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All is Not as it Appears

Not All is as it Appears

A story about the holiday adventures of Belle, Eve, and Vanessa

(Sequel to “Isabella and Evelynn” Read it here:

By Billy69boy

Chapter One

Tears welled up in my eyes as I pulled away from the house I shared with Vanessa, my best friend and lover. I would miss her dearly. We had such grand plans for the summer, after my last semester of college finally ended for the year. We were going to do some traveling, some partying, and just some casual hanging out together. We wanted to take time to enjoy each other’s company after such a hectic year, where it seemed like we hardly ever saw each other.

As I headed south onto the interstate, I shuddered wistfully, thinking of the trip that lay ahead of me. I would be lucky to get down to my parents’ place in eight hours. And if traffic was bad, it might be more like ten hours. I wasn’t thrilled with the idea, believe me.

So, why the abrupt change in summer plans? Well, my darling little sibling Eve broke her right arm just two days after school had let out for the summer. Since both of our parents work endless hours, and I was off for the summer, it made sense for me to drive down and take care of Eve.

My name is Isabella, by the way, but most people call me Belle. You might remember me and Eve from the last story. Eve’s real name is Evelynn. We had some very naughty but quite memorable times together towards the end of last summer. Aside from a brief visit during the Christmas holidays, we hadn’t seen each other in close to a year.

As I made my way down endless highways, my sadness began to lift, and my mind flooded with thoughts of our wild times together last summer. We did some taboo things that I would never have even dreamed of, but the biggest surprise was discovering how much our mutual love manifested itself. Besides our raw sexual desires and actions, we also developed a passion and a love for each other that just felt right and comfortable. All of a sudden, I perked up, gripped the wheel, and rededicated myself to the journey ahead.

Of course, I was exhausted by the time I arrived. Aside from a few stops for gas and coffee and bathroom breaks, I had driven through the night. It was midmorning by the time I pulled into my parents’ driveway and turned the car off. I sat still for several minutes. Looking around, I first noticed that both cars were already gone, so I had missed seeing my parents before they drove off to work. I also noticed that the house looked locked up, with no activity visible inside. I shouldn’t have been surprised: Eve was a teenager, and she liked to get up late, especially now that it was summer vacation, and she had no school or job to worry about.

After several minutes, I struggled to my feet, pulled my backpack over my shoulders, and trudged toward the door. To my delight, the front door opened wide just as I mounted the steps, and there was Eve. My heart skipped a beat and my face lit up when I saw her. I expected her to burst forth, run to me and give me a big welcoming hug. Instead, she just made a feeble attempt to open the screen door and silently let me pass.

“Eve, what’s the matter?” I asked; my voice full of concern. In truth, she looked positively awful. Her eyes were red and her face was puffy. It was obvious she had been crying recently. Her hair was a disheveled mess, and she was wearing a ratty old t-shirt and torn, holey cutoff shorts. Her broken arm dangled helplessly from the sling, and she tried to hide her face with her other hand, to no avail.

“Oh, Belle!” She blurted out before she burst into tears and ran into my arms, sobbing uncontrollably. I held her for a long time, just letting her upsetment run its course before offering any words of wisdom.

“I feel so bad! For everything!” She offered before succumbing to another crying jag. Finally, she calmed down enough to take my hand, and lead us to the living room couch. A few tissues later, she composed herself and was able to speak more coherently.

“I feel so damn stupid for breaking my arm. And it hurts like hell! I hate being in pain, and I know I’m acting like a little baby. Even mom and dad are already tired of my constant whining. They hurry to get the hell out of the house in the morning before I get up! But I can’t blame them. I’ve been so miserable!”

“Oh, c’mon, Eve. Don’t be so hard on yourself!”

“Hunh! It gets worse,” she continued: “I can’t take a decent shower because of this stupid cast, and I smell! I haven’t washed my hair in a week, and well, just look at it!”

“I’ll help you get clean, Eve,” I offered.

“Yeah! And you! I know you had plans to spend your summer with Vanessa, but NOOOOOO! Instead you have to spend it here with me, and that sucks for you!” She twisted her face all up, and I could see the crocodile tears forming in her eyes once again.

“Okay, Eve, now STOP! JUST STOP IT!” I was getting upset, and she sensed that she’d better do as I said, for a change. “Now, how about if we start over, shall we? First, a welcome home hug, okay?”

She embraced me about as hard as a one-armed little girl could manage, and I squeezed her slender body with all my might. She was right about one thing, though:

“Okay, sweetheart, how about if I draw you a nice warm bubble bath and get you all squeaky clean again!” It was obvious we were both eager to get started.

As the bath began to fill, I helped Eve remove what little material she wore on her incredible body. Actually, I was sure her body would be much more incredible after we got it all nice and clean again. I helped her into the steaming hot bath, slowly at first, so her body could adjust to the water. Finally she was able to slip down under the bubbles and rest her head on the back of the tub. She closed her eyes, and I cautioned her to remember to keep her bad arm over the side and out of the tub. I began to run the fragrant bar of soap all over the front of her torso, paying particular attention to her underarms.

I worked the soap suds from her neck down over her breasts, and down her stomach to her womanhood. She sighed as the soap enveloped her mound, and I smiled a knowing smile:

“Well, I see you’ll need some help getting trimmed up down there!”

Eve blushed a little, but she disguised it behind her knowing grin.

“Oh yes! Would you help me with it Belle? I’d like that!”

“Okay, but let’s get you clean all over first,” I suggested. With that, I slid the soap up and down her long slender legs, pausing at her labia slowly and seductively, and she moaned as she opened her legs, tacitly inviting my advances. She squirmed shamelessly as I twirled the soap bar around her clit, causing her legs to shoot straight out in response.

“Now, carefully roll over and kneel in the tub. Watch your cast!”

With some difficulty, we managed to get her into position. Her butt shot straight out above the bubbles, as I washed her back and ran my hands in circles over her firm bottom. I teased her mercilessly with the bar of soap, finally burying it into her willing pussy. It kept popping back out, and I kept pushing it back in. Eve was getting fucked by a bar of soap, and she didn’t seem to see any reason to stop. She was working her way towards a welcomed, but long overdue orgasm. By paying close attention to her progress, I managed to bury my soapy index finger deep into her dark, hot passage just as her spasms began. It was a sight to behold: her body bucked uncontrollably as she went completely over the top. Water splashed everywhere, and her head disappeared under the bubbles more than once, as she seemed intent on savoring every last second of her orgasm.

As her body began to go limp, I shouted for her to turn over before she flopped unceremoniously on her back again. Her head was content to just follow her body to the bottom of the tub. Of course, her head popped back up again in a matter of seconds, and she wore the most angelic smile I’d ever seen. I looked into her sparkling eyes, and I fell in love with her youthful beauty all over again.

“Belle, I’ve missed you so much,” she whispered lovingly.

“Oh, yeah?” I replied, as I reached in and pulled out the drain plug.


“Hey nothing. It’s my turn! Now stand up and let me rinse you off,” I insisted, as I began spraying her with the hand held. She grinned and informed me that the portable shower head could be used for other things, as if the thought had never occurred to me.

I helped her dry off, and left her sitting at the small make-up table while I stripped off my well-worn clothes and stepped into the shower. I could feel Eve’s eyes drinking in the sight of my more “grown up” curves.

“Oh Belle, your body is just so sexy! Vanessa is so lucky to have you.”

“Hmph! Well thanks Eve, but really I’m the lucky one.”

“Oh is that so? And by the way, I’ve noticed that you don’t seem to talk about her very much.”

“Sorry, Eve, I can’t hear you with the shower on!”

When I finally turned off the shower, Eve was standing right in front of me, towel in hand. She did pretty well for a one-armed servant, but I finally took the towel myself and finished drying off. Eve apologized for her ineptness as she offered me a dry towel to use on my long black tresses. As I fluffed up my hair, my boobs naturally shook up and down, and Eve couldn’t resist touching them.

I laughed: “You are such a horny little brat!” I admonished mockingly.

“Sorry, Belle, I can’t help it. I’m a teenager with raging hormones!”

As if to prove her point, she ran her good left hand down the front of my body and stopped at my mound, deliberately causing me to giggle. I feebly attempted to cover my private parts, bending forward to prevent her any more access. She took the opportunity to slap my protruding ass and I yelped in surprise.

“Watch your broken arm, Eve!” I yelled as a diversion, and I ran off to our room and dove onto the bed. Eve was a half-step behind me, and she landed square on my back. She may have been a few years younger, but she was taller and a bit bigger than I was, and she was able to hold me down, despite her broken arm.

“What are you going to do to me?” I shrieked playfully.

“Anything I want, hah!” she threatened. I pretended to struggle against her obvious power, but she wouldn’t let me up. She knelt between my legs and spread them apart with her knees. Her good hand followed, and she proceeded to attack my pussy with her determined fingers.

“Oh, Eve…please! Oh my!”

And with that, my lower body shuddered and I was off to the glorious Land of O…or maybe I should call it the Land of Oh! I was certain her rough handling of my most delicate bits was a result of her youthful exuberance as opposed to any ill intent. But whatever the reason, she sure knew how to get me off.

And so began our taboo Summer of Lust. Each day Eve felt better and better, until her broken arm was a mere nuisance after the pain and swelling had diminished. In the evenings, we would make sure to cook up a fine dinner, and we sat with our parents and enjoyed each other’s company in a relaxed way that we never really experienced growing up as young girls. Now they treated us more like adults, mostly, and dinner time was actually a pleasant experience.

Eve and I would stay up after our parents went to bed. We would clean up the dishes and then watch some movies in the bedroom that we had shared for so many years. Only now, instead of watching Disney movies, we were enjoying all different kinds of porn videos. It was just amazing how much variety was out there. We would make an effort to keep our activities quiet at night, but when we woke up in the mornings, we had the house to ourselves. There was no reason to hold back, and we didn’t even try.

It took no time for Eve to fetch mom’s shoe box full of erotic toys, and we were determined to try them all. Our experiences with each other were limited only by our imaginations. Over time I did notice a certain pattern emerge: the more aroused Eve got, the more domineering she became. It fascinated me to see her transform herself from a shy, mild mannered young lady to a demanding tyrant. I couldn’t help but play along, so I gladly assumed the role of submissive.

One day, after we recovered from some intense dildo play, Eve revisited the subject of Vanessa:

“Belle, I noticed you never mention Vanessa to mom and dad at all. What’s up with that? They know you two live together, so what’s the deal?”

I sighed, not really wanting to talk about it, but I couldn’t keep putting her off forever.

“Well, Eve, it’s like this: our parents think we are just college roommates, nothing more. They have no idea Vanessa and I are lovers. You know how conservative and religious they are. They would probably disown me if they knew I was…involved with her.”

“Well, what if they knew about you and me?” Eve countered, although I wasn’t seeing her logic.

“Yeah, they would probably disown us both; can you even imagine if they knew what we’ve been up to?” I suggested. Eve seemed to consider my point, so she changed direction:

“Well, how about if you just tell me about Vanessa? What’s she like? Is she hot? Is she kinky? And how about some pictures? Surely you have some pictures of her you could show me?”

“Whoa! Whoa! Not so fast, Eve! One question at a time please: Vanessa is very nice. She’s sweet and lovable. By ‘hot’, if you mean attractive, then yes, she is beautiful, both inside and out. I wouldn’t exactly call her kinky. She’s certainly not as kinky as you are, that’s for sure. She is more into sensual love making; natural, gentle stuff. I don’t know if she has ever even seen a dildo, much less some of the toys you like!”

“And so what about pics?” Eve persisted.

“I don’t carry around any pictures of Vanessa, but I can assure you, you’ve seen pictures of her before,” I answered cryptically.

“I have? Where? When? I don’t remember seeing any pictures of her before.” Eve insisted.

“Well, you have. You just didn’t know they were pics of Vanessa,” I smiled mischievously without explanation.

“Belle, I don’t…” I put my hand up and stopped her. “Just trust me on this for now, Eve, and have some patience. You’ll understand when the time is right,” I assured her. But, Eve was already onto the next project:

“Belle, help me with the buckles on this strap-on. You know I have a broken arm, and I can’t possibly put it on by myself. So come over here and fix it so I can bend you over that table and fuck you with it!”

So, that’s what I did, and then that’s what she did! Wow, could she ever get rough when she was so worked up. She could just pound me into the next time zone when she was in one of her moods. I would let her do pretty much anything to me that she wanted: such was the intensity of our relationship.

The summer flew by, needless to say. Eve and I couldn’t get enough, and we lived to pleasure each other in ways that were fresh and new, and surprised even the two of us at times. We watched more porn during that summer than we could have ever imagined. If we saw something that looked interesting, we tried it. But more and more, I noticed that Eve was drawn to scenes depicting ass play. Whenever there was licking or fingering or toying of someone’s ass, Eve would squirm around on the bed like she had ants in her pants, even though she wasn’t wearing pants!

“Eve, is there something the matter?” I asked.


“Well, you are making the bed shake, like you have some kind of problem,” I pointed out.

“Oh. Yeah. I guess I have an itch,” she explained lamely.

“An itch? Well, maybe you should go take a bath,” I suggested.

“No, no, Belle, it’s not that…it’s…well, my butt has needs,” she almost whispered, her voice trailing off, as she snapped her legs closed.

I tried to stifle a giggle, but it came out anyway. “Oh, you poor dear! Is there some way I can help?” I offered as I slapped her ass cheek.

“OW! DAMN!” She gave me the dagger stare for my efforts. “Well, if you insist on making fun of me, you leave me no choice but to make you pay!”

With that, Eve jumped on top of my body and pinned me to the bed. Even with a cast on, she could overwhelm me with her superior strength. She trapped my arms by my sides and held them there with her muscular legs. I couldn’t help laughing, but I noticed I was the only one. Eve wore a determined look, as she inched her body up towards my face.

“Hey! Where are you going?” I asked right before she unceremoniously dropped her damp pussy right on my mouth, ensuring that I would be saying nothing else for the time being.

“You will eat my nasty cunt until I tell you to stop!” she declared triumphantly. Being the ever faithful submissive, I eagerly complied. In no time, Eve’s head rolled back, eyes closed, and she was purring like a kitten.

After a few minutes of licking her and nibbling on her swollen clitoris, she slowly moved up closer, thereby freeing my arms. I knew where she was silently heading, so I reassured her by squeezing her ass cheeks with my hands. She groaned her approval, and moved further up my face until I could feel the intense heat coming from her “itch”.

I delicately spread her buttocks wide as my tongue found her target. She groaned out loud in a primitive sort of way, letting me know that the desired destination had been reached. She wiggled and squirmed her way around my mouth almost frantically as she unsuccessfully sought the relief she so desired. Finally, she managed to get up on her feet and straddle my captive head underneath.

“Your tongue, Belle! I need your tongue in my ass! Deep! Fuck my ass with your fucking tongue! God oh god, YES! Please Belle oh yes, just like that!”

I pushed my stiff tongue inside her forbidden entrance as hard and as fast as I could while I squeezed her bottom with all my hand strength. Eve steadied herself with her one good hand as she rode my face hard. She began to slide up and down on my mouth so I could service her quivering clit along with her smoldering rectum. She rocked up and back on me with such determination; I thought she might break my neck. I felt like one of those mechanical bulls, being ridden hard by some barroom reveler. Funny, because in the end, Eve actually fell off my face, landed on the bed and then bounced to the floor.

She lay on her back, eyes still closed and breathing heavily. “Eve! Are you okay?” I asked, panicking slightly as I thought about what we would tell our parents if she managed to break her other arm in the process of falling. Finally, she managed a smile and a nod of her head, even as her eyes remained closed.

“Fucking amazing… like nothing before…in my life…or ever after,” she mumbled in blissful incoherence. I had to laugh. She was so precious, and I loved her so much. I knew we had just opened a new chapter of intimacy, and the thought of exploring undiscovered horizons made me tingle from my head down to my…well, you know.


There was still two weeks of summer vacation left when Eve finally got her cast off. She looked strong and sure of herself by then. No more tears, no more “woe is me” stuff. She was confident and there was a joyful pep in her step. Some would conclude that she wore a perpetual “freshly fucked” look, and that would be because she was always freshly fucked!

Eve insisted that I go home to Vanessa to salvage what was left of our lost summer, and I couldn’t argue with her. Strangely enough, after Eve’s initial curiosity about my lover, Vanessa’s name almost never came up again. It wasn’t like I didn’t miss her and love her: it was more that I had such a wonderful time with Eve. I knew a situation like this would never come along for us again, and I guess I wanted to savor each moment with her. I also didn’t want to risk Eve becoming jealous of me and Vanessa.

On the drive back up north, it occurred to me that I couldn’t recall ever telling Vanessa about Eve. Oh, she knew that Eve existed, but she barely appeared on Vanessa’s radar. I know I was ultimately to blame. I had never told Vanessa about being sexually involved with Eve: neither this summer nor last summer. I wasn’t sure why. Maybe I was afraid Vanessa wouldn’t approve of such taboo acts that Eve and I were involved in. Vanessa and I were very close, and we shared our every wish, dream and desire. Our relationship was open, at least officially. But I don’t ever remember wanting to pursue someone else as long as I was with Vanessa. At any rate, I just kind of shrugged it off for now. It didn’t seem all that important at the moment. And it wasn’t.

But soon enough the Christmas holidays rapidly approached, seemingly out of nowhere. I was shocked when Eve called me and asked me how Vanessa and I would feel about her coming up and spending a couple of weeks with us. She had already figured out how she could take the train up, and then hop on a couple of buses, and she would be here. Vanessa was all for it: she had a few weeks’ vacation that she had saved up for the holidays, and I would be between semesters then as well. Vanessa had never met Eve before and heck, she thought it sounded like fun! I played along convincingly enough. But I knew deep down I was going to end up having some explaining to do…


Chapter Two

I was nervous as hell as I waited for Eve’s bus to arrive at the depot. I knew the moment of truth that I had been dreading was near, but there was no turning back now. All I could hope for was that Eve would be understanding, and that she would agree to keep my secret.

I heard her shriek in delight as she bounded down the steps of the bus and ran into my open arms. Our hug lasted longer than usual, but since we hadn’t seen each other since the summer, it was to be expected. I didn’t realize how much I had missed her, and I was genuinely thrilled that she had traveled so far to spend the holidays with me and Vanessa.

As we slowly maneuvered through the snow and ice, Eve talked a mile a minute, bringing me up to date with the news from home. I did my best to concentrate on my driving. After such a long journey, I didn’t want Eve to end up being in an accident so close to our final destination.

We made our way out of the city and, as we neared the interstate, we approached a billboard advertising a popular brand of hair products. The model proudly displayed her lush blonde hair, which half covered her sparkling eyes and her perfect white teeth. I pointed toward the billboard rather nonchalantly.

“Do you know who that is?” I asked.

“Oh sure, that’s Jannay. She’s all over the place these days: hair care, make-up, Caribbean vacation packages, she seems to be enjoying her fifteen minutes of fame,” Eve replied, “She certainly is beautiful.”

I said nothing else as I changed the radio station and tried to keep up with the traffic. It took half an hour to finally reach our exit, and the rest of the drive would be through rural, winding roads that still bore a considerable amount of snow, so I had to concentrate. As we road in silence, Eve finally snapped out of her deep thought.

“Hey, where the hell is your place? It looks like we’re out in the middle of nowhere!” she inquired.

“Almost there, sweetheart, just a few more miles,” I assured her, glad that it was still light enough out to see the road properly.

Finally I turned off the road and made my way up a long, well-maintained driveway. I came to a stop in front of a pair of huge iron gates.

“Belle, what’s this? Where the hell are we?”

I put the car in Park and turned to face her:

“Eve, I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you anything until now. I still can’t tell you anything just yet. But you have to PROMISE me that you won’t tell a soul about anything you see once we go through those gates! Not mom or dad, not your friends, NO ONE!”

Eve looked stunned, which wasn’t surprising. Her eyes were as big as saucers, and she struggled to say something, anything. All she could do was slowly shake her head back and forth in disbelief, even as she didn’t quite know what she was disbelieving.


“Oh, right! Uh…okay, I guess…no, I mean yes! Yes, I won’t tell anyone, Belle, I promise!”

Satisfied, I turned toward the now open window, reached out and entered the code into the box. The gates opened slowly and silently, and we proceeded up the rest of the driveway. One last turn, and I pulled the car up in front of a quaint, 18th. Century stone mansion, hidden from view until now.

“Holy shit!” Eve whispered in awe. “Belle?” She looked at me, uncomprehending.

I shifted uncomfortably in my seat and sighed audibly. Turning towards her, I put on my brave face and looked her in the eye:

“Well, Eve, I guess this is as good a time to tell you as any,” I began. “Remember earlier on the ride up we had talked about Jannay?” Eve nodded, clueless as to where I was headed.

“Do you know what last name she goes by?” I asked.

“Sure! It’s Vanessa: Jannay Vanessa, everyone knows that…”

And then her eyes widened, and I could see them light up in total disbelief.

“Vanessa? VANESSA? Are you fucking k**ding me, Belle? Get the fuck out of here! No way! She’s YOUR Vanessa?” She squealed, as she pointed towards the house.

I put my hands up: “Eve! Eve! Remember you PROMISED! Yes, she’s MY Vanessa. That’s her real first name. ‘Jannay’ is a kind of phonetic variation of her real last name, which is actually ‘Genai’.

“Oh, Belle…this is unbelievable! How did you…how did she…you know…what the fuck!”

“Eve, you’ve got to calm down! You can’t be all ‘Groupie’ and ‘Jelly-legged’ in front of her. Try to act like you’ve actually seen a celebrity before, even if you never have!”

“Okay, okay, I KNOW! But DAMN, Belle, why didn’t you…how come I never…when were you planning to tell me?”

“Well, that’s the thing, Eve; I didn’t want to tell you or anyone else at all! Never, ever, never! But then you got the idea of coming up for a visit, and Vanessa thought it might be fun! So, I didn’t have much choice in the matter.”

She looked kind of hurt and disappointed.

“Don’t get me wrong, Eve, I’m glad you’re here too, and I’m sure it will be fun for all of us, but Vanessa and I have been keeping our secret for so long, it’s just…different now, and I need some time to adjust,” I explained.

Recovering nicely, she offered: “So that’s why you never talk about her at home; and why you don’t carry pictures of her around! Wow, Belle, this is so amazing! I can’t even believe it!”

“Well, let’s go in, and maybe it will help you to believe.”

I no sooner said the words, and the front door opened. Standing there with the last bit of afternoon sun showering her with a heavenly glow was a perfect form, tall and lean, her long blonde tresses flowing in the gentle breeze.

“Hurry up, you two, it’s freezing out here!” Vanessa called out to us as we retrieved the luggage from the trunk. Our spell was broken, and we ran up the steps and dropped our bags in the foyer. After a chaste hug hello, I turned towards Eve:

“Vanessa, I’d like you to meet Eve. Eve, this is Vanessa.”

Vanessa curtsied and nodded gracefully towards Eve.

“Yes, I know,” Eve muttered nervously, “or, I mean, yes, nice to meet you Vanessa.”

Vanessa laughed in delight. “Now listen up, young lady: there will be no special treatment here. We are just three girls with a couple of weeks to have fun and forget about the outside world, understand?”

Eve nodded enthusiastically, still not believing what she was seeing with her own eyes. Vanessa turned to me next. “Belle, why didn’t you tell me that Eve was so beautiful? And she seems so grown up!”

I said nothing, just smiled and felt good about Vanessa’s assessment of Eve.

“Shall we head for the kitchen then? You girls look famished!” With that, Vanessa turned and led the way.


After some much appreciated sustenance, Eve insisted on a quick tour of our humble abode. She was surprised at first to discover that Vanessa and I each had our own separate rooms. But after we explained that it was mostly for show, in case we had some uninformed guests come to visit (like Vanessa’s parents), Eve began to understand. I explained to her that both of us had our reasons for keeping our real relationship a secret: Vanessa had a certain image to maintain as America’s Squeaky Clean Girl Next Store Model, and I also didn’t want my parents to know about my private lifestyle preferences.

Vanessa opened a bottle of expensive champagne to celebrate the official beginning of our Christmas vacation, and it didn’t take long for all of us to get a bit tipsy. Vanessa suggested we all get into some comfy pj’s and she stoked up the fireplace before opening another bottle of bubbly. Eve got real chatty, and she was full of a thousand questions, all of which were patiently answered by Vanessa, bless her kind heart.

Finally, Eve slipped off to the guest room, claiming to be exhausted from her long journey, but mostly she was unsteady from drinking. She didn’t have much experience with alcohol at her age, so it was understandable. She fell asl**p as soon as her head hit the pillow, and Vanessa and I were free to resume our earlier make-out session. She took me by my hand and led me to her luxurious bedroom. She had me naked even before I made it to the bed, and then she pushed me down and pounced on me like a sex starved maniac.

For such a sophisticated model and world traveler, Vanessa was on the conservative side when it came to love making. Oh, she was no prude, by any means, but she preferred a soft, intimate touch, and she never mentioned any kinky interests to me. She was content to give and receive pleasure by the least complicated methods: lips, tongues and gentle caresses, leading up to a crescendo of exquisite climaxes. I found it hard to argue with her sexual philosophy, lol.

Still, we could manage to get somewhat loud at times, between giggling and shrieking and moaning and making each other explode in ecstasy. Our remote location made it something that we never really thought about. At least until now; now that we had a house guest for a few weeks named Eve.


Chapter 3

Our first few days together went smoothly enough, but I began to notice some awkwardness and a bit of tension in the air, and I knew it was pretty much my fault: I had been less than forthcoming with both Eve and Vanessa, and I sort of painted myself into a corner.

Eve confronted me first. Vanessa was in the shower, and Eve was helping me cook breakfast:

“Belle, what’s going on? I was hoping to spend some…special time with you, but it looks like you and Vanessa are joined at the hip all the time. She…she does know that we, um, play around, doesn’t she?”

I remained silent for just a second or two, but it was enough:

“She doesn’t even know about us, does she?” Eve knew me too well.

“Look, sweetie…it’s kind of complicated,” I began feebly.

“Oh, it’s not complicated at all, Belle! You…you’re ashamed of me. Of us. Of our love! I knew it was a stupid idea to come up here in the first place!” Eve was stirring the pancake batter in such frenzy; I had to take the bowl away from her before she ruined it.

“Eve, it’s not like that! I’m not ashamed at all! It’s just that, well, I’m not sure how Vanessa will take it yet. Give me a little time, and I’m sure we can work everything out, please?”

Now it was Eve’s turn for a few seconds of silence:

“Well, fine then!” She blurted out as she turned towards the kitchen door and stomped out.

Eve was right to be upset with me and I knew it. I needed to come up with some kind of plan; some way to approach Vanessa without making things worse. I was still deep in thought when Vanessa glided into the room. She was drying her damp hair with a big white towel, and she wore the sheerest pink housecoat and little else…okay, nothing else. I turned in her direction, and my spine began to tingle immediately. I could feel my face turning red and warm, and I forgot all about whatever I had been mulling over.

“Oh, Vanessa! Wow!” I couldn’t help but stare directly between her legs, right where her panties would have been, had she taken the time to put them on. I could make out her freshly trimmed patch of blonde hair covering just the top of her otherwise smooth naked mound.

“Well, good morning to you too, Belle! What’s the matter? Something wrong?” she asked, noticing my leering eyes.

“What? Oh…no, Vanessa, nothing’s wrong. It’s just that you still take my breath away sometimes; well, all the time. You are so beautiful!”

“So, do you think my outfit is a bit much to be wearing around Eve? Hey, where is she anyway?” Vanessa asked.

“Oh, she…ah, she probably went to grab a shower before breakfast,” I suggested, thankful that I thought of a feasible reply. Turned out, I was right: the guestroom had its own full bathroom, and Eve must have decided to calm down under the fine mist of the shower.

Vanessa switched gears, surprising me: “You know, Belle, Eve is really adorable.” I nodded my head in response.

“I can’t get over how young she is though. If she was a bit older, you might have some competition,” she laughed uneasily, the words catching in her throat. She continued:

“I’ll admit I have been checking her out a little. But I probably shouldn’t be talking like this. She’s your s1ster, after all. I guess that’s kind of creepy, isn’t it?”

“Creepy?” I repeated, “No, not really, I suppose. Eve and I are very close,” I offered rather nonchalantly, but Vanessa ignored my admission.

“I wonder if: do you think…uh, has she had any kind of experience yet?” she blurted out awkwardly. Now it was Vanessa’s turn to get red in the face. She quickly back-pedaled:

“Oh cripes, Belle, I shouldn’t be asking you this stuff! I’m sorry…”

“No, Vanessa, it’s okay, really. Promise me you’ll keep this to yourself?”

Vanessa nodded eagerly, squirming in her chair in anticipation.

“Well, I happen to know that Eve has…done some things…sexually,” I volunteered.

“I knew it! I mean, well, I guess I’m not surprised. She walks and talks and acts older than she really is. So, tell me more: Boyfriend? Girlfriend? Both? C’mon, Belle, spill it!” Vanessa was getting more excited with each word she uttered, and luckily Eve made her entrance at just the right moment.

“Good morning, Vanessa,” she mumbled rather icily. But then, she looked up and noticed what Vanessa was wearing, or not wearing, depending on your perspective, and her eyes lit up and she broke into a wide grin.

“Well, hello, Eve. How was your night last night?” Vanessa asked politely.

“Pretty good, thank you, but I kept waking up every once in a while. I heard banging and shouting and moaning and screaming. I guess I was dreaming,” she explained.

Vanessa and I looked at each other and we tried to stifle a giggle, but Eve wasn’t fooled. Vanessa quickly changed the subject:

“I love your outfit today,” she offered.

“Oh these rags?” Eve replied, as she ran her hands down her long spandex covered legs, all the while leaning forward to reveal her naked breasts under her loose fitting white top.

Vanessa leaned back as if to escape Eve’s influence, to no avail.

“I like your, er, outfit too, Vanessa. Quite comfortable, I would imagine,” Eve teased.

“Why, yes it is, actually. Well, it’s just us girls here, and we have a very liberal dress code,” Vanessa explained, eyeing up my competition greedily.

“Yes! So I see! All of a sudden I feel overdressed!”

And me! OMG, I was still wearing my PJs and bathrobe, as well as my fluffy bunny slippers that Vanessa had given me. But it didn’t matter; I could have worn a suit of armor for all the attention I was getting.

Breakfast was the backdrop for their bantering and clever lines and comebacks, and I felt like the third wheel. I knew it was all my own doing and I had to find a way to break this uncomfortable logjam that I had created.

We had no big plans for the day. It was cold and rainy out, and we just decided to curl up in the entertainment room and watch old movies. We three sat together on the overstuffed couch and buried ourselves under a pile of quilts and blankets. The only time our limbs were visible was to reach into the popcorn bowl, or take a sip of our drinks.

We were cozy alright, and the tense undercurrent from breakfast seemed to dissipate. Vanessa sat in the middle, and she and I busied our hidden hands caressing each other’s intimate parts, oh so subtly, so as not to arouse Eve’s suspicions. I felt a little bad for Eve, but my own lust took over, and all of my energy went to Vanessa.

As it turned out, I couldn’t say the same thing about Vanessa. Oh, she was definitely engaged in pleasuring and being pleasured by me, but I finally realized that she was also “flirting” with Eve under the blankets on her other side. I started off being jealous, but I stifled my initial reaction as I saw it as a natural opportunity for them to get “comfortable” with each other, and I wouldn’t have to explain a thing.

By the time the second movie finished, things had progressed on both sides of Vanessa. I couldn’t be sure just how far along those two had gotten, but I knew I was more than ready to explode. I hit the off button on the remote, yawned and stretched and declared myself ready for an afternoon nap. Vanessa agreed right away, and off we went, bidding Eve a pleasant nap.

I could hear an audible sigh of disappointment from Eve, but she stood up and silently padded off to her room. No doubt she was eager to get herself off after secretly playing with Vanessa under the covers. Sure enough, when we got to Vanessa’s room and closed the door, we embraced and kissed. We pulled each other’s clothes off and fell into bed, all twisted up like a human pretzel. We made out while we tribbed, our hands pawing at each other’s firm breasts and hard nipples.

“Eat me, Belle,” she whispered, “you know how I like it.”

I slid down her lithe body, my fingers caressing her soft smooth skin as I kissed my way to her love treasure. She instinctively opened her legs in anticipation, and I didn’t disappoint. After a few hours of foreplay in the living room, we were both aroused to the point of no return. It only took some strategically placed kisses and tongue penetrations, and I had her writhing and twisting her hips under my spell. She began that sweet moaning that she did when she was very pleased with my technique. I knew what she wanted next, and she didn’t have to ask for it.

I moved my tongue up to her clitoris and I slid my finger inside her juicy vagina. Her body jolted and jerked against the intrusion. Her fingertips went right for her own nipples, and she seethed under her breath:

“Bite it, Belle! BITE IT! Oh yes! Suck on my clit! Finger fuck me! Oh dear lord!” Of course I knew what my lover wanted by now, and so I just nibbled at her engorged clit and took it gently between my teeth, sort of rolling it around and gently sucking on it, but I didn’t ‘bite’ it like she had called out for.

Regardless, she was getting rather loud, and immediately I thought of Eve. Eve had already complained that she could hear our love making sessions, and here we were doing it again. But there was no turning back now, and I frigged Vanessa’s cunt vigorously while I continued to nibble and suck on her clit until she could hold back no longer.

Usually, we lie together in each other’s arms after one of us has had an orgasm, but this time, Vanessa jumped right out of bed and bolted towards the door.

“Gotta go!” she announced, as she swung the bedroom door open on her way to the bathroom across the hall. Immediately, I heard shrieks and screams, and the sound of bodies tumbling to the floor with a thud. I sat upright in time to see Eve and Vanessa, both completely naked in a heap just inside the open door.

Eve was so surprised; she made no attempt to remove the dildo from her womanhood.
“Oh, I’m so sorry!” was all she could manage to say. Meanwhile, Vanessa got up, helped Eve to her feet, and continued on her way to the bathroom, saying nothing. She didn’t even bother to close the bathroom door, and we could hear her peeing. Peeing and laughing hysterically. It must have scared Eve so much that she jumped in the bed next to me, her dildo squirting out and landing in the middle of the bedroom floor in the process. Talk about awkward! I didn’t know what to do. It’s not like Eve could hide. And she couldn’t exactly run back to her room and pretend nothing had happened. Instead, we just clung to each other for dear life, anxiously awaiting Vanessa’s eventual reaction.


Chapter 4

“Well! What do we have here?” Vanessa announced, as she bounded into the room, bent over and retrieved Eve’s dildo that ended up in the middle of the floor. She stood up triumphantly, waving it back and forth in front of us, wearing a huge grin. Of course Eve and I were stunned into silence.

“Scoot over then, it’s freezing out here!” she ordered, and in no time, we were three naked women in one bed, having no idea how to proceed or what to say.

Surprisingly, it was Eve who got brave and broke the ice:

“S…sorry, Vanessa for…well you know…for spying; or at least for listening to you and…well you know,” she stammered.

“It’s okay, Eve. I guess I’m kind of flattered, to be honest. I had no idea that you and Belle had that kind of…relationship, you know? I mean, to get off listening to your own s1ster having sex with someone…that’s kind of hot to me, I must admit,” Vanessa confessed.

As for myself, I immediately felt less anxious about the whole situation. Vanessa seemed like she was cool with the idea of me and Eve maybe having a ‘close’ relationship.

“And this?” Vanessa presented the wayward dildo again. “This surprised me! Belle never showed me anything like this before. So, where did you get it?” she asked Eve point blank.

“Oh…er…it’s something I borrowed from our mom’s…um…collection,” Eve explained vaguely.

“Collection? So there’s more where this came from?” Vanessa pressed on.

Eve looked down shyly, but she nodded her assent. I just sat there saying nothing. Those two were filling in the blanks quite naturally without my help, for which I was grateful.

“Well, maybe later you can show me what else you ‘borrowed’ from your mom,” Vanessa decided, “but for now, I think you need to be punished for invading our privacy!” Her eyes narrowed as her grin widened.

Suddenly, Vanessa put me on the spot without warning:

“Belle? What do you think? Surely you are as outraged as I am with Eve’s bold intrusion into our private affairs? She needs to be taught a lesson, don’t you think?”

Of course the idea was completely arousing to me, but I didn’t want to overreact, and have my little s1ster feel like we were ganging up on her.

“Well, Vanessa, she is kind of young and naïve, I offered weakly, maybe we shouldn’t go overboard,” I suggested.

“Nonsense! It is clear that Eve knows exactly what is going on, and she should be tried and punished as an adult!” Vanessa insisted, barely able to conceal her glee at this Kangaroo Court type of ‘trial’.

“Very well then, Vanessa, I will follow your lead,” I promised, even as Eve continued to squirm in between us, both from fear and anticipation, but mostly from anticipation.

Vanessa jumped out of bed and retrieved her silk robe from her closet, removing the belt as she hopped back in bed and under the covers.

“Up on your knees, young lady, hands behind your back!” she commanded to Eve, who complied willingly. Vanessa tied Eve’s hands with the silk belt, rendering her helpless. I could feel the bl**d surging through my veins immediately at the sight.

“Belle? Lie down and spread your legs. Your s1ster is about to lick your pussy until you cum!” With that, she took Eve by her neck and pushed her face between my legs.

“Now Eve, don’t act like this is the first time you’ve ever gotten your s1ster off. It is very clear that you two ‘know’ each other quite intimately. Hell, no wonder you took your good old time coming back here last summer, Belle!”

I couldn’t think of anything to say, but once Eve’s tongue found my quivering slit, it didn’t really matter. I just closed my eyes and let the exquisite feelings wash over me like angel wings. I pulled my legs back against my chest in order to give Eve the best access to my charms.

In the meantime, I heard Eve moan, gently at first, then louder and more brazen. I realized that Vanessa had taken her place behind Eve’s bent over frame, and she was ‘punishing’ her with her stiff tongue and intrusive fingers. Just the thought of it made me cum with an intensity that I had seldom felt before. I felt my body jerking and thrashing involuntarily under Eve’s sucking and tonguing, and I held onto her head with both hands as Vanessa violated her from behind.

And then Eve went crazy, thrashing around like a bitch in heat, and I didn’t know what triggered her intense climax, until I heard the rapid squish-squish of her dildo being thrust deep inside her cunt over and over again, with Vanessa’s eyes consumed by wanton lust. She fucked my little s1ster with that toy like she had been using them her whole life: which she hadn’t, until just now.

Eve finally went over the top when Vanessa leaned forward and twirled her stiff tongue around Eve’s dark passage, finally penetrating her anus and causing her to erupt.

“Okay, my turn!” Vanessa announced. She deftly flipped Eve over, with her hands still tied behind her back. She climbed on top of her chest and ground her soaked pussy into Eve’s face. It was my turn to use the bathroom, and I slipped out of bed and made my way across the hall, listening to Vanessa gasp and groan as she rode Eve’s mouth to orgasm.

By the time I rejoined them, they were laying side by side, still breathing heavily. I slid in next to Eve and we enjoyed a three way cuddle. Finally, Vanessa spoke first:

“Belle, why didn’t you tell me that Eve was such a horny little dog?”

At first, I didn’t know how to handle her loaded question, but now that we were already involved with each other, I just threw caution to the wind and decided to speak the truth:

“Well, I wasn’t sure if you would be okay with knowing about Eve and me…you’re pretty conservative when it comes to intimacy, you have to admit, and I just didn’t want to shock or disappoint you in any way.”

Vanessa just smiled, saying nothing. She seemed to be struggling, trying to come up with the right words:

“So, you think I’m conservative, do you?”

I nodded uneasily. I must have struck a nerve.

“Well, that’s kind of funny, now that I think of it. Here, all this time I thought it was you, and I’ve been holding back for fear of offending you,” she admitted, laughing at the absurdity of our conversation. Even Eve giggled a little, but tried to stifle it.

“I don’t know,” I replied, “I guess I just figured you wanted gentle, tender love making, and I was determined to be your perfect partner. I love you so much; I just wanted to please you, Vanessa. I mean, it’s not like we ever used toys or anything kinky, you know?”

“I guess you have a point, Belle. I’m always so conscious of having to maintain a certain squeaky-clean public image, that I guess it carried over into the bedroom,” Vanessa confessed. “The truth is, I fantasize about doing…um…certain things to you, and having you do things to me as well.”

And then she turned and looked straight into Eve’s hazel eyes, causing her to blush.

“While we’re being honest, I might as well tell you that I’ve been captivated with Eve here since I first laid eyes on her. My brain almost short circuited as I fantasized about all the things I’d like to do with her. I pushed the thoughts out of my mind, because I didn’t dare risk our relationship by lusting after your s1ster. But now…hmmm,” she stopped abruptly.

Perhaps she felt like she had already said too much. Maybe she was already regretting all that honest talk that spilled out of her mouth. The moment of silence was awkward, and Eve and I shifted around uncomfortably.

All of a sudden, Vanessa looked up, wearing that now familiar grin on her face:

“So, Eve, what else did you bring from your mom’s collection?”


Chapter 5

Eve and I were both taken aback by Vanessa’s question. It had gone counter to both of our impressions of Vanessa, and a brief but awkward silence followed. Finally, Eve responded rather weakly:

“Well, Vanessa, to be honest, I didn’t bring very much else…well, I did bring a strap-on and a couple of anal toys, but that’s about it, I’m afraid.”

“Hmmm, well, that’s cool,” Vanessa replied, “but we can talk about that stuff later. It seems to me that we were planning on a nice leisurely afternoon nap together, so how about if we do that now? Later on this evening we can try out the hot tub and a few bottles of wine. How’s that sound?”

“Hot tub?” Eve repeated.

“Oh, you didn’t know?” I chimed in. “It’s out on the back balcony…sorry it I hadn’t mentioned it before.”

“Really? But isn’t it kind of cold out there this time of the year?” Eve asked.

“Oh, the balcony is completely enclosed in glass and there’s heat out there too,” Vanessa explained, “You’re going to love it!”

We all snuggled up and enjoyed a peaceful slumber, content that the air had cleared among us, and we were finally on the same page. Showers followed all around, although I must admit that Eve was finished hers well before Vanessa and I managed to finish our “business” and reappear in public, wearing only our robes.

Eve was already in the kitchen, also in her robe, rustling us up some food to go along with our first bottle of wine for the evening. Meanwhile, Vanessa saw to the hot tub. By the time we finished eating and killing the wine, the hot tub was warm and ready for us. We walked out to the balcony to discover soft music, low lights, and a fresh bottle of wine.

“Wow, Vanessa, you sure know how to set the mood!” Eve exclaimed, as we all dropped our robes and slipped into the warm water. The jets aerated the water, and we were lost in a bubbly cauldron of bliss. Vanessa presented me with fresh wine glasses and I filled them to the brim. We all sat and sipped and became lost in our own thoughts.

“Thank you so much for having me, guys!” cooed my grateful little s1ster, “This is so cool. I never would have imagined…”

“Oh, believe me, it’s our pleasure!” Vanessa responded enthusiastically. “I am honored to be in the presence of two such loving and sexy young ladies.”

“I’m glad you are okay with our…special relationship, Vanessa,” I added. “Eve and I love each other very much, and what has developed between us just came naturally after we realized how deep our feelings are for each other.”

“Oh, I am so glad you two were willing to share your intimacy with me,” Vanessa confessed. “Honestly, I am humbled, but I have to admit I am also quite turned on by your love for each other.”

Our mutual admiration led to more wine and smiles and tender touches beneath the gentle motion of the warm water. If life could be any better than this, we couldn’t imagine how.

“Hey, isn’t that someone down there with a telescope?” Eve asked, sitting up and looking beyond the glass enclosure of the balcony and pointing at the only house visible in the distance.

“Oh, yeah, that’s just old man Benson over there. His wife died a few years ago, and he lives alone. He’s harmless. He likes to watch us sometimes, and we try to make it worth his while,” laughed Vanessa. “He’s actually a pretty nice guy. Just lonely. Lonely and horny. He knows we are lesbian lovers, and he has sworn that he won’t tell our secret. So, we let him watch…it’s kind of a turn-on, to be honest.”

With that, Vanessa and I waved to him simultaneously, and he waved back enthusiastically. We were sure he was curious about the third person in our group, but that would have to be explained some other time. Eve managed a weak wave, but she wasn’t sure if she was okay about the arrangement.

“Don’t worry, Eve, Mr. Benson would never do anything to jeopardize his “insider” status,” Vanessa declared, reassuringly. As if on cue, Eve rose up halfway out of the hot tub, turned her bare back on Mr. Benson and climbed onto Vanessa’s body, planting a deep lingering kiss on her lips.

“Oh, that’s the spirit, Eve,” I yelped, laughing out loud. Mr. Benson is gonna love you!”

With that, Vanessa stood up, bringing Eve along with her, and tightened their embrace, even as they maintained their lip-lock. She reached around and cupped Eve’s bottom in her hands, making sure that our voyeur got an eyeful. I could just imagine his reaction and I had to laugh. Maybe it wasn’t right to tease the old man, but I figured he could always stop watching us if he so chose. Of course, he never chose any such thing.

I couldn’t help but become aroused at the scene unfolding before me, and so I soon joined in. Together we all stood among the bubbles; kissing, feeling, sucking each other’s breasts, fingering pussies and squeezing ass cheeks with total abandon. Poor Mr. Benson must have been beside himself, but he didn’t seem to miss one second of our sexy show, and we tried to enact every lewd and outrageous scenario we could think of.

More wine and more lurid acts led to orgasms and shrieks of laughter all the way around. I can’t remember ever having so much sexy fun in one evening. But the wine finally took its toll, and the night turned into the wee hours of morning. We finally got out and dried off; we paid our respects to Mr. Benson before heading inside and flopping into Vanessa’s huge bed for some well-deserved slumber time.


It was late morning before anyone stirred. I was apparently the last one to rise. I entered the kitchen to find Eve and Vanessa sitting close together, whispering over their cups of coffee. They seemed to be deep in intimate conversation, so much so that my presence startled them.

“Oh! Er, Belle! Good morning!” Vanessa managed, somewhat awkwardly, while Eve just blushed and looked away.

“Coffee?” Vanessa offered.

“That’s okay, I can get it,” I replied.

“Oh, sorry, Belle, but you’ll have to use that powdered creamer because we ran out of milk,” Vanessa added. And we’re low on bread. And eggs. And wine too! I guess we need to make a run for supplies.”

I pretty much figured out what she was getting at right away: when she said ‘we’, she really meant ‘Belle’. I knew how much she lusted after Eve, not that I could blame her. Eve was so beautiful and sweet and young. I didn’t need her to spell it out for me: she wanted some alone time with my precious little s1ster. I was fine with that, and so I added some of my own errands to the list:

“I don’t mind driving into town and picking up some things while you two…ah…stay here and get to know each other a little better. And besides, I’m in the mood to do a little window shopping while I’m there,” I offered.

Eve spoke up: “Are you sure you don’t want some company?”

“No thanks, Eve, I’ll be fine.”

After a cup of coffee and kisses all around, I was out the door. Even though we lived fairly close to the interstate, civilization was still a 20 minute drive away before you could find any decent stores. I assured the girls I wouldn’t be back until late afternoon at the earliest. No one protested, and off I went, leaving my two horny lovers to do as they pleased.

Apparently showers were their first choice. Separately, for some reason. Perhaps they were being shy all of a sudden. Their buffer, namely me, was gone, and they found themselves confronting their own stark reality: they wanted each other…but…

Vanessa found Eve sitting on the couch out on the balcony, engrossed in a book, which was not at all unusual for her. The gas fireplace was glowing, and Eve was dressed in a skimpy flowered sun dress, like it was the middle of the summer or something. Vanessa wore a modest black pleated skirt with a white blouse that showed her stiff nipples protruding through her thin bra.

“Hi sweetie, what are you reading?” she asked, taking a seat next to Eve.

“Toggenburg”, she replied.

“Oh? What’s it about?” Vanessa asked, in an attempt to make the obligatory small talk.

“It’s a lesbian love story set in the Swiss Alps. It’s written by one of my favorite authors, Michaela Francis. She is a genius: she knows more about the area than pretty much any other person, living or dead. Her storyline and colorful characters are delightful. It’s a great read. And it has some similarities to your life that you might appreciate.”

“How so?” Vanessa questioned, her interest piqued.

“Well, the main characters are a lot like you and Belle. Only this girl is a famous musician who falls for the beautiful local girl in the village. So they also have an interest in keeping their love a secret.”

“Hmmm, it sounds fascinating!” Perhaps I’ll give it a read when you’re done with it,” Vanessa said.

“No problem! I’m almost finished with it, and I’ll be glad to lend it to you.”

By now, Vanessa was running her fingers gently up and down Eve’s bare leg, although Eve was so engrossed in describing her book that she hardly noticed. Vanessa was a bit perturbed at Eve’s oblivious inaction, so she changed tactics and stood up abruptly and walked to the front of the enclosed balcony. She bent over slightly and placed her elbows on the rail and cradled her head in her hands. She scanned the woods and the mountains in the distance as Eve went on and on about her book. Suddenly, Eve became silent. She must have finally noticed that Vanessa was no longer paying any attention to her ramblings.

Eve stood up and approached Vanessa, walked up behind her and wrapped her arms around the blonde model’s slim waist. Vanessa didn’t budge, as she awaited Eve’s next move. She could feel Eve’s face buried in her hair, as she inhaled her scent. Kisses followed on her head, cheek, and down her neck. Vanessa inhaled deeply as Eve slid her hands down either side of her hips and around to her firm, round buttocks. Vanessa sighed audibly in response to her young lover’s advances, wiggling her bottom ever so slightly.

Brazenly, Eve slipped her hands under Vanessa’s skirt and squeezed her naked ass cheeks. Her legs opened wider as she silently invited Eve to explore her feminine charms more intimately. She could feel Eve’s inquisitive fingers find her dampness, and her breathing grew deeper with each new caress. She rose onto her tiptoes as Eve slowly ran her finger delicately up and down her increasingly moist slit. Vanessa’s own fingers found her erect nipples, and she pinched them through her thin blouse and bra.

Eve found her throbbing clit and lightly grazed her four fingertips over it steadily, causing Vanessa’s knees to buckle as she struggled to remain standing. She felt Eve’s index finger penetrate her wet warmth, quickly joined by her middle finger as well. Eve felt a tingle as she touched Vanessa’s wispy patch of soft hair on her mound.

“Oh lord, Eve, that feels so good…finger me, Eve! Fuck me with your fingers, YES!!” She reached back with her hand and wrapped her arm around Eve’s neck, pulling her closer. “Do it, baby, fuck me hard!” She had pulled Eve’s face close enough to the window so that Eve could see that Mr. Benson was back at his position behind his telescope, taking in the whole show. By now, Eve wasn’t bothered by the man’s presence, and actually gave him a quick wave with her non-engaged hand. He waved back, of course. She didn’t think Vanessa was aware of his presence yet, so she decided to up the ante: she knelt down behind her, pulled the black skirt down her legs and had Vanessa step out of it.

Checking on Mr. Benson first, she leaned in and began licking Vanessa’s most private parts. There was something extra arousing, knowing that they were being watched, even if it was some lonely old man across the way.

“Spread you cheeks, Vanessa.”


Eve grabbed both of Vanessa’s hands and placed them on either ass cheek.

“Spread them!” she commanded, and Vanessa complied. Eve immediately buried her face in Vanessa’s most sensitive area. Her tongue danced around her forbidden entrance for just a minute or two before it disappeared deep inside. Vanessa shrieked out loud as she pulled her cheeks even wider. “Oh lord god, that feels so good!”

She hardly got the words out before Eve jammed her two fingers deep into Vanessa’s pulsating cunt as she continued to lock her lips on her dark opening. Vanessa squirmed uncontrollably at the dual intrusion and didn’t even seem to notice that her head repeatedly banged against the glass as she was gloriously brought to orgasm by her young lover.

“Oh, Eve, OH! YES!! OH, FUCK ME!!!”

Eve worked her magic on the famous model until the girl could come no more, and collapsed in a heap onto the floor. Eve looked out the window and gave Mr. Benson a thumb’s up to go along with the big grin on her face. He responded in kind, and made like he fainted from all the excitement. She wasn’t sure if Vanessa was even aware that he had watched the whole thing.

It took Vanessa several minutes to recover; such was the intensity of her session with the younger girl.

“Wow, Eve. That was…you were…fucking amazing!” She finally managed to utter. “You are so uninhibited. Frankly, you surprised me. I wonder what other surprises you may have to share. And speaking of which, tell me about that strap-on you brought with you.”

“Well, it’s really nothing special. Just the standard strap-on, I suppose,” Eve answered. “Do you want me to get it?”

“Tell you what: I have to stop by the bathroom…how about if we meet up in my bedroom in a few minutes?” Vanessa suggested.

“Okay then, I’ll see you soon,” Eve agreed.

When Vanessa entered her bedroom, Eve was sitting up on the bed with the black strap-on next to her.

“Wow, so this is it, huh?” Vanessa asked rather innocently as she picked it up and inspected it closely.

“I’m surprised you’ve never seen one before, Vanessa.”

“Well I’ve seen them in porn videos, but I never…well, you know…saw one up close and personal, so to speak,” she admitted. “Can we try it?”

“Well, I was hoping…yeah!” Eve offered, laughing.

“Okay, so who will do what to whom?” Vanessa asked, trying to be humorous.

“It might be best if you put it on and do me first,” suggested Eve, “that way you can get an idea of what to expect when it’s your turn.”

“Okay, then. Show me how to put it on.”

“Wait. How about if we, you know, kiss and stuff first…kind of get back in the mood,” Eve declared, as she lurched forward and tackled her lover. Soon they were rolling around on the bed, kissing and grabbing and teasing and giggling themselves into a sexual frenzy. Eve grasped Vanessa’s head firmly between her hands, and guided it down between her outstretched legs. Vanessa eagerly followed along, and soon she was devouring Eve’s young pussy, causing the girl to gasp and thrust her pelvis up to meet her lover’s hot mouth.

“Oh, Vanessa! That feels so good! She shamelessly ground her love mound into the blonde girl’s face, and she could feel her juices flow. Vanessa moved up to her clit and teased it with her teeth as she slid two fingers into Eve’s well lubricated sex.

“Okay, now let’s try that toy!”

The girls both sat up at once, and soon Vanessa was proudly sporting the strap-on for the first time ever.

“I feel so powerful!” she declared as she swung the large dildo back and forth between her legs, laughing. “Now get on your knees, slut!”

They both laughed at Vanessa’s lame attempt at dirty talk, but Eve complied nonetheless.

“Let me have it, Mistress Vanessa! Give it to me good and hard!” Eve commanded, playing along.

Vanessa came forward until she held Eve’s hips with both hands.

“You put it in, Eve, and I’ll do the rest!”

Eve reached back and guided the phallus up to her waiting love entrance.

“There! Push, Vanessa!”

She could feel the pressure of the cock head spreading her labia and stretching her vagina wider and wider. It had been a while since she had experienced the sensation of such a large intruder violating her womanhood.

“Easy! Take it easy, Vanessa. That thing is bigger than I remembered!”

Vanessa laughed excitedly as she curbed her enthusiasm in order to accede to her lover’s wishes. But soon enough, Eve relaxed and demanded that Vanessa pick up the pace.

“Oh, yes, that’s it…give me more! Harder! Bury that cock as deep as you can…yes! Faster, Vanessa! Fuck me! Harder! OMG, here I go! I’m CUMMMMMING! OH YESSSSSSSS! OH GOD YES!”

Vanessa held onto the girl firmly as she pounded her cunt relentlessly. She got caught up in the moment of passion, and pretended to be a dirty, nasty man who took advantage of this ‘innocent’ young thing against her will. The more she fantasized about her role, the stronger her strokes got, and she held nothing back. Truth was, she loved fucking the girl hard and deep and fast, and she surprised herself when she found Eve’s quivering anus with her thumb, and pushed it in harshly, and with no prior warning.

“AAAAAGH! Vanessa! OH YES!”

Eve jerked and writhed and squirmed as the surprise violation of her most private entrance made her climax again. Her body hadn’t stopped shuddering before she heard Vanessa’s threat:

“I’m going to fuck your hot fucking ass now!”

She yanked Eve’s arms back and placed her hands on her ass cheeks.

“Now it’s your turn to spread them for me!”

Vanessa slid the black rubber cock out of Eve’s pussy and took aim at her pulsating dark pucker. She tried to enter, but the angle was all wrong, so she stood up and hovered over Eve’s slender body. She held the dildo steady and plunged downward, burying the slick shaft deep into the younger girl’s rectum with little resistance.


As Vanessa pushed in deeper, Eve thrust her exposed ass up towards her violator, and their synchronized rhythm caused the slippery black intruder to disappear to the hilt over and over again. Vanessa rode the girl relentlessly, and neither one of them seemed interested in slowing down, much less stopping.

Finally Vanessa felt her own juices flowing, and the frenzied pair exploded in unison; trembling and moaning and shaking, until they were both spent: collapsing onto the bed in exhaustion. They had no idea how long they had remained motionless, finally waking to a familiar voice:

“Well, well! What do we have here? Two horny bitches all tired out? I wonder what they could have been up to all day.” I laughed.

“Belle! Oh my, what time is it?” Vanessa asked, rubbing her eyes as she rolled off Eve’s still prone body.

She was still wearing the strap-on, much to my delight. I couldn’t wait to have some fun myself. And now that my lover was familiar with it, thanks to Eve, I got all kinds of ideas for later. First we had groceries to put away, and dinner to make. But seeing the two of them slowly make their way out of the bed, acting all stiff and sore from their extended romp, I volunteered for kitchen duty so they could shower and pull themselves together.

Dinner was light. I tossed a salad and put out some finger food for my famished lovers, and they ate greedily. Eve excused herself even before we had finished the first bottle of wine, and shuffled off to her bedroom. Vanessa had cleaned up the strap-on when she had gone to take her shower, and she dangled it mischievously in front of my face, grinning from ear to ear. Without a word, I grabbed the wine and our two glasses, and followed her to our bedroom. I don’t think Vanessa was ever as turned on as she was that night. She insisted I go first with the strap-on, as she was so excited to feel what Eve had experienced with her earlier.

That night was a revelation: my beautiful, conservative lover had been transformed into a wanton, drooling sex obsessed…slut, for lack of a better word. She was delightfully wild; with a look in her eyes that was part fire and part pure lust. It made me blush just being in her presence, but I was excited beyond belief. As we scrambled into bed both of our bodies were literally shaking in anticipation. We made love…no…we had hot dirty depraved sex that night and into the wee hours. Nothing was off limits, and we experienced things with each other that we had never before even mentioned in passing. It wasn’t until the dawn’s light crept into our bedroom window that we took note of our surroundings. We realized how tired we were and dropped off into dreamland in each other’s arms.


We were awakened by the slam of the front door. The clock read 2:15PM, and Vanessa and I jumped up at once, not believing that we had spent most of the day sl**ping. Vanessa quickly slipped into the bathroom while I threw on my robe and bounded down the steps. I felt bad that we had left Eve alone to fend for herself all day.

“Oh, good morning…well, sort of,” Eve greeted me as she took off her coat and hung it up.

“Hi Eve, are you okay?”

“Sure, Belle, why wouldn’t I be?”

“Well, it’s just that…I guess we got carried away last night…” my voice trailed off. “What have you been up to all day?”

“After listening to you and Vanessa going crazy all night, I figured you’d be getting up late, so I took a walk,” Eve explained.

“Well, how was it?”

“Oh Belle, I loved it: the snow covered woods and trails…it was so peaceful and serene,” Eve replied.

“And you’re just getting back now?” I inquired.

“Yeah, well I met Calvin and Rex on my walk.”


“Calvin and his dog Rex. Calvin is Mr. Benson. Funny, I called him ‘Mr. Bentley’ at first, haha!”

“Oh, so you met our resident voyeur?” I answered.

“Yes I did, and he was very nice. His dog was another story though: they were out walking, and apparently Rex picked up my scent and he bounded up and gave me a big doggy hug, scaring me to death. He almost knocked me down, and I guess I kind of shrieked in surprise. But Calvin came running up and saved me from his dog, which turned out to be more horny than he was vicious, lol!” Eve exclaimed gleefully.

“Really? How could you tell?” I asked.

“Calvin told me his big German shepherd had a knack for discovering females in heat, and I had to agree I fit the bill! But he was so friendly and attentive after that, I calmed down immediately.”

“Which one, Rex or Calvin?” I wondered out loud.

“Oh…well, I guess both of them, now that you mention it,” Eve giggled. “Anyway, the old man insisted I go back to his place for coffee. It was very nice. We got acquainted with each other, and he gave me a handful of treats to give to Rex. He has a really nice place, and he seemed to be grateful for my company. He spoke wistfully about his wife, and it was clear that he missed her a lot. I could tell he was lonely, and he really went out of his way to make me feel welcome in his home.”

“Wow, that’s pretty cool,” I replied. “Vanessa and I say hello to him all the time, but I guess we never really went out of our way to get to know him. We just give him a show whenever he’s fiddling with his telescope, lol.”

“He invited me to stay for lunch, but I wanted to get back here, take a shower, and see what you two lovebirds were up to. So, he got me to agree to come by later for high tea. Did you know he’s British?” Eve asked.

“Yes, well with a name like Benson, we had a fair idea,” I answered. “High tea, is it then? Do you suppose he has anything else in mind?”

“Well, he did compliment Vanessa and me on the show we put on for him yesterday while you were in town. He was very flattering. And he told me he wanted to show me his playroom: He calls it ’50 Shades of Calvin’, whatever that means, haha!”

“Oh my god, Eve! Do you have any idea what you’ve agreed to?” I asked rather cautiously.

“C’mon, Belle, I’m sure he is just being friendly. He’s lonely and he wants some company, that’s all. If he wants to show me his hobby, I think it’s sweet. He’s a harmless old man, geez! Give me a break!” Eve shot back.

“Oh? And what about Rex?” I threw at her kind of cryptically.

“What about Rex? He’s adorable! Lighten up, Belle,” she responded, sounding a little annoyed, “Look, tea is being served at 4:00 sharp, and I want grab a bite to eat now, take a shower and get ready. So you and Vanessa entertain each other, and I’ll tell you all about it when I get back.”

“And what time will that be?” I inquired, always acting the big s1ster.

“I’ll let you know when I get back,” she said smugly over her shoulder as she walked away.

Chapter 6

By 3:45 Eve was already headed down the hill to our neighbor’s house without as much as a goodbye to me and Vanessa. I was a little worried, but Eve was a smart girl and I had confidence in her ability to take care of herself. I didn’t really think the old man would pose a threat to her. He might have been a lonely old pervert, but he seemed nice enough. I’ll let Eve describe what happened next:

Hi, this is Eve: I knocked on Mr. Benson’s door and he opened it up almost immediately, which startled me a little. Not surprisingly, Rex was by his side. They both looked like they were smiling at me! Mr. Benson (‘please call me Calvin!’) led the way to his living room where he had laid out some English cookies and the tea service. We made pleasant conversation and he kept thanking me for coming to visit him. He spoke wistfully of his dear departed wife Clara, and how lonely he had been since losing her several years ago. He told me how grateful he was that Belle and Vanessa were so nice as to put on a show for him whenever he had his telescope out.

I could tell that he was eyeing me up, even though I was dressed rather conservatively. He didn’t make me feel uncomfortable, though, and I never felt threatened. But I must admit that I could think of little else than his hobby room, and I was curious to know more about it. Finally, after we had finished out tea I just asked him about it point blank. He kind of raised his eyebrows and tried to stifle a smile as he stood up and held out his hand to me. I followed him down his basement stairs and he led me to a door with a big padlock on it. He stopped and turned to face me. I guess he didn’t want to scare me.

He asked me if I had ever heard of ൺ Shades of Gray” and I nodded. What girl my age hadn’t read that trilogy, I thought. He went on to explain that his wife loved the series and that the two of them made up their own version together. He told me they had enjoyed experimenting with various scenarios which included things they liked. He rambled on about certain sensory depravations as well as heightened sensory awareness and some other big words. I nodded like I understood what he was saying, but I really had no idea. I just wanted him to open up the door.

When he had finally convinced himself that he had given me enough background information, he unlocked the door, swung it open and then he stepped back. My jaw dropped and I was totally surprised: I had expected a huge room with red walls and black leather furniture, complete with all kinds of whips and chains and the whole works. Instead, I was looking into a tiny bare room that contained a gyno chair, some metal shelves and file cabinets and that was it! I looked at him in confusion.

“Ah yes, well, probably not what you expected,” he chuckled. “I must tell you that neither Clara nor I were into pain or any kind of heavy BDSM: no nipple clips or hard restraints; no whipping or anything uncomfortable.”

I will admit I did feel somewhat relieved to hear him say that. But I also wondered about the gyno chair, and he must have read my mind. Either that or he saw me staring at it with a confused look on my face. For some reason, it seemed to make him laugh.

“I may have neglected to mention that I am a retired OB/GYN doctor. I had this chair from my office delivered here because of all the fond memories it held. You see, Clara was my nurse assistant for most of those years I practiced. After hours, we would conduct our own ‘examinations’. It was all very kinky and exciting, but along the way we fell in love and eventually got married. After I retired, it seemed logical to bring the chair here so we could continue to play together as we always had. Does that make you feel uneasy?”

I immediately shook my head ‘no’. Actually, I found his story to be quite adorable and romantic in a kinky sort of way.

“So, why don’t you go by Dr. Benson?” I asked.

He chuckled: “Well, I’m retired now, and my former title has no place in my life now. I prefer that people I meet call me Calvin. That is sufficient”, he explained, as he scratched the top of Rex’s head.

“Have you ever been to a Gynecologist?” he asked. I nodded.

“Once. My mom made me go for a checkup when I told her I wanted to be put on the Pill.” I guess she figured I should find out about the medical part first hand, and maybe it would discourage me. But it didn’t,” I admitted.

“Hmmm, well at least you know what to expect,” he answered.

What did he mean by ‘knowing what to expect’, I thought?

“Would you like me to examine you?”

Holy crap! Just like that? My knees got weak, and I’m sure I was about to faint, but he held me up so I wouldn’t fall over.

“Sorry, Eve, I didn’t mean to shock you so. It’s just that you seemed interested in…” his voice trailed off…”well, in all that I was telling you about Clara and me.”

I took a few deep breaths and the color returned to my cheeks. I had to admit to myself that I was actually a little turned on and curious about what he had told me. And I liked the idea that he wasn’t into pain and other awful things. So, why not?

“It’s okay Doctor…er, I mean, Calvin. I hadn’t really thought about…you know…getting examined or anything,” I uttered, blushing the whole way: “I was just kind of curious when you mentioned your…um…hobby room.”

More chuckling: “Well, it’s up to you, Eve. I realize we’ve just met, although I did have the pleasure of watching you in action with the lovely Vanessa,” he was quick to remind me.

Oh, crap, I’d forgotten about that little show we gave him, I thought.

“I’m certainly not going to make you do anything against your will, that’s for sure. And if I do examine you, I’ll stop whenever you say so. Now, if you’ve seen enough, we can go back upstairs and that will be it.”

“No!” I found myself blurting out. The good doctor turned away from the door and stood before me. He reached out and held each of my hands in his.

“You must understand that if you agree to have a session with me, I guarantee you will experience certain sensations you never even thought possible. But you have to trust me that I won’t hurt you,” he explained.

I nodded my approval, although I wasn’t sure where all this courage was coming from. But I could already feel a dampness spreading between my legs.


“Okay: See that hospital gown hanging up behind you? I’m going to take Rex outside to do his business. While I’m gone, you decide what you want to do. When I come back, either you will still be wearing the outfit you have on, or you will have removed all your clothes and you will be wearing the gown with the opening in the front.”

After he and Rex disappeared up the steps, I felt myself swooning again. I placed my hands on the black leather exam chair and tried to control my breathing. My knees literally shook. As my finger traced the outline of the cold steel stirrups I thought of the possibility of going through with Dr. Benson’s offer, and it scared me to death. It also aroused me like nothing else had ever aroused me in my life.

I also thought of just bolting up the stairs, out the door, and high-tailing it back to Belle and Vanessa’s place: safe and sound, and it would be over. I didn’t consciously decide one way or the other: I just found myself slipping my dress over my head, removing my bra and panties, and putting that gown on and tying the strings in front. I had also worn a pair of lacy black pull-ups and black heels, and I thought I’d just leave them on.

Calvin and Rex took longer than I had expected, so the only thing I had to do was lie back on the chair and slip my feet into the stirrups. My heart pounded as I heard them coming down the stairs.

“Well, well! What do we have here?” Calvin asked gleefully, as Rex barked his approval. I squirmed around self-consciously, feeling the redness return to my face.

“I am delighted with your choice, Eve, and I promise to help you to achieve new heights of sexual gratification. But I also want to give you one more chance to change your mind. I understand that you are young and relatively inexperienced, but I think you are old enough to decide for yourself. So what do you say?”

I said nothing. I was scared and thrilled all at once. I gripped the sides of the chair with both hands, took a deep breath and whispered:

“I’m ready.”

“Very well, then, let’s get right to it. I’m going to untie the strings on your gown now, is that okay with you?”

I nodded in silence. I felt so vulnerable: what a rush!

“Oh, and I’ll be happy to wear surgical gloves during the examination if that will make you feel more comfortable.”

I told him I didn’t think that would be necessary. He seemed pleased by my response.

The doctor released the strings and slowly let the gown fall to either side of my body. I was completely exposed to him: a total stranger, and a confirmed old lecher, yet I felt completely trusting of him. He gasped!

“Oh my, Eve, you have a beautiful body!” he announced. I squirmed a bit more, feeling kind of embarrassed by his compliment.

“May I touch your breasts?”

I nodded, but in truth, there wasn’t much there to touch, and I told him so.

“That’s okay, sweetheart, they are lovely: firm and proud. And your nipples are hard as pebbles! And besides, if you want, I can make them bigger while you are here.”

“Bigger?” I blurted out. He had gotten my immediate attention.

“Yes, well, it would only be temporary. Clara enjoyed it when I enlarged her breasts during our sessions. She had small breasts too, but I was able to make them bigger, although it would only last for a day or so.”

“How?” I couldn’t hide my curiosity.

“Simple…just a short series of saline injections would do the trick.”

“Injections? Like needles?” I shot back, my face all screwed up in disapproval. It made him laugh.

“It’s nothing, Eve, really. I use very thin needles on the syringes, and you wouldn’t even feel them.”

Still, I shivered noticeably. The thought of needles piercing my poor innocent boobs sounded unappealing, at best.

“It’s okay; you don’t have to try it if you don’t want to. But remember, it’s painless. And it will give you some idea of what it would be like if you ever decide to have your breasts enlarged permanently. We can also do the same thing with your clitoris…”


He laughed again: “It’s not a big deal, Eve. You wouldn’t even feel it, honestly. But an enlarged clitoris allows you to have incredibly intense orgasms. And like your breasts, it is only temporary. But of course it is entirely up to you.”

I said nothing as the images he described flashed in my mind. Of course, just the very thought of needles made me squeamish, but I was also aware that my pussy was tingling like crazy. I concentrated instead on the doctor’s exquisite touch. I could tell he must have been a very good OB/GYN doctor: he had the ability to relax and entice his patients all at the same time. As he continued to tease and massage my boobs, I could feel my legs spreading wider as my feet pressed into the stirrups. His hands deftly moved down my belly and over my hips as a moan escaped from my mouth.

“You seem to be highly aroused, Eve. Shall I go on?”

A louder moan of approval gushed out: “Yes please!”

His fingertips caressed my bare mound ever so slightly, and my bottom jumped straight up off the chair.

“Nice!” He declared triumphantly. “It looks like I’d better get you off before we proceed any further.” And with that, he proceeded to gently rub my now quivering clit in tiny circles until I was shamelessly groaning out loud as my soaked pussy bucked up against his fingers. I was on the verge of exploding, and then he stepped back, bent over my spread legs and began to lick and suck and nibble at my clit while he slid two experienced fingers deep inside of me. In no time, all hell broke loose and I actually screamed in ecstasy, causing Rex to bark loudly in response to my outburst.

I could feel my back arch and my bottom lifted even higher off the chair as he stood back up and continued to finger fuck my tight womanhood harder and steadier as I thrashed around completely helpless, like I was under his spell. My legs shuddered out of control as my hips rose up to meet his thrusting fingers again and again.

Finally it was over. My body started to calm down, and he gently withdrew his fingers. I was covered in perspiration, breathing heavily, with my eyes closed. I felt his drenched fingertips on my lips, and I opened my mouth instinctively. He patiently presented them for me to lick and suck my love juices off of them, and I could see no reason to refuse.

“Well, young lady, that was most exhilarating!” he declared, with obvious excitement in his voice.

All I could do was moan quietly as I recovered from the intense orgasm he gave me.

“Now, while you’re resting I want to set you up for the next part of your exam, is that okay with you?” he asked calmly.

I just nodded, sighing blissfully, my eyes still closed. I vaguely felt him raise my arms over my head and secure my wrists to the top of the exam chair. My feet were wrapped with strips of soft material, securing them to the stirrups. Dr. Benson then added a blindfold to my ensemble and mumbled something about ‘enhanced sensory stimulation’, or something like that. I didn’t really understand it all. I wasn’t able to move very much, but I didn’t really care.

“If you’ll excuse me for a few minutes, I have to run upstairs to use the bathroom. Just relax and I’ll be right back, okay?”

I smiled dreamily, saying nothing. I heard the door open and close, and I just lie there thinking about the amazing orgasm I just had at the hands (literally!) of this talented man. I was in a semi-conscious state when I thought I felt something tickling me between my legs. I giggled at first, and then it happened again. I tried to close my legs but they would only close so far. More tickling, and I laughed out loud. I didn’t understand what was happening until I also heard what sounded like sniffling. Sniffling and then something soft and warm seemed to caress my still drenched slit.

Oh my, I thought, as the sensation was immediately pleasant. I felt it again, and then more rapidly: it was like some kind of hot strip of velvet gently caressing my most private parts. I couldn’t figure it out, nor did I try very hard. I felt my legs open wider as I allowed this heavenly sensation fill me up with tender lust and wont: OMG! It finally hit me: IT’S A TONGUE! And a very large and talented tongue at that. Certainly, the likes of which I had never experienced in my life…OMG!

“OH, REX!” I shouted out, immediately hoping that Dr. Calvin didn’t hear my outburst all the way upstairs. But there was no response: just Rex’s tongue lapping up my pussy juices like crazy. I was embarrassed and a little grossed out at first. Ewww! I thought: getting my cunt licked by a dog! And why didn’t the man take his dog upstairs with him! Funny thing, though…the more Rex licked me, the better it felt and I decided right then and there that I would just go with it. Of course, I would never tell Dr. Benson about it…it would be Rex’s and my little secret.

Rex needed no encouragement from me. He just kept licking and licking until he had me bouncing all over the exam chair, writhing even more intensely than the orgasm I had just experienced. I was out of my mind with lust, and I cheered Him on:


And with that, I exploded all over his eager snout as he finished me off. I felt myself losing consciousness for a few seconds before I heard the doorknob turning and Rex jumped down and moved away.

“Hello! Sorry it took me so long. I had a few phone messages to tend to. I hope you don’t mind,” he explained cheerily.

All I could do was smile. I sure didn’t want him to know what had just happened…it would have been so embarrassing!

“Okay, then, Eve…what shall we do next? Have you thought about the saline injections?”

Luckily I was able to find my voice:

“Er, no thanks, if you don’t mind. Maybe some other time?” I suggested. He laughed gently.

“That’s perfectly fine, dear. We have a lot of things we can try. I have some instruments in my drawer here that might interest you,” he said as I heard him rummaging around in one of his metal drawers. “Oh, here are a couple of Clara’s favourites.”

Being blindfolded, I had to rely on his explanations.

“This one here is an oral device that kind of suggests a bit of submission on the part of the wearer. You open your mouth and this device slides in and is secured by your teeth. It doesn’t hurt at all, it’s adjustable so you can open it or close it until it fits comfortably. It keeps your mouth open for as long as you are wearing it. It really enhances the oral senses for both partners. Would you like to try it?”

I had some idea what he was talking about. I decided not to mention that I had never even touched a real cock in my life, much less had one in my mouth. Sure, I’ve tried sucking on dildoes and strap-ons a little, but nothing that could squirt into my mouth. I felt a little bad for not wanting to try the needles, and if I was being honest, I was a little curious to experience what it would feel like to suck on a real cock. So after hesitating for a few seconds, I nodded my approval.

“Good, good! Now, once again, I want to remind you that we can stop at any time if you so desire. Are we clear?” Again, I nodded. “Okay then, Eve. Open your mouth nice and wide for me. I’ll insert the metal “O” Ring, and then we’ll adjust it,” he explained calmly.

I did as he told me, and he inserted the ring easily. He checked to make sure it sat properly on my teeth, and then he adjusted it until my mouth was stretched open to the max. He was right, it didn’t really hurt at all, but it made me feel really vulnerable and kind of more naked than I already was, if that makes any sense. As I got used to this new sensation, I felt that familiar tingle start up again between my legs. I decided I must be a total slut, and I kind of laughed to myself because at that moment I realized that ‘slut’ and ‘lust’ were the same words, just scrambled around…haha, it was like some kind of profound revelation. I was brought back to reality real quick like, when I felt the doctor’s fingers rubbing around my slick mound.

“My, you’re still so wet!” he declared, as he swirled his fingertip around my puffy clit and ran it up and down my well-licked slit. I said nothing for fear of getting Rex into trouble. But luckily a sharp gasp escaped from my lungs as he abruptly pushed two fingers deep inside me.

“You are quite the excitable girl, I see!” Without warning, he pulled his juice covered fingers out and stuck the tips just inside my exposed open mouth.

“Use your tongue, Eve, until you get used to the device…that’s it, sweetheart, lick them clean…oh yes!”

I guess the blindfold was doing its job, because I could detect a slight change in Calvin’s voice. I realized it was because he was getting aroused as well. When he took his fingers out of my mouth, there were a few seconds where there was no contact between us. I could hear him breathing, but otherwise there was an awkward silence. I didn’t know what to make of it until I heard the distinct sound of a zipper being pulled down, as well as the rattle of a belt buckle. He was taking off his clothes! I don’t know why this surprised me. I guess I was being so self-conscious that it didn’t occur to me that I wasn’t the only one who was getting turned on here.

I was surprised once again when I felt his fingers slide deep inside of me and start to pump my cunt, while he freely groped my tits with his other hand. I groaned through my open mouth, and that must have triggered something inside of him, because as soon as he heard it, he took his two soaked fingers and pushed them deep into my mouth, causing me to gag and choke from the intrusion. That seemed to excite him even more, because he proceeded to finger fuck my mouth hard and fast. I didn’t have much choice but to try to keep up with his harsh penetrations. I just concentrated on trying to keep my tea and cookies down, but I have to admit I was super aroused by being used like that. I felt like I would do anything he wanted me to do, and I would get off by doing it!

The next thing I knew, he was back rubbing his fingers all over my pussy, but now his middle finger slid down over top of my rosebud, which was already at a heightened sense of arousal. Another spontaneous groan came out of my mouth, and as if in response, I felt his fingertip violate my rectum, although not unpleasantly. I could feel my butt wiggle as a result, even though it was kind of an automatic response. He took it as an invitation, and maybe it was. I felt his finger probe deeper, and I swooned with a rush of dirty thoughts exploding in my mind. After several strokes, I wasn’t surprised to feel a second finger slip in beside the first one, and he gave me an ass reaming that I won’t soon forget. I pushed down hard on his fingers until they were buried to the hilt. It felt so good!

I anticipated his next move, and sure enough, those two fingers were now passing through the metal ring in my mouth, and he buried them to the back of my throat and twirled them round and round until I sucked them clean. I could hear the squishing sound of his cock as he stroked himself at the same time. I thought I would be getting fucked next, but a strange thing happened: he stopped everything, and I could hear him take a few steps away from me. His drawer opened and closed, and then he walked back over to me.

“Have you ever heard of a Wartenberg Pinwheel?” He asked me, like nothing had just gone on. I was confused but curious to find out what he was up to. I shook my head.

“Well, it’s a device used primarily to test a patient’s reflexes, and to check for possible nerve or circulatory damage. It can also be used to deliver some of that sensory stimulation I had mentioned earlier. Shall we try it?”

I thought: Whatever. I was kind of disappointed that he stopped everything so abruptly, and for what? Some kind of sensory mumbo-jumbo? I just lamely shook my head. I resigned myself to the fact that maybe the best of the evening was already behind me, and then: WHOA! I felt hundreds of sharp prickly points of fire run from my under my chin, straight down between my boobs, over my stomach and right to the top of my smooth vagina. The sensation took me completely by surprise and I was dumbstruck.

The doctor then wheeled the instrument slowly back up my body and stopped at my chin. I shivered noticeably in response. He ran it up and down my neck and then so slowly approached my stiff, vulnerable nipples. I cringed in anticipation and I felt my lips press hard against the “O” Ring as I felt the sharp points of the wheel slide back and forth over my tender tits and throbbing nipples. I could feel my pussy tingling, and a bit of drool slipped out of my open mouth as I tried to make some kind of noise to let him know how good it felt.

After stimulating my breasts to a fever pitch, he made his way back down to my pussy. I knew he would soon be attacking my clit with those razor sharp spikes, and just the thought of it caused my cunt to shake and tremble and convulse. This seemed to please him because I could hear him snickering quietly but rather smugly. He knew I was so aroused that it wouldn’t be long before I exploded again. So he slowed down approach and took a step back. I kind of growled at him as best I could, but that only caused him to giggle gleefully.

As if to divert my attention, he quickly slid two of his fingers inside of me, one in my pussy and one in my ass. It didn’t hurt at all by that time, as both holes were plenty lubricated, but it was still a shock to me because of the blindfold. So I guess you could say I literally ‘didn’t see it coming’, as the saying goes. After a few minutes of burying his fingers to the hilt, and none too gently, he made me forget all about that ‘Water-whatever’ Wheel of his. I was too worked up by then to even think of his next move, but I shouldn’t have been surprised: two hot, slick fingers probing my open mouth. I could hear him groan lustily as he felt my tongue working over his fingers until they were clean.

He shifted gears again, and even though I expected him to fuck me next, considering how deeply he was breathing: more like panting, actually, he surprised me again by going back to the wheel. I felt his fingers spread my labia open and the points of that device rolled over my most tender bits, causing me to see stars behind my blindfolded eyes. It stung, sure, feeling those points roll back and forth, but it was also exhilarating at the same time. Just as I was settling into his ‘rolling’ rhythm, I yelped when he moved to my exposed and swollen clitoris. Back and forth, back and forth over the nub for so long, I began to shake all over from the intense impulses I felt. I think Dr. Benson was fascinated by my involuntary spasms, and he had a hard time stopping. Finally I sort of blurted out ‘uck he’ as clear as I could through my mouth device. He might not have known that I was demanding that he finally fuck me, but my irritated tone of voice must have come through loud and clear, because immediately I could feel the head of his cock pushing against my eager pussy and I pushed down towards him until he penetrated my vagina: the first human cock that ever entered my ‘pure’ body.

“Ahhhhh!” “Ohhhhh!” was about the best I could do to express my delight, considering. It must have reenergized Calvin, because he started pounding my cunt in earnest, and hearing our sweat drenched skin slapping against each other’s bodies was just so primal and dirty feeling. If Lust is really considered one of those terrible types of sins, well, it sure is one of the best ones!

I knew what I wanted next and I was pretty sure I would hear no objections:

“Asssssh! Asssssh!” I spewed out like a snake warning its prey. Calvin quickly obliged. To his credit, he made sure he started out slowly until my ass was able to relax and take his entire shaft before he started ramming his thick member deep into my rectum. I was ready to cum after only a few strokes, but I tried to hold off a little longer, but it wasn’t to be: the doctor reached up and began fondling my firm titties and when he pinched my nipples hard I just lost it and went over the top like there was no tomorrow. He kept pounding my ass relentlessly until I lay motionless and almost comatose. Only my heaving chest revealed that I was still alive.

I was done and totally exhausted but he was not quite there yet:

Eve, I’m going to cum in your open mouth now,” he told me as he walked around the examination chair and pulled my head to its side, facing him. He leaned in and pushed his throbbing meat through the O Ring and into my mouth. I tried to take deep breaths through my nose but I could feel myself starting to gag every time his cock head hit the back of my throat. He noticed too. He took my head in both his hands and held it steady as he kept fucking my mouth. A lot of drool escaped, but I maintained my composure. I thought I was going to be okay until I heard his fateful command:

“Swallow it, Eve!”

And with that, he just held my head tight and pushed his cock down my throat, reminding me to keep swallowing it and to breathe through my nose. His balls lay against my cheek as I struggled to accept his entire length. To be honest, I was pretty amazed: my first blow job ever and it turned into a deep throat adventure! I didn’t really know how far down my throat was bulging with his intruding prick until he wrapped his hands around my throat as he fed me more of his cock. His thumbs came together at the bottom of my neck, and I could feel his cockhead push against his thumbs with each thrust. It was such a turn-on for both of us. I think the gurgling in my throat got him more and more excited and I could feel his hands squeezing my neck tighter and tighter and I felt like I was going to pass out until:

“Here it comes, Eve, I’m going to blow! Swallow! Keep swallowing! YES!! UNNNGGGHHHH! OH FUCK YESSSS!!”

He released my throat just in time to give me a chance to swallow his whole load, and I got most of it, but some leaked out and ran down my face. He didn’t seem to mind. He ended up collapsing on top of my body, which was kind of sweet. It made me feel good that a young inexperienced girl like me could have such a big effect on an experienced lover like Dr. Calvin. But now, all I wanted was to be set free, move my limbs around and try to stand up. I craved a nice hot shower too.

As Calvin slowly untied me and removed the blindfold, he had the craziest grin on his face: it was like a mixture of conquest but with a little boy’s shyness too. I guess he enjoyed our time together also. He asked me if I wanted to come by tomorrow and I readily agreed. Then he asked me how much longer I was going to be visiting, and I told him four or five more days. This seemed to please him as well. He helped me to stand up and he wrapped me up in a plush white terry robe before e****ting me upstairs to the shower. Rex followed behind. He looked like he had a smile on his face too, for some reason. When I mentioned it, Calvin laughed heartily.

“You made us both happy today Eve. I told you out in the woods that he can sniff out horny girls, remember?”

“Well, yeah, I remember…but I just thought you were making a joke…” I answered hesitantly.

“It was no joke, Eve. Rex likes the young ladies too. He obviously enjoyed his time with you today as much as I did,” Calvin said kind of vaguely, a twinkle in his eye.

“He did? I mean…wait…do you mean you know? Um, uh…how could you, uh…how did you…” my voice trailed off. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. We stopped at the bathroom door and faced each other:

“Eve, I have to confess that I saw the whole thing. I had never left the room. I watched Rex pleasure you with his tongue, and if I’m correct, it sure looked as though you really enjoyed it!” Calvin admitted, a devilish glint in his eye giving him away. I turned bright red, and managed to stammer:

“Well, yeah, I did enjoy it! I mean, uh if it really even happened…er, oh, what the fuck, whatever!” I finally gave in and looked up, obviously grinning. “Hmmm,” I added, only half joking: “I wonder what else Rex can do?”

With that, I stepped into the bathroom and closed the door behind me.

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