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An easy wife

This will be go fast on my part . It will be obvious I’m just a working story so give me a braek on sentence structure , etc. I’m putting this out to you all as a ” how to ” rather than wank material . I was married for 20 years to a very attractive woman , a Ann Archer look alike with an absolutely perfect body . 5’4″ , 125 lbs. , c cup breasts with very dark large nipples , narrow waist , perfect legs , pear shape ass and a very heavy dark bush ( which I loved as a hair guy ) . My wife was a high profile special ed teacher in Anchorage Alaska and had to be constantly on guard in public worried about reflecting poorly on her program which ran from grants year to year . She was a jeckel and hyde woman , seemingly very straight but with a small amount of wine and a little herbal she was VERY entertaining with a fixation on sucking my cock to completion . I got bored after 20 years and had fantasies of sharing her with other men but she would hear none of it . I eventually created a situation that brought me close to what I wanted . I posted notices on the bulletin board of an adult bookstore wanting to men who liked to watch . We had a good response because there are alot of lonely men in Alaska . I would meet them , bring photos of my wife , most of them very explicit and sorted through the applicants until I found guys with a fetish for good looking petite women who had heavy bushes . Long story short I would take my wife to a small out of the way biker bar where she wouldn’t be recognized and would get her very d***k . We would dance until 2 a.m. , have a great time , sample herbs on the way home and then strip down and head to our bedroom . What she didn’t realize while she was sucking and fucking and allowing me to spread her cunt wide open in front of the window is that the guy she danced with once or twice at the bar was outside the window watching , standing on a specially built platform that elevated him to be able to see everything . I would arrange to meet the different men at the bar , they would be introduced to my wife as business associates , sit with us , talk and ask my wife to dance , then they would follow us home and take up their place outside our window . I would have my wife do whatever they had requested at our first meeting and put on a very good show . My wife needed to wear glasses , having terrifically poor eyesight because of a c***dhood injury , she was vain and would not wear them while we were together which worked very well in this situation , she would be performing 6 inches in front of the glass unaware her dance partner was standing directly in front of her masterbating . I’ll end at this point , if there is any good response I’ll finish the story with all the gory details on how it eventually lead to her being fucked and even fisted . Thanks for your time . I hope it gave a few of you ideas on how to satisfy certain fantasies

Updated: October 20, 2016 — 7:23 pm

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