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Almost R-aped at cheap mexican hotel at the beach

True Story

Well, we were staying at this cheap hotel in a small town near the beach , very little street lights outside and mostly dark in the town, we arrived that day from the beach and took a shower first me then her
when she came out allready dark i started taking some naked photos of her prefect time for that .

or so i tought … so i teased her and took this photos that are here and in my albums ….
and while we were at it

Suddenly we heard a bunch of d***k guys arriving talking very loud just outside our room where there was a table and chairs . she was still naked and the blinds were all out of place so they could see inside our room rightthere and see her naked … i kept taking photos of her imagining if they were peaking inside and watching her ..
So they sat down in that table just outside our room
by their voices i could hear there were some older guys and maybe one or two younger
they were drinking a lot for what i could hear ,
so i got worried and started to freak out .what if they came in and she like that . omg ….. there were like 5 guys outhere i counted from the voices . so i turned off the light after a while while my girlfriend she got suddently very sl**py and fell asl**p naked like that . while the guys outside were starting to talk about guns and previous gunfighs .. fkkkkkk ¡¡??? so they had guns …. i was freaked out for some hours waiting to see them f***e the very wimpy and cracked door we had just separating us from them comming in


so some hours later i heard them forcing a door from 2 rooms away from us and then at some point they finally went somewhere else …the hotel had no security or even doors to the street pitch black at that time like 3 am , so next morning i went to the administration and told them about this .

and they said the guys had broke in in another couple´s room last night while they were asl**p and they woke up scared and also they went in another room and trashed it like looking for something, and that in the morning they asked in the administration for money that they had been supposedly robbed so …

then they left after some discussion with them and i dont know but i only wonder what woudlve happened if they did see her naked trough the blinds or if they had seen her allready d***k as fuck as they were and with guns they said they had … what if they had gotten inside the room suddently ……

These photos in this post were the ones i was taking to her naked that night while they were outside our room ….O_O´

what if . . . .

what if . . . .

makes me so horny each time i imagine different possible scenarios that couldve happened … there was no one in charge at that time in the hotel and it was almost empty also

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