripping my cock as she milked my cream into her. We finally fell apart, both of us soaking with sweat, our mixed cum flowing from her pussy, a puddle forming on the bed.
I collapsed on the bed beside her, both of us taking a while to normalize our breathing. We didn’t speak, just lay in post intercourse ecstasy. Finally Zoe sat up, leaning over she kissed my mouth, our tongues playing with each other as we French kissed. Her experienced tongue explored my mouth, as her hands caressed my chest.
“Stay there” I was still lying naked on the bed. She left the room. A couple of minutes later, I heard her come back, as she climbed back on the bed I became aware of someone else in the room. Zoe’s hand wrapped around my cock, quickly she stroked it and I felt it harden. I could hear someone sighing at the door of the room, but couldn’t see who. Zoe’s mouth locked on to mine, and as we kissed and she stroked my cock, I felt another person climb on to the bed. Zoe let go of my cock, and her hand was replaced by another. The other person was soon sucking my cock, until finally Zoe lifted her head from my mouth and gave me a view of Jenny, as her head bounced up and down on my cock. Jenny was fully naked, and I could see her hand rubbing her pussy. Zoe moved over so she was leaning on the pillows, her legs spread as she watched us. She instructed Jenny to move around so I could suck her pussy. Coyly Jenny got into position, offering her pussy to me. She was clean shaven, and her pussy glistened with her love juice. I licked and sucked her, with each passing minute, she was getting close to orgasm, something I hadn’t managed to do before. Her legs were trembling, as my tongue fucked her pussy. As her first orgasm struck, Zoe told her to lie on her back, with her feet hanging off the bed.
I took my cue, and stood up between her legs. I gripped her ankles and parted her legs, then entered her. She felt wet but seemed a little uncomfortable. Zoe reached over, and poured some of the bottle of lubricant on to my cock. Massaging it into me. I tried to enter her again, this time I slid in easily. Holding her legs in the air, I began fucking her pussy, watching my cock slide in and out of her clean young pussy. Zoe told me to lower her legs, and start rubbing Jenny’s clit. I wet my finger with saliva, and as my cock slid in and out I rubbed her little love bud. Jenny soon came for a second time, then a third orgasm flowed through her body. As her forth orgasm struck, she arched her back, the change in position adding to the sensations in my cock. My cock began to explode, shooting cum, firstly inside Jenny, but as I pulled away, sprays of cum landed on her stomach, her legs, and finally a thread of cum, ran from my cock across the bed, in the direction of Jenny’s red open pussy. At the same time Zoe was having her own orgasm on the bed beside us.
When the three of us finally got our breath and senses back, we all decided on a shower. The large walk in shower in the en-suite was big enough for the three of us, taking turns to wash each other down while we kissed and felt each other. When we eventually emerged from the shower, as I was dressing, Zoe asked “So are the two of you back together now?” we laughed. As I was leaving Zoe said “Do cum again”, looking back as I walked away from the house, Zoe and Jenny were still naked, holding hands and waving to me.

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