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An Easter Tale

An Easter Tale for Sariboo

Something to think about when the sermon goes too long this Sunday

Sari is a friend of my daughters, and since she moved to my area at some distance from her home, and my former home, I have tried to help her to adjust to being on her own. I helped her find an apartment, move in, a trip to Ikea to get furniture (and much assembly required), a search for just the right pots and pans; well you get the picture. And once or twice a week I take her to lunch or dinner. I try and find places that a twenty something would like.

We have become quite good friends, although for whatever reason (perhaps the obvious age difference) she has taken to calling me “Daddy”. She is beyond cute, she is very much a lovely little woman. And she is little, five foot three inches tall and while I would certainly never ask her, I would be very much surprised if she weighs one hundred pounds. Sari has a runner’s body since she is in fact a runner. And she bikes, she is very active. No idea whether it is the running or the biking, but you need to follow her up a set of stairs when she has on tight jeans. Sari has the nicest little ass on her that I have seen in a very long while. No, maybe the nicest little ass I have ever seen. By the way, she isn’t skinny like some women athletes, she has outstanding curves throughout.

Sari is really lovely. Medium brown hair not quite to shoulder length frames her face which always has a ready smile. She has a fresh look to her, she is just “cuddly” looking, you just kind of want to pull her in to your lap and cuddle, kind of like, how appropriately a very cute little Easter bunny. And she is a sweet thing, like a whole basket of jelly beans.

But for all that she is also a little devil! Of late she seems to be enjoying teasing me with sexual innuendo. Things like, “Oh Daddy just wants to get into his little girl’s pants.” Or one day walking past a Victoria’s Secret in a mall, “Wouldn’t Daddy like to see his little girl wrapped up in those”, as she pointed to a rather revealing bra and panty set.

While I am not a church goer whatsoever, Sari decided we should go to Easter services. I knew of a very liberal non-denominational church that has, I was told, a magnificent choir. So I went to her apartment to pick her up and when she opened the door she had on a little white print dress with little parallel black and red lines. There are some styles of dresses that only a small woman can wear and this was one of them. The top was fitted leaving her bare shouldered and emphasizing her tiny waist. The bottom flares to a wide skirt not quite knee length. She looked terrific. She looked like a spring flower in full bloom.

“I am almost ready, just need to get my shoes and sweater” she said brightly. Then the little devil said, “Can you see my panties through this dress?” she asked as she twirled in front of me. Lifting up her dress past her waist there was the sexiest damn black panties. They ran from her little hips to her crotch in kind of gauze like petals joined together. And they weren’t strappy but they weren’t all that large either. Now this whole thing happened in an instant so I didn’t have time to be shocked. So I answered quite truthfully, “No, as long as you keep your dress down one can’t see your panties.”

By the time we got to the church I had recovered my composure or at least most of it. I was still having very un-church like thoughts in my head. We found one of the short pews that churches sometimes have in order to use all the space near the middle of the church. We were able to sit on the end with just two other middle aged couples. It was actually a pleasant service until we got to the sermon. Like many ministers when they got on what they felt was an important topic, they tend run a bit long. I am sure there were a lot of women leaning over quietly whisper to the man alongside, “Don’t you fall asl**p.” And I am sure that that is what people thought when Sari leaned over to me.

Except, when Sari leaned over, what she said was, “Wouldn’t Daddy like to cum inside my pussy?” I managed not to start and looked over at Sari who had the look of a little k** who had just found about a dozen big chocolate eggs. Okay, I thought, two can play at this game. So the next time we stood to sing a psalm, I sat a bit more quickly than Sari and put my hand where I knew her bottom would find it. I just left my hand underneath her feeling her warmth. But for Sari this was like the opening moves of a chess game. One she intended to win. So at the next musical piece, she made sure my hand was there but pulled the dress up so that my hand was underneath filled with a little panty but mostly bare ass. So I caressed that bare rear thinking very unholy thoughts. In fact I gave her ass a little pinch stepping up my game as well.

You know how sitting in a not too comfortable pew can make one shift around? There were a lot of people doing that as the service had already gone for an hour. So Sari shifted like that, but what she did was get my hand from her ass to right between her legs on the gusset of those panties. And the panties were wet, not quite soaked but a definite wet spot in the middle. And I thought, oh yeah, oh my god (which is what one is supposed to say in church) but then more like “oh yeah, see your hundred and I raise you another fifty.” So I started rubbing that pussy through the panties. A flush came to Sari’s face. I suppose others might have noticed that thinking, “she is having a religious experience” and while Sari was having a religious experience it just wasn’t what they in mind.

Not to be out done, the at the next hymn Sari just sat in my lap with her dress covering but with it pulled up so just the panties and my pants separated us. And she slowly start to grind herself into me. I could almost feel heat coming off her whole body now. And she was moaning, moaning pretty loudly in fact.

Perhaps if the Supreme Being had become apparent hovering just below the roof in that church I might have, might have mind you stopped there. But that was the only way I was going to stop. My bl**d was boiling, my ears ringing. So when next we stood, I reached up to the top of that dress and unzipped it. The dress fell to Sari’s ankles in a pile. But I wasn’t done I wanted more, so I pulled down those panties to join the dress.

Now I am sure the parishioners were just stunned as it got very quiet in there. Sari on the other hand felt just like I did. She untangled one leg from the dress and panties and stood with her legs somewhat spread. She had only that soft little cropped sweater around her shoulders with her perky breasts sticking out. When she turned and looked back at me brown eyes sparkling, I stuck two fingers into her mouth to wet them. She made greedy sucking sounds as she licked them.

But when I slipped those fingers into Sari’s pussy and she squealed loudly that broke the silence in the church. Women covered c***dren’s eyes. Wives tried to cover husbands’ eyes but the men mostly brushed the hands away. Some rushed from the church but many stayed glued to their seats. And the minister, he just stood open mouthed. But I had the feeling he wanted to get off the pulpit and come and play with Sari as well.

S was pushing down into my hand when I asked, “Can you cum for Daddy? Do you want to cum?” Between squeals and loud moans, S said, “Yes Daddy Yes I am going to cum for you”. And with that she got even wetter. Her girl cream was starting to run down my fingers. So I reached around her and put my other hand on her clit. It was easy to find, it was swollen and starting to push out beyond her pussy. I ran my fingers across that clit from tip to palm. I pinched and pulled just a bit. Besides her moaning you could hear those wonderful squishy sounds that a very wet pussy makes.

By now others were getting in to it as well. There were voices saying, “Yes Yes Cum For Your Daddy” and “We want to see you cum”. And Sari did. She stood up straight and moaned loudly and shuttered. And a rush of sticky liquid came down on my fingers.

“Bend me over that pew and fuck me Daddy” Sari said her face fully flush and panting. “I want you to fuck me now.” So I got myself out, and bent Sari over the pew. When I put the head of my cock to her gaping slit, Sari even reached back with both hands and opened herself to receive it. Even though I am pretty good size, about eight inches and thick, and Sari is tiny; I slid right into her with ease. It felt so good as I went balls deep.

“Go for it”, “Give it to her”, “Pound her”, the crowd cried. So I did, I really thrust myself into her so that at the end of each thrust her perky tits gave a bounce. There were big slapping sounds as I hit up against her ass. “Give me you cum Daddy. Your little girl wants your cum. Cum inside me”, Sari shouted. And the crowd, “Yes yes fill her with spunk” and “Cum for Her”. It all added up inside my head and my cock started to swell inside Sari. With a moan of my own, I let go filling that little pussy. A little started to leak as I continue to stroke in to her and came again. I emptied myself in to her. Someone shouted, “Amen.” So I too shouted “Amen” and Sari answered “Amen”. The choir stood and sang, “Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah”

So this Sunday, when church starts to be boring…just think about this and smile. Then look around to see how many others have that same smile on their face.

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