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Aftermath of Mom’s Confession comes to an end

This is the third part of “Mom’s Confession Land’s her in Trouble”. Months had passed since the incident in the Police station. Now a day’s mom spent most of the time in the church praying or to be more correct to escape from dad’s beatings which had grown worse since our arrest. He rarely used to sl**p at home spending the other nights with prostitutes. It was in those days that a headline in the news paper caught my eye.
“Convict escapes from Jail,” it read.
It was Andrews all right. I informed the matter to my mom who had almost fainted when I narrated the entire story. We were caught in turmoil. We feared that Andrews might come again to disturb us. Also news had somehow spread in the town about the incidents that had happened at the Police station on that fateful day. We had no idea what to do. Any way one thing was clear. We had to run away from home.
Mom and I decided to meet the new vicar, Fr. Hanosh to see if he could help us. Fr. Hanosh had not heard about mom so she had to say everything right from the day she confessed her sins to the previous vicar. After listening to her story, he was convinced that a temporary shift of residence was imperative. He promised to find a place for us to live and also a job for my mom.
Fr. Hanosh seemed to be a really nice man and our perceptions about him proved to be right as a couple of days later, he came to our home. Luckily dad was not home. He told mom that he had arranged a job for her in a church run old age home. He had also arranged a room for us to stay and also an admission for me in the church run school. We were happy to hear that.
We did not tell anything to my dad and decided to leave our home early morning next day. We did not want people of our village to know that we were leaving. Luckily everything went as per our plan till we reached our destination. The place was in fact a remote one. Probably the best place where we could lie low. We were welcomed by the manager of the organization, Fr. Zachariah. He showed us our room which was a small room enough for both of us. He also gave my mom instruction about the nature of her job. She was supposed to help the inhabitants who were mostly suffering from old age ailments. She was kind of a nurse cum servant.
There were not many inhabitants and as a result there was only a woman in her late fifties called Mrs. Martha in addition to mom to take care of them. To be precise there were around 10 inhabitants of which 8 were gents and 2 were women. Most of them were from well off families who had ended up in this place due to numerous reasons. For some if it was because their c***dren had no time to take care of them, for others it was because they had no c***dren to take care of them. Every one had a unique sorrowful story to say. I was pretty close to most of them.
There was a person called Mr. Krishnan whose story I found to be the most sorrowful even though he completed it with a smile on his face. The car in which he and his f****y traveled had met with an accident around 25 years ago. He was the lone survivor in that fateful accident. A few years after that he remarried, but 15 years after that another accident took the life of his wife and c***dren leaving him paralyzed. Having been in the place for 3 years he was the youngest in the place at 63. I don’t know why but he seemed to enjoy my company a lot. Probably I remind him of his c***dren He was undoubtedly the brightest of the lot but at the same time he was the strangest guy as well. He would speak about his bitter past with a smile and at the same time behave in a rude manner to everyone else except me.
Due to his harsh nature Mrs. Martha never cared for him much. So mom had to take over her responsibility. As he was paralyzed he needed somebody’s help to do everything that a normal person would do privately. Mom was the one who had to help him. I helped her too. This was obviously a man’s job. But unfortunately as the church did not have much money they could never find a man to do all this. But mom never complained. In fact mom seemed to be more cheerful than she was back in our home. His behavior to mom wasn’t that great but she never complained as she had a great heart to understand people and their situations.
She used to bathe him, dress him up, give him body massages as suggested by the doctors and even help him relieve himself. I would join in to assist her to take him to the bathroom. We would hold his arms and legs and shift him to a stretcher. She would then take him to the bathroom, give him a massage and wash him up. He used to shout at mom initially probably out of shyness in having to expose his privates in front of a woman but mom never complained. Later on he got used to it. When mom stepped out of the bathroom pushing the stretcher towards the bed, it was as if she had taken a bath along with him. She used to be completely drenched in water and the oil with which she massaged him.
Once as I was waiting outside the bathroom for mom and Mr. Krishnan, I chanced to overhear a conversation between them.
“Maria, thank you for taking care of me. That male nurse who had been here for a month before you came never used to take care of me like this,” he said. He was probably in a good mood as I had never heard him speak this softly to mom.
“Mr. Krishnan. It’s all right. You remind me of my father who passed away after lying paralyzed for 2 years,” mom replied.
“I know that whatever you are doing is not a woman’s job. I was surprised to see you do all this without any inhibition. When I see you drenched in oil and water after you bath me, I feel so bad about myself. Look even the stains are not going,” Mr. Krishnan said pointing at mom’s saree.
“You are right Mr. Krishnan. I need to do something for that.
“Why don’t you put on a lungi when you bathe me?”
“Well that’s a good idea. I could use one of your lungi’s to do it,” mom replied.
Mom got out of the bathroom and took one his lungi’s from the cupboard. She got inside the bathroom and removed her saree in front of Mr. Krishnan. I spied them through the small gap in the frame of the door. He stared at her open mouthed. He’d probably expected mom to wear the lungi over her saree to serve as an apron.
“Thank god he was paralyzed,” I thought.
But to my horror I could see his tool getting erect. I never thought that paralyzed men could have an erection. I don’t think even mom was aware of it. She massaged Mr. Krishnan starting from his neck. It was not until she reached his waist that the erect pole caught her eye. She was in a dilemma. She had no idea what to do. She stood stunned for some time.
It was Mr. Krishnan who broke the silence. “I am so sorry Maria. I just couldn’t help it when you changed right in front of my eyes. I’d expected you to wear that lungi over your saree. After all it’s been around 5 years since I have enjoyed any sort of pleasure that a normal person of my age would have enjoyed. I really do hope that you understand my situation,” he said in an apologetic voice.
Mom came back to her senses as his words struck her ear drums.
“Sure Mr. Krishnan. It’s all right. I can understand your situation.”
“But I thought you were completely paralyzed,” mom said surprised by the unexpected predicament she had landed herself in.
Mr. Krishnan gave out a laugh and said, “I know what you mean Maria. There is a general misconception that all paralyzed people are paralyzed in every sense. But actually it is not so. Only people who have injured their sacral segment of spinal cord are barred from having an erection,” Mr. Krishnan completed.
Mom flinched at the mention of the word ‘erection’. But she soon recovered. She continued to bathe him ignoring the erection. She took less time than usual to bathe him up probably out of shyness.
“I know how embarrassing it is for you to bathe me while I have an erection. I really do hope that you would understand my situation and just ignore it. After all it’s been quite a while since I have been inactive in these kinds of activities,” Mr. Krishnan said in an apologetic voice as mom dried him with the towel. He was surely in a good mood or else he wouldn’t have said this. Mom did not say anything till she had helped him back onto the bed with my help.
“It’s all right Mr. Krishnan. I can understand your feelings. At least you never asked me to do anything bad. I can ignore it all right. If I cannot understand your situation, then there is no point in saying that I am a devout Christian ready to follow Jesus Christ and his teachings,” mom said just before she was about to close the door to his room.
Despite having witnessed a really hot scene, what caught my mind was the last sentence that she said. That particular sentence did say a lot about my mom’s personality despite being illiterate. I felt proud about her.
Days passed after the incident. Soon it was a thing of the past that was mired by the new happenings in life. Mr. Krishnan’s attitude towards mom had changed since that day. He was as much fond of her as he was of me. Mom also respected him a lot. He had shown a lot of improvement since mom had taken over as his care taker. He could now move his fingers which the Doctor suggested as the beginning of recovery.
“All credit goes to you, Mrs. Maria,” Mr. Krishnan’s doctor said as Fr. Zachariah watched on with a cheerful face.
“I think it’s the psychological treatment that has benefited more than these medicines, isn’t it doc?” the priest asked.
“What makes you say that Fr.?” The Doc asked probably not enjoying the credit being given to some one else.
“Last day, I was talking to Mr. Krishnan. He was happier than I had ever seen him. In place of disappointment and despair, I saw hope and optimism. He said he was looking forward to doing something in future. On further enquiring I understood that it was the care and attention that Mrs. Maria had given him that had brought about the change.”
“Excellent. That’s what I wanted to know,” The Doctor said excited by the little piece of information.
“From years of experience in this field, I know that it is the lack of desire to live that has stalled the recovery of such patients. More over absence of anybody to love and anybody to take care of them could only worsen matters. Here also the situation is not different. But thankfully, Mrs. Maria had come at the right time. Now its up to her to make sure that this newly found optimism does not perish.”
“Spend more time with him. Do whatever he likes or which pleases him. And I am sure that you are gonna be the real Doctor and not me in Mr. Krishnan’s case.” If I had considered the Doctor to be an egoistic person a few moments ago, I would have made an unforgivable mistake. The Doctor was surely not worried about who got the credit. It was only the result that he had been bothered about.
Meanwhile mom heard all these with a face that was brimming with happiness. Never in her life had she ever heard this much praise from some one. She felt proud about herself. Moreover the last sentence that the Doctor said seemed to have motivated mom to work even harder to achieve her goal. She began spending more time with Mr. Krishnan. She was ready to go to any extent to achieve her goal. He was also showing marked improvement. Now he could move his arms too. Slowly but surely he was recovering.
One day as I was about to enter his room, I overheard a conversation between them.
“Mrs. Maria, I know that I shouldn’t be asking you this. But I have no one to convey this.”
“Yes Mr. Krishnan, you can ask me whatever you want. I am at your service.”
“Promise me, that our relation would remain the same even if you are not ready to do what I want you to do.”
“What is it that you are up to Mr. Krishnan,” mom asked apprehensively.
“Promise that our relation won’t change even if you don’t want to accept what I am gonna say.”
“Hmm. Okay. I promise. Now say what it is about.”
“Maria, I know that you are a married woman, mother of a teenager, more over a devout Christian and all that. But I want you to forget all that for some time for me. Take it as a small bridge separating my full recovery and my death .”
“Well. What is it that you want me to do Mr. Krishnan. Come to the point,” mom intervened.
“Yeah I am coming to that Maria. See you know that I have been in this state for years now. Doctors had repeatedly said that I couldn’t recover because I had never tried to. Actually I never wanted to recover fully. I had nobody to live for. I just wanted to die and be back with my f****y in heaven. But in the past few months there has been a change in my attitude. I now want to recover. I want to live life once again. Probably that is what has brought about my slight recovery. Do you have any idea how that happened?”
“Is it because now you feel like there is a reason why you should live,” mom asked.
“Exactly,” Mr. Krishnan said with a smile on his face.
“And you would be surprised to know that the reason is you.”
“Well. I sort of guessed. Anyway it is good that you have a reason to live,” mom said happy to hear Mr. Krishnan’s words.
“You don’t understand Maria. I…,” Mr. Krishnan stopped.
“I want you to give me that thing that you have given to your husband,” he completed.
The picture was now clear. Mom couldn’t just believe her ears. She stood there dumbstruck. After a few seconds her face reddened. I understood that it was one of the very few occasions where mom was angry.
“I just want you to do it once. I would never f***e you for a second time Maria. Right from the day that I you had changed in front of me, I had been dying for it. Probably it was the desire to touch you that brought about a change in my health condition,” he added.
“Maria, I am sorry if I have hurt you. I thought you would take it as a last wish of mine and fulfill it. I know that it is not right and all that, but I just couldn’t help,” a tickle slowly rolled down his cheeks.
Mom did not say anything. She just walked out of the room. She did not go to Mr. Krishnan’s room for 3 days. But on the third day, his Doctor came to our room. He repeated the same thing that he had said the other day. Before he left our room, he said
“I found the he was very moody today. In the past few months, I had never seen him in such a bad mood. Any idea what happened?”
Mom nodded her head and the Doctor left our room immediately. Mom lay in the bed for sometime buried in thought. She then said a silent prayer and read a chapter from the Bible. She seemed to get an answer as she finished reading. She opened the cupboard and took out one of her best saree’s and asked me to leave the room. There was a look of surety on her face. I understood what was gonna happen. But I just couldn’t believe it.
Mom after dressing asked me to go to the market and left for Mr. Krishnan’s room. I did not go to the market. Instead I followed her to his room and peeped in through the gap in the door to see what was happening.
“I promise you that you would get to have me once again once you recover completely,” I heard mom say.
Mr. Krishnan’s face lit up in delight.
“I’d never thought that you would agree. Your absence for 3 days had nearly gotten me mad. Thanks a lot Maria,” he said. His face shining with delight.
“Tell me what I should do. We don’t have much time,” mom said.
“Lie beside me on the bed,” he ordered.
Mom agreed readily creeping into the bed. She gave him a hug and a kiss on the forehead. She slowly searched for his lips. They soon were in a lip lock. Mr. Krishnan moved his trembling arms to lock her body with great effort. He ordered mom to lie on top of him. Mom did as she was ordered. They kissed for 5 more minutes. Mom made sure that she kept pressing his cock with her thighs. Mom soon undressed him. His 8 inch meat sprang out. It was pretty thick and was fully erect defying his aging body. Mom slowly moved downwards kissing his body as she went downwards. She then kissed his cock. She circled the erect cock with her tongue and soon started licking on it like a c***d licking on an ice cream.
“Strip your saree,” he ordered.
Mom immediately stood up and removed her saree. She was in her petticoat and blouse as sexy as ever.
“Come and rub my cock with your ass,” he ordered.
Mom did as she was told. She continued for about 5 minutes and then once again started to play with his cock with her tongue. She soon started to give him a blowjob. She fucked his cock with her mouth licking his precum and swallowing it. She was truly wonderful on bed. It did not take her long to make him cum. She had not expected him to cum so soon. It was a huge load, greater than I what I could imagine. May be it was because it had been lying useless for years now. He moaned in pleasure as cum oozed out of mom’s mouth. She had swallowed at least half of it. The rest oozed out from her mouth and drenched her blouse. She sat there in disbelief for some time and then got into the bathroom to clean up.
“It is not yet over honey,” Mr. Krishnan said as she was about to put on her saree.
“Come here darling. There is some more fire left in my tank.”
Mom opened her mouth to protest but later decided that she would not say anything. She obeyed him. She once again slid into the bed beside him and hugged him as he kissed her lips. With great difficulty, he placed his hands onto mom’s boobs and started pressing them. Mom adjusted her position so that it was easier for him to press her boobs. She also stripped her blouse exposing her enormous cleavage. It was enough for his cock to rise. But this time he was not prepared to be satisfied with a blowjob. Mom soon got her boobs out exposing her lovely sagging breasts to that hungry pair of eyes. He soon started to suck on them like an infant. Mom got up and sat on his cock leaning forward towards his mouth so that he could suck her tits easily. He must have excited mom as she started letting out moans and also started to rub her pussy over her petticoat. In no time, mom was reduced to bra and panties.
Mr. Krishnan asked mom to take the 69 position. He had to explain it first to her as she had no idea what it was. Mom’s thick bush was visible though her panties. Mr. Krishnan bit her pussy over her panties. She let out a soft moan. Immediately mom removed her panties and bra. Her big ass surprised him as his cock sprang back to its full glory. He licked mom’s ass and bit on them before she climbed on top of him. He sniffed her pubic hair for some time as she sucked him. Soon he eagerly started eating on mom’s pussy as she took his cock in her mouth. Mom was visibly uncomfortable in the beginning probably because she had never had any one suck on her clit. But her partner was so good in his business that soon she began to enjoy. She let go his cock as he licked her hairy pussy. Probably he was hitting the right spots as it did not take much time for mom to cum. She squeezed his cock as she cummed breaking the array of soft moans that she had been letting out.
Now it was time for the real fun. Mr. Krishnan asked mom to give him a ride. Mom mounted on his cock facing him. She soon started her work leaning forward so that he could suck her tits. Meanwhile with a lot of difficulty he placed his hands on her juggling ass and squeezed them as much as he could. Those juggling assets could definitely entice any one. It was difficult for mom to be the one moving all the time but she some how managed to do it. She wasn’t comfortable at all doing it but Mr. Krishnan must have been in the seventh heaven. She shifted her position once to face the opposite side. It did not take mom much time to realize that he was about to come. She got up from his cock and stroked his cum onto her pubic hair. He let out a moan of pleasure as he cummed for a second time.
Mom soon got up and cleaned herself. She gave Mr. Krishnan a bath as well after a struggle to get him to the bathroom all alone. He tried to lick her as she bathed him but she seemed not to care much. After about half an hours hard work mom dressed up.
“Would you marry me, if I recover?” Mr. Krishnan asked.
Mom had a shocked expression on her face.
“But I am a married woman,” she defended.
Mr. Krishnan let out a laugh that surprised both of us alike.
“Do you think I asked you for this favor just for the carnal pleasure it gives? Well I don’t deny that it was for carnal pleasure that I had asked you to do this immoral act initially. But now when I look back after having a satisfactory session, I feel that it was the love for you that transformed into carnal pleasure. “
Mom had a confused expression on her face.
“I know every thing about your f****y. Father told me everything yesterday. So you don’t have to worry about hiding anything from me. I am ready to marry you if you have had sex with 100 more men because you did that for a particular reason. Your heart was pure. Please be by my side,” he finished.
Mom was surprised by the sudden turn of events. Even I was surprised. She opened her mouth to say something. But I didn’t want to listen to anything else. I just ran back to our room.

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