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After School Special { part 2}

Lynn had so been impressed with younger b*****r Billy’s cunnilingus skills that she wanted to do show her affection for him with a special treat.They’re parents were going to the mountains for the weekend on a ski trip so she decided to invite her friend Anne over to partake of a threesome.It was the Friday morning that they’re parents flight to Aspen would depart.Lynn had just finished breakfast and stopped by Billy’s bedroom noticing he was in the middle of getting dressed for school,can I come in and talk to you Billy?,sure come in s*s.You know little b*****r I was really impressed with the way you made my pussy feel the other day,as she kissed him and reached down to cup his balls in her hand.If you don’t have any plans after school today,my friend Anne wants to come over and meet you,she likes younger guys and is open to exploring all the fun things in life.She winked at Billy as she sashayed out of the bedroom.Billy was excited at the prospect of sharing the weekend in the company of his beautiful s****r and one of her close friends,he hurriedly finished dressing and ate his breakfast before heading out to catch the bus.Billy went through the day at school,his cock throbbing in expectation of what he knew promised to be one of the most memorable experiences in his young life.He had a secret crush on Anne too,she was a statuesque red head having small breasts with perky nipples that seemed always to be hardened when she wore her shirts that never had a bra underneath.Anne was not as beautiful as Lynne but she had a charming gregarious personality that begged attention.As the final bell at the end of Billy’s algebra class rang he boarded the bus in anticipation of the shared weekend fuck fest.When he walked through the door he didn’t hear the stereo playing as was the customary routine when he arrived,it was quiet in the house and he wondered why Lynn would not be there as she had promised earlier in the day,he put his back pack on the floor and walked up the stairs to his bedroom,as he approached he noticed his bedroom door which he had left closed was now open,he called out is anyone there? We’re in here Billy!As he entered he could not believe the what he was seeing,right there on his bed Lynn and Anne were both naked and kissing each other in a fervent frenzy of lustful abandon,We’ve been been waiting on you Billy,come in and join us!Billy took his jeans and t-shirt off as the girls knelt in front of him and took turns sucking on his cock as it grew thicker and harder by the second.You know s*s that really turned me on seeing you and Anne making out like that!I want to see Anne lick your pussy,she had kissed a girl before but never performed cunnilingus,but things were flowing nicely and the heat of the moment filled her with warm tingling sensations that left her pussy wet and her perky nipples even more so.Lynn raised her ass up off Billy’s bed and Anne moved in close spreading each of Lynn’s smooth rounded ass cheeks with her soft hands as her nose neared Lynn’s pretty smooth shaved cunt she became extremely aroused at the sweet musky scent of the pussy fumes that were saturating the whole room in with their primal lust!Billy watched as Anne lovingly licked away at his s****r’s smooth freshly shaven puss.Anne was kneeling also in the doggie position and to the end of Billy’s bed,he grabbed the foot stool in the corner setting it to the rear of the bed directly behind Anne’s luscious creamy ass,he moved in closer,feeling Anne’s full orange-red bush tickle his cock he grabbed at each of Anne’s ample,soft ass cheeks squeezing tightly at the flesh in his hands he plunged his stiff rod in feeling the wet warmth that enveloped his cock like a hand in a tight fitting leather glove, OOohh Billy Anne cooed that feels sooooo good,while Lynn was delighting in the attention her best friend was bestowing upon her bald cunt!Ahhh Anne your tight little cunt feels so good as he continued his deep thrusting,I can’t hold out any longer I’m cuummming as he leaned forward resting his chest in the arch of Anne’s back and spilling his hot seed into the deepest reaches of her twat!

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