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Allison & Clark pt2

It took a few minutes for her to finally calm down enough so she could move and talk. “Where the hell did you ever get the idea to do that to my ass?” she asked him as she rolled over.

“I was trying to get you off of me so I could breathe,” he told her. “I was almost passing out.”

“Sorry,” she apologized softly. “I’ve never felt anything so fucking intense in my entire life! It was incredible, Clark!” She then started to frantically kiss his whole face, tasting herself everywhere she placed her lips. “I smell and taste pretty good, don’t I?” she giggled as she continued her kissing. “I promise you, I’ll never, ever let my pussy smell bad again! I’ll always keep it nice and clean for you!”

He supposed he should be flattered, but his brain was still a little foggy from the prolonged lack of oxygen to it. Before he realized what was happening, she was pushing him over on his back, smiling as she saw his now throbbing meat pointed at almost a forty-five degree angle across his pelvis. “Now it’s time for your reward!” she grinned. “Don’t move, I’ll be right back!”

Move? He was still concentrating on breathing! He could hear her running through the house, sounding like a small herd of Shetland ponies doing whatever it was she was doing. A few minutes (hours?) later, he heard her clomping up the stairs. When she came back into the room, she was carrying an arm load of old sheets and towels in her arms. “You’re doing laundry?” he asked, making her laugh.

“No, you moron!” she giggled as she bounced on the bed so hard it moved it a few inches across the floor. He watched as she first folded the sheets up into large, thick squares and then instructed him to lift his ass. After shoving the folded sheets under him, she then proceeded to cut holes in various places in the old, thick towels, and then put his somewhat deflated dick through each of those holes. When she was through, it reminded him of someone about to have surgery.

“Now, just relax, Baby, and let me take care of everything,” she grinned at him. As he watched her slowly engulf his semi-hard prick into her mouth, he produced a very poor imitation of a Tarzan yell as she swallowed him whole. As her face was nestled into his soft pubic hair, he felt his dick swell in record time in her hot mouth. The fact that she was un-phased by it amazed him.

“Are you ready, Baby?” she asked sweetly as she swung her leg over his torso.

“What about condoms?” he asked weakly.

“I’ve been on the pill for six years now,” she told him softly. “Just relax, ok?”

Both of them gasped in unison when they felt the engorged head of his cock lodge into her molten opening for the first time. Once he was secure, she began to move him in and out of her slowly, wincing each time his hardness reached a new depth.

“I’m gonna cum!” he said weakly, giving her just enough time to pull her pussy off of him. Right as the head of his prick left her steamy opening, hot jets of cum began to shoot out, splashing on her thy and shooting only inches past his face.

She was only slightly disappointed at the minor setback, because they had all night to accomplish what they needed to. “I’m sorry!” he grunted. “It just felt so good!”

“Don’t worry about it,” she shushed him. “We’re far from done yet, so just kiss me while you rest up.” Of course, it was their kissing that seemed to revive him out of his fog. By the time he had all of his awareness back, his cock was once again at full mast. They were still kissing when he took her hand and placed it over his hot, throbbing meat. “Oh, yes!” she hissed as she moved back into position.

She was already starting to shake with both anticipation and a small orgasm that was buzzing through her clit. Once again she slid his pole inside her and resumed her up and down motions. “Get ready, lover!” she panted, already starting to sweat.

Each time she came down, she did so with a little more f***e, whimpering at the pain but not stopping. “Here… we… GO!” she panted, and then brought her twat down hard, impaling herself on his rod.

Her gasp was tortured and ragged as her pussy suddenly burned with unfathomable pain as bl**d collected on the towels beneath her. She held him inside her for what seemed like a very long time, until she finally began to move. Tears flowed freely from her tightly shut eyes, and a smile slowly began to slide its way across her red, sweaty face.

She bent forward and pressed her lips to his, their tongues dancing with practiced ease as she slowly slid him in and out of her tight box. As they kissed, he squeezed and kneaded her bouncing tits, and tweaked her rock hard nipples. When he felt himself starting to get close, he slid his hands over her sides and grabbed her jiggling ass cheeks. Spreading her as wide as he could, he started to pick up the rhythm until they could hear their sweaty flesh slapping together.

When he suddenly let out a loud grunt and started bucking like a bronco, her already tight twat clamped down on his pulsing prick like a vice. As he burst deep inside her, filling her aching, convulsing gash with cum, she began to gush again, sending hot, sticky sprays of fluid all over the towels beneath her. When they were both finished, she mashed her mouth to his and shoved her tongue almost down his throat, as she slowly rolled off of him.

“We did it!” she cried, clinging to him as she shook. “We’re no longer virgin’s!” It seemed like a rather stupid thing for her to say at that moment, but he was too lost in his own euphoric feelings to think about it. “I love you!” she whispered, burying her face into his neck.

“I love you, too,” he replied, knowing it was the right thing to say. His mouth felt like he had been sucking on a roll of socks the whole time, and he needed something to drink. “Can I get you something to drink?” he asked her as he started to get up. It was then that he saw the bl**dy towels, and winced.

“Water, please,” she requested softly as she watched him gingerly remove the towels off of him.

When he returned a few minutes later, he stood for a moment, and gazed down at her naked body and smiling face. For some reason she looked different. She was beautiful, and looked more womanly that he ever thought she could. “Are you ok?” he asked as he cracked the top of the water bottle for her.

“Way, way, way beyond ok, baby,” she whispered. Even her voice sounded more mature, some how. “How about you?”

“I feel very manly,” he joked, striking a body builder pose that made her giggle. After taking a long, refreshing drink of his soda, he belched softly (and even excused himself), and then looked down at her. “Where do we go from here?” he asked.

“Where do you want to go?”

“Out the door and to the right, for starters,” he grinned. “We need a shower.”

“I mean with us,” she answered. She was smiling, but her voice was soft and serious.

After taking another swig of his soda, he swiveled around and put the can on his night stand, before turning back around and cuddling next to her. “Where do you want this to go?” he asked, pecking her on the lips three times.

“All the way,” she replied, pressing her hot mouth to his.

“We need to keep it a secret,” he breathed. The kisses they shared were hot, soft and deep, and grew with increasing passion with each one.

“I can keep our secret,” she whispered hotly, moaning as he kissed her more passionately then they had ever kissed. They both stopped at the same time when they realized he was suddenly raging hard again. With twin wicked grins, he rolled her over on her back and slid his aching meat easily into her. “Oh yes!” she hissed, sounding like a softly deflating tire.

She wept at the tenderness he made love to her. Wrapping her legs around his slightly flabby waist, she cried and moaned with every thrust, cumming hard every time he would press his length as deep as he could go and grind his pelvis against hers. He kept this up until he once again blew deep inside her, as they both mumbled “I love you!” softly in between their kissing.

In the shower, they could only look at each other with a love and tenderness neither of them ever thought they could, or would have the opportunity to feel for another soul. When they were through with their shower, she gathered the towels and sheets and brought them down to the washer. After dumping almost a half gallon of bleach into the water, she went back up stairs. “I think we should write about this,” she said as she slid her hands over his shoulders.

“Really? Will you submit it to the site?”

She smiled broadly and nodded. “I think we should write it together,” she continued. “I want us to both get our feelings out, so everyone will know.”

“Then let’s do it!” he grinned as he double clicked on the word processor.

They wrote until the washer was finished, and once Allison returned from the basement, she decided they needed to stop so they could sl**p. “It’s almost two,” she yawned as she gently rubbed his shoulders.

“Then let’s go to bed.”

She smiled wickedly as she stood and slipped her hand into his. “We get to sl**p together!” she whispered.

“Two nights in a row, if we want,” he added with a wide grin. “It’s just gonna suck when we have to go back to sl**ping separately, though.”

“Yeah, it will,” she nodded, “but it’s not like we’ll never get the chance again, you know?”

“True,” he nodded as he felt her snuggle up against him. He was about to say more, when he realized she was already asl**p.

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