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we eat regularly at a f****y restaurant. The ‘Hostess’ was an attractive, tallish, long dark haired girl
with a beautiful smle, and appeared in her late 20’s. We safe flirted back & forth with nothing really in mind, until
one day, she rubbed accidentally into me. I gave her a quick ‘that felt nice’ look back at her. she understood, and gave me a
faint smile. She always told me..your funny!

One day, she wore a low cut top, that showed off the tip of her assets. Being in a f****y restaurant, she had to be careful how she dressed. Got to keep your job and obey your company dress code no matter how slovenly the customers dressed or smelled.

She came over to our table, and brushed those beautiful firm bigger than muffins into my shoulder, OOPS, sorry sir! I told her in a firm low voice: ‘next time, do it MUCH slower’ She giggled

Not often an old guy get a young thing that makes him feel horny and young again. Particularly with a body like hers that could make you cream your jeans.

On the way out, after paying the bill, she told me in a low voice…text me! She slipped a small piece of receipt into my pocket as I was leaving. I sloughed it off.

A few days later, I thought..what the hell! I text her, and told her to phone and leave a message on my cell.

A day later, she text me to meet her a local bar shop for a beer and muffin. I was looking forward to seeing more of her muffins.

We met at the Cocky Rooster bar. She was dressed in a mini, sitting with her legs crossed, and showing off some serious thigh, at a bar table, plus a low cut top that would make a young man have a hard time getting through the door. Her perfume was very subtle. She was getting the looks from the usual bar flies and dirty old senior men, including me. She was busy texting, when I came up behind her and ran my hand slowly across her shoulder, saying quietly, Hello young lady.

She leaned back, with a big smile, shoved her chest out, and showed me what I could be in store for. And what she had to offer. She reached up, brought my head down, and gave a no nonsense kiss. HELLO there! in a very flirty manner.

Beautiful cleavage, outstanding literally. We talked and have a few more wines. She started to body flirt. Wiggling her torso into me, and teasing with her body, but ohhhh, she was so inviting.

We talked for a time, then she asked if I would like to go to her place to talk, where it was quieter. The bar was getting noisy. She had a big comfy couch, we could snuggle in and talk.

We got to her place, and she poured some wine in big glasses, and sat on the snuggly leather couch with her skirt hiked mid thigh. Ohhh, she had a nice pair of thighs, and the legs were worth ogling also. She noted my looking at her thighs..want to see whats between them. Dare I say, no!

Snuggling she brushed her long hair aside, ah,,that hair!! She smelled so sexy of perfume and wine. And we talked more. She twisted herself around so her thigh was over my leg & started to stroke my leg slowly.

I have had the hots for you for awhile, she cooed. You are so much more mature then some of the skanky guys I hang around with. You have manners, and you dress nice.

She commented sarcastically: Nothing like trying to have sex or go down on a guy that keeps his work hat on & has a 3 day stubble of beard.

I leaned over and kissed her on the cheek, then she quickly turned her face, and next thing I was kissing her. She stuck her tongue into my mouth, and we played tonsil hockey. Her mouth smelled lovely.

She knew how to kiss, and she pushed her breasts into me. I reciprocated by giving my best kiss, tongue and lots of action. She responded by breathing heavy, and sat very close moving her body against me. I love it when a woman takes charge. I did a man massage to her breasts. And she pushed my hand into her boob. Then guided it to her wetness. She was soaked. Her firmness made me think very erotic thoughts.

She pulled away for a second and said: WHEW!! Wow! You know how to get me going. I need and want more. We had another glass of wine, and I felt pretty relaxed and getting hard which she noted.

We kissed and flirted for awhile, aka foreplay. OH Shit you are good! I am so wet. Will you exercise my pussy?

Are you sure, I asked? I am twice, she put her fingers to my lips. If I want to fuck you I will. And yes, I want you inside of me, NOW!!!

Stupid question asked I, but how do I handle it when I see you at work. We wont! This never happened, but I will want to see you again. I want you to be my fuck buddy. If you can make me this wet and wanting, I need your kind of man more often.

She removed her panties & climbed on my lap, then nestled her thighs around my legs so I could enter her. She told me between heaving breaths, I have never had anything your size for awhile. How did you get this big?

Practice, honey! Lots of practice.

Would you like to practice on me, she asked. Silly question. And she was buzzed, plus severely aroused. The wine was working on her.

My guy friends just fuck and get it over with. Typical of some men.

Dont worry dear, I will bring you down. Oh! and speaking of down, will you go down on me. I want to feel your long hair on my thighs.

Yes, sir! She smirked, and commented between gasps, I want to suck you. But will you eat me first.
Done!! says I.
She smiled. I want to have some wet dreams of you, I want to cum in my sl**p.

I sl**p much better after I have been fucked by a good man.

We proceeded! She pulled hard coming up, and very slow going down. She licked the tip, until I felt the urge to explode. She did not want me to explode, just yet.

Then I licked her wetness, and her pussy lips. She orgasm a bunch of times. She was very sensitive in her lips and pussy lips. Then with her on top, I entered her. She blew again and leaned over to brush those perks in my face, then I blew hard. Its a good thing I had removed my pants, she was soaked. It would be hard to explain wet pants when I got home. She liked it hard and slow. I accommodated her. Very slow, because of my slowness, she could not help but cum.

After we finished, we played a bit more, then a few more sexy kisses. She helped me get dressed then e****ted me to the door, She kissed me good night at the door. And then took my hand and sucked my fingers. She was wasted by now, and started to get sl**py, while I gave her a parting grope feel between her wet thighs.

Thank you, she offered. Good night. She closed the door, and I walked slowly back to the car. I dreamt of her that night. She was dressed in a low cut top, and pair of panties. Nothing else, besides her smell of wine & horny odor.

At the restaurant, she ‘accidentally’ brushed by me a few times, and we grabbed a few tongue lashings at the back behind the rest room. We continued to meet. I love making her cum

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