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Amina in Cancun – Chapter 01


For people that already know my profile; yes, this isn’t a story about myself.
I love writing erotic stories, but for a long time those were just made up in my mind and I didn’t feel like releasing them to the public. Now I finally had an idea which most of you will love for sure! I got a lot of friends, sharing their stories with me and with some of them, I write the story together, and for the others… I just listen to their stories and write it down later on my own, maybe adding a few things here and there. Those are still true stories and I feel like telling you about this, cuz for some reason a true story is more exciting than a story you make up on your own.

This is the story of Amina, during her vacation in Cancun. There will be multiple chapters, but also different stories with other girls (including myself at some point of course).
I hope you enjoy this and maybe leave some feedback. 🙂

This story was written by Amina for the most part and she agreed to release this. So before starting the first chapter, here’s a picture of her, so you obviously know how she looks like.



Marco and I walked down the steps into the club. The club was loud, dark and crowded. The

dance-flor was a heaving mass of over-heated bodies all pulsating to the incredibly loud

bass driven music pounding from the over-sized PA system. The club was one of the most

popular in Cancun with some very expensive lights and a powerful sound system and it was

full of young people, mostly college students on vacation.

Along with Marco were my friends Sabrina and Richard. We were enjoying our vacation in

Cancun away from college work and we were looking forward to checking out the “Coco Bongo”

club which they had been told was the best in the resort.

I immediately felt eyes on me as several men turned to look at me, I tugged uselessly at the

short dress, regretting having decided to wear such a slutty outfit. We made our way to the

bar, soon we were standing by the bar sipping on our drinks and enjoying the loud music of

the club.

I’ve already had several drinks before coming to the club and I was starting to feel a

little d***k. We stood there for a little while, I was talking to Sabrina while Marco

chatted with Richard.

“Come on, let’s go and dance,” I suggested taking Marco’s arm.

“Not yet”, said Marco. “I don’t feel like dancing just now,” and he turned back to Richard

and carried on talking to him.

I felt annoyed that my boyfriend seemed to be ignoring me and because once again he did not

want to dance, it seemed that whenever we went out I wanted to dance but he would refuse to

dance with me, saying he didn’t feel like it. Angrily I finished my drink quickly and went

to the bar to get more drinks for myself and Sabrina, I did not bother to ask Marco if he

wanted one.

Half way down the second drink, I tried again.

“Come on Marco, dance with me,” I encouraged my boyfriend. “It will be fun!”

When Marco refused again I decided not to wait any longer and I went on to the dance floor

with Sabrina. We began dancing in time with the music, enjoying the beat. I looked back over

to where the boys were standing and was very annoyed to notice that not only was Marco

looking at me but that he was actually watching some other girl on the dance floor.

Just then a young man moved towards Sabrina and myself. I noticed that he was a good looking

guy, I thought he was very sexy, he was tall with dark brown hair and he had piercing blue

eyes which were fixed on me as he danced close to me.

He offered his hand to me, inviting me to dance with him. I decided to let him as I was

still annoyed with Marco and though that maybe if he saw me dancing with this guy, Marco

might come and pay some attention to me and dance with me himself. The guy put his hand on

my hip and held my hand as he led me into a dance in time with the music. He was a pretty

good dancer and I relaxed, enjoying dancing with him.

When the song finished, Sabrina and I went back to the bar but Marco still seemed more

interested in talking to his buddy than to me and showed no interest at all in dancing.

I decided I needed another drink and moved away to join the queue at the bar.

“Can I buy you a drink?”

I turned at the sound of the voice to see a young man standing next to me, it was the guy I

had danced with. He had a confident air about him as he spoke which I liked.

I asked for a Margarita and despite the crowd at the bar, the young man managed to catch the

bartender’s eye and he ordered our drinks.

“So, I’m Sam, what’s your name?” he asked, turning back towards me with a warm smile on his


“I’m Amina” I introduced myself, flashing him a smile of my own in return.

Sam turned back to the bar to pay for our drinks, tipping the bartender.

We chatted at the bar whilst we waited for our drinks and I decided that I was going to talk

to this guy for a little while since my boyfriend seemed to be ignoring me. After all, I

justified to myself, it’s not like I’m going to do anything. We’ll just be talking, even if

he is kind of cute.

“Tell me Amina,” Sam said, passing my drink over, “how old are you?”

I replied, “I’m 19.”

Sam steered me towards some seats at the side of the dance floor and we continued talking. I

started to relax, Sam was charming and he had a great sense of humour, making me laugh at

his jokes.

We fell into an easy conversation, we talked about Cancun and both of us agreed that we

loved the gorgeous white-sand beaches and turquoise waters. I told Sam how I had swam with

dolphins the day before and what an amazing experience I had with it. He described going

scuba diving and parasailing with his friends and exploring the nearby Mayan ruins.

He asked me about my life at college and I discovered that Sam was a senior at UCLA and was

studying pre-law. He was in Cancun on vacation with friends from his fraternity. I felt a

chemistry between us and I found myself flirting with him and was beginning to feel a little

horny, I touched his arm as we talked and even “accidentally” brushed my breasts against


Soon our drinks were finished and Sam had a suggestion, “what we need is a round of


“I don’t know,” I said slowly, I was already a little d***k and I knew that I had no head

for drinking shots.

“You’ve got to have Tequila,” Sam explained, “we’re in Mexico!”

I laughed, “well, if you put it like that!” I decided not to argue any further.

While Sam went to the bar, I looked over at my friends I spotted Marco talking to the other

two. He seemed unconcerned that I was talking with another guy so I felt justified to talk

to Sam and even flirt with him a bit.

Sam returned with some shots of Tequila, slices of lemon and a salt shaker. We started on

the shots licking the salt, then downing the shots of the fiery spirit before biting into

the slice of lemon.

“Come on let’s dance some more,” suggested Sam taking my hand.

I was feeling really d***k now after the shots of Tequila on top of the drinks I’ve had

earlier and as we danced together I found myself dancing sexily and dancing up close with

Sam, pushing my body against him. Sam responded aggressively, grinding his crotch against me

in time with the music. I could feel his large erection through his pants pressing against

me and I rubbed against him in time with the fast beat of the music. I turned round and

ground my ass back into his crotch. I loved the feel of his hard cock as it nestled between

my ass cheeks. I forgot about my boyfriend and my friends, lost in the music and the

dancing. Sam grabbed my ass and spun me round then pulled me in close to him. I rubbed

myself wantonly against him, dry humping his hard cock through his pants. Sam began running

his hands up and down my body, squeezing my ass and tits. I groaned in pleasure, my nipples

and clit tingling with lust. Several people around us on the dance floor stopped and stared

at us a little shocked at how blatant we were as we danced crotch to crotch.

Across the room, Marco sat watching me dirty-dancing with another guy. He surely was annoyed

and wanted to go over there and put a stop to it, but I think he had to admit I looked sexy

out there.

When the song finished, Sam fetched more shots of Tequila and took me back over to the seats

where we had sat before, out of view of the bar. This time as we took our shots, I cheekily

waited until Sam had poured some salt onto the back of his hand then quickly licked it off

his hand myself before he had the chance. Of course this meant that he had to lick the salt

off my hand and I felt a thrill at the feel of his tongue on my skin.

For the next shot, I held the lemon slice in my mouth for Sam, our lips brushed as he took

the lemon and I felt a thrill almost like an electric shock running through my entire body.

My pussy was soaking wet, the strong alcohol and the flirting with Sam made me feel so horny

and I knew I would not be able to resist him when he made a move. Surely he will make a move

soon I thought, growing impatient. I was so d***k and horny that I didn’t really consider

that my boyfriend was still in the club.

Sure enough Sam had picked up on the signals and he leaned in towards me, kissing me lightly

on the lips.

“You’re beautiful,” he told me, pulling me into his arms and kissing me passionately and

running his fingers through my hair.

I melted into his embrace moaning gently into his mouth, I felt so horny I just wanted to

let this man take complete control. I had completely forgotten about my boyfriend, caught up

in the moment with Sam. I slipped my tongue wantonly into Sam’s mouth, kissing him more

deeply. I could feel the throb of his erection against me as we made out.

Sam’s hands slid slowly down my body until they came to rest confidently on my ass, cupping

my firm buttocks through the thin material of my dress, I moaned again in pleasure as Sam’s

strong hands squeezed and rubbed my ass.

Sam sank into the seat and pulled me onto his lap, our lips still locked together. I

straddled his thighs and slipped my arms around his neck, I bucked and ground my hips,

brushing my crotch against the bulge of his erection. I arched my back, thrusting my shapely

breasts forward. Sam’s lips moved to my neck where he trailed long, sucking, biting kisses

down it, slowly moving down my body, kissing my exposed cleavage.

Sam’s hands moved eagerly onto my breasts, cupping them possessively, assessing the weight

of them, his thumbs brushing over the taut buds of my nipples through the skimpy material of

my slutty dress as he sucked harder on my neck and nibbled at my ears seductively. I

squirmed in pleasure, grinding my crotch against Sam’s erection. My nipples were hard and

aching. I loved the way that Sam was taking control and I was so horny that I couldn’t help

but let him do whatever he wanted to do. I’ve always loved sexually aggressive guys, the

more aggressive the better. I like the guy to make the moves and when a guy starts doing

stuff to me, I always had a hard time saying No.

He squeezed the firm mounds through my skimpy dress provoking further moans from me. Sam

confidently worked his hands inside my dress savouring the thrill of our first skin-on-skin

contact he found my nipples and forefinger, thumb and third finger closed around each

nipple, flicking, rubbing and pulling my lust-filled tips. My eyes were closed in pleasure

as Sam’s skillful fingers tormented my hard nipples.

Sam’s right hand had moved away from my tits and he grabbed my hand in his, pushing it

insistently onto his hard cock. He held my hand firmly in place for a second then slowly

moved his hand away. I, in no doubt as to what he wanted, squeezed his erection lovingly,

rubbing his hard cock through his jeans. Sam’s left hand continued to toy with my erect

nipples as his right hand, now free, continued to move, creeping lower; sliding between my

legs as I writhed in desperate need for fulfillment.

One finger insinuated itself inside my panties and dipped into the hot well of my arousal,

eliciting louder groans from me. I was dripping wet, Sam grasped the side of my thong and

yanked it aside aggressively, he glanced up at me to check my reaction and seeing no sign of

refusal he slipped another finger inside my wet pussy. “Oh my god, Amina,” he breathed.

“You’re so wet; you really can’t help yourself, can you?”

I groaned again in pleasure rubbing Sam’s cock more insistently. I felt astounded at my

powerful reaction to this man, but I was unable to resist him. He had seduced me completely

and now I had no choice but to see it through to the end; consequences be damned.

“Please…” I groaned, as he continued to tease my aching pussy. “Please… Make me cum.”

I reached longingly for Sam’s crotch, fumbling with the zip on his jeans, anxious to free

his cock but Sam’s strong hand gripped mine and moved it firmly away, pulling me to my feet

and dragging me across the dance floor to the relative privacy of the bathrooms. Sam pulled

me through the door to the men’s bathroom and quickly ushered me into the first cubicle

hoping that the two guys in the bathroom had not realised what was going on.

With the door shut behind us, Sam turned his attention back to me. I reached up and put my

arms around his neck, pulling his face towards mine, kissing him hard. All the pent up

passion of the night exploded and reason went sailing off in the warm breeze. All thoughts

of what Marco would do if he caught me, were firmly buried in the deepest recesses of my

mind. The only thing that mattered right now was Sam and what he could do for my aching


Sam untied my dress and slipped it off my shoulders, revealing my braless breasts. He bent

over me to kiss my breasts. Taking the nipple in his hot mouth he sucked lightly whilst

caressing the other breast, squeezing it. I was in heaven and I pulled his head closer,

running my hands through his hair.

“Take me in your mouth Amina.” He demanded roughly.

Slowly I sank to my knees in front of Sam and reached up to his crotch. I unzipped his jeans

and lowered them, then slid his boxers down, Sam’s large erection sprang out and I gasped

appreciatively at the size of it, it was much bigger than my boyfriend’s.

I extended my small right hand and encircled Sam’s hotly throbbing member in possessive

grip. My smooth reminine hand felt exquisitely pleasant and Sam caught his breath sharply.

I cupped Sam’s balls in my hands and looked up at him. Then I kissed the end of his knob and

began working my way down with little kisses and licks until I reached his balls. I sucked

each one in turn while wanking the shaft in my soft warm hand. Then I kissed my way back up

to the top of his cock.

Licking my lips with my small pink tongue, I slowly formed my mouth into a wide oval.

Leaning forward, I eased my full lips down over the crown of his massive bl**d-distended


The full effect of my hot, wet mouth suddenly hit Sam like a thunderbolt, and his entire

body stiffened as if struck by a jolt of electricity.

“That’s the way!” Sam told me in a deliberately controlled voice.

I held the velvety smooth crown of his stiffly erect penis in my mouth and sucked lightly on

it, while at the same time my soft fingers played up and down the throbbing trunk of his

elongated manhood.

I gradually took about half his cock into my mouth and began sucking whilst teasing the end

with my tongue. My hands returned to his balls. Sam began playing with my tits, cupping them

in his hands and squeezing them together, kneading them and tweaking my sensitive nipples.

“You’re good at this,” Sam commented, “I bet you’ve sucked a lot of dick haven’t you?”

I just groaned and carried on giving Sam a great blowjob. I was working hard on his cock,

the head fully inside my mouth, touching my cheek as I swirled my tongue around and around.

“Play with your cunt while you do it!” Sam ordered.

Obediently, I slid my right hand under my short dress, inside my thong and onto my pussy. I

began to masturbate, moaning around his cock as I worked first one then two fingers into my

sopping wet pussy.

My mouth continually filled with saliva and from time to time, I was f***ed to pause and

swallow it with an audible gulp. Thoroughly aroused, I continued fingering my wet pussy.

From his position, Sam could see my finger eagerly exploring between my separated wet pussy

lips. Wriggling my ass, I masturbated as I sucked his large dick.

At this point, Sam pushed my head and shoulders back and pulled his cock out of my mouth. I

protested, trying to get his dick back in my mouth, but Sam took my hands away.

My tits stood out firm, the nipples fully erect, pink and stiff. Sam let his cock slide down

my neck and down my breastbone until it rested between the two mounds of flesh.

Sam took one of my hands firmly, putting it on the side of my breast, then the other,

pulling it away from the spot where it was rubbing my crotch and placing it on my other

breast. Sam slowly pushed my hands together until his cock was buried in the soft tit flesh,

the red tip poking up between them.

I quickly got the idea and began rubbing his hard cock between my tits, sliding my nipples

against his engorged organ with my fingers and murmuring in pleasure. Sam stood over me a

while, enjoying the sensation of smooth tit flesh against his cock. I continued to move my

breasts around his dick, ducking my head to lick and suck at the tip as it emerged from

between my tits. After a few minutes of this, Sam sensed that he was now close.

“OK Amina,” Sam said. “Finish me off with your mouth and make sure you swallow!”

I released his cock from between my tits and hungrily took it back into my mouth.

My right hand returned to my wet pussy and my left cupped his balls. Sam cupped a tit in

each hand and played with them as my skillful mouth brought him closer and closer.

Sam began thrusting forwards, gently fucking my face I moaned and my right hand moved faster

underneath my dress.

Suddenly, Sam could hold himself back no longer, I looked up at him and Sam came in my

mouth, clamping his hands powerfully around my head, Sam bolted almost to a standing

position. A hot load of thick, stick fluid smashed against the roof of my mouth, I felt as

if a hot fountain of thick cream had been turned on in my mouth. I began swallowing it with

loud gulps. Sam could see my body quaking as I experienced my own small orgasm.

Sam put his hands on my shoulders, turning my body around. As I turned, his cock popped out

of my mouth, bobbing against my hair. Sam lifted my short dress, my rounded ass presented to

his stiff organ. He slid his hands over my smooth buttocks, reaching between my legs and

spread them apart. I quickly got the idea, leaning further forward and arranging myself so

that my pussy was open to him.

“Oh yes! Sam! Put it in me! Oh please, I’m so hot!” I begged.

Sam knelt behind me and slid his cock under my buttocks, brushing against the soft flesh of

my pussy, feeling the soft hairs rubbing against him. My hands flew between my legs,

spreading the pussy lips and he pressed upward with his cock until he could feel the hot

hole of my cunt, wet and slippery. His cock stopped just at the entrance.

“Do you want me to put it on?” he asked, rubbing my nipples between his fingers.

“YES!”, I almost shouted. “Stop teasing me! Just put it in!”

“Is this what you want?”, he teased, slowly entering my cunt from behind.

“Oh yes!” I said again. “Make me cum again! Oh please make me CUM!”

My voice rose in pitch as he slowly penetrated my tight channel. He could feel the heat

inside me and he pushed forward with his hips as his organ slid right up inside, stopping

only when his crotch was tight against my ass. The lining of my lifted dress was cool

against his own belly.

Oh YES!” I cried as he started to fuck me. “Oh yes! Yes! Deeper! Put it in DEEPER!”

Sam began pumping in and out, his cock stroking deep as he fingered my tits. In and out it

slid he could feel my body shiver with each thrust, my already tight cunt going into spasms

as I humped back against him, faster and faster.

His cock was locked inside my contracting pussy. He yanked my dress up high around my waist,

watching his cock jerk as my pussy contracted around it again and again. He felt himself

flood inside me, covering the inside of my cunt, soaking the velvety membranes even wetter.

He pushed forward, gushing sperm as my body writhed, my body pumping back against him and

his hands on my ass, pulling himself even deeper into me. My whole body began to shake as I

reached my climax.

“AH YES!! Oh, shoot it into me Sam! Fill me with your hot cum! Do it to me! YES!”

Before we left the cubicle, Sam had me suck his cock clean, it really turned me on to taste

my own juices on Sam’s hard cock. Then we hurriedly straightened our clothing and left the


There were several men in the bathroom who must have heard us and known exactly what we were

doing in there. I blushed as one of the guys wolf-whistled and I heard several comments.

“What a slut.”

“Sounds like she got fucked real good.”

Blushing, I hurried out. Once outside, I exchanged cell phone numbers with Sam agreeing to

try and meet up with him again before our vacations were over. I suppose I should feel bad

for cheating on my boyfriend but I was so hot for Sam that I found I don’t care about Marco

to meet up with Sam against. I couldn’t wait to get fucked by him again.

I found Marco where I had left him over by the bar.

“Where did you go?” he demanded impatiently, “I’ve been looking for you!”

I made up a story about there being a long queue for the ladies bathroom. “So, did you miss

me?” I asked sexily leaning in to kiss him. As Marco kissed me and slid his tongue into my

mouth, I felt a wicked thrill thinking that he was kissing me right on the lips which, just

five minutes ago, had been sucking Sam’s cock. If only Marco knew my thoughts, trying not to


“Let’s go back to the hotel”, I whispered to Marco, “I’m so hot for you”, I said. “I can’t

wait for you to fuck me!” Marco quickly finished his drink and we went to leave. I am horny,

I thought to myself, but I’m horny for Sam, not for Marco. I knew he couldn’t satisfy me

like Sam had and I would be thinking of Sam as Marco fucked me.


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